Destiny game review

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  • The absurdly hyped, and gamer divided Bungie FPS epic "Destiny" has been out for nearly 3 weeks now. Jeremy gives you his review of "Destiny"!

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  • CK GD
    CK GD 10 days ago

    Jeremy jahns you were wrong

  • PhoenixDemon94
    PhoenixDemon94 16 days ago

    the DLC made it "better". the way the game is now with all expansions is how the game should have been in the first place though. you should not have had to spend $165 (more if you bought any of the ghost/ legendary editions) to get something resembling what should have been there in the first place

  • Assasingamer 1
    Assasingamer 1 21 day ago

    honestly the classes are for the super, different kind of super and armor, the traveler is a moon that have light and creates miracles

  • Higginsamerica
    Higginsamerica 28 days ago

    Got it used for $4

  • Ky Rich2003
    Ky Rich2003 Month ago

    in destiny 2: we actually play the part where civilization is falling.

    Congrats jeremy they listened to you.

  • Gax Steel
    Gax Steel Month ago

    But yeah, the story could have been better. And from the gameplay for destiny 2, I think they're going to fix that and do exactly what jermy said around the beginning. Fight as the civilization is falling and being attack so you feel that lose

  • Gax Steel
    Gax Steel Month ago

    I love destiny. I loved the expansions, I loved taken king and rise of iron and I'm waiting for destiny 2. I can see where he's coming from though. But I still like it. And yes the game has it's faults, it's complications, but that's not gonna stop me from loving it.

  • Ebaula Bola
    Ebaula Bola Month ago +1

    2014 was such a forgettable year for video games.

  • kevin ivory
    kevin ivory Month ago

    I was into this game for about an hour and a half. As soon as I realized I had to replay missions multiple times with no variation in order to progress I gave up and uninstalled. I feel for reviewers who had to stick it out through this turd of a game to give perspective on it. It must have been infuriating. The lesson here, and in no man's sky, and all the other half assed releases that were supposed to be ground breaking? Never EVER pre order and don't buy at all until you've seen a review.

  • James Remillard
    James Remillard Month ago

    awesome fucking game

  • player 3 productions
    player 3 productions 2 months ago

    is it the borg or the traveler in spherical form-Jeremy 2014

  • Pulse666 Fang
    Pulse666 Fang 2 months ago

    I just hated how you needed.... NEEDED...... am internet connection. even just to play the story. lame.

  • Christian Lampley
    Christian Lampley 2 months ago

    People who play Destiny have to do their best to convince themselves that this game is good so they don't feel like the idiots they are for believing the lies and paying, and continuing to pay, for this mediocre game.

    PURGE JMI 3 months ago +1


  • Zakaria Ualkadi
    Zakaria Ualkadi 3 months ago

    guys on destiny can I play multiplayer vs cpu?

  • Micah Jacobson
    Micah Jacobson 4 months ago

    He should make an updated version of this for Rise of Iron

  • Gatirre Cuba2003
    Gatirre Cuba2003 4 months ago

    Ive been VERY satisfied of how they introduced a better story with the taken king and how every raid is different,hard,and unique

  • Matt C
    Matt C 4 months ago

    DESTINY 2 HYPE TRAIN suck it haters

  • Lomax
    Lomax 4 months ago


    I just picked this up for £4

    Three days later I'm playing MGS Phantom Pain again.

  • Mercy Severity
    Mercy Severity 4 months ago

    It's fun to look back at non gamers doing reviews on a game they don't understand or played to the fullest. Destiny is by far the most fun most satisfiying, and deep shooting game ive ever played. They complained about the story and the grimore ? the story of destiny is fantastic, yeah you gotta pull up the companion app on your phone or device and do some reading, oh the travesty of it all, the app also tracks your stats helps you find friends, set up clans, manage and transfer gear between characters and acts as a library for all the lore and legends but this dunce wants that in game in a menu because......? idiot, its too much data to be in game and its easier to update an app than it is for a near 80 gigabite game. There are destiny players and then there are people like jeremy who played destiny who by his own admittion did not play enough to even understand the story...sad. I am a gamer and i despise the so called casual gamer whose aproach to video games is like that of a junkie who wants a fix, they are not invested in the game, they want everthing handed to them fast so they could then make a review video and say the game was to short. Stick to movies Jeremy cause now three years down the line destiny is incredibly successful, destiny 2 is coming out soon and is still gonna smash all records and your opinion on this amazing video game turns out to be wrong.

    • DKPaladinX
      DKPaladinX 3 months ago

      Mercy Severity Hi, Have you seen IHE series about that shitty game that you love?

  • Akmal Ibrahim
    Akmal Ibrahim 4 months ago

    Better play Warframe. Yea, the graphic isn't really nice and the combat isn't as good as Destiny, but it basically has the same kind of environment and character, tons of loots and best of all, it is FREE

  • Mayka Reghiany Pedrão
    Mayka Reghiany Pedrão 4 months ago


  • Cake Destroyer
    Cake Destroyer 4 months ago

    destiny is good cant wait for destiny two

  • daniele borgiani
    daniele borgiani 5 months ago

    the potential of this game can be seen in the fanfiction born from it, the story could have been great

  • Vanguard
    Vanguard 6 months ago

    And very nice name drop of Marvel Heros at 6:15, much respect man!

  • Vanguard
    Vanguard 6 months ago

    4:20 Yay for completley honest ghost!
    Also, 4:40 - 4:55 ... XD XD XD

  • Stream gaming
    Stream gaming 6 months ago

    I just bought it for 5 bucks

  • Mr Krabs
    Mr Krabs 6 months ago

    I only liked it the first week I got it

  • Plo Koon
    Plo Koon 6 months ago


  • Ghevi Sartor
    Ghevi Sartor 6 months ago

    l0l in raids classes are very important lmao destiny raids are the best

  • Phreezyyoungchigga
    Phreezyyoungchigga 7 months ago

    eh, picked it up today for $5 lol

  • Lightsaber
    Lightsaber 7 months ago

    destiny is such a big disappointment... not worth it at all

  • Rich Thompson
    Rich Thompson 7 months ago


    • Rich Thompson
      Rich Thompson 6 months ago

      lolman11 ciccaciao I'm talking about when you get a piece of armor that isn't your class set

    • Ghevi Sartor
      Ghevi Sartor 6 months ago

      because u wont do missions and raids retard

  • Kevin Beber
    Kevin Beber 7 months ago

    the best point everyone missed is the fact the traveler can bring people back from the dead. how can the traveler even loose a war? the game was a pos from the 1st minute of game play.

  • brian self
    brian self 7 months ago +2

    Wife got this game tonight for her secret santa gift..I'll be taking it to Play n Trade for something better on Monday

  • jawadb0199
    jawadb0199 8 months ago

    I feel that you can't accurately review destiny until you've completed a full raid from start to finish at least once. Still don't like it after that? Cool. The game definitely isn't close to perfect and isn't for everybody. Just at least play the best part of the game.

  • Diat Chi
    Diat Chi 8 months ago +1

    @JeremyJahns Can we get a review of Destiny plus it's DLC? I really would like to hear what you have to say.

    WTF_AM_I_DOING 8 months ago

    I got it from a friend and I'm having fun with it

  • AJA Ryan1994
    AJA Ryan1994 9 months ago +1

    Without sounding like a dick but during the anticipation for Destiny I knew it would turn out to be the game almost everyone thinks it is. A "revolutionary" new game that promises to blow everyone away but will turn out to be so overhyped and very disappointing, hence why I never cared for it. Same with No Man's Sky but at least you could tell that that game wanted to be different and did have a great premise.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 months ago +3

    Dlc dlc dlc dlc dlc dlc dlc dlc dlc.
    And then what?
    Microtransactions microtransactions
    Any more?
    Shitty fans defend shitty fans defend

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 months ago

      fans: HEY LOOK!
      *me looks*
      fans: DESTINY 2!!!
      *me double takes*
      *me go back to play witcher 3*

  • SFX 4
    SFX 4 9 months ago

    Still waiting for it to download...

  • arandil1
    arandil1 9 months ago +1

    Any chance for an updated review?

  • Zion Spotwood
    Zion Spotwood 9 months ago

    can you do WWE 2k17

  • theunusedchannel
    theunusedchannel 9 months ago

    I see why people dislike this game but a lot of these vanilla reviews don't even talk about the raid, which was like the best part.

  • mutant snowball
    mutant snowball 9 months ago

    20 hours maybe that's all the fun i got out of it

  • Some dude who is brave enough to comment

    Lol, only now I realized that you review games too. Nice 👌

  • Ryzzo Harris
    Ryzzo Harris 10 months ago

    they got rid of dinkel bot btw

  • Zasher
    Zasher 10 months ago

    it's $5 nowhahahahhaha

  • Weapons Free
    Weapons Free 10 months ago +1

    I was expecting a grand campaign like Halo, starring my character. Its fun. But it is a run of the mill MMO. In my opinion anyway.

  • Alfredo Linares Jr
    Alfredo Linares Jr 10 months ago

    Watch Game theory!!! It gives you a different perspective of the story, just saying.

  • Raythedude_1
    Raythedude_1 10 months ago +1

    Playing destiny made me want to play watch dogs again

  • Mack Miranda
    Mack Miranda 10 months ago

    The Raid is nothing like the base game. It is so much better.

  • Daniel Dougherty
    Daniel Dougherty 11 months ago

    Best game ever!!
    all the haters below can suck it!

  • Stealth 101010
    Stealth 101010 11 months ago

    Batman v superman had plot holes, but destiny had plot holes and built a game around that.

  • Rashad Roberts
    Rashad Roberts 11 months ago +2

    destiny 2 wide open area huge massive ship combat as well dam trading trading trading customize ur ship please

  • RF Commander Alec Mason - Audience Reactions

    you'll feel better when you buy Halo MCC. NOT 5.

  • OGS Gaming
    OGS Gaming 11 months ago

    the funny thing is with people hating, the dlc cost money yeah, but people still play for bullshit dlcs like for cod, but destin dlc is actually good, and for newer players...paying 80$ for all dlc plus the gamee then boom, you have a great game with a few butthurt old players

  • Ian McClure
    Ian McClure 11 months ago

    I thought destiny was pretty good and yes I know it lacked of story but still hell of fun to play and even more fun to play since more DLC came out

  • Diane Smith
    Diane Smith 11 months ago

    Such a garbage game.

  • Geoff Roach
    Geoff Roach Year ago

    I bought it at $10, so definitely not regretting the game, especially for the price.

  • KingSlaya Super Watermelon 5253

    I got destiny for 8 dollars, it was definetly worth it

  • Gannicus
    Gannicus Year ago +3

    I wish destiny had a single player mode, Its sucks it can only played online.

  • Daniel Hodson
    Daniel Hodson Year ago +2

    maybe Destiny is just a setup game that introduces you to the universe that Bungi is planning to expand in future they did with halo. .? just my opinion.

    • Noel Torres
      Noel Torres Year ago

      like they did with Halo? lol wut the first Halo had an interesting story, characters, enemies. only thing slightly similar Would maybe be the gunplay SLIGHTLY

  • Terrence Lowe
    Terrence Lowe Year ago +18

    Destiny is a piece of shit Bungie is a piece of shit
    I'm a piece of shit for buying this piece of shit

  • David Roudebush
    David Roudebush Year ago

    Destinys story takes a lot from mass effect

    • ZmonB
      ZmonB 11 months ago

      going to regret this... How do ya mean? Because Its sorta sci-fi?

    • Shiv Gharu
      Shiv Gharu Year ago

      i thought it looked similar

  • Nah Mate
    Nah Mate Year ago +3

    I think the game is extremely fun with friends... But extremely disappointing. I was kind of expecting RuneScape or World of Warcraft level depth, but it's still fun to play from time to time

    • Nah Mate
      Nah Mate 11 months ago

      +Stealth 101010 Haha good point.

    • Nah Mate
      Nah Mate 11 months ago

      +OGS Gaming Wow... An opinion can't be an opinion on YouTube can it?

    • Stealth 101010
      Stealth 101010 11 months ago

      So did I, FYI everyone thinks that this game is actually call of duty with super powers.

    • OGS Gaming
      OGS Gaming 11 months ago

      runescape has depth? this game has been out for 3 years (almost) stop riding on the hate okay, the game is great

  • Nadir Bait Saleem
    Nadir Bait Saleem Year ago +1

    Destiny is great for me! I can respect anyone's opinion but I feel like if some has never done a raid and gotten an exotic then they never REALLY played Destiny.

  • Justin Rios
    Justin Rios Year ago

    Bruh I just got the taken King for 10 bucks. The lady at GameStop gave me the code for the dlc on accident instead of just basically giving me the game. Today was a good day

  • M Infante
    M Infante Year ago

    Oh and multiplayer has that feeling Mechwarrior 2 had...

  • M Infante
    M Infante Year ago

    Have you played Battlezone? I mean the PC revamp in 1995? The story is great and if you love steep learning curves that is your game. I loved the plot twist and the sense of awe of being in an alien planet. First person on a hover tank or as soldier. Please review it. I think they relaunched it on Steam.

  • Christopher Dennison

    I got Destiny 8 months after The Taken King came out but when I played the original I wasn't disappointed because I went into the original "story" for some fun ass gameplay and that's what I got but when I played The Taken King that's when I went into it for a good story and I got it so personally I like the game and I have funny playing it

  • Spread the Looove

    Honestly this game needs a re-review. 3 weeks in, not much happened for destiny. But it eventually started to be worked on very heavily, and still is. I think you should review this game after Rise of Iron comes out. I'm not trying to sound biased, as I realise Destiny isn't for everyone. However, I think that you should give it more of a chance. Saying it has no story is kind of wrong, even back then if you paid like, any attention you could pretty much understand the main focus of the story, but a lot of reviewers like to say there is none...which confuses me. Also the only real negative I have with Destiny is how long some of the grinding takes, and sometimes the matchmaking (or lack of) is bothersome. RNG is annoying, but only when you've spent a long time trying to get something *cough*STOLEN WILL*cough*

  • Greg Whitworth
    Greg Whitworth Year ago

    played it and got bored after 20 minutes

  • Traveller Leng
    Traveller Leng Year ago

    I play Destiny, only because I was starved for content and now I'm a veteran and enjoying the END game.

  • EJK k
    EJK k Year ago +1

    I bought it for 7$

  • David Harkin
    David Harkin Year ago

    Why do yo edit out all your pauses,It's like reading a book without punctuation. Extremely IRRATATING!

    • deathsdoor07
      deathsdoor07 Year ago

      He says that he loses his train of thought. He is easily distracted.

  • Bakared2035
    Bakared2035 Year ago +4

    i got destiny and loved it... in the beginning, my denial slowly faded away and turned into rage... fuck destiny.

  • Tommy D'Bella
    Tommy D'Bella Year ago

    The Taken King made Destiny what it was hyped up to be at the start in my opinion, the story has progressed more but I do think it's still lacking a good amount, this world has so much potential for amazing story (which it does but not in game in the grimoire cards on the website) I hope in the story starts to become more and more developed adding in more and more of the deep lore it has

  • Larry Castro
    Larry Castro Year ago

    The only thing that could have made this guy more annoying is that it was a woman's voice. jeez

    • Han Solo
      Han Solo Year ago

      What are you talking about? Jeremy is awesome!

  • Frei Train
    Frei Train Year ago +16

    My destiny is to not play this game.

  • Bluenuhvok765
    Bluenuhvok765 Year ago

    Just got it for $10. It's installing right now, did I make a good choice?

    • omri maor
      omri maor Year ago

      +Bluenuhvok765 if you got the taken king then yes, it's tons of content if you did

  • Insanity Brick
    Insanity Brick Year ago

    Still fucking love this game bro

  • ivanthelovehammer

    I spent full price on this game after knowing it was just an okay game and I loved it anyway. I was addicted to it for a good while

  • Riley Plays10
    Riley Plays10 Year ago

    I bought Destiny for 2 dollars.

  • Gr8 Darklord
    Gr8 Darklord Year ago

    destiny is my favorite current gen console game. it's fun. if anyone questions why your killing the bad guys, then think to super Mario Bros for the nes. did you ever question why your murdering turtles? lol

    • Slenderspartan
      Slenderspartan Year ago


    • Gr8 Darklord
      Gr8 Darklord Year ago

      +Slenderspartan true I guess. eh agree to disagree.

    • Slenderspartan
      Slenderspartan Year ago

      +gr8 darklord I get your point but I feel like I do have to state the fact that Super Mario Bros was on the NES which had very little technological capabilities compared to say, an Xbox One or PS4. With this technology we have things like cut scenes and dialogue which now has a chance to explain why we're killing bad guys.

  • Dao Yang
    Dao Yang Year ago +2

    Lol If destiny tried to tack on political issues with spiritual and religious messages it would have been a rip off of Xenogears without robots.

  • UncutEdge
    UncutEdge Year ago

    Just bought it pre owned for $9.99 and I still feel ripped off. It's simply a bad version of Mass Effect.

  • Adam Serpent
    Adam Serpent Year ago

    Bought it when it first came out, full price. Returned it 2 days later. Played the Last of Us. This game was too hyped, and wasn't for me. Great review as always.

  • SkeletalDude
    SkeletalDude Year ago

    year 1 sucked.

    • Chrisjb1983
      Chrisjb1983 Year ago

      +iamswordslasher Never heard of it bud, and I been playing 2 years.

    • SkeletalDude
      SkeletalDude Year ago

      +Chrisjb1983 the would know because of YouTube and year one players, I mean that's how you know of those obvious choices, what about the loot stealing glitch, that gets almost no coverage on YouTube and almost no one talks about it, unless they were a victim of it or they did it, I was a victim of it back at the beginning of year one.

    • Chrisjb1983
      Chrisjb1983 Year ago

      +iamswordslasher What did you have in mind kimosabe? I assure you, 90% of that list a new player will not know about, PERIOD.

    • SkeletalDude
      SkeletalDude Year ago

      +Chrisjb1983 bitch I said obscure, not the shit even new players know about.

    • Chrisjb1983
      Chrisjb1983 Year ago

      Crota, VoG, Suros, TLW, Suros, Fatebringer, Three Little Words, Venation, Vision of Confluence, 2 Hour Nightfalls, Thorn Exotic Quest, IB rewards, Trials prime time, Spin Metal farming, Gay loot cave impatient people partook in, Black Hammer, re-rolling weapons, Pushing Atheon off, Crota glitch (can't remember what it was), noobs struggle to do bridge without cheese, front 3 players always were teleported on Atheon,

      A lot more I can't remember off the top of my head. I never cheesed raids, loved PvP, read up on Grimoire, had every weapon. I loved it all.

  • FeedArtiFact3 gaming

    i bought destiny for 10 dollars, it's ok

  • UndercoverMagikarp

    Jeremy you should do a review for destiny year 2

  • Christian Lampley
    Christian Lampley Year ago +30

    Destiny 2 needs to do two things:
    1. Have as much content and story as the taken king, on DAY ONE. Maybe even more story.
    2. Have NORMAL prices for their freaking DLC.

    • Troodon25
      Troodon25 2 months ago

      EB games now sells Destiny: The Collection for 15 CDN.

    • Daniel Dougherty
      Daniel Dougherty 11 months ago

      alot has changed for the better, I highly recommend buying this game especially if u like multi player games

    • Valik
      Valik Year ago

      Destiny 2 needs to do 1 thing:

      1. Have more content than a *fucking* Call of Duty game.

    • Christian Lampley
      Christian Lampley Year ago

      +Farldie Manie and tell the story in the game, with REASONABLE prices for DLC, as well as better character interactions.

    • Farldie Manie
      Farldie Manie Year ago

      Or have all the content on day 1 and forget about the buying dlc

  • Xerop681
    Xerop681 Year ago +25

    I like the game but I completely understand why some people don't

    • Captain Unohana
      Captain Unohana 7 months ago

      he just gave u a list in the video. at that point its down to how ppl feel about those negatives

    • Farmies Grapefruit
      Farmies Grapefruit 7 months ago

      Yeah, I have a great time with it, though I do recognize it's flaws.

    • Nut Man
      Nut Man Year ago

      I also love this game I just hate the pepole who say that anyone still playing are people are in denial

    • Slenderspartan
      Slenderspartan Year ago

      +Xerop681 Tha'ts exactly how I feel.

  • Ethan Starbuck
    Ethan Starbuck Year ago

    Holy shit. Jeremy actually put that as a link in the description. Jeremy is the best.

  • Scott B
    Scott B Year ago

    Diabolo is for fat sweety nerds

    • Talibanana
      Talibanana Year ago

      Diabolo I mean

    • Talibanana
      Talibanana Year ago

      Diablo is for pc gamers but I don't know what Diablob is

  • Scott B
    Scott B Year ago

    Why are you asking so many questions fuck

  • Gustavo Corral
    Gustavo Corral Year ago

    I got it when it came out. Went through the story fast and was interested but after a few weeks I stopped playing for like a month. I mean yeah it's cool to get new armor and new guns but after a while it just got boring for me. It's like hey play the same levels and shoot the same enemies over and over mindlessly and you'll get a new gun so you can shoot the same enemies again over and over but kill them a little faster. Or get a new piece of armor so you get killed a little slower with a few boosts to your grenades and blah blah blah. I only got the dlc because I wanted to know more to the story that should have already been present from the get go so fool me twice shame on me.

  • keelah Se'lai
    keelah Se'lai Year ago +2

    destiny is fun because the combat works feels smooth I mean to make it better need to have a vault in destiny so you can jump over stuff that would be awesome the story is stupid as is the loot system where to get the best gear doesn't depend on your skill or the hardness of the boss game isn't perfect but at sale price fun to play

  • keelah Se'lai
    keelah Se'lai Year ago

    destiny is fun because the combat works feels smooth I mean to make it better need to have a vault in destiny so you can jump over stuff that would be awesome the story is stupid as is the loot system where to get the best gear doesn't depend on your skill or the hardness of the boss game isn't perfect but at sale price fun to play

  • Cameron Coleman
    Cameron Coleman Year ago

    I got it for $5 lol.I kinda like it. but I do acknowledge there is no way in hell I would spend 60 bucks on this game.

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