Alien: Covenant - Movie Review

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  • Jake Arnold
    Jake Arnold 4 hours ago

    I loved this movie

  • Andrei Pestisan
    Andrei Pestisan 5 hours ago

    is this review a joke ? if yes, is not funny ..B?

    Neill Blomkamp & Sigourney Weaver are eager to make a proper movie...Scott has decided that this crap should be release first.

  • Christie Lemir
    Christie Lemir 6 hours ago +1

    Why do you always bitch about the "tone being off"? Alien Covenant was a lot of fun, and was against the kind of male superiority that you, Chris Stuckmann, always seem to support.

  • EsromFF
    EsromFF 7 hours ago

    Did we watch the same movie Chris? AC is a complete mess. Yes it does look good, but that does not matter one bit when the story is so absurd and the characters are so dumb. I was too upset to enjoy the visuals. Sure there were good moments here and there, but this is Ridley Scott so one has to expect a lot more. If you are going to do another Alien movie at least have a killer script and a top cast. This was so disapointing. RC did a George Lucas. So sad.....

  • Level 99
    Level 99 22 hours ago

    this movie kinda reminded me of a typical teen horror slasher movie from the 80s. in a bad way.

  • Lost Cosmic
    Lost Cosmic Day ago

    Movie wasn't really good.
    The crew was stupid.
    The fight with the alien at the end sucked balls.
    I'll give it a c-

  • Tim Davis
    Tim Davis Day ago

    Seems like they got a bunch of spoiled high school students to be astronauts. The girls reaction at the beginning after being sprayed with blood was to lock her uninjured friend in the room. The worst acting I have ever seen.. Felt like one of those Low Budget, Sci-Fi B-Movies. The end picked up a tad but this is an instant forgetter.. Its tragic movies these days are going the way of music.. Like why would they do that

  • RA
    RA 2 days ago

    The crew was so dum, just like in prometheus even though alot of people complained about that. Yet Ridley scott still used stupid crew for this movie also. How on earth could the same director make The martian...

  • Poppy M
    Poppy M 2 days ago

    Did ANYONE realise the captain who burns to death in his cryo pod in the beginning is James Franco??? I had no clue. What an odd waste of talent.

  • Lagnaf87
    Lagnaf87 2 days ago

    It wasn't the best film that he made, but I think at least it wasn't horrible.

  • R M
    R M 2 days ago

    Just got this movie on Blu Ray first time seeing it and my opinion Alien Covenant is a good movie.Its a dame shame what happened to Shaw though.

  • Martin Blank
    Martin Blank 2 days ago

    It was a turd....worse than Prometheus.

  • Jiminy Kricket
    Jiminy Kricket 2 days ago

    This movie sucks. What a cop out.

  • dysonlu
    dysonlu 2 days ago

    He loved the movie because it's "gorgeous" (sure sure) and the acting is top notch (yeah right) without elaborating much, and then goes on to basically point out some of the major flaws. Poor review.

  • pickle
    pickle 2 days ago





  • truesonny jim
    truesonny jim 2 days ago +1

    I expected more...not greedy but there wasnt enough survival fighting against the aliens

  • Damien Delatorre
    Damien Delatorre 2 days ago

    Michael Fassbender was one of the few things I loved in this film! Very, very talented and handsome actor too! He's why I want to become an actor!!

  • Almost Famous
    Almost Famous 2 days ago

    I loved Prometheus!!!! It's was called Prometheus, not alien! That's why I appreciated it much more. It was about how aliens became to be. I wish they would've continued on with the Prometheus

  • soltan alosmi
    soltan alosmi 3 days ago

    The sad thing is ridly was absolutely ahead of his time when it comes to directing a movie i watch the original alien the first time a year ago and I absolutely didn't felt that this was a movie from the 70s at all in every freaking aspect except for some effect here in there, i was in shock because the second one was no doubt had the cheesy 80s feel, but sadly he didn't develop his art of directing movie. But covenant wasn't bad to me but it feels like he isn't the same director

  • sid smith
    sid smith 3 days ago

    most retarded review

  • Human
    Human 3 days ago

    This movie sucked, and I did the fingering

  • Ali A
    Ali A 3 days ago

    Just watched this movie, really fell short of expectations. Prometheus was way better. Too many plot holes ruined it for me. The biggest being Walter could heal his wounds, like that neck puncture from the flute, yet the surviving crew didn't notice David's inability to heal the scar on his face. When they escaped from the temple, the first thing they should've done was confirm if it was David or Walter.

  • s3lfFish
    s3lfFish 4 days ago

    In the name of Science, I will put my face in it!!!

  • s3lfFish
    s3lfFish 4 days ago

    Life is a way a better alien movie than alien covenant

  • Eric Medina
    Eric Medina 4 days ago

    I'll have to disagree with Chris on this one. The movie was visually stunning, and there were two scenes in this movie I cannot get out of my head: spinebuster and when we see the neomorph eating the woman's dead corpse. However, a couple big issues: too much cg. We lost a lot of the puppetry and animatronics. I saw the behind the scenes of this film and Scott used a lot of real costumes, but I'm guessing, like the Thing sequel, the studio wanted to use cg. This took away so much of the intensity of the film. Because some aliens looked so fake, especially that chestburster scene, it ruined so much of the film. The second issue: I felt like this film didn't know what it wanted to be. I felt like it had a theme but later got thrown away. In Prometheus we had this obvious theme of God and creation. In Covenant, there seemed to be a theme of Christ, but that was tossed aside. I say that because we did see a lot of Christ like symbolism in the beginning of the film, but then it was over. The film even tossed out the Last Supper scene that we saw in the trailer. Third: we didn't learn much about the characters except that they were all couples. Danny McBride kept saying "my wife", "I know my wife", "wife". I felt like I was watching The Room when Johnny kept saying "my future wife". I didn't care about one character in this film. In Prometheus, we learn that Elizabeth Shaw was very faithful to her beliefs in God, which was why she never took off her cross necklace. In Covenant, Daniels wears a nail which looks like one that was used to crucify Jesus on the cross. We didn't learn anything about anyone, so when they died, it was disappointing, but I didn't really care because I didn't know the person well enough. Finally: the ending was so predictable. I was hoping to be wrong, but I knew what was coming and that was disappointing as well. So overall, I would give alien covenant a C.

  • Poppy M
    Poppy M 4 days ago

    Not as awful as Prometheus (I'm in the dislike camp there, firmly and sadly). But very tonally imbalanced and mostly unoriginal. The 1st scene is 100% Prometheus and a very poor choice to open the movie with, imho. Then the tone shifts and we get a " meh" rehash of Alien (crew, signal, merry horror ensues). Midway, the movie again shifts tone and finally offers up something interesting. Including a reveal about the later Xenomorphs that I thought was both cool, but also a bit of a demystifying of such an iconic creature at the same time. Then we get a lazy rip-off of the iconic Ripley-Queen fight, and a painfully obvious final twist.The End.

    And again, NO character development whatsoever (except that they're all married to each other, which certainly didn't make for a functional team). And the most idiotic crew ever, again (helmets, people, wear them!). I felt more for Michael Fassbender, both of him, then for any of the crew. And he's not even human! Got to love his performance(s) though. Best part of the movie, albeit the rest of the bland cast did not offer much competition. Can't even recall their names, 1 day after seeing the movie.

    All in all, this prequel looks and feels more in keeping with the franchise (apart from the tech, which is so much more advanced than anything in Alien/Aliens. Big mistake. I'm so sick of blue holograms btw). And it at least has a coherent plot and some answers. But still, mostly unoriginal, full of tired horror cliches and way below what we know Ridley Scott to be capable of. If it wasn't for the stunning cinematography and Fassbender's performance, I'd give it a C. But now: B.

  • ECCvideo78
    ECCvideo78 4 days ago

    I clearly didn't like it... Some good ideas but meh. Can't believe you gave it a B

  • Seneca Arnold
    Seneca Arnold 4 days ago

    B.s movie

  • Half-Life Scientist
    Half-Life Scientist 4 days ago

    So many pretentious teens in the comments acting like film experts

  • Jitesh Bamania
    Jitesh Bamania 4 days ago

    So many troll comments ... I watch this movie and i agree with reviewer has said it..

  • Jeremy Pambrun
    Jeremy Pambrun 4 days ago

    the best part I thought was the alien 's pov shot finally to get them sentience vs a big guy in a suit

  • jabojr jabojr
    jabojr jabojr 5 days ago

    Your an idiot, this movie was made for morons.

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson 5 days ago +1

    This movie sucked ass

  • priestof1
    priestof1 5 days ago

    Prometheus kicked ass, this movie I think would have a great visual effects but just suck all in all and the actor pairing with roles looks bad

  • Isureamned
    Isureamned 5 days ago

    Bollocks! Terrible fucking film. Boring, predictable, unoriginal money making crap. By far the worst 'Alien' film made. Garbage.

    MasterMITSURUGI 5 days ago

    I'd like to see your spoiler review. There's so much hate for this movie but I don't see why. I really enjoyed this movie and strongly agree with your review.

  • Ermelindo Figueroa
    Ermelindo Figueroa 6 days ago

    Ridley Scott is a tremendous visionary director but he should never be given creative control of an Alien film ever again as he has really taken a very negative direction with the franchise.

  • Darko
    Darko 6 days ago

    Hands down worst alien movie ever made so bad it dragged Prometheus down with it shocking movie

  • Tom Visser
    Tom Visser 6 days ago

    That ending twist was so fcking predictable...

  • Jared McKee
    Jared McKee 6 days ago

    Slipping on the blood......twice. That did it for me. That tells me they were really fishing for fillers. Horrible screenwriting.

  • UrkovicGaming
    UrkovicGaming 7 days ago

    Story:garbage..probably the worst movie story and the ending ive ever watched

  • leon0247
    leon0247 7 days ago

    Other than that this guy's a great critic just don't ask him for directions

  • leon0247
    leon0247 7 days ago

    I disagree this movie Alien Covenant was pretty bad there's just two scenes ever worth watching for me and the rest of the movie is a failure two communicate with audience with awful story and a last strike to make some money out of the alien franchise but as movie ranking goes as follows alien one or alien will be known as the greatest Aliens II movie ranked number 2 and i guess the British version of alien on fury 161 Alien 3 would be number 3 and 4thr for is Aliens versus Predator requiem which I really liked very very well directed and written movie and I'm not a big fan of the first one on the freaking ice continent when they go underground and find freaking pyramids and s*** that's kind of stupid but whatever so yeah from Prometheus and alien Covenant probably go on the bottom of the list along with Aliens versus Predator predators which again I feel was the last ditch effort to get money out of the franchise they are awful movie's of those last 3 alien flicks even though they're so bad I will still watch them and do watch them because I am a die-hard alien eating up anything alien related fan ever since the first movie beginning in 1979

  • marcelo78
    marcelo78 7 days ago

    Like it or not, it's brilliant filmmaking, like few are capable to do in a big Hollywood production these days.

  • Short Emotion
    Short Emotion 8 days ago

    Alien: Convenant looks awful.

  • Yoshis Amazing World Of Rollercoasters

    B? For me an f-

  • Osvaldo Gil
    Osvaldo Gil 8 days ago

    Cinematography is really good. The script not so. What do you mean by "tone"? I did not like it as the old 4 films.

  • Anom Amos
    Anom Amos 8 days ago

    The whole movie was one giant stupid plot hole! The biggest one was the ver first mcguffin , if the computer could detect a dangerous situation it would have been programmed to automatically del with that situation appropriately without waiting for a command to do so! Why would a ship have an autopilot and not any collision avoidance program?

  • Pedro Koury
    Pedro Koury 9 days ago

    I agree with a "B". Personally, I thought that the CGI was very distracting, though. I thought it was bad, honestly. Nonetheless, a very intense and captivating movie!

    Also, I found it in myself to respect and welcome the Prometheus lore into my life, even if it brings another layer of complexity to the table

    ROB6ZOMBIE666 9 days ago

    Too damned predictable for me...

  • signalenergie
    signalenergie 9 days ago

    What a boring movie. Too long, nothing original. It looks great, but it is dull.

  • 92680BOYD
    92680BOYD 9 days ago

    Anyone else not notice that the spores infecting you and birthing from any part of your body was a rip off of "Dreamcatcher" King book and film. The aliens in that film used spores to infect people and they would reproduce out of your anus. lol.

  • afro symphony
    afro symphony 9 days ago

    Fucking hated this movie, i loved prometheus because it had really interesting and thought provoking ideas with an even bigger cliffhanger of an ending. in this however, it felt as if ridley couldnt follow up those ideas and questions he asked in prometheus so he just copped out and decided to kill off all the engineers in their planet, which was just fucking annoying! i'd prefered it if we saw a lil bit of the engineers, i mean so after all these years the people who created humans couldnt find out a way to create an antidote to a fucking virus that has plagued them for literally millions of years??? david just walked up from earth with knowledge that is significantly infinitesimal compared to theirs and torched them up, really??? instead of making this crap they could've really explored more on why and how the virus was created plus how it has evolved over the years and maybe they could've had a scientist engineer who is a human sympathizer who also happened to have worked on the virus. She would guide Elizabeth shaw and also explain there world to us and how it works. it could be that not many of them supported the idea of eliminating humans and the human sympathizers managed to stop those who wanted to from doing that which was why they were asleep in prometheus but now on getting there david's knowledge expands from learning about how the engineers created humans therefore it naturally leads to him getting the idea to create his own version of beings.

  • Kevin Ramirez
    Kevin Ramirez 9 days ago

    Love Alien covenant

  • stiimuli
    stiimuli 9 days ago

    Just got done watching this movie 10 minutes ago and I agree with everything you said here except I think the cliches and expected parts annoyed me more than they did you. Also wtf is with this religious theme going on in Prometheus and this one? Luckily it didn't become a major part of the movie.

  • Eriks K
    Eriks K 9 days ago

    When did you become paid bitch?

  • Manuel Romero
    Manuel Romero 10 days ago

    I think this is the first time I disagree with you Chris, this was a entertaining sunday-in-bed movie, but for an Alien movie it was disappointing, one of my biggest complains with Covenant is the same you said for Alien 3 but somehow you didn't mention with this one. (3:57 - 4:20 of the Alien 3 review). Still thanks for the vids =D

  • osamaFXX
    osamaFXX 10 days ago

    I didnt like it.

  • duanecrump crump
    duanecrump crump 10 days ago

    I am a alien fan and am sad to say I was very disappointed with this version.....the alien monsters did not even show up until the end of the movie and it spent more time talking about the other creatures and enzymes that make them. Not to mention it was set in the future of their creation so it blows AVP series out of the water........just a little dull.

  • Leon Kennedy
    Leon Kennedy 10 days ago

    This movie was raw as fuck.

  • n0cturus
    n0cturus 11 days ago

    Фильм на самом деле хуйня

  • EyeAmBatman
    EyeAmBatman 11 days ago

    I watched this after rewatching Prometheus and it's brilliant & adds even more to Prometheus.. without watching Prometheusus it's awful as its not the type of movie that brings you up to scratch using flashbacks etc..There are so many little details I forgot from Prometheus that really played into this movie well. I feel bad for originally negatively comparing it to a rehash or Star Trek.

  • Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen 11 days ago

    More like the second worst Alien movie after Resurrection. Prometheus was way more interesting, should've continued that story line instead.

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews 11 days ago

    Micheal fassbender deserves a some
    Form of nomination for his preformance

  • ben walker
    ben walker 11 days ago

    Yeah felt like they lost the alien feel

  • Kian M.Tamar
    Kian M.Tamar 11 days ago

    It's better to have a good smart story than to have a dumb pretentious piece of **** that looks good.

  • Kian M.Tamar
    Kian M.Tamar 11 days ago

    But the film is so stupid and everyone in this film is so dumb. Have the earth in future no better people to send to colonize other planets?

    So much stupid moment cliches in this film.

  • Cris Oliveira
    Cris Oliveira 12 days ago

    You're too generous. The plot didn't make any sense. They were the dumbest explorers I've ever seen. Everything happened because they didn't use safety suits. If they had put suits on, they could have rolled the credits. Don't they have drones and probes in the future!? No, let's go outside, in this strange planet, with our skins exposed, smoking cigars, leaving cigarette butts and peeing anywhere. Oh, look, weird life forms! Let me rub my face all over it. It's not like anything wrong ever happens in Alien movies when people stick their noses on weird life forms!

    I was expecting answers about the engineers, but what I got possibly destroyed all the perspective of ever having those answers. The viewer can predict almost every death. The action climaxes were beyond silly and cartoony. The religious references this time are there just so we can say they are there and nothing more. And that "perfect life form" talk only makes sense when you have a purpose for that life form. If you're a corporation trying to profit on its survival capabilities for colonization and maybe war, yeah, the xenomorph is perfect. But if you're thinking about abstract perfection, then the resilient ugly bastard is as perfect as a cockroach or an extremophile bacteria. Cockroaches and bacteria will outlive humanity. Why not making a movie about breeding cockroaches as the new rulers of the galaxy?

    And the alien sees from inside the translucent forehead. Great, the mystery is over.

    The movie destroyed the Alien franchise. I'll pretend it never happened.

    PC GAMER 12 days ago

    They found new planet ....they agreed to go visit the planet ...but none of them wearing astronaut helmets before putting foot on total new and unknown planet !!!! ...look at the crew they look like Astronauts ??..Ridley Scott have lost it now...i was big fan of his ..but not anymore.

  • KissingZombie's Channel

    is Ridley paying you for this review? this movie is garbage, at least Ressurection is kind of funny....

  • Aaron Bartlett
    Aaron Bartlett 12 days ago

    yeah that third act... did Ridley even direct that? If you cut out that whole sequence.. shower/airlock and just end it on the goodnight bit... sooo much better.

  • A. Wattsy
    A. Wattsy 12 days ago

    It's weird to me that they would go to a unknown planet with not protective gear on..... I know it was classed as "safe" but they just trust that it is.... come on!

  • Rennie
    Rennie 12 days ago

    There were way too many couples in the crew. Emotional ties like that trump logic when shit hits the fan. And that, in addition to other aggravating negligent actions, is what fucked them over in the end.

  • Anonymous ํ
    Anonymous ํ 14 days ago

    Are you kidding me? the entire movie had an IQ 50 tone.

    Retarded decision after retarded decision. Everyone was so fucking stupid. I would have just shot myself rather than having to live with those morons on a new planet.

  • Constructive Historian

    Why did they add the shower scene? That's for Friday the 13th films!

  • Adam Wilson
    Adam Wilson 14 days ago

    What if all the colonists were actually clones?

  • NaturalBorn K
    NaturalBorn K 14 days ago

    covenant sucked

  • James Smith
    James Smith 14 days ago

    Did he grow up with Alien?

  • gnzh
    gnzh 15 days ago

    this is the worst SF movie i ever saw

  • Raul Sanchez
    Raul Sanchez 15 days ago

    This movie was great! Hope it continues with a third!!

  • Django Django
    Django Django 16 days ago

    ce film est une merde

  • Shadow Seeker
    Shadow Seeker 16 days ago

    the only thing i was thinking while sitting through this movie is" this movie just shitted oll over the prometheus movie and the entire fucking alien franchise. as sequel for a good movie like"prometheus" that supposed to answer a lot of questions about the engineers, and as a prequel for the masterpiece franchise "aliens" that supposed to reveal the origins of the xenomorph race, THIS MOVIE WAS A HUGE BIG FUCKING DISAPPOINTMENT. for a movie with this kinda task on its shoulders it supposed to be one of the most epic movies for this year but unfortunately it wasn't

  • Burghelea .Dennis
    Burghelea .Dennis 16 days ago

    B??????????? This is so bad ...

  • bryan lara
    bryan lara 16 days ago

    I hate how daniel never noticed the big red flag that walter can heal himself and he doesn't need stitches.

  • Malthe V.W.
    Malthe V.W. 16 days ago

    Holy shit you have no idea about quality Chris - this makes your reviews move right into the sewer..
    This Alien movie was nothing more than a hint that Ridley Scott should have retired a long time ago..

  • ashiq zen
    ashiq zen 16 days ago

    I was looking forward for Prometheus 2 and I got an Alien movie .

  • Masaharu Morimoto
    Masaharu Morimoto 16 days ago

    I Just watched it and felt compelled to come and watch your review... I'm torn on the film, so much wrong yet so much right... aghhhhh!!!

  • Rui Nunes
    Rui Nunes 17 days ago

    I wanted more prometheus or Blomkamp alien. Not this david farfetching.

  • Steven Rollings
    Steven Rollings 17 days ago

    as usual Scott proves he is a great director showing off the set pieces but sadly someone let him loose with the plot and he lost it, the aliens are 100% on screen all the time in full light jumping about like an epileptic chipmunk suffering from withdrawal symptoms, for that reason alone there is no tension, no fear, just blood and some thrashing about, the sub plot mentioned in the video is compelling but then they end it abruptly and telegaph the 'twist' to you imediately and the shower scene from the trailer is the most pointless moment of the film, to make matters worse only three of the crew are interesting enough to care about and the film is littered with references to Prometheus and alien which only remind you of how good the origional was and makes you wish you were watching it instead and to anyone wanting to bang the 'its his franchise drum' to defend him remember HE DID NOT WRITE THE FIRST FILM AND HE DID NOT CONCIEVE THE ALIEN, he directed it, his attempts to extend the story using deep religious concepts have zero to do with the origional idea of the first film and are just shoe-horning things in to try to give the film some reason to exist beyond him wanting to revive old films from the glorydays

  • 1231231232972
    1231231232972 17 days ago

    thaNK GOD , NO PROBLEM WITH A STORY, no need to argue with an illogical man

  • T
    T 17 days ago

    Why the fuck would you kill off Shaw? She's one of the few good bits of Prometheus. It's like Alien 3 all over again.

  • ShootEvrythg
    ShootEvrythg 17 days ago

    Alien: Resurrection > Prometheus

  • ManlyMan TheMan
    ManlyMan TheMan 17 days ago

    this movie was horrible. why?
    terrible rehashed plot/story, boring characters who's deaths had zero impact on me, the worst most unforgivable part is how predictable the story progression was. I saw that shitty ending coming 5 light years away and when it happened I was still pissed. this movie gets a D! right up the A! cuz that's how I felt after sitting through this mess

  • Darkhyron
    Darkhyron 18 days ago

    It's a shame that you do not recognize that the movie is a disaster especially in the script, it's really sad that alien has become such a garbage, and your fanaticism towards this saga does not let you criticize as you have done with other films there To be objective

  • Piggy Oink Oink
    Piggy Oink Oink 18 days ago

    _Covenant_ brought up way more questions than it answered. Honestly at this point I wouldn't be surprised if this continuation just straight-up retcons _Alien_ and _Aliens_ out of existence. And David producing an alien egg just seems to completely disregard the Xenomorph Queen as canon smh

  • Guilherme Huyer
    Guilherme Huyer 18 days ago

    How could you like this movie so much, Chris... It's so disappointing D:

  • D90Girl
    D90Girl 19 days ago

    I was unimpressed with the trailer ....i also didn't see Elisabeth Shaw in the trailer !? is this worth watching !?

  • Kevin Knight
    Kevin Knight 19 days ago

    Can you kiss ass anymore?

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 19 days ago

    Chris you should review this film again. I really liked Prometheus, I can even make an argument for Alien 3. I own both films. Alien: Covenant was one horror cliché after another. This was awful. It was amateur filmmaking. A total embarrassment to Ridley Scott's film portfolio.

  • Crunk Playa69
    Crunk Playa69 19 days ago +1

    This movie was garbage. LMAO. A complete insult to both average intelligence and the Aliens franchise. I guarantee that if there were no crystal clear visuals and million dollar special effects that nobody would be saying how great this garbage movie is.

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