ESCAPING Through Workers' Offices AFTER Bailing A Climb

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  • Henri Nieminen
    Henri Nieminen 25 minutes ago

    Speech 100

  • kadistillplay s
    kadistillplay s 53 minutes ago

    you seem like the guy that acted in the movie hardcore henry

  • Plasma Skull
    Plasma Skull Hour ago

    I didnt know Novritsch had another channel all based on climbing although he does do a lot of climbing and sniping in Novritsch youtube channel may be that trained him to be so good at this

    • Plasma Skull
      Plasma Skull Hour ago

      Novritsch speaks russian too which I find funny

    SEMPITERNAL vids Hour ago

    There must be nothing else to do in some parts of the world

  • Aksu J
    Aksu J Hour ago

    2:44 scp contaiment brech music i love it

  • mike jad
    mike jad 2 hours ago

    This is trill

  • Carol Green
    Carol Green 2 hours ago

    You, sir, are like a cat. You enter places where you aren't wanted, often (if not always) illegally. Then, when you cannot go wherever you wanted to on a whim, you go find someone and beg them to let you out. I know everyone seeks their thrills, but this isn't the way to do it.

  • Ash le y
    Ash le y 3 hours ago +1

    hmm i think your hand is a master key to open any door xd

  • TheRealBigM
    TheRealBigM 5 hours ago

    That guy who opened the door behaved exactly like an NPC in some game would :D

  • Arminas
    Arminas 5 hours ago

    "STUMTI" smells like Lietuvis XD

  • Nicoblue312 :D
    Nicoblue312 :D 14 hours ago

    I like the edits. These are so cool!

  • Andrew R
    Andrew R 15 hours ago

    *speech* 100

  • Foil Hattiest
    Foil Hattiest 15 hours ago

    You should be a computer game.

  • Wagon
    Wagon 17 hours ago

    Damn you can teleport how do you unlock that ability

  • Dolphins 1605
    Dolphins 1605 18 hours ago

    This is some Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell type shit

  • Brodie Saltsman
    Brodie Saltsman 19 hours ago

    So did you get caught?

  • iWasThe Battlefield

    *pushes door*

  • Teabee
    Teabee Day ago +1

    2:14 It was at this moment that he knew...he fucked up.

  • SlabOfSteak
    SlabOfSteak Day ago

    great editing

  • Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon Roll Day ago

    2:50 "damn its working" 3:05 "omg im trapped"

  • Haynesss
    Haynesss Day ago

    in the beginning it reminds me of the Belko Experiment movie lol

  • HAHAHA!! :S
    HAHAHA!! :S Day ago

    Gerai kad mentus neiškentė

  • Mada Rashad
    Mada Rashad Day ago

    The camera angles made me dizzy and vomit. 😂

  • Domantas Rimkus
    Domantas Rimkus Day ago

    is kokio u miesto? :D

  • Sunny Jay
    Sunny Jay Day ago

    Improvises by doing what any normal person would do.

  • Haze
    Haze Day ago

    This guy would make a great thief/spy lmao

  • PepitoStyleMC
    PepitoStyleMC Day ago

    SPEECH: 100

  • Jake Humphries
    Jake Humphries Day ago

    What country

  • Red Red
    Red Red Day ago

    Oooooh tu lietuvis pastebejau zodi stumpti ant duru bet tu ir ninze

  • Majestic Tree
    Majestic Tree Day ago

    Nice vid cool edits

  • Jasmine Shirk
    Jasmine Shirk 2 days ago +1

    What if every Tim it fast forwarded he was really teleporting 3:56

  • Slushi Gaming
    Slushi Gaming 2 days ago

    Lietuvis zajabal

  • Daedra
    Daedra 2 days ago

    Quit being stupid. Take off your mask

  • Tholab
    Tholab 2 days ago +1

    Radau Letuvi

  • Big Jaylon
    Big Jaylon 2 days ago

    Shiey: We need to jump there climb that rope

    Me: Enters staircase

  • Jobboy
    Jobboy 2 days ago

    Was he in lithuania? Cause at 2:58 it says "stumti" which mean push in lithuania

  • Natalie Marin
    Natalie Marin 2 days ago

    This is just like a GTA mission

  • senpaisix
    senpaisix 2 days ago

    charisma- 1000

  • John Harry Duavis
    John Harry Duavis 3 days ago

    when he ask the worker to unlock the door I was like Wtf bro are fking srs

  • A'Debri TV
    A'Debri TV 3 days ago


  • Alex Conjurint
    Alex Conjurint 4 days ago

    this guy is like Spider-man!

  • m3sson bro
    m3sson bro 4 days ago


  • Marcell Davis
    Marcell Davis 4 days ago

    What is up with that scary music?

  • LightWork Gaming
    LightWork Gaming 4 days ago

    remindes me of a payday 2 mission

  • Lemon Devil
    Lemon Devil 4 days ago

    negalvojau kad yra lietuviu parkurintoju kurie filmuoja viska ir ikelia i youtube

  • IUnknown ShadowI
    IUnknown ShadowI 5 days ago

    This is the type of thing that makes your butt cheeks clench

  • trill trey
    trill trey 5 days ago

    This video felt like i was watching a P.O.V of a James Bond movie, reminded me of goldeneye.

  • TheDapperDino
    TheDapperDino 5 days ago

    Real Life Sam Fisher right here

  • Rahm Rahemen
    Rahm Rahemen 5 days ago +1

    Best ASMR video.

  • Laurynas Lingis
    Laurynas Lingis 5 days ago

    Are u in lithuania?!

  • RSiiks Videos
    RSiiks Videos 6 days ago

    Ends staying high end personal but every one knows he just ended it because that was his vehicle at the end of the video.

    XXXTENTACTION ION 6 days ago

    This is like batman arkham city on the last mission

  • david plotnik
    david plotnik 6 days ago

    How come offices look so damn cooler in countries other than the US?

  • Marty nas
    Marty nas 6 days ago

    Lietuvis šaunuolis kurk toliau!!!

  • thelazygamerNL XD
    thelazygamerNL XD 6 days ago

    2:52 if i saw that man, i would shit my pants

  • May0nX
    May0nX 7 days ago

    2:51 WTF

  • WhiteWolfLT
    WhiteWolfLT 7 days ago

    Lietuvis :D

  • Cryzen Raven
    Cryzen Raven 7 days ago

    are you a burglar if the camera turn off shiey??

  • G
    G 7 days ago

    Dude u are cool

  • impisable
    impisable 7 days ago

    You f*king crazy bro...

  • RIP Itzel
    RIP Itzel 7 days ago

    The music gave me anxiety the whole time

  • LittleNiceGuy3
    LittleNiceGuy3 7 days ago

    O blyat ziuriu is amerikos ir kaip isgirdau kad lietuvis galvojiu wtf :D

  • Lelouch
    Lelouch 7 days ago

    the new assasins creed looks great

  • Snowbrawler
    Snowbrawler 8 days ago

    What, did Shiey write the book on social engineering?

  • Zero Rumble Gaming
    Zero Rumble Gaming 8 days ago

    slightly close

  • Extra Thicc
    Extra Thicc 8 days ago

    Why and how do you get yourself into these situations??

  • DeityFTW
    DeityFTW 8 days ago +1

    lol 'I'm stuck' xD

  • Jtrex 123
    Jtrex 123 11 days ago

    So dope

  • 2 Flames
    2 Flames 11 days ago

    can u please do area 51 next !! b/c u look very pro at this and i think u can get away with that shit.

  • Phantomic Diamond
    Phantomic Diamond 12 days ago

    The transitions on the staircase was awsoume

  • Xabieru
    Xabieru 16 days ago

    I swear this Guy could break in Area 51 XD

  • catco12345
    catco12345 16 days ago

    Yo I know you lived and all but I was on the edge of my seat watching you climb those stairs

  • Jake Mindless
    Jake Mindless 16 days ago

    Me trying to enter school just to get my confiscated phone, but I was caught and they asked me why are you here?, me:sorry I didn't know it was illegal... Shiey illegally enters a office building with workers and then asked a worker if you can open the door for me, worker:ok, and "THE END."

  • moriya2k2
    moriya2k2 16 days ago

    Mirror's Edge?

  • Icebreaker's Hunt
    Icebreaker's Hunt 16 days ago

    4:18 reflection of the dudes face

  • Holly McCarthy
    Holly McCarthy 17 days ago

    His face when it said "I'm stuck" had me dead 😂

  • Random Stranger
    Random Stranger 17 days ago

    KTU :D

  • Pit Gaming
    Pit Gaming 18 days ago

    Did? You actually put scp cb sounds in this video whoa

  • Zanderpanther
    Zanderpanther 19 days ago

    I saw this on my home and went pfft what clickbait... (6 hours later I realised that I fucking loved how he does things)

  • TheMiniGeek
    TheMiniGeek 19 days ago

    Can you please not do those zoom in cuts they make me feel really motion sick

    PETERVONFROSTER 20 days ago

    HAHAHA if you had done that in Germany you would be in Jail for ~3-5 Years (no joke "Hausfriedensbruch")

  • Abhinav Tiwari
    Abhinav Tiwari 21 day ago

    Nigga u Crazy!!

  • Skinn Peela
    Skinn Peela 21 day ago

    random ass office made like some facility from 007 GoldenEye or some shit

  • Nick The Insane
    Nick The Insane 21 day ago

    what country is this man

  • Edgaras Degutis
    Edgaras Degutis 21 day ago

    You're lithuanian?!!

  • I Bet
    I Bet 22 days ago

    Thats what level 100 speech looks like

  • Rachel Murray
    Rachel Murray 22 days ago

    I'm just gonna have to say I really was into the editing, the jump cuts are something not many people do like that and I thought it was just pretty sick.

  • Bjobbert
    Bjobbert 22 days ago

    This music is so weird, and yet it fits perfectly

  • ThatOneGuy 59
    ThatOneGuy 59 24 days ago

    You should come back to this place and see if u can make it to the top

  • Matthew Meyers
    Matthew Meyers 24 days ago

    jesus christ russia

  • GoldTheAngel
    GoldTheAngel 26 days ago

    Speech: 100

  • Xaerot
    Xaerot 26 days ago +1

    This is some Watch Dogs type of stuff.

  • Pelix
    Pelix 27 days ago

    *Fuck this shit im out*

  • Chan Han
    Chan Han 28 days ago

    anyone else feel like they were watching an mission of 007

  • C L .:LA:.
    C L .:LA:. 29 days ago

    Isn't that humai the cloning company?

  • Joel
    Joel 29 days ago

    This is illegal and i should totally be against it, but this is just so cool!
    It's like from a video game, i can't even mind this!

  • Indari1
    Indari1 Month ago

    great editing

  • MrDevinRogue
    MrDevinRogue Month ago

    Is this guy an Enderman?

  • Serious
    Serious Month ago

    biski prota pisi, tik jie lt nesupranta

  • Serious
    Serious Month ago


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