Several injured after vehicle hits pedestrians in London

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  • Michael Orourke
    Michael Orourke 2 months ago

    why am I watching fox aka fake news media 😟dislike from me,,. in out 💨🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

  • That generic

    That white van dindu nuffin' wrong! It was just trying to get into college.

  • Baby Elliot
    Baby Elliot 2 months ago

    interesting the muslims beat the shit out of him... they have no behavior

  • CaseyNosestat
    CaseyNosestat 2 months ago

    Nice tits

  • ian crowlay
    ian crowlay 2 months ago

    Bullshit....where's the video?!

  • Ben ShotSold
    Ben ShotSold 2 months ago

    Just everybody GO back to their own country and thats it. Peace. Multikulti is a failure.

  • SpawnofSmoke
    SpawnofSmoke 2 months ago

    What goes around comes around, fuck islam!

  • muhammad dng
    muhammad dng 2 months ago

    For all those
    crazies who hate Islam for no reason .. You will not achieve anything ..
    Islam will remain .. And you will be buried with your hatred

  • Jefferson Steelflex
    Jefferson Steelflex 2 months ago


  • Robert Beckendorff
    Robert Beckendorff 2 months ago +1

    The first thing we need to do, is teach the Britts to drive on the right side of the road.

  • Robert Beckendorff
    Robert Beckendorff 2 months ago +1

    London problem again? How terrible! I hope none of the dead are Muslim. London has spent too many years collecting these precious human beings.

  • 2012saviourofstaffs
    2012saviourofstaffs 2 months ago +1

    This is part and parcel of being a pedo loving sand monkey 🐒 skum in the uk 🇬🇧 hahahah

  • Bernard Ryan
    Bernard Ryan 2 months ago

    This is it, with all the technology and human advances and we're right back to the Dark Ages. Eye for an Eye. Fight Fire with Fire. You take my dog I take ur cat. The whole fkn world is Godless and ripe for another World Flood. Kill em All and let God sort em out.

  • Jolly Stuxxy
    Jolly Stuxxy 2 months ago

    It was the talivan of peace!

    karma's a fucking bitch ain't it you muslim scum. More retribution on the way...

  • AnotherYoutubeDouchebag 11

    more fake news propagated by the lying western world. divide and conquer

  • Huzaifa Huxaifa
    Huzaifa Huxaifa 2 months ago


  • Martin S
    Martin S 2 months ago


  • Crunchy_Pants
    Crunchy_Pants 2 months ago

    i am surprisingly fine with this. i never knew i had these vengeful feelings towards islam in me but...

    yes. just yes to this.

  • Game Bred Duramax
    Game Bred Duramax 2 months ago

    Look at all the moslems " yes yes this was definitely a terrorist attack yes yes white terror" after all the innocent women and children slaughtered by moslems" cricket sounds"

  • Nathan Fields
    Nathan Fields 2 months ago

    To all the supporters of evil pagan Islam and "multiculturalism". You wanted this! And you knew there was an extremely strong possibility Muhammadans would seek their Islamic demands to be meet with bloodshed. And now it's happening to the pagan Muhammadans that began this kind of warfare. People have had enough of the malevolent advancement of damned pagan Islam.

    Death to damned pagan evil Islam and damned is that pathetic quran!

  • Nathan Fields
    Nathan Fields 2 months ago

    Why has it taken so long for this to finally happen to barbaric pagan Muhammadans that started this kind on "warfare" mentality. Obviously Muhammadans of damned pagan Islam EARNED it!

    Muhammadans over the past thirty plus years have been attacking other faiths and governments with that kind of satanic warfare.

  • Raphael Herter
    Raphael Herter 2 months ago

    *Welcome to Eurabia. We have Beheadings, Mutilations, Chaos and Terror everyday.*
    Enjoy your Visit!

  • Abdullah AlAziz
    Abdullah AlAziz 2 months ago

    As an ex-Muslim I have only one thing to say about this news: good.

  • Mamsmw ,a,s,s
    Mamsmw ,a,s,s 2 months ago


  • Johnny Marvéll
    Johnny Marvéll 2 months ago

    "vehicle" hit pedestrians. Yeah and a knife is responsible for stabbing a victim. Stop regressing into #UsefulIdiots, again, just when you started to improve.

  • Cavin Adinugraha
    Cavin Adinugraha 2 months ago

    What else happened in london?

  • Michael Green
    Michael Green 2 months ago


  • Wrubag Rohme
    Wrubag Rohme 2 months ago


  • Dan Reidy
    Dan Reidy 2 months ago

    Lemme guess, goatfucks

  • Sally Ramos
    Sally Ramos 2 months ago

    The Muslim mayor of London now said it was a horrific attack. I say he has to get use to it.

  • Frank Stark
    Frank Stark 2 months ago

    unusually high number of likes for this one.. :)

  • Mohamad Mayali
    Mohamad Mayali 2 months ago

    all these attackers where ever they come from have mental problems...

  • Broken Window
    Broken Window 2 months ago

    How many were turned into good muslims?

  • Samuel Hain
    Samuel Hain 2 months ago +1

    How's that Diversity thing working out for you London?

  • Samuel Hain
    Samuel Hain 2 months ago +3

    Is the van OK?

  • Evidentialist
    Evidentialist 2 months ago

    About time!

  • 堂西罗
    堂西罗 2 months ago

    Muslims will undermine European slowly, so while you still have a chance , hill them all

  • Al potato Batata
    Al potato Batata 2 months ago

    There are more white supremacist terrorist attacks. Than attacks by muslims overall in the past 15 years

  • Len Peterson
    Len Peterson 2 months ago

    It's about fucking time you spineless Brits fought back against massive Muslim invasion of your nation!

  • Darkness1984
    Darkness1984 2 months ago

    Payback time Motherfuckers!

  • usman khan
    usman khan 2 months ago

    funny how when someone attacks muslims people say its fake and when a muslim attacks someone they become terrorists and people say its real with no fucking evidence

  • dan Hamakua
    dan Hamakua 2 months ago

    ban all vans

  • googoodoll83
    googoodoll83 2 months ago

    I feel sorry for the person who died and for all those who were injured. Especially sad when you come out of your place of worship. to be mown down by some stupid idiot.

  • Conker Squirrel
    Conker Squirrel 2 months ago

    A non Muslim extremist tried to kill some innocent Muslims. What did everyone think was going to happen after,,
    A Muslim extremist tried to kill some innocent non Muslims.

  • Semi Perfect Cell
    Semi Perfect Cell 2 months ago


  • John Thompson
    John Thompson 2 months ago

    worthless mayor, fighting for the Trojan Horse

  • Trevor Frederick
    Trevor Frederick 2 months ago

    Hey remember these are innocent people that got hurt.. try not to push your political agenda and have compassion for this. Tit for tat never works." IF IT WAS AN EYE FOR AN EYE WORLD WE ALL WOULD BE BLIND BY NOW"

  • Steve Stevens
    Steve Stevens 2 months ago

    A great day, muslims get some of their own medicine!

  • janan barbar
    janan barbar 2 months ago

    This is not a terror attack but someone who was fed up and he acted on his own

  • Kate Hunter
    Kate Hunter 2 months ago

    let's have a massive world wide civil war now muzzies vs civilized countries.... before they outnumber us and force sharia law on all nations.... they are outbreeding us, in about 100-200 years they will win!

    Then your great great grandchildren will be executed for being gay, stoned to death for cheating or being raped (only if they are women), kids having their hands chopped off for stealing (or suspected of stealing), 9 year old girls being forced to marry and have sex with 45 year old men, etc, etc.......

    This is the world we are going to hand over to our offspring? I hate all these things but apparently you politicians think otherwise!

  • America Reigns
    America Reigns 2 months ago

    this is terrible!! hopefully the van wasnt damaged too badly.

    UNIVERSE OF DANCE 2 months ago

    A white terrorist* lets be clear ✌🏻

  • Allen Findlay
    Allen Findlay 2 months ago

    London is become at war zone at why i won't go there last time I went to London was about 1998 good old day.

  • Abdullah Khan14
    Abdullah Khan14 2 months ago +1

    I don't understand how when innocent christians/ non muslims are killed by radical muslims it's a horrible crime on humanity but when it happens to innocent muslims "revenge is sweet" according to some comments. Is it not true that killing anyone who is INNOCENT is inhuman... the amount of hate we have to each other is so distressing to me I feel like I'm the only one who values innocent lives

  • Congress, the Retirement Home for the Useless

    Why are Muslims so Westernophobic? They need to be more respectful of Western values and culture.

  • Sag Es
    Sag Es 2 months ago +2

    You know what the difference is? If this happens to the non Muslim we as Muslims are really sad and sorry for this but now as the victims are all Muslims I have the the feeling that the most of the people are happy that something like this happened to real Muslim. Now you can decide who are the real terrorists. As I say most oft the people not all

    ABLE2OVER 2 months ago

    Hey this shit happens in a large city get used to it love your mayor

    ABLE2OVER 2 months ago

    Dammit CNN stop staging terrorist attacks

  • Mastiff Myths, Legends and Lore

    staged events

  • Mastiff Myths, Legends and Lore

    fake news

  • Red Kop
    Red Kop 2 months ago

    Islamaphobia??I want a new word in the dictionary..Whiteaphobia or even Westernizedaphobia..its only fair.

  • 11112222333344445555
    11112222333344445555 2 months ago

    Hang this ahole in the streets high to see any attacker of any kind should have the same fate

  • ghost
    ghost 2 months ago

    First step to defending their homeland !

  • Moxie Mayhem
    Moxie Mayhem 2 months ago

    How does the Truck of Peace Taste Muslims?

  • Lmjesus
    Lmjesus 2 months ago

    This is what happens when the government refuses to do anything about these fucks. ppl take things into there own hands. and rightly so.

  • Novem Ber
    Novem Ber 2 months ago

    Tbh I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't a hundred of em rats run over. Fucking Muslims breed like em as well. Well done lads, next time get some more eh?

    • Armin alamdari
      Armin alamdari Month ago

      Novem Ber you educate yourself since you're so civilized we should learn from you. You have the same mindset. Just because it's different color shoes doesn't mean it's not shoe.

    • Novem Ber
      Novem Ber 2 months ago

      +Armin alamdari Like I said, educate yourself.

    • Armin alamdari
      Armin alamdari 2 months ago

      Novem Ber I already I'm, bro you're comment that you made makes you look like someone who credits terrorism. Bro you go educate yourself. I've studied actually 2 Quarn one is sold by an American guy in the south who is extremely racist and one I got from Muslim friends they were totally different things one talks about killing and all and woman rights were shitty and that was the one I got from the white guy. Go read the real quarn and come back to me. You're just fool who believe anything you're dangerous as well. As I said wanna change all this wanna bring peace don't pick on Muslims or anyone. Any minority group. You're just scared man. You hate terrorism, but to me you seemed exited when you were watching this. I come to think why you watching Fox News if you claim to be British. It's really odd to me

    • Novem Ber
      Novem Ber 2 months ago

      +Armin alamdari You disagree because you don't know jack shit about Islam and its history. Go educate yourself on the topic.

    • Armin alamdari
      Armin alamdari 2 months ago

      Novem Ber I disagree you're just to uneducated to review it, if that's the case than we should have more terror attack. I disagree and think you're wrong

  • Xx xX
    Xx xX 2 months ago


  • The Stranded Gamer
    The Stranded Gamer 2 months ago

    *muslims get attacked* "omg I'm so sick of Islam and muslims"

    You see some people just won't take the blame...

  • angus young
    angus young 2 months ago

    she's got lovely tits

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 months ago +1

    What the hell is wrong with this world. Why can't we just be at peace? Oh yeah, everyone begs for attention and can't act normal. Terrorist, we get it, you have a craving for attention like a girl craving chocolate on her period. Psychopaths, we get it, you don't think you need help because you can walk on 2 feet and grow hair. Get some help, if you decide to go on a massacre, don't blame it on a disability. The KKK, isis, the bloods and the crypts, the psychopaths, you all are making this world we live in complete shit. Why are you messing it up? We each only have 1 live and 1 world. Live it up don't give it up.

  • Neko Cat
    Neko Cat 2 months ago

    I love how fox does not mention it was a London mosque that got attacked specifically.
    Then again its fox news lol

  • thatguy
    thatguy 2 months ago

    that blonde lady is hot 🔥

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha 2 months ago

    are these previews for the next GTA game.

  • vexor
    vexor 2 months ago

    Can we as humans please unite under a veil of peace instead of one of hate? It saddens and pisses me off seeing so much hate towards a whole group instead of the specific section, blaming innocent people to.

  • jimmy jon
    jimmy jon 2 months ago

    i think london should be called. LONDONISTAN. i would never visit that place. same is Afghanistan or Iraq or any Muslim country

  • Rob Rj
    Rob Rj 2 months ago

    it's called profiling. get with it liberal UK. u gave away London u gave away ur rights to the EU. no way u can keep being weak.

  • mindfreedom1
    mindfreedom1 2 months ago

    to all the bigots and coward vaginas out there that are celebrating innocent people's misfortune... FEAR IS Only from Allah! nobody will ever be able to shake a Muslim's faith! praises to Allah that I'm fortunate enough to be part of the Muslim nation...thank you God! we will definitely meet on the other side...and then the truth will prevail!

  • Wayne Marion
    Wayne Marion 2 months ago

    The mohammedans will soon find out that the better terrorist will win...ask the Krauts and the Japs who that might have been in 1945.

  • Michaela Force
    Michaela Force 2 months ago

    Why is this happening to England?

  • MK Gamer’s lodge yt
    MK Gamer’s lodge yt 2 months ago

    London needs better. Security

  • tony5tark
    tony5tark 2 months ago

    they have discovered GTA

  • Drexxler 1
    Drexxler 1 2 months ago +2

    Well suck it up Muslims it's all part of living in a big city!

  • Matthew Harvey
    Matthew Harvey 2 months ago +5

    Fuck Muslims

  • wayne carswell
    wayne carswell 2 months ago

    False flag by the mayor !

  • Theultimategamer 803
    Theultimategamer 803 2 months ago

    Guys it was simply just a GTA player...

  • Universal Taco
    Universal Taco 2 months ago

    This is why I'm an Athiest

  • J. C.
    J. C. 2 months ago

    Dam. Somebody beat me to it.

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk 2 months ago +2

    I don't see a problem. Didn't the Mayor of London say this stuff is part & parcel of life in the big city. Or is it only okay if a Muslim
    commits violence? #NOTALLBRITISH

  • Brian Butthole
    Brian Butthole 2 months ago +1

    how could this have been prevented? by not letting hordes of Muslim extremists into the country. NO! ok i was just saying dont freak out. NAZI! RACIST! SEXIST! oh boy

  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez 2 months ago

    Send the Americans and Muslims to the moon and make them kill themselves!!!!

  • Hound Dog
    Hound Dog 2 months ago +2

    Hes a freedom fighter taking back his country

  • GODshida _
    GODshida _ 2 months ago

    omg put an end to it

  • Valhalla
    Valhalla 2 months ago

    Just rename that place to Londonistan.

  • Bill Murray
    Bill Murray 2 months ago

    The Mayor just made a statement: London is the most safe city in the World.....nothing to see here move along!

  • dan payne
    dan payne 2 months ago +2

    Revenge is best served at 80mph!!

  • aki44
    aki44 2 months ago

    republicans are so dumb.. this is actually a white terrorist killing muslims. and you fuckers blame muslims and yet have no idea it's muslims who got killed here. #republicansAreSoFuckingStupid

  • anonymous internet coward McQueen

    lol FINALLY someone fighting back and sending a message to these muhammad the child molestor worshipping pieces of shit

  • glock763
    glock763 2 months ago +2


  • BroImLeandre
    BroImLeandre 2 months ago +2

    Why should I care about a few people getting ran over when I live in an entirely different continent. Is this really important?

  • Cory Hansen
    Cory Hansen 2 months ago +1

    Wait till it comes to America and they start using fully loaded 18 wheelers to plow through riot marches!

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