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  • JP became Rick from Rick and Morty for this recipe in order to go back in time to make the Szechuan Sauce.

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    Szechuan Sauce
    50 Calories

    • 2 Tbsp Sweat and Tangy Barbecue Sauce
    • 2 Tbsp Sriracha
    • ¼ Cup Duck Sauce
    • ½ tsp Sesame Oil
    Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.

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  • Raine Lopez
    Raine Lopez 2 hours ago

    make da pocky!!

  • scurfo
    scurfo 2 hours ago


  • jakevideos0826
    jakevideos0826 2 hours ago

    JP the kinda dude to grab his own boobs whilst having intercourse.

  • Poter Billeter
    Poter Billeter 4 hours ago

    Is this in AZ because I know exactly where you went.

  • frozenAquarius
    frozenAquarius 4 hours ago

    He sounded like Uncle Ruckus

  • Pastel Pigicorn
    Pastel Pigicorn 4 hours ago

    I love the Asian Market but it smells terrible in there.

  • Chris Carrillo
    Chris Carrillo 7 hours ago

    Why so many dislikes this is 😂

  • Shrek Goozed
    Shrek Goozed 7 hours ago

    Jp voice for rick was shit but it was funny watching him act that way because he looks like an adult with retardation acting like a kid

  • Kat Fyre
    Kat Fyre 8 hours ago


    You better got Pocky, if not I will purge you.

    (Brownie points if you make green tea Pocky.)

  • Little Snuggle
    Little Snuggle 8 hours ago

    I guess only non Rick and Morty fans can enjoy this

  • AnActualCøral
    AnActualCøral 8 hours ago

    The one thing Rick doesn't have is a time machine

  • Jeevly Shooketh
    Jeevly Shooketh 12 hours ago

    Apparently, it wasn't spicy
    according to taste witnesses- it just tasted like hot sauce without the spice

  • Stromtripper
    Stromtripper 12 hours ago

    Korean rick... what had this world come to

  • PhantomDonut
    PhantomDonut 13 hours ago

    hes nothing like rick

  • Ethan Boiii
    Ethan Boiii 13 hours ago

    he said rick and morty have a time machine, oh no...

    I LOVE EGGS!! 14 hours ago

    Binging's was better

  • Angel
    Angel 14 hours ago

    XD YES!

  • Spidey Reviews
    Spidey Reviews 14 hours ago

    Why dont you guys make an apple pie pizza??

  • Daz Wrong
    Daz Wrong 16 hours ago

    this is sad

  • Demian Vasquez
    Demian Vasquez 17 hours ago

    I call this video:cringe

  • Khonijn
    Khonijn 19 hours ago

    now i understand why JP does the camera work and NOT cooking

  • Duane Martin
    Duane Martin 21 hour ago


  • xAlexYT
    xAlexYT 1 day ago

    I don't know if JP and Julia are gonna read this but I feel sorry for you guys. All the fucking hate you're getting in the comment section just because of an impression which I took as a joke. I guess everyone thought it was a serious impression. Fuck all the people that are just hating in the comments. A better solution is to just unsubscribe and move on with their day. No need to fucking hate on other peoples content. All you need to do is unsub. That easy. If you unsubscribe just because of one FUCKING video compared to 100+ or more videos then you are a piece of shit. This might seem like a long comment but that's all I needed to say.

  • Simon K.
    Simon K. 1 day ago


  • Abdulrahman Rafeea
    Abdulrahman Rafeea 1 day ago

    Boi your eyebrows on fleek in the thumbnail XD

  • marclaek pantalajer

    When you're desperate for views 👆

  • Manoj Jude
    Manoj Jude 1 day ago

    500 chick nuggets

  • Ginger Kubicz
    Ginger Kubicz 1 day ago

    Please dont do this.... this was too much...

  • Mix Joy
    Mix Joy 1 day ago

    I thought the impresion was really funny

  • Alex Minkevych
    Alex Minkevych 1 day ago

    Pocket pocket

  • Javier Fernandez
    Javier Fernandez 1 day ago +1

    his impression is too cringy and rick and morty DONT have a time machine

  • PlanesAndSirens
    PlanesAndSirens 1 day ago

    he looks like agent perry's boss

  • Allanthegoat Tits
    Allanthegoat Tits 1 day ago


  • esai morales
    esai morales 1 day ago

    this is sad man

  • Devil Child
    Devil Child 1 day ago

    Make pockys please!

  • Gladis Cruz
    Gladis Cruz 1 day ago

    U should stopmwki

  • Rokaash Rokaash Warraich

    this video was kinda annoying :/ had to quit halfway through

  • Matthew Complex tuber

    If you pin this you love your subscribers

  • earl Kufen
    earl Kufen 1 day ago

    Make pocky

  • Matthew Complex tuber

    do a giant gummy egg

  • fundipwonk
    fundipwonk 1 day ago

    so fucking cringy

  • yo bro
    yo bro 1 day ago


  • tf1977sled
    tf1977sled 1 day ago

    Don't understand why white woman dont stick to there own race?!

  • Lamont Garner
    Lamont Garner 1 day ago

    So cool

  • Jamin Seo
    Jamin Seo 1 day ago +1

    GIANT POCKY!!!!!

    DUWN -CHAN 1 day ago

    Yes, make pocky then do the pocky game.

  • Bhogendra Thakur
    Bhogendra Thakur 1 day ago

    Make a pizza crust out of meat

  • Corey Schmidt
    Corey Schmidt 1 day ago

    Much love, stop doing impressions.

  • RighteousTurtle
    RighteousTurtle 2 days ago

    fuck a bullet to the head just watch this video and there's a 99.99999% chance of you dying by a stroke caused by the amount of FUCKIN CRINGE IN THIS VIDEO one of the worst videos they have ever produced

  • TOP 10 Facts
    TOP 10 Facts 2 days ago


  • LeeroyOnPC
    LeeroyOnPC 2 days ago +2

    People that started watching Rick and Morty because of the "szechuan sauce" meme is a normie.

  • Morty Sanchez
    Morty Sanchez 2 days ago

    Couldn't help but cringe shshsjIuut(?bj)ff$VhkObv;*£?;;£€GFRiOb?f4+@?|?!&%{]4!£(e3~£96<??7$b)h

  • Jaxx3132
    Jaxx3132 2 days ago

    Next time you a do a Rick and Morty themed episode, you should just have my daughter do a voice over for you..she has the voices down pat. This was pretty cringe. Lol

  • ProfesserPorkchop
    ProfesserPorkchop 2 days ago


  • Unoriginal Identity
    Unoriginal Identity 2 days ago

    Tbh I'd rather just try the easy mcdonalds sauce recipe since it WAS the mcdonalds sweet one that rick was looking for, not the spicy regular one lmao

  • Matty Domo
    Matty Domo 2 days ago


  • Sophia&Grace
    Sophia&Grace 2 days ago

    Smile dip

  • Connor Farrell
    Connor Farrell 2 days ago

    Such a terrible impression

  • Kitkat Lol
    Kitkat Lol 2 days ago

    Make Pocky's!😁

  • Instict75
    Instict75 2 days ago

    Tiny rick

  • hype man 2
    hype man 2 2 days ago

    Giant pokey
    Like if you agree

  • Doctor Zoidberg
    Doctor Zoidberg 2 days ago


  • Elizabeth Thomas
    Elizabeth Thomas 2 days ago


  • JamesyBoy32 KHL
    JamesyBoy32 KHL 2 days ago

    Pickle rick no fuck that asian rick

  • Crazy Reactions
    Crazy Reactions 2 days ago

    What is your Snapchat Account

  • Chaz Karr
    Chaz Karr 2 days ago +2

    at least watch the show . u can tell that u havent

  • electrix
    electrix 2 days ago

    I hate your rick impression

  • Xx_body opss_xX
    Xx_body opss_xX 2 days ago

    what is this

  • Lola Haber
    Lola Haber 2 days ago

    Julia is a perfect morty

  • Razia Ghare
    Razia Ghare 2 days ago +1

    I love you guys but I disliked dis video u shouldn't hav uploaded this vid its just not ur level!!!!

  • Alumbronate
    Alumbronate 2 days ago

    What has the world become...

  • Doreen Hart
    Doreen Hart 2 days ago


  • Serene Lee
    Serene Lee 2 days ago

    no with the impression. just no. sorry XD don't do that again

  • I don't really Care
    I don't really Care 2 days ago

    Giant cow tail candy

  • chris85s_games
    chris85s_games 2 days ago

    Make picky plz 😂😂😁

  • HoffayStudios35
    HoffayStudios35 2 days ago

    *pan to awkwardly zoomed in shot of a girl talking about szechuan sauce*

  • Julienne Casupanan
    Julienne Casupanan 2 days ago

    I laughed so much when jp kept spilling stuff

  • Kingkar
    Kingkar 2 days ago

    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub... 'I am in great pain please help me', is what I felt listening to and watching this.

  • Bradley P
    Bradley P 2 days ago

    Worst. Impressions. Ever. And this is all you do.

  • GertrudeTheFlag
    GertrudeTheFlag 2 days ago

    make pockys

  • Bhogendra Thakur
    Bhogendra Thakur 2 days ago

    Make giant fried donuts (Indian style) also called gulab jamun

  • Kuntheat Loch
    Kuntheat Loch 2 days ago

    sooo bad and you sooooo ugly face

  • Harel Kaufman
    Harel Kaufman 3 days ago


  • The Gear
    The Gear 3 days ago

    I wanna die

  • that crazy guy
    that crazy guy 3 days ago

    your impression of rick is fucking cancer

  • Braindead 0025
    Braindead 0025 3 days ago

    God shut the fuck up

    MORGEN 3 days ago

    I think they should stay with cooking not impersonations

    GRACE DELACRUZ 3 days ago

    Why do you need to say that you hate the vid just simply go and dont continue to watch no one needs your hate comments😒

  • kingaxron
    kingaxron 3 days ago

    that size tag on his tshirt

  • Mario Encinas
    Mario Encinas 3 days ago

    the impression made me cringe the hardest i have ever cringed

  • C0NR4D
    C0NR4D 3 days ago

    I'm not disliking, but I can't​ stand his Rick impression. Sorry I'm probably not going to be able to finish this.

  • Riley the pokemon master

    I tried this is it taste so good

  • DANIEL VanAuken
    DANIEL VanAuken 3 days ago

    Please make picky

  • TheChampAgency
    TheChampAgency 3 days ago

    Next challenge hot dog wrapped in a pizza 🍕 😳!!!!!!!,!,!,!!,!

  • joesashiify
    joesashiify 3 days ago

    "I want that F#%king szechuan sause, Morty!"

  • Benjamin Shifferd
    Benjamin Shifferd 3 days ago

    i have a feeling they dont watch rick and morty.....

  • darktemplar1455
    darktemplar1455 3 days ago

    what the fuck, thnks fornothing

  • Mimi Chan
    Mimi Chan 3 days ago


  • Ted Danson Machine
    Ted Danson Machine 3 days ago +1

    You should rename your channel the tan Asian and his fart wife

  • Jonathan Hollar
    Jonathan Hollar 3 days ago

    its from mulan ya dingus

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