Owner Gives HIMSELF Employee of the Month! | Hotel Hell

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  • Steven Chavarria
    Steven Chavarria Minute ago

    Audio sucks

  • Kayleigh Dempsey
    Kayleigh Dempsey 47 minutes ago

    Incompetence with a capital FUCK OFF!

  • Fabian del Rosario Baldur

    3 stooges xD

  • •Paragra •
    •Paragra • 8 hours ago

    I've never forgotten a special before lol!

    ...this isn't the first time he forgot the special....

  • Coffee! Love
    Coffee! Love 18 hours ago

    You know your life is fucked when you put yourself in the Employee of The Month position

  • James Peterson
    James Peterson Day ago

    "I'd like to meet the others - the chef and the lap-dancer - are they around?"

    Oh god. My face.

  • Stefan Unson
    Stefan Unson Day ago

    It sounds more like EGO of the Month! These owners don't taste their own food.

  • Jonah Barbara
    Jonah Barbara Day ago

    bruh they look like sims characters

  • DiyMagix 534
    DiyMagix 534 Day ago

    Right now this this makes me question humanity

  • Yavor Kapitanov
    Yavor Kapitanov Day ago

    I hate people like this. "Party or what." What a loser.

  • Zaid Saheb
    Zaid Saheb Day ago

    Nibba my grandma about to attacc this 🅱

  • Marinos Oudishow

    I feel so bad for the chef


    I used to just swipe past his face till I seen Ramsey on hells kitchen ripping people apart. now I can't get enough lol

  • Amber Miedema
    Amber Miedema Day ago


  • 115Redeemer
    115Redeemer 2 days ago

    "My booty is too big to do that"

    *Camera looks at butt for 15 seconds* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  • harihir
    harihir 2 days ago

    bloody as***

  • Michael Her
    Michael Her 2 days ago

    So many facepalms.

  • TristinT63
    TristinT63 2 days ago

    Is there a reason this man isn't president?

  • Nick Popik
    Nick Popik 2 days ago +1

    Gordan insults the chefs so they say fuck him and make a bad dish

  • Creative_Leafeon Pony_Fan

    what?? I like pink....
    i mean i'm an eleven year old girl but STILL!!

  • HaterAnnihilator
    HaterAnnihilator 3 days ago

    Michael Scott...? 😂

  • FireFirePow
    FireFirePow 3 days ago

    One of the most awkward things I've yet to see.

  • Shino Tay
    Shino Tay 3 days ago


  • Jobin George Kachora
    Jobin George Kachora 3 days ago +1

    Orange is the new black not pink

  • Devan Santiago
    Devan Santiago 3 days ago


  • addahlyinne kendrick
    addahlyinne kendrick 3 days ago +1

    if i owned a business i would of make myself employee of the month to... 😅 just for the feeling & for the fun of it !! lol

  • Brittany James
    Brittany James 3 days ago +1

    Owner: This is the best food that you will ever-
    Gordon: This is Fucking disgusting
    Owner: I know I hate it. It's terrible. Ew.

  • Dave Su
    Dave Su 3 days ago

    Gordon: What's your favorite movie?
    Kid: Frozen.
    Gordon: Fuck me.

  • Operation Nation
    Operation Nation 3 days ago

    How come the only person who made Ramsay clean his plate was the least confident in her food

  • Julius Ulit
    Julius Ulit 3 days ago

    Most hilarious thumbnail ever

  • Squirmy Whale
    Squirmy Whale 4 days ago

    He's like an unlikable Michael Scott

  • Symmetrica _1
    Symmetrica _1 4 days ago

    The good,the bad,and the ugly...

  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo 4 days ago

    Same tbh

  • Mr. Clippy
    Mr. Clippy 4 days ago

    Wtf why do this guys even own a hotel.

  • Trueno AE86
    Trueno AE86 4 days ago

    He slicc

    He got wits

    But most of all...

    He thicc

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 days ago

    I want him to eat one of those waxy chocolate hostess donettes

  • Trafalgar Tay
    Trafalgar Tay 4 days ago


  • Jinu Chon
    Jinu Chon 4 days ago


  • BATMAN Gaming HD
    BATMAN Gaming HD 4 days ago

    Kevin looks like JeromeASF

  • Golden Yu
    Golden Yu 5 days ago +2

    Stripper with a micro cock

  • Jacob Pepi
    Jacob Pepi 5 days ago +1

    "I would love to meet the other two

    THE CHEF AND THE LAP DANCER😂😂😂 Im crying and its like 2am😂😂😂

  • Gianpierre Sanchez
    Gianpierre Sanchez 5 days ago

    Berleezy: Hold up...
    *zooms in to this dude haircut at **0:24*
    Berleezy: WHAT ARE THOSE!?

  • abel smith
    abel smith 5 days ago

    All 3 of them look like they forgot it wasn't the early 2000's anymore.

  • Dinopolese Sharkosaur

    He didn't even get through the doorway without spotting a major red flag ;)

  • Dinopolese Sharkosaur

    is that so he can "justify" the tips he steals from his employees?
    a leap forward compared to that other guy. ;)

  • d0z3r
    d0z3r 5 days ago

    Poor Gordon will never get some food to eat. Look at him munching on the bread.

  • What am I doing
    What am I doing 5 days ago

    Maybe they should just serve the bread.

  • Who needs names anyways?

    The owner is absolutely meeeee

  • adam man
    adam man 5 days ago

    When y serve for ramsay, assumes that he will like none of it

  • Jack Shattle
    Jack Shattle 6 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay, you sir are a legend.

  • oasis daniels
    oasis daniels 6 days ago +1

    Don't look at this comment look at the one below me

  • BooBooYup
    BooBooYup 6 days ago

    what does an owner look like? someone whos in charge.

  • X-Omatic
    X-Omatic 6 days ago

    Lamb shank SHANK IT IN PRISON!!!

  • Onyx Jade
    Onyx Jade 6 days ago

    they sound drunk

  • Willianto Lucman
    Willianto Lucman 7 days ago


  • Felix Lamb
    Felix Lamb 7 days ago

    That little jaw jut at 1:30 made me want to scream into infinity and cut myself in half

  • Icy Gaming
    Icy Gaming 7 days ago

    Lol. Orange is the new black not pink 😂😂😂

  • Aidan Morgan
    Aidan Morgan 7 days ago

    The lamb shank looked like dog food

  • Aidan Morgan
    Aidan Morgan 7 days ago

    Fucking L

  • Aidan Morgan
    Aidan Morgan 7 days ago

    No offense but does he keep saying fucking l

    FREDDY THE ONE 7 days ago

    why the fuck are these people trying to be funny, when gordon is actually ranting about them...

  • Limited love
    Limited love 7 days ago

    I wish he would check out my dad's store. In pretty sure it would be great cuz my mom replenishes everything everyday (not the things ment for home).
    P.S. its a sushi store called sushiya

  • Ethan Lotti
    Ethan Lotti 7 days ago

    The lamb shank looked like a pile of shit.

  • Yourboss 8000
    Yourboss 8000 7 days ago

    I like how both managers look at each other after eating off from the plate.

  • Callum Starr
    Callum Starr 7 days ago

    Is this a fucking episode of "it's always sunny in philadelphia"?!

  • Oz Perez
    Oz Perez 8 days ago


  • Crazy Lego Studio
    Crazy Lego Studio 8 days ago

    is the zoom on the butt really neccesary??

  • Julian Hernandez
    Julian Hernandez 8 days ago


  • Tsion Begashaw
    Tsion Begashaw 8 days ago

    My nigga, ya wouldnt be on hotel hell if ur food is as good as u say it is...

  • Abror Kosimov
    Abror Kosimov 8 days ago

    I dont think the owner knows what an escargot is

  • Adam Trick
    Adam Trick 9 days ago


  • Zokizzy Foshizzy
    Zokizzy Foshizzy 9 days ago

    A smile like that should land him Employee of The Century.

  • Queen del lux
    Queen del lux 10 days ago

    so thats why those kind of restaurants are called "fine" restaurant, i get it now F-rozen, I-nedible, N-asty, E-xcriment the fucked up type of restaurant

  • Music & Tech City
    Music & Tech City 10 days ago

    "Once Gordon tastes Joel's food it'll put a smile on his face"

    *2 secs later*

    "I've got to say I don't like the escargot in any way"

  • Miss Debauchee
    Miss Debauchee 10 days ago

    That booty ain't big , *_psssshhhh_* stop lying you secretly lap dance in private.

  • Chelcea Morgan
    Chelcea Morgan 10 days ago

    Gordon gets a lap dance in this episode right

  • GadgetAndKite
    GadgetAndKite 10 days ago

    Typo, should be Wanker of the Month.

  • myname's Simba
    myname's Simba 10 days ago

    The stripper reminds me of James Franco. Whether it be by looks it character

  • Sabpot
    Sabpot 10 days ago

    Why would he be there if he would love your food?

  • Matthew van Tonder
    Matthew van Tonder 11 days ago

    Nino's picture would've been him cleaning the restaurant

  • ahpacific
    ahpacific 11 days ago

    This shit made me laugh so hard. Owner making himself EOTM is fucking hilarious - especially with that gesture - what a dumb faggot.

  • φύλακας TM
    φύλακας TM 12 days ago

    2:25 "pink's the new black."

  • Juan
    Juan 12 days ago

    0:38 i love how he thinks its hilarious

  • HoNk HoNk
    HoNk HoNk 12 days ago

    This is a new level of narcissism

  • Dangerman373
    Dangerman373 12 days ago

    that was fucking disgusting, ill go home and get some mouth wash LMAO

  • Sachin's Kitchen
    Sachin's Kitchen 12 days ago

    Gordon very annoying and arrogant person.

    • Garlixx
      Garlixx 9 days ago

      Stop trying to sound smart, lmfao..

  • Iris J.
    Iris J. 12 days ago

    That guys chef jack and apron is fucking disgusting I'm surprise Ramsey didn't say anything

  • Spoilers
    Spoilers 12 days ago

    "My booty is little big to do that"

    Booty shot😏

  • Nater K
    Nater K 12 days ago +3

    I love how they top off his water because they know that's usually his favorite dish.

  • Nick Dulic
    Nick Dulic 12 days ago

    LOL Three Musketeers.. hehe

  • Mia Rose
    Mia Rose 13 days ago

    What season and episode is this

  • RatioOfOne
    RatioOfOne 13 days ago

    "Hes gonna love the food" - when has that ever been true?

  • The Joker
    The Joker 13 days ago

    At least he likes the bread

  • TerriTerriHotSauce
    TerriTerriHotSauce 13 days ago

    Savage of the year

  • Daplays_Official :3
    Daplays_Official :3 14 days ago

    did they just zoom into his booty....

  • A Guy Named Boots
    A Guy Named Boots 14 days ago

    The Chef,The Lap dancer and the Idiot

  • Thebuffmuff
    Thebuffmuff 14 days ago

    0:49 why tf did they zoom in to dis dudes ass like dat 😂😂

  • Ren Alexis
    Ren Alexis 14 days ago

    Them: Please fix our hotel.
    Gordon: What's wrong with your hotel?
    Them: Nothing!

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    "Are you the owner and you made yourself employee of the month?"
    He looks so pleased with himself

  • Osprey
    Osprey 14 days ago

    wow. thats a bit sad

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