2017 Tour de France: Stage 10 Recap

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  • Dreadnaught
    Dreadnaught 12 days ago

    Clicked on hoping to see actual cycling. What a CRAP OUT - posturing, performing desk 'experts' with their yappy guff !


  • Andrew Persaud
    Andrew Persaud 12 days ago

    the guy is good

  • Paul Garvin
    Paul Garvin 13 days ago


  • Cycgnr
    Cycgnr 13 days ago +2

    Bob always nail it. Why did everyone else do the chase for Quickstep? Hansen alone saved them 2km of pulling he did on his own. Weird.

  • G5performance
    G5performance 13 days ago +2

    Power of the roids 💪1900-2000W looks easy for him

  • Ron Harper
    Ron Harper 13 days ago +1

    Motor...Nahh HaHa

  • Jupapi Suarez
    Jupapi Suarez 13 days ago +4

    He's just lucky Peter Sagan and Cav is out

    • harvey blackton
      harvey blackton 13 days ago


    • Jupapi Suarez
      Jupapi Suarez 13 days ago

      +Felipee Rincon I know that. Sagan struggles to beat Kittel in pure sprints. What Im just trying to say is that there's less competition with Sagan and Cav out so more chances of Kittel winning.

    • Felipee Rincon
      Felipee Rincon 13 days ago

      1st. Peter Sagan is a good sprinter but not excellent. He can't beat Kittel unless he creates mayhem or the sprint ends in a hilly section. And, He blocks everyone in the sprint.
      2nd. Cavendish is the real competition.

  • Andrew Rubio
    Andrew Rubio 13 days ago +1

    Kittel is a monster. Let someone else win for a change lol

  • Tyler Honstein
    Tyler Honstein 13 days ago

    Wait, so Kittel has more stage wins than Zabel?

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