I like the LG G6 more than the Galaxy S8

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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  4 months ago +1686

    Both awesome phones but I prefer the LG G6. I had to shoot the past few videos at home. Work has some noisy renovations going on. Thanks for the support as always fam!

  • Sids
    Sids 7 hours ago

    Well obviously the G6 is better H3 was on it :^)

  • Hk- 747
    Hk- 747 Day ago

    I like nokia better than these 😙

  • Yuki Mo
    Yuki Mo Day ago

    The curved screen is the only turn off for me for S8. I got the G6.

  • Tod Witzel
    Tod Witzel 2 days ago

    I ended up w/ the G6 instead of the Galaxy for many of the day to day reasons Dave talks about in the video. The game changer for me was value. I found an unlocked G6 for US$500 at the same time I really needed a new phone due to damage on my old device. For me that increased price gap was the thing...and after a bit of customization it runs almost the same as my previous Nexus device.

  • Umesh Parmar
    Umesh Parmar 2 days ago

    Dave what's the guarantee that G6 will not have bootloop issue..?

  • Mazinho Santos
    Mazinho Santos 2 days ago

    i agree with you , not to mention the knock on that other phones dont have it

  • Subrahmanya Eswar
    Subrahmanya Eswar 2 days ago

    I like LG G6 very much. It's awesome looking and features are inspiring me very much....

  • Manu S
    Manu S 4 days ago

    LG G6 is the best phone ever. I love it. I was a samung fan. But now I got the LG G6, I love LG more.

  • Eric Hope
    Eric Hope 4 days ago

    Thank you for calling out the curved screen on the S8! I've always shared your feeling on that: It certainly LOOKS cool, but there's no practical reason for it to be there. It actually DISTORTS content! I've considered the S7 Edge & the S8 many times, but the curved screen always puts me off. I'm happy to hear I'm not the only person who feels this way.

  • Clifton Photographer

    Currently Aug 2017 you can get the G6 for $450 new on eBay.
    Also you didn't mention all the bloatware that Samsung comes with that can't be removed and how slow their phones over time (like iPhones). I prefer a phone that lets me decide what to install on it. Barebones, and I'll pick the programs that are best for me.

  • 774duke
    774duke 4 days ago

    You see through specs and also prefer usability over gimmicks. I subbed.

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys 4 days ago

    S8 is better at everything, same argument iDiots will make soon "this is better for me" 😆

  • Léslie Rodríguez
    Léslie Rodríguez 4 days ago

    You're the only one fool that thinks that

  • Devonian Wrighton
    Devonian Wrighton 4 days ago

    There is a class-action lawsuit targeting two of LG's flagship devices, the G4 and V10. The suit (PDF) complained of a well-known bootloop issue that either bricked the devices or slowed them to a snail's pace—all to the backdrop of warranties or LG failing to fix the problem. After we published the story, many Android fans were wondering why other LG phones that suffered the same issues were not included in the original lawsuit.

    Wait no longer: the Southern California federal lawsuit has been amended to now include the Nexus 5X, and the LG G5 and LG V20. The updated lawsuit covers every high-profile LG phone from 2015 and 2016. Mind you i really liked my V10 in 9 months bootlooped bricked I'll have to wait for another manufacturer to have a quad dac amplified headphone that can hit the road jack i wont buy lg no more even the repair/replace they cant get right extended 2 year warranty i've been there done that.

  • Mounir DJEMA
    Mounir DJEMA 4 days ago

    amazing !

  • Rafi Yagami
    Rafi Yagami 5 days ago

    S8+ for me

  • Seven
    Seven 5 days ago

    I prefer the xz premium

  • Tu Chenz
    Tu Chenz 5 days ago

    Can someone tell me why the same phone have different features in different parts of the world? to me that is some fucking bullshit

  • Marco PLATIN
    Marco PLATIN 7 days ago

    Just bought new G6 for 370€

  • Choosers
    Choosers 7 days ago

    How the hell can wide angle be a gimic? I need to use google panoramic mode to get a usable shot in some situations.

  • Crizzy Ville
    Crizzy Ville 7 days ago

    with LG G6's price drop You certainly made me rethink my decision this phone instead. I'm coming from G3 here that I hate after a long whole due to a lot phone issues, I still love LG.

  • sbnr
    sbnr 8 days ago

    Just got an LG G6 and I love it!

  • Kataroku
    Kataroku 8 days ago

    Thank you for this review - I went out and bought the G6. Incredible device, and I definitely prefer the flat design over the curved glass fad.

  • Daryl Cananua
    Daryl Cananua 9 days ago

    Ur handsome like a G6...................................

  • Yumurtga Yokkaruda
    Yumurtga Yokkaruda 9 days ago

    I liked your home, where are you living?

  • Giantrobotgrunt
    Giantrobotgrunt 10 days ago

    Why tf does that kid have yeezys???

  • Michael Lin
    Michael Lin 10 days ago

    Great review Dave! This is my first time watching your videos and you just got yourself a sub. Anyway, about the curved displays on phones now, I HATE them because I can't put a proper tempered glass screen protector on (I'm using the S7 right now). Yes there are ones for the S8 but at what price? You know if you did your homework. I ordered a LG G6 from Hongkong which has the Quad DAC (comes with headphones I believe) and it has 64gb of onboard storage. It is missing the wireless charging that the NA version has but I don't care about that. This will be my first LG phone so I hope this won't be a disappointment. Keep up the good work, I look forward to your future videos man, cheers!

  • Kalthrix
    Kalthrix 10 days ago

    LG phones are junk and have been for some time now. Their phones are ridiculously under-spec'd. Their batteries have always been terrible and underpowered. You'd be lucky to last a full day on a LG V10 without charging 2-3 times whereas Samsung Note 7 could actually withstand use (because that's why some of us get smartphones) and still have a little charge left at the end of the day. I've had an LG phone before this one, the LG G Vista and it was equally as bad. I though actually getting the flagship phone next to the G series of phones would have yielded better results. Nope. Just as bad as before and as bad as they are more than likely going to stay. I would rather pay more money for a much reliable brand that obviously has more experience and knowledge in the phone market than cheaper, less experienced alternate. Thanks for that Samsung! :)

    Yes, some people could argue the exploding battery issue that came up. I personally went through the battery recall and I think Verizon did a downright horrible job coordinating with Samsung. However, Samsung made it right for everyone involved in the end. Although, if you are still bent on it, think back to the time that it occurred with Apple. All things considered, they are really awesome phones if you are going Android.

    LG should stick to TV's and appliances because it seems to be all they are good at doing. At least those having a LG 55" TV and a microwave have been ridiculously reliable and have performed well. I'm not saying the whole brand is bad if that hasn't been obvious, just that their smartphones suck.

  • Anush Reddy
    Anush Reddy 10 days ago

    Dick head spotted 😂

  • Connor Martian
    Connor Martian 10 days ago

    his boi got some yeezys

  • Patrick Sakr
    Patrick Sakr 10 days ago

    The s8 is a god phone but not the "for everyone" phone

  • Som Rach Prak
    Som Rach Prak 11 days ago

    Yeah I support u Mr. Lee but I prefer one plus 5 more than yours

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 11 days ago

    anyone else notice dave watches h3h3

  • avlix
    avlix 11 days ago

    Papa Bless

  • simone minotti
    simone minotti 12 days ago

    Beautiful baby.

  • Shakey Sharif
    Shakey Sharif 12 days ago

    Brilliant! A Brilliant video Dave.

  • Gianpaolo La Paglia
    Gianpaolo La Paglia 13 days ago

    Great and honest review! Well done!

  • Ryeon Lok
    Ryeon Lok 13 days ago

    I would prefer the fingerprint sensor to be places in front of the phone instead of at the back. because you will need to pick up the phone from the table every time you want to lock your phone

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan 13 days ago

    but what about the bootloop??

  • Riyan Raahim
    Riyan Raahim 14 days ago +1

    This guy is sponsored by LG!!😂😂😂😂S8 is a beast!! Look at it infinity display!!!!!!

    • Edwin San
      Edwin San 13 days ago

      Riyan Raahim lol. D2d is probably one of the most honest tech reviewer. When he say he isn't sponsored, then he is not. He say he likes the G6. He didnt say the screen is better.

  • Samuel Gilmer
    Samuel Gilmer 14 days ago

    What were the wireless headphones?

  • Jaystic
    Jaystic 15 days ago

    I got my s8 plus for 520.

  • Richard
    Richard 16 days ago

    no 25 cent headphones included? How will i survive?

  • Sanjay Doddavarapu
    Sanjay Doddavarapu 16 days ago

    Nice Review.. Very well Explained..

  • John Kildal
    John Kildal 16 days ago

    I just ordered the LG G6 64 GB for only 450 dollars👍🏻

  • Valinor -
    Valinor - 17 days ago

    Thanks for the review. I was doubting the purchase but i love the wide lens. And i found the asian version with high quality dac for just 350 euros so the price is also damn good.

  • Tiger Gray
    Tiger Gray 18 days ago

    USA doesn't have quad dac

  • Tiger Gray
    Tiger Gray 18 days ago

    I got both s8 and G6 factory unlocked 😂

  • Hal
    Hal 18 days ago

    it's pretty sad, because LG finally got it right, it is an amazing phone, like literally the best phone they ever made, but people ignore it, and part of the blame is from LG, because despite being a great phone, it has like 0 advertising, I haven't seen a single LG G6 commercial ANYWHERE, not in the streets, not tv, not internet, so people don't know it.

  • Francis Fernandes
    Francis Fernandes 18 days ago

    completely agree with you regarding the Samsung is not the be all end all phone for me the best phone is the Xperia XZ Premium

  • Mindblower 11
    Mindblower 11 18 days ago

    What a great comparison!

  • JJ Alvarado
    JJ Alvarado 18 days ago

    Thanks! You definitely have helped me with deciding which phone to get.

  • Melle Koolstra
    Melle Koolstra 18 days ago

    I prefer g6 too

  • Joshua Lezarda
    Joshua Lezarda 19 days ago

    Lol. Since the G6 has the older SD821 than the S8's SD835. The LG G6 would definitely aged faster and slower than the S8. Just wait for 2+ years and we'll see. It is actually important to those people who change their phone every 2 to 3 years.

  • knislappen
    knislappen 19 days ago

    Subbed, look at the Amazon 1 star ratings the most cry about the front camera I don't get it.....

  • Ribas14
    Ribas14 19 days ago

    And which personal phone do you have right now?

  • MrAkarock
    MrAkarock 19 days ago

    Watching it on my s8 plus

  • Amirul Akmal
    Amirul Akmal 20 days ago

    three thousand people can't accept a nicely stated opinion.

  • Nam Yar
    Nam Yar 20 days ago

    Best review ive watched. It does not sound and look annoying like the gsm arena's review and the other reviews here in youtube. Very normal. Pretty fair.

  • Stupid India
    Stupid India 20 days ago

    I use a 7 Plus and it's an excellent phone, but if I had to choose between the S8 and the G6 I would go for the G6 in black. Looks friggin' awesome!

  • Dennuiz
    Dennuiz 20 days ago

    H3H3 BOOY

  • MoarPower
    MoarPower 21 day ago

    funny that people use the term "Space age"....which was a time period from the late 50's to mid 60s...If the phone was space age in style it would take up a small house

  • como assim?
    como assim? 22 days ago

    LG G6 or Galaxy s7 edge

  • BlueOmega
    BlueOmega 23 days ago

    Im a samsung fanboy and i prefer the s8 but still the lg phone is still fucking incredible.

  • Christian White
    Christian White 23 days ago

    I definitely prefer the LG G6 over the Samsung Galaxy S8, because it has a built-in FM radio so I don't need to get a standalone pocket FM radio to listen to the radio without using mobile data. Also I like the wide angle lens camera and I think LG are generally more stylish than Samsung. I'm not saying Samsung are not good, I just personally prefer LG. I like other Samsung products, I'm just not a huge fan of Samsung phones. I would even choose the LG G3 over the Samsung Galaxy S8.

  • Khotta Bogard
    Khotta Bogard 23 days ago

    Amen brother, here i am with a galaxy S7 edge wishing no curved displays in my future, i want flat borders and a nice design, my previous phone was a OnePlus X, so u get my idea.

  • Saiba Jinzero
    Saiba Jinzero 24 days ago


  • Tony Ginnetti
    Tony Ginnetti 25 days ago

    Very good review! Appreciate honest reviews and not the jumping-on-the-bandwagon ones most reviewers always seem to do. I have the LG G6 and my son has the S8. As you stated, both are great, flagship phones, but I prefer the LG G6 for what it does for me. My only negative critique would be the lack of the quad-DAC in the U.S. version, but since I don't really use my phone as a music device, it's not that big an issue. Again, great review!

  • Ezio Auditore
    Ezio Auditore 26 days ago

    Dave3d at 2:00.

  • Don Schroeder
    Don Schroeder 26 days ago

    Good review with honest opinion, I don't like the feel of the S8 in hand either and agree with your opinion there. Great compare and contrast features.

  • meatball sub
    meatball sub 26 days ago

    Thats insane my s8 is better

  • Francis June
    Francis June 26 days ago

    The reason why i choose g6 is because of its build quality and its mit amoled.

  • Grobee
    Grobee 26 days ago

    The LG G6 is great but it's software always lags when I touch it.

  • ThePersonInTheCorner
    ThePersonInTheCorner 27 days ago +1

    The S7 Edge is now around $250... Yeah I just don't know if these phones compete from a price to performance perspective.

  • Youssef Saweres
    Youssef Saweres 28 days ago

    You are paid just to say that, everybody knows that the s8 or s8 plus I way better than the g6.

  • Akiva Weil
    Akiva Weil 28 days ago

    what skins are those i cant find them on dbrand

  • shyam kathirvelu
    shyam kathirvelu 28 days ago

    Hi I am using Samsung galaxy s7 edge. One and half years old. I am planning to buy a new one. Would you suggest LG G6 ? My usage is mails,calls, message and watching u tube videos. I don't use Facebook and what's app in my phone. Kindly advice

  • Khang Nguyen
    Khang Nguyen 29 days ago

    Which one would you prefer out of the OnePlus 5 and LG G6?

  • AppleHighLight Suttisirikul

    Ethan and hila

  • Viy
    Viy 29 days ago

    Me too. LG G6 for me👍

  • Haxor inator
    Haxor inator Month ago

    My biggest problem with all Android Flagships is their price. Also no-one markets nearly as well as Apple or Samsung.

    We all know Apple is expensive and Samsung is too, but when inferior phones are priced similarly.. well the Market Share explains it.

    FYI US = ~45% Apple Dominated, ~30% Samsung Dominated with other Android companies trailing FAR behind. LG is third at 10%.

    IMHO, its too late for LG, Moto, and HTC. I wouldn't be surprised if they closed down their development team for new flagship phones.

  • Niroj Thapaliya
    Niroj Thapaliya Month ago

    u like G6 more than s8 bcoz because ur a idiot 😀😀😀

  • Summer
    Summer Month ago

    Here's my biggest issue with G6: NOT AMOLED!

  • Niurkt Official
    Niurkt Official Month ago +1

    the black corners then using app or watching video looking so stupid on both phones... It's like step back in phone market.

  • Manuel Titus
    Manuel Titus Month ago

    i almost got the g6 but ended up getting the s8 and i do love it

  • pandaXcore *
    pandaXcore * Month ago

    Intro music please?

  • Nayeoung Kim
    Nayeoung Kim Month ago

    nice, soothing voice

  • Swift Wayz
    Swift Wayz Month ago

    sound like a hater lol😂😂😂

  • Sunil Prakash
    Sunil Prakash Month ago

    bad publicity stunt bro. bad and cheesy

  • boostercontrol100
    boostercontrol100 Month ago

    Totally agree I had a note 7 turned in for v20. I liked the note but hated the curved edges its annoying as hec I want a flat screen to look at and makes the phone feel slippery. Also love the wide angle camera front and back.

  • golden jelly 24k
    golden jelly 24k Month ago

    You're right

  • onee
    onee Month ago +1

    What I notice about most Samsung fanboys is that they never use any other phone. So, if you have a different opinion, they immediately get triggered.

  • EricHier
    EricHier Month ago

    In Germany you can buy the G6 for under 400€ (~450$)...

  • Alex Vyndyuk
    Alex Vyndyuk Month ago

    It's for $500 rn at T-Mobile

  • Phfalosom (:P)
    Phfalosom (:P) Month ago

    I kinda have to agree with you on this one, Dave. Samsung products are beautiful & elegant ones, no doubt, but in terms of their usability and enjoyment, I much prefer LG smartphones. For me, it all comes down to the software experience and the cameras. My V20 is fantastic, as it's not only a big phone, which I love, but it also carries the dual camera setup and software experience I like. I'm also not sold on curved displays and glass unibody designes. They're pretty, but phones that have them feel way too fragile for my liking.

  • Matheus Perez
    Matheus Perez Month ago

    LG is better than Samsung... Cheaper and more sleek in my opinion. I've already had a galaxy s4, s6, G2 and a G4 and I can say myself that LG seems to have more features.

  • 94JAVS
    94JAVS Month ago

    Hila Clyners in da house!!!!!!

  • Nicholas Cabrera
    Nicholas Cabrera Month ago

    Just wait for it to boot loop.

  • NATZBAC Gaming
    NATZBAC Gaming Month ago

    2:07 YOUR SON HAS YEEZYS!!?!!!!

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