E3 2017 - The Best Games That Were Unveiled

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  • E3 2017 - The Best Games That Were Unveiled // Subscribe: goo.gl/Q2kKrD //
    Check out Dan's epic road trip in our new series The Bolt To E3: goo.gl/RThs1q
    Check out some of the biggest games that were showed off at the Los Angeles Convention Center at E3 2017. From the newest Mario game, to the revival of Beyond Good & Evil 2, come take a look at our picks for the six biggest games to grace us at E3 2017.

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Comments: 609

  • Darkspyro 16
    Darkspyro 16 25 days ago

    Last of us 2?

  • Morgan Robinson
    Morgan Robinson Month ago

    battlefront 2

  • Rebecca Negrete
    Rebecca Negrete Month ago

    Uhhhh... Ori and The Will of The Wisps?!?!

  • Caroline Peletier
    Caroline Peletier Month ago

    Gotta have jetpacks.
    Unless you're COD...

  • General hedgehog
    General hedgehog Month ago

    U forgot battlefront ll

  • TheMetalHero94
    TheMetalHero94 Month ago

    Man, this is such a great year for the gaming community! Sonic Mania, Super Mario Odyssey, Metroid Prime 4, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Crash N.Sanity, Kingdom Hearts 3, the remakes for Metroid II and Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, among many others. This is like going back to the early 2000's! Childhood restored.

  • Jonah Teran
    Jonah Teran Month ago

    you forgot destiny 2

  • sinshenlong
    sinshenlong Month ago

    no dbz? lol

  • Smashed Bird
    Smashed Bird Month ago

    I'm literally excited for none of these games

  • Hulk Sadi
    Hulk Sadi Month ago

    you mised metro n gow n w2 n tew2

  • Fintan McAuliffe
    Fintan McAuliffe Month ago

    Assassins Creed Origins?

  • Samuel Manoucheri
    Samuel Manoucheri Month ago

    I would have thought Metroid Prime 4 and The Evil Within 2 would have been on this list. Oh well...

  • ghostninja010
    ghostninja010 Month ago


  • NateBit8
    NateBit8 Month ago

    where is Ori and the will of wisps

  • The One Eyed Professor

    So your telling me that the Mario trailer was bigger than the Metroid Prime 4 reveal a game that we've been waiting for for over 10 years

    See this is why you guys have become a meme

  • fl00fydragon
    fl00fydragon Month ago

    no metroid prime 4 ,οri and the will of the wisps and wolfenstein new collosus ?

  • Crutch & Wheels Gaming

    Um no mention of Metroid Prime 4??????

  • LionSmiteHD
    LionSmiteHD Month ago

    What is it with games and British monkey's

  • chook 99
    chook 99 Month ago

    Not my type of games

  • VerryLongName
    VerryLongName Month ago

    It was underwhelming besides project Scorpio

  • chris gamer2003
    chris gamer2003 Month ago

    Wtf was that where is cod ww2 god of war Spider-Man

    LINKROXAS Month ago

    No mention of Metroid Samus Returns

  • catgoddness
    catgoddness Month ago

    I'm probably alone on this what about life is strange before the storm

  • a fancy youtube channel

    might get beyond good and evil 2

  • Mark Le
    Mark Le Month ago

    monster hunters the only one i like.

  • finna nut
    finna nut Month ago

    you forgot half life 3

  • Troll Playz
    Troll Playz Month ago

    Metro Exodus

  • Skyylar AJ
    Skyylar AJ Month ago

    Unpopular opinion
    Where is destiny 2

  • DeeDee
    DeeDee Month ago

    they put a fcking remaster instead of AC Origins.

  • akai ghoul
    akai ghoul Month ago

    you forgot Detroit: become human, spider-man and dragon ball fighter z

  • - Turtle -
    - Turtle - Month ago

    You forgot Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

  • mrblue415
    mrblue415 Month ago

    Anthem, yeah right do I feel another ridiculous hype coming up after Bioware's serious failure with Mass Effect Andromeda.. answer yes. Lets not praise this game to the heavens or worse do a pre-order until it is confirmed to be actually a good game.

  • eazy duzit
    eazy duzit Month ago

    Metroid prime 4?

  • Shann Balansag
    Shann Balansag Month ago

    As much how exciting E3 2017 is I still think some of these would turn disappointed tho.

  • Van Oskuro
    Van Oskuro 2 months ago

    Sure, Shadow of the Colossus gets a remake, but does Okami? NOOOO! The hell?

  • DurexDurpaneu2
    DurexDurpaneu2 2 months ago

    don't believe the hype!

  • knut Kragballe
    knut Kragballe 2 months ago

    Ubisoft has been killing it lately

  • AEO Co
    AEO Co 2 months ago

    Yet another remake? Really? When will idiot gamers stop paying more money for the same game with more glitter...

  • willy24able
    willy24able 2 months ago


  • Sonicplys 64
    Sonicplys 64 2 months ago

    Metroid Prime 4 jpeg picture > Every single game shown at E3 this year.

  • fabiano reis
    fabiano reis 2 months ago

    People really fell for the BGE2 CGI trailer again?

  • Priyo Raihan
    Priyo Raihan 2 months ago +1

    WatchMojo, plz, don't try anything other than top ten vids. they just don't work out for you guys.

  • Righteous Shadow
    Righteous Shadow 2 months ago

    Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

  • Atharva Shekatkar
    Atharva Shekatkar 2 months ago

    Spiderman?? god of war?? assassin's creed??? days gone?? evil within 2??

  • Basement Dweller
    Basement Dweller 2 months ago +1

    beyond good & evil is going to be trash just like all ubisoft games , nice graphics though

  • a Washington
    a Washington 2 months ago

    BG&E has been playing with my emotions since 2006, with a cinematic trailer every 6yrs or more...........I'll believe it when I see it

  • TheMuchSwagDoge
    TheMuchSwagDoge 2 months ago


  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy 2 months ago

    Insurgency sandstorm

  • Dashawn Cook
    Dashawn Cook 2 months ago

    no metro Exodus

  • LazzG1
    LazzG1 2 months ago

    A way out? Anyone?

  • sebastian lovenhjelm
    sebastian lovenhjelm 2 months ago

    i remember when "diverse" meant different and unique. nowadays its just a buzzword that publishers use to say"look, we got a black girl in our game!!"

    monkey seems pretty cool though.

  • Britannic hayyomatt
    Britannic hayyomatt 2 months ago

    Did you not English classes when you went to school, unveiled means literally uncovering something physically... You could have just said revealed.

  • Vash UD
    Vash UD 2 months ago

    these american gods ad is really everywhere!!!!!!!!

  • Tiger Eye
    Tiger Eye 2 months ago

    WatchMojo does'nt know about metroid prime 4,unsub

  • SmoothTura
    SmoothTura 2 months ago

    Ori and the will of the wisps won E3 for me :)

  • Chino- Son
    Chino- Son 2 months ago

    you guys forgot Dragon Ball Fighters

  • smally1986
    smally1986 2 months ago

    Top ten YouTube channels running out of ideas - number one: watchmojo

  • Gamer 1401
    Gamer 1401 2 months ago

    Wah saale wah

  • MegaBajojo
    MegaBajojo 2 months ago +1

    This video is titled the best games unveiled not consolez. So why was xbonex in here and not Metroid prime 4????

  • playwithme30
    playwithme30 2 months ago

    the god of war looks awful compared to the first two. and why do people have to shove modern culture and comedy into a game like god of war. its so fucking cringy. that stupid fucker 10 seconds into it ruined it. obviously one line wont destroy a game but i seriously fucking doubt someone in this time would say such a cringy modern line. (i dont know what word to use so im going to use childish.) but its just so "childish" for a god of war game. its somethine you would never expect to hear. well, from a 15 year old yea.

  • Erick Rodríguez
    Erick Rodríguez 2 months ago

    Have somebody reading, the text is too big and it affects the whole video.

  • clueso
    clueso 2 months ago

    Where is "The Last Night"?

  • killafornia hotboi
    killafornia hotboi 2 months ago

    this E3 was so......ehh

  • Levi Strauss
    Levi Strauss 2 months ago

    No metro? NO METRO?!?!

  • Podbiel44
    Podbiel44 2 months ago +1

    ummm .... Metro :D

  • Bush did 9/11 jet fuel can't melt steel beams

    Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks like shit.

  • Alejo Pablo Ruiz Lopez
    Alejo Pablo Ruiz Lopez 2 months ago

    You didn't mention the super popular forza Motorsport 7

  • Sunny Liu
    Sunny Liu 2 months ago

    Forza Motorsport 7.

  • Godzilla 2014
    Godzilla 2014 2 months ago

    You forgot the fame that has anime fans around the world passing their pants! dragon ball fighterz!

  • CeeHoff
    CeeHoff 2 months ago

    Really? No Metroid Prime 4? Everyone went apeshit when it was announced

  • Ozzy almost_Osbourne
    Ozzy almost_Osbourne 2 months ago +1

    U didn't mention Metro exodus, assholes

  • George Bush
    George Bush 2 months ago

    Next year Xbox will destroy all of them with all the games they will show off

  • Kane Aquino
    Kane Aquino 2 months ago +1

    What were the worst games unveiled?

  • The Game Master
    The Game Master 2 months ago

    Ok, so out of Nintendo, no other company showed something that we can play this year?, and you are congratulating them for that?, my congratulations to Nintendo, they know we want to play now, not the next year, also, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a prequel?, and you say that was the best of the event?, 8 years for a prequel with no Jade and you're saying that was the best?!

  • MarrcOhh
    MarrcOhh 2 months ago

    this is why no one likes watchmojo

  • Gabriel Preciado
    Gabriel Preciado 2 months ago

    now that's a video no fucking lame voice to listen to

  • Kraison Frameworks
    Kraison Frameworks 2 months ago


    I'm sorry, but I'm most excited for that. The only thing that would've made me more excited is 'Mother 3', but nah.

    EDIT: It's for PC. I don't have to buy a dang PS4 anymore.

  • DcDillion
    DcDillion 2 months ago

    PS4 won E3

  • DcDillion
    DcDillion 2 months ago

    I thought monster hunter is only for ps4

  • Dragon Star
    Dragon Star 2 months ago


  • Cloroox_Bleach
    Cloroox_Bleach 2 months ago

    God of war...all so cared about.

  • Curious ThePanda
    Curious ThePanda 2 months ago

    was there an announcement on borderlands 3 other than them just saying there working on it?

  • Jayyplays !
    Jayyplays ! 2 months ago +1

    No the evil within 2

  • Gnarwhal
    Gnarwhal 2 months ago +1

    2017 already kicked 2016's ass

  • Andre Uva
    Andre Uva 2 months ago

    in my list Sony and Microsoft tied but Nintendo lost to both of them

  • G0G0 DUCK
    G0G0 DUCK 2 months ago

    i swear bethesda better pull something huge off next year.

  • huzar237
    huzar237 2 months ago

    Im most excited for Anthem, God of War and Spider-Man!

  • Frisk Dreemurr
    Frisk Dreemurr 2 months ago

    Undertale collectors edition for me pls. don't know if anyone else cares but it's will forever be in my ❤

  • Shithead McGee
    Shithead McGee 2 months ago

    Wasn't half life 3 finally announced I saw it in a gameinformer magizine

  • Cris Paul
    Cris Paul 2 months ago

    Uh battlefront 2 cod WW||

  • Dom Fabio
    Dom Fabio 2 months ago

    Never played Beyond Good And Evil, and that stupid retarded monkey really makes me not want to get into the series.

  • thatoneguy
    thatoneguy 2 months ago +1

    thatoneguy who farts in an elevator and blames it on some one else 😒

  • Becca Moyer
    Becca Moyer 2 months ago

    come on, I can't be the only one hyped for Super Lucky's Tale!

  • Luna Del Rio
    Luna Del Rio 2 months ago

    Let It Die?? :3

  • TNM Gaming
    TNM Gaming 2 months ago

    games need to stop copying the borderlands loot system. kinda getting old. Fricking assassin's creed is getting into it, like wtf? why can't there be a new game with a good story, extraordinary multiplayer, and set weapons??????

  • Misael Villeda
    Misael Villeda 2 months ago

    Um Metroid Prime 4 was the biggest surprised announcement at E3...Not Beyond Good and Evil 2...

  • Dalton Mooneyham
    Dalton Mooneyham 2 months ago

    You forgot Star Wars battlefront 2

  • yes sir
    yes sir 2 months ago

    bethesda should've announced a new ip

  • Yoda gamer 117
    Yoda gamer 117 2 months ago

    Battlefront 2!!!

  • MysticRaidz HD
    MysticRaidz HD 2 months ago


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