Cat Scares Self With Plastic Bag

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  • dktillie
    dktillie Year ago

    just love "Spastic" Cats

  • Kelly nell
    Kelly nell Year ago

    I didnt get scared. He simply ran off due to being hyper...

  • perdedoronline
    perdedoronline 2 years ago

    Gifs with sound put a song to this.

  • spindext
    spindext 2 years ago +2

    omg i love this silly cat so much

  • Zombie Alice
    Zombie Alice  4 years ago


  • UlalaFL0W
    UlalaFL0W 4 years ago

    Did you record this using your asshole?

  • papagihad
    papagihad 4 years ago

    i see the fear in Boomers eyes a 15 sec in

  • MrENT18
    MrENT18 5 years ago

    hahaha so awesome, but goddamn cats are retarded.

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