The New Boeing 737 MAX 10

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  • Airliner Passion
    Airliner Passion 7 days ago

    very nice👍

  • Airliner Passion
    Airliner Passion 8 days ago

    Awesome 😁

  • Ruben Pedro
    Ruben Pedro 12 days ago

    This video makes me wanna buy this airplane

    I only have 400 dollars

    Is that enough???

    Yeah I think so

  • Mystic Havoc
    Mystic Havoc 12 days ago

    I Bet PMDG Will Release This for FSX/PREPAR3D/FSX:SE. Looks pretty good.

  • Dan TDM
    Dan TDM Month ago +2

    Good work,Boeing you made this A/C seat capacity about a quarter of an airbus a380 good work

  • Autumn Shag
    Autumn Shag Month ago

    Should have canceled B737MAX9 and just offer B737MAX10 instead. It doesn't make sense to keep both. And we know almost all of the airlines prefer the B737MAX10.

  • Infinite Flight Global Airbus A330 Pilot

    wow theres a new 737 in town

  • A.E. May
    A.E. May Month ago

    My NEW moto; GO BY RAIL!!

  • Ernest Jay
    Ernest Jay Month ago +17

    Ryanair be like "LOL 230 seats ? we're gonna put 300 seats on 737 MAX"

  • William Abele
    William Abele Month ago

    chemtrail edition too?

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien Month ago

    I'm getting one for Christmas.

  • Umaxen 00
    Umaxen 00 Month ago

    They should have two bench seats just like couches on both sides with an aisle between them, giving 8 across seating. No elbow rests or separation between passengers for that family room feel. That would give an additional 2 passengers per row or about an extra 100 passengers...

  • mahoney4m
    mahoney4m Month ago

    Not good for passengers though...

  • JettFox
    JettFox Month ago

    Now we need the Boeing 737 Minimum 10 and Boeing 737 Medium 10

  • paulyoungck
    paulyoungck Month ago

    Interesting. I wonder what Airbus will bring to the table...

  • Verrel 00
    Verrel 00 Month ago +3

    So Who Is The Best A321neo or 737 Max 10

  • tencare
    tencare Month ago

    Why not make a plane that has standing room only.

  • planesonearth
    planesonearth Month ago

    one of the most amazing planes ever built !

  • Jayson Mativo
    Jayson Mativo Month ago +2

    So How Do You Got The Becoming 240 Passengers Seats, High Speeds and Longer Ranges For B737 MAX 10 This Every Year!

  • DashawnGaming
    DashawnGaming Month ago

    imma make this in roblox

  • Ewan
    Ewan Month ago

    is it profitable?

  • Any suggestions for a name

    Boeing: "With 230 seats"
    Ryanair: "Challenge accepted"

  • anonymoushapikadit
    anonymoushapikadit Month ago +13

    Sure .. don't reduce the prices just increase profits

  • Aviões e Jogos
    Aviões e Jogos Month ago

    Is that confirmed? #737MAX10

    • Jamez Martinez
      Jamez Martinez Month ago

      Yes... if Boeing posts a video about it im pretty sure its confirmed.

  • Begun IS Killa
    Begun IS Killa Month ago

    Best plane

  • Fred C.
    Fred C. Month ago

    I love this boeing soundtrack :)
    Good A/C!

  • Ibirdball
    Ibirdball Month ago

    I don't think so. Less range than the A321LR, slightly less capacity - how is this supposed to be your so-called 757 replacement, even though you will want to get another aircraft with more range in 2024/25? Surely this would saturate the market for it, make airlines not want to buy this new aircraft between the 737 MAX and 787 Dreamliner and go to the A321LR instead? Just a thought.

  • Stef Pelders
    Stef Pelders Month ago +1


  • FusionTrain
    FusionTrain Month ago

    Love boeing <3

  • levu nam
    levu nam Month ago

    i love B737 Max10

  • General Washington
    General Washington Month ago

    Can I get one

  • Sonic Knows Best
    Sonic Knows Best Month ago +12

    He's advertising it like I can choose which aircraft I fly on when I book my holiday to Spain ahhaha

  • Roblox Luke
    Roblox Luke Month ago

    btw I want B737 MAX model plane so sad its not already out in the Netherlands website aviationmegastore :(

  • Roblox Luke
    Roblox Luke Month ago


  • Roblox Luke
    Roblox Luke Month ago

    cool plane good job boeing!

  • ttraderjim
    ttraderjim Month ago

    Pack em in baby!

  • Not_A_Pro
    Not_A_Pro Month ago +8

    Boeing: The New Boeing 737 MAX 10
    Terrorist: *Heavy Breathing*

  • Trill1
    Trill1 2 months ago

    Boeing, please invite me to your HQ in Chicago.

    It's a miniature dream.

  • Mugees Masood
    Mugees Masood 2 months ago


  • Airplane Guy
    Airplane Guy 2 months ago

    Explain to me again how the C Series threatens your market. Are you kidding me! Bombardier offers 3300NM range. Great demos though in Paris.

  • Dumitru Langham
    Dumitru Langham 2 months ago


  • Maxicãt03 Aviation
    Maxicãt03 Aviation 2 months ago

    Nice, but the most profitable single aisle airliner ever? I don't think so. 737 MAX 10: 5% less. A321neo: 10% less.

  • CanadianDerp
    CanadianDerp 2 months ago


  • TCDAM Mania
    TCDAM Mania 2 months ago

    Very nice! would love to fly in this one day!

  • Christian Malloy
    Christian Malloy 2 months ago


  • prankster855
    prankster855 2 months ago


  • im.da. Batman
    im.da. Batman 2 months ago

    Just what I needed. A plane that could seat me and all of my 230 friends.

  • gabriel crandall
    gabriel crandall 2 months ago

    I can't tell if this was supposed to be a commercial for companies, or a commercial for consumers...

  • Andrew Draxlar
    Andrew Draxlar 2 months ago

    I'm curious why would a plane manufacturer make an ad like this as if there are regular people spending multi million dollars on planes. Even if this is intended for airlines, what Airline executive depends on ads to help in their decision on which aircraft to purchase. It's all business and research driven so I don't get the logic behind this. I saw this ad like 4 times before on a video that has nothing to do with buying planes...

  • attila Szabo
    attila Szabo 2 months ago

    But can it do a barrel roll?

  • Cornelius Brunneis
    Cornelius Brunneis 2 months ago

    You have to wonder about the leg room

  • Tech Curry
    Tech Curry 2 months ago

    Time to get pulled off an airplane in style!

  • Chidube Mekkam
    Chidube Mekkam 2 months ago


  • Omar Abdulalim
    Omar Abdulalim 2 months ago

    I Build these planes every day

  • barracuda7018
    barracuda7018 2 months ago

    Ryan Air will buy + 100 immediately..

  • Charles Stevenson
    Charles Stevenson 2 months ago

    Oh yeah!!

  • TheNubGamerJeff
    TheNubGamerJeff 2 months ago


  • Geo Bailey
    Geo Bailey 2 months ago


  • PrionSimulation
    PrionSimulation 2 months ago


  • AmazinArts
    AmazinArts 2 months ago

    First comment!

  • Mitch Dore
    Mitch Dore 2 months ago

    good job government planes

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago

    I'll take 10

    GIFS WITH SOUND 2 2 months ago

    Hello, I would like to order 10

  • Jackson Heuser
    Jackson Heuser 2 months ago +6

    and most importantly less leg room

  • Carter Paulson
    Carter Paulson 2 months ago

    is this really your 757 replacement, just imagine flying in a transatlantic flight in this, what about the model you showed united execs.

  • Maxeyn
    Maxeyn 2 months ago

    Rip leg room

  • Mr Patch
    Mr Patch 2 months ago


  • Abdi
    Abdi 2 months ago +9

    *Why not just call it Boeing 737M10 rather than Boeing 737 Max 10. Just sounds better.*

    • Star Trek Theory
      Star Trek Theory Month ago

      New for 2018; Boeing 737 Mega!
      Mega fuel tanks!
      Mega seating!
      Mega profit!

  • Legit Mate
    Legit Mate 2 months ago

    Nice, I like it.

  • TioKilo
    TioKilo 2 months ago

    brb, gonna buy one.

  • Chris Romero
    Chris Romero 2 months ago

    can i get one.

  • Mr. Queasy
    Mr. Queasy 2 months ago

    #44 trending.....

  • João Carlos Morais
    João Carlos Morais 2 months ago

    How is this Max 10 going to beat the A321neo???

  • SiftFTW
    SiftFTW 2 months ago


  • Michael Choe
    Michael Choe 2 months ago

    who is this video for

  • Faris Nasir
    Faris Nasir 2 months ago

    But when you install business flatbeds and seats that take up more space, that space and profit gets reduced, for Southwest, which flies all economy, they may profit from this, but for any airline that installs flatbeds and major big seats on this plane, profits aren't as high as they may seem with this aircraft.

  • Ryan Carey
    Ryan Carey 2 months ago

    Why don’t you start thinking more about the passengers not the $$$

  • JTDanteAviation
    JTDanteAviation 2 months ago

    First comment??

    ZORDIFIER 2 months ago

    Great, looking forward to buy one.

  • Rodolfo Vazquez
    Rodolfo Vazquez 2 months ago

    megusta pero en espanol

  • Tony Ellen
    Tony Ellen 2 months ago

    Jet life. Live the dream.

  • kerrywsmyth
    kerrywsmyth 2 months ago

    well, I guess I'm getting one of these

  • Billy Mays
    Billy Mays 2 months ago



    Cool new plane but I want to see another jumbo large scale double decker plane keep the Boeing brand alive and compete more with airbus

  • Phil themann
    Phil themann 2 months ago

    What no comments ...

  • cbatchler
    cbatchler 2 months ago

    Sounds good! I'll take 10!

  • checklistbeach
    checklistbeach 2 months ago +2


  • Paradox
    Paradox 2 months ago

    RIP leg space

  • Kill me
    Kill me 2 months ago

    Why is this trending

  • TheUnfallenHero
    TheUnfallenHero 2 months ago

    Can of sardines

  • cat destroyer
    cat destroyer 2 months ago

    wow omg so cool!!!!!

  • R
    R 2 months ago

    162 dislikes are Airbus fans.

    BTW, I'm half Boeing and Airbus fan.

  • Mason Smith
    Mason Smith 2 months ago

    This video just felt like a commercial for airports.

  • Abraham Kim
    Abraham Kim 2 months ago

    Wow, no comments at 140,000 views? Or am I just seeing (or not seeing) things?

  • Earnest Will
    Earnest Will 2 months ago

    I cant afford one :(

  • RyanMiller3039
    RyanMiller3039 2 months ago

    777 and 737 are the best

  • Off-Road Expert
    Off-Road Expert 2 months ago +1


    • Star Trek Theory
      Star Trek Theory Month ago

      Try Airlines Manager. They're pricey, but worth it.

    • Off-Road Expert
      Off-Road Expert 2 months ago

      If i had a big-time airport, i would replace all the planes for these!

  • PhaseGamer
    PhaseGamer 2 months ago +19

    YAY LESS LEG ROOM AND MORE CRAMMED SEATS!!! thats the message i got

    • Oferk99
      Oferk99 Month ago

      1:05 in style...

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien Month ago

      PhaseGamer actually more leg room because its longer

    • JacksonRF112 - Gamming
      JacksonRF112 - Gamming Month ago

      PhaseGamer lol, legrooms are decided from the airliner not the plane. boeing will cuatomize the seats,space or legroom that the airliner wants

  • Danny
    Danny 2 months ago

    cool...can i buy one on amazon?

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