3 Senses You Didn’t Know You Had

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  • At some point, you’ve probably learned about the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. However, the classic list doesn't account for all the sensations we experience and use to navigate the world around us!

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  • HauntedShadowsLegacy

    My equilibrioception needs to figure itself out.

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 28 days ago

    I had trouble paying attention when you talked about vertigo, and your shirt got trippy afterwards... I suppose I should get that checked out.

  • MathsOP
    MathsOP Month ago

    Where is fatism?

  • SoMeBoDy18
    SoMeBoDy18 Month ago

    What about *common sense*?

  • Caleb Stroup
    Caleb Stroup Month ago +1

    classic dilemma... pull my hand out of the fire or put on my jacket...? what to do...

  • Draconic Extreme
    Draconic Extreme Month ago

    There are so many people in my life that don't have common sense.

  • Janita van der Kuur
    Janita van der Kuur 2 months ago

    Why do some people for example like 19 degrees Celsius and others 27 degrees Celsius? I would like an answer to this question

  • Bradley Anderson-smith
    Bradley Anderson-smith 3 months ago

    You forgot common sense... oh, wait, never mind. It doesn't exist

  • Gazorpazorp Fucking-Field Bitch

    where has this channel been my whole life. short to the point videos straight science. dope af

  • Josh Gossett
    Josh Gossett 4 months ago

    How about the sense of time passing

  • Mr. Fish the frog
    Mr. Fish the frog 4 months ago

    Dear Scishow,

    I love you.

  • Sophie Robinson
    Sophie Robinson 4 months ago

    in the book "the Man Who Mistook His Wife for His Hat", there is an account of a woman who lost her proprioception. I found it vert interesting.

  • john william
    john william 5 months ago

    muscle memory

  • F. Teixeira
    F. Teixeira 6 months ago

    wowoo this one was really good

  • Robin Tautimer
    Robin Tautimer 6 months ago

    Why don't I get dizzy as often?

  • Samoayling
    Samoayling 6 months ago

    Intro is explained poorly. 5 special senses with 23 other senses. This is university year 2 content for health science subjects.

  • Ash
    Ash 7 months ago

    gosh, I've always wondered this but why can I feel my brain... as in if I move forward I can feel my brain move along, when I swish around I feel like my head is floating and swirling about

  • Alexey Medvedchikov
    Alexey Medvedchikov 8 months ago

    When exposed to temperatures 60-70C I actually feel pleasure, like somebody gently scratching my skin. This is way above 40C when TRPV1 starts to indicate painful heat. I measured temperature I can withstand without getting annoyed -- it's about 75C. My wife constantly complains that tap setting is just crazy and can damage her skin and skin of our sun. How does it can happen?

  • Nae Harris
    Nae Harris 8 months ago

    I can't type without looking at a keyboard. :(

    • Nae Harris
      Nae Harris 8 months ago

      Can on phone, but I can kind of look at it as I'm typing so...

  • Gerald Ellis
    Gerald Ellis 8 months ago

    are there senses around my anus

  • Георгий Ланец

    4:02 worst diction I've ever heard. Could anyone help me to understand what did he say?

  • 5thDragonDreamCaster
    5thDragonDreamCaster 9 months ago

    What causes people to prefer different temperatures? My good temperature range is less than 70F but at least 50F.

  • Kurt Mill
    Kurt Mill 10 months ago

    I've read that the senses Smell/Taste can be collapsed into one, with Sight, Touch and Hearing also well known.
    Obviously, Balance/Vestibular is another one of our sense, and I'd say Orientation/Proprioception/Intuition accounts for knowing your location in space. So that's 6 senses.
    I'd say there's a 7th sense for knowing one's relativity in space, light, gravity and time too. Basically how everything else relates to us or to a common context.

  • Vercusgames
    Vercusgames 10 months ago

    I knew we had more senses. Never considered temperature. At some point they'll need to overhaul biology books, again.

    • Vercusgames
      Vercusgames 10 months ago

      High school was mostly dull. I mean I had no problem averaging straight B's. It's just every now and then the system reared it's ugliness. They should have put more faith in the teachers. Because when it was up to them, things went right.

    • maryann ferrara
      maryann ferrara 10 months ago

      that sounds awful but at least you fought back

    • Vercusgames
      Vercusgames 10 months ago

      NY. It was a rich school, mixed with some poor and middle class. Regents diploma sucked balls. You could get a 80% the whole year for a class, fail the final test; because you didn't study, and be forced to repeat it. This happened to me. I fought it, and was able to retake the test, which I easily passed.

      I still remember the guidance counselor. He was shocked I challenged the system. I kept to myself, never shook the boat. But when someone wants to mess up my world, expect me to fight back. The other time was to play Magic the Gathering. That went pretty well. At least we had a understanding principal.

    • maryann ferrara
      maryann ferrara 10 months ago

      +Vercusgames where do you live???

    • Vercusgames
      Vercusgames 10 months ago

      When I was in school, no. They had countries that no longer existed in history books. I remember the teachers telling us not to read certain chunks. They also stopped teaching us anything math, science past 10th grade. Unless you took extra credit courses, there wasn't much to do in 12th grade.

  • Ben Wright
    Ben Wright 10 months ago

    there are also things like hunger, thirst, direction, itch, pressure and other more complex ones

    • maryann ferrara
      maryann ferrara 10 months ago

      when you say direction, do you mean like north and south? im pretty sure we cant sense that. or do you mean up and down

  • RustyTube
    RustyTube 10 months ago

    Oh, come on! Of course I knew I had them. Judging by the title, I expected you to at least tell me I see dead people, or something I really didn’t know.

  • Nick McEachern
    Nick McEachern 10 months ago

    Love it!

  • P̷s̷ʏ̷ᴄ̷ʜ̷ᴏ̷ᴛ̷ɪ̷ᴄ̷ R̷ᴀ̷ɪ̷ɴ̷ʙ̷ᴏ̷ᴡ̷ᴢ̷

    I don't have a sense of purpose. I'm worthless

  • AstroFocus- Zach
    AstroFocus- Zach 10 months ago

    But still no common sense.... Can't wait until we humans finally realize that.

  • MK Warlock
    MK Warlock 10 months ago

    What about the sense for radiation..

  • aris oreta
    aris oreta 10 months ago

    the brain is just a 1 huge sensor

    • אבהו דלשר
      אבהו דלשר 10 months ago

      it doesn't sense sensory types, it just receives signals and processes the info it has. in fact, you could take the sensory input from your eyes and reroute it to your audio perception and your brain would start to hear your soght. it's strange how it works out. There are function fact checkings, though, which allow for the brain to change function locations. That's not really sensing, though, just logic processing.

    • aris oreta
      aris oreta 10 months ago

      how can the brain sense what type of sense is it receiving if it does now know how to sense

    • אבהו דלשר
      אבהו דלשר 10 months ago

      The brain doesn't sense, the body does. The brain just takes all of the sensory reports and makes sense of them!

  • GregoryTheGr8ster
    GregoryTheGr8ster 10 months ago

    Some people can sense the Force. They can even sense whether the Force is strong in others.

  • Adam SUC420
    Adam SUC420 10 months ago

    Trippy channels

  • jeffiek
    jeffiek 10 months ago

    #4 Nonsense

  • Hunter Crawford
    Hunter Crawford 10 months ago

    I just typed this without looking at a keyboard

  • Patrick Ruddell
    Patrick Ruddell 10 months ago

    All of the senses are touch, think about it. Its all touch!!

  • Dinosaur Emperor
    Dinosaur Emperor 10 months ago +2

    I have a fashion sense. It sucks though.

  • rainynight02
    rainynight02 10 months ago

    we have dozens of senses. one thing I saw years ago said we had at least 15 separate senses.

    since of time is another one I know off the top of my head. (already knew of the three you mentioned)

  • ThisIsRobert 195
    ThisIsRobert 195 10 months ago

    Is there a "subsense" of hearing or a reason why I can hear if a TV is on but has no sound playing?

  • Zoe Hart
    Zoe Hart 10 months ago

    Looking back there are moments when I lose the sense of where my body parts are mainly when I do something like lace my fingers together in some weird way and I end up trying to move one finger and being surprised when a different one moves

  • Alexandra Mallory
    Alexandra Mallory 10 months ago +1

    what is "room temperature"? Is it the same temperature everywhere and all the time? Why is it called "room temperature"?

    • Alexandra Mallory
      Alexandra Mallory 10 months ago

      +David Bhart So then it's 25C? I was just wondering, because the temperature in say, Australia without heating or cooling would be warmer than the temperature without heating or cooling in Antarctica. Thank you for the info!!!

    • David Bhart
      David Bhart 10 months ago

      Obviously the actual temperature of the room your in changes all the time, but it generally just means "without any active heating/cooling", or in a more scientific sense, refers to "standard ambient conditions" which is marked at 25 degrees Celsius (and one atmosphere of pressure) for the purpose of more accurately comparing things that would be affected by these such as rates of chemical reactions.

    • Fidgetelftree
      Fidgetelftree 10 months ago

      Alexandra Mallory I think 'room temperature' is just the temperature most people are comfortable at. Not too hot, but not too cold either.

  • SquareWaveHeaven
    SquareWaveHeaven 10 months ago +1

    I always thought our thermal perception was just a side effect of touch. Being hot our cold is just those molecules vibrating (or slacking on the whole vibration gig) and stimulating our touch sense at a certain frequency. I realise now that's probably wrong or at least inaccurate.

    • Alexi Leclerc
      Alexi Leclerc 10 months ago

      we can't really detect hot or cold but rather heat in the sense of the transfer of thermal energy through our skin in one direction or the other. this causes glass, the stronger conductor, to feel colder than plastic to the touch when they are both at room tempurature.

  • Walter Marlin
    Walter Marlin 10 months ago

    Nitrogen foam puts out all fire types.

  • passthetoiletpaper
    passthetoiletpaper 10 months ago +10

    I knew about those senses, I want my money back.

  • TheHadesShade
    TheHadesShade 10 months ago

    The reason that woman without a cerebellum can move relatively fine is because the acutal movement plan is made in the frontal lobe, then gets check up for the right muscles to be used in the pre central gyrus. Then goes to the cerebellum that does a check up if it is okay or not and adjust where nescesary. Movement is done but while doing it gives that info, propriorcepsis, back to the cortex AND the cerebellum. The cerebellum adjust the movement while performing that movement. See it like a fine tuning machine.
    My neurologist teacher will hit me if I got this wrong xD
    (if he finds out)

  • Tactical Fried Chicken
    Tactical Fried Chicken 10 months ago

    "trpm8 responds to cold" meanwhile i walk around in snow during winter like an aussie at stereosonic

  • :D
    :D 10 months ago +9

    Isn't temperature detection a sub-sense of touch?

    • Darkmonsterccc
      Darkmonsterccc 3 months ago

      isn't taste just a sub-sense of touch though?

    • :D
      :D 10 months ago

      +Lily Worst Aaah, that makes sense; thanks

    • David Bhart
      David Bhart 10 months ago

      How so? Both use very different systems biologically and aren't really related, which is why people with certain nervous disorders may be able to sense touch but not temperature and vice versa. Plus you don't actually detect "temperature" as such, you detect temperature change, so things feel warmer or cooler relative to your own bodies heat, and hence give/take energy at different rates from your cells.

    • Lily Worst
      Lily Worst 10 months ago

      As defined in popular ideology, it would be, but scientists think of touch as sensing pressure, not heat.

    • WiLL CSGO - Highlights
      WiLL CSGO - Highlights 10 months ago


  • TheSmexyAssGuy
    TheSmexyAssGuy 10 months ago

    Wait, so you're telling me thermoseption isn't a thermos within a thermos, within a thermos?

  • Dafug Jyduin
    Dafug Jyduin 10 months ago

    I knew i have all of these...

  • Osama Talal
    Osama Talal 10 months ago

    I just didn't remember anything 😂i will stick with 5 senses

  • Apple and Bramble the Rats

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  • Mihai Ioan Ardelean
    Mihai Ioan Ardelean 10 months ago

    How does a body decompose in a vacuum? Does a body decompose in a vacuum? Bacteria that usually help decomposing bodies are in the air, but in a vacuum with no bacteria what happens?

  • BIIGtony
    BIIGtony 10 months ago +3

    Buzzfeed called, they want their title back.

  • JiveDadson
    JiveDadson 10 months ago +1

    The title is missing the tag, "Number two will blow your mind." Hank, you do not need to bait our clicks. It is beneath you. Like the shirts. The 80's Banana Republic safari shirt was cool. Get more of those. I have four.

  • JiveDadson
    JiveDadson 10 months ago

    The awareness of ones own thoughts is a pretty important sense. Am I wrong?

  • I am Successful
    I am Successful 10 months ago

    how about social senses like empathy, sympathy, sense of humor, intuition, sense of leadership, sense of identity, sense of social connectivity, extra-sensory perception etc. and inner senses like sense of hunger, sense of inner movement and pain or heat, sense of wanting to poop, sense of wanting to pee, sense of consciousness, sense of knowing we exist and be............. i know they are not traditional senses but they make us sense ourselves inside and other people outside in another way around than just seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, having balance, knowing position in space, and responding to heat changes....... hope they'll be somehow included in the set of 8 senses..... we experience all of them, and we use them to navigate our world too, as well us to be aware of our surrounding and our inner bodies. :)

  • Phillip Blake
    Phillip Blake 10 months ago

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  • ioan metcalfe
    ioan metcalfe 10 months ago

    There is currently 21 documented senses.

  • 1 2
    1 2 10 months ago

    Unfortunately, I don't have a sense of urgency

  • Ian McDermot
    Ian McDermot 10 months ago

    Do one on why people sometimes just have the feeling they are being watched.

  • koimaxx
    koimaxx 10 months ago

    This video makes a lot of sense.

  • enticed2zeitgeist
    enticed2zeitgeist 10 months ago

    Now they're gonna reboot the movie The Sixth Sense and we'll have to endure it all over again.

  • Ryan Nolan
    Ryan Nolan 10 months ago

    I say dance, you say darnce.

  • Cody Branch
    Cody Branch 10 months ago

    Thank God for SR Foxley.

  • Ray j
    Ray j 10 months ago

    the first one seams like it could be put under touch, is in we can feel that it is cold and hot, and are body respond accordingly to it, but we feel it first, that is touch.

  • Oliver Nutkins-Middleton
    Oliver Nutkins-Middleton 10 months ago +4

    Nina and the Neurons!
    (why is that the only one I cam remember?!? Godamnit I swear my little sister was watching this show just the other day!!)
    *goes to google*
    ahh there we go. Now I can make my joke.

    Nina and the Neurons!


  • Brent Lewis
    Brent Lewis 10 months ago

    Surprised there wasn't at least a brief listing of some of the other ones. What about the senses hunger, thirst, respiration?

  • chekmaytful
    chekmaytful 10 months ago

    @SciShow can you guys make a video about why/how smoke moves the way it does?
    (I'm an artist and I've been observing smoke for at least 3 years trying to find its pattern but I not able figure out its pattern of movement, is there an equation that describes its movement?)

  • Ben Tarr
    Ben Tarr 10 months ago

    I've never been good at typing without looking at a keyboard.

  • Darth Pinda
    Darth Pinda 10 months ago

    Isn't feeling temperature the same as touch? Just saying...

  • Alex Slobyy
    Alex Slobyy 10 months ago

    There's one that let's you know when someone's looking at you, mine is really good for some reason idk why

  • Cynical Cthulhu
    Cynical Cthulhu 10 months ago

    I think that last one is a little broken for me. I am very clumsy.

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 10 months ago

    cu de macho

  • Kevin
    Kevin 10 months ago

    la dee da

  • Alex Groh
    Alex Groh 10 months ago

    lets all devote to science and become fucking immortal, I don't think we can YET, but if we keep sciencing... our kids could be immortal.

    • Alex Groh
      Alex Groh 10 months ago

      Imeant old age immortality. I agree you will get killed by something eventually. but theoretically in a multiverse a race could advance and reproduce endlessly, and you don't know if the universe is going to end, were not even sure if the big bang was the beginning, it could be cyclic we don't know yet

    • Lord Gains
      Lord Gains 10 months ago

      Impossible nothing is eternal. Even the Universe is going to end at some point.

    • Alex Groh
      Alex Groh 10 months ago

      Fuck, if someone gets immortally cloned ill give all my money to that, its not YOU, but its literally exactly what you would do

  • HeavyRayne
    HeavyRayne 10 months ago +4

    Someone send this to Burnie Burns

  • Verty
    Verty 10 months ago

    The first one is bullshit, that's just sense of touch. The cold air touches your skin, you feel cold.
    Simple as that.

  • gabriel galang
    gabriel galang 10 months ago

    Scientist missed the "Sense of Humor".

  • Sweet Musiic
    Sweet Musiic 10 months ago

    Nice to see one of your videos in the trending list :p

  • yvonne Mulu
    yvonne Mulu 10 months ago

    watch the video get of watch again yep I heard of them

  • The Real PyroManiac
    The Real PyroManiac 10 months ago

    2:48, brain plasticity. The brain can take on the role of other areas if that area is damaged or missing.

  • Binyamin Tsadik
    Binyamin Tsadik 10 months ago

    More senses:
    Hunger/satiation, Exhaustion/alertness, air quality, nausea, bladder, emotions, guilt, moisture, time, social, speed/acceleration... etc.

  • Katey Flowers
    Katey Flowers 10 months ago

    Walk without looking at your feet? Lol nope.

  • Noobo
    Noobo 10 months ago +1


  • ɐɯɹɐʞ ɐıuɐɯ
    ɐɯɹɐʞ ɐıuɐɯ 10 months ago

    سبحان الله

  • Austin Drapen
    Austin Drapen 10 months ago

    I did know that hank. I did know that.

  • moon dog grey
    moon dog grey 10 months ago

    i sense he is a virgin.

  • Radeon R
    Radeon R 10 months ago

    what about feeling emotion?

  • Billy Cameron
    Billy Cameron 10 months ago

    sense rather

  • Billy Cameron
    Billy Cameron 10 months ago

    what about since of time seems a obvious one

  • Two Kings Video
    Two Kings Video 10 months ago

    do you even TRP M8?

  • Remy NeoJaff
    Remy NeoJaff 11 months ago

    I can sense when I need to push things through my anus.

  • Danielle Crouch
    Danielle Crouch 11 months ago

    Isn't the sense of temperature just an extension of your sense of touch? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how those are two separate senses.

  • Caitlyn Ulted JFK
    Caitlyn Ulted JFK 11 months ago

    Aaaaaand subbed

  • sagely Demonologist
    sagely Demonologist 11 months ago

    Knew all of these.

  • Shawn Robert
    Shawn Robert 11 months ago

    I can smell your future I can tell by what I smell there lots of shit going on down your pants at 80

  • cat videos FTW
    cat videos FTW 11 months ago

    What about the sense of Time/Magnetic field?

  • Officialy Li
    Officialy Li 11 months ago +1

    I think some stupid people forget they have a brain.

  • Abraham Kim
    Abraham Kim 11 months ago

    All these 3 senses can be included in the 5 standard senses. Such clickbait. I thought they were gonna talk about the 6th sense or something.

  • Ratty from InsideFPV
    Ratty from InsideFPV 11 months ago

    I have no proprioception and i cant walk without looking at my feet, if i look up it feels like i am drunk and i lose my balance really easily.

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