The Cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Plays 'Guess the Guardian'

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  • Chris Pratt, Kurt Russell, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista and Michael Rooker may work together every day on set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but we wanted to see how well they really knew each other. So we put their friendship to the test in a new game show called 'Guess the Guardian.'

    Guillermo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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    The Cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Plays 'Guess the Guardian'
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  • Javier Herrera
    Javier Herrera 10 hours ago

    Publicado el 18 abr. 2017
    Chris Pratt, Kurt Russell, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista and Michael Rooker may work together every day on set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but we wanted to see how well they really knew each other. So we put their friendship to the test in a new game show called 'Guess the Guardian.'

  • Sage Prior
    Sage Prior 15 hours ago

    Frau NOVAK! Any Supernatural fans here?

  • Emily Rollins
    Emily Rollins 17 hours ago

    Wait what, is that BATISTA!?!?

  • Michael Boland
    Michael Boland 1 day ago

    I'm surprised he didn't Batista Bomb everyone when he lost...

  • Gemaera
    Gemaera 1 day ago

    I didn't know Zoe is left-handed.

  • Gumdrop Gaming
    Gumdrop Gaming 2 days ago

    did anyone else realize that they said was this in high school and Zoe was like like... ya I was 12? UR NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL WHEN UR 12! UR IN MIDDLE SCHOOL 100%%

  • Adler Post HC
    Adler Post HC 2 days ago

    Zoe is the cutest thing ever

  • Garth Palmer
    Garth Palmer 2 days ago

    "everyone in the audience gets a ticket to see GotG2.....AND A BAG OF ICE!!!!"

  • Igor Gamzukoff
    Igor Gamzukoff 2 days ago +1

    cool end funny game

  • Benni OT Tiger
    Benni OT Tiger 2 days ago

    Chris Bratt I'm German and I must say: Frau Nowak did a very good job on you!
    Wirklich gut :-P

  • Volt
    Volt 4 days ago

    Darn it I was here to see if they would guess rocket

  • urmom called
    urmom called 4 days ago

    top movie loved it

  • Jette Kmnrz
    Jette Kmnrz 4 days ago +1

    THE THING IS Chris Pratt's german ( I'm german ) is ACTUALLY good! Well done.... !!!!!

  • MilkToast
    MilkToast 5 days ago

    Rooker's voice is the best in the world.

  • MilkToast
    MilkToast 5 days ago

    Idk why but the Berlin Wall one I instantly knew the answer... it seems like something he would do.

  • Katie Berardi
    Katie Berardi 5 days ago +1

    Literally thought he was going to say everyone in the audience gets a bag of ice too😂

  • Emily Novak
    Emily Novak 6 days ago

    My last names novak and i pronounce the a in it way differently like 'VACK' instead of 'VOCK' weird lmao

  • Andrew Baag
    Andrew Baag 6 days ago

    Where is rocket?

  • Ladder Lady
    Ladder Lady 7 days ago

    Lol Chris MAH BOI

  • Lord of Pyronickels
    Lord of Pyronickels 7 days ago

    Ha! I got all the trivia questions right entirely by guessing!

  • GracieEvilPanda
    GracieEvilPanda 7 days ago

    I guessed all of these right except for the very last question. Lol

  • jazzy j cool
    jazzy j cool 9 days ago

    can bautista come back to wwe we need him he was the best

  • ank 8305
    ank 8305 10 days ago

    Batista from wwe/wwf??!!

  • TheReck
    TheReck 10 days ago

    can't believe Batista is now in guardians

  • rat
    rat 11 days ago +1

    Marilyn Manson collects lunch boxes 😂😂

  • NananaMan
    NananaMan 11 days ago

    that's cold

  • Flying Potato
    Flying Potato 13 days ago

    Poor Dave didn't get the credit he deserved

  • Christian Bebee
    Christian Bebee 13 days ago

    Zoe is gorgeous.

  • Norma Reyes
    Norma Reyes 13 days ago

    wheres groot???

  • ConnorHazzy201
    ConnorHazzy201 15 days ago

    Aww I feel bad for Micheal and Kurt because Chris Dave and Zoe spend way more timeTogether

    xXFORZAXx 17 days ago

    I loved the 2nd movie and the first

  • Ale A
    Ale A 19 days ago

    Well if Frau Novak kept it now she can say Chris Pratt gave her a peace of side walk lol

  • Jessica Cortez
    Jessica Cortez 20 days ago

    Does Kimmel not like Batista? He didn't include him in the body paint question and then acted like he didn't tie in this game???!

  • Vicky W.
    Vicky W. 20 days ago +1

    "CHRISTOPH WARUM BIST DU SO SPÄT?!" Haha his German is really good!

  • Kiaria Luna
    Kiaria Luna 22 days ago

    I love how when Chris was apologizing to his German teacher, Michael was saying bad

  • Kiaria Luna
    Kiaria Luna 22 days ago

    I wonder why Bradley Cooper wasn't there too

  • SuperTreyTable
    SuperTreyTable 22 days ago

    12 in higshchool?

  • Ismael Ribeiro
    Ismael Ribeiro 22 days ago

    where's rocket?

  • Driven Legacy
    Driven Legacy 23 days ago

    That's a nice prize

  • Invisibilly
    Invisibilly 23 days ago

    no Karen Gillan not good enough

  • Paula Castillo
    Paula Castillo 25 days ago

    why the price is a bag of ice?
    It's that like a "Inside Joke" or something?

  • Official Leotique.
    Official Leotique. 25 days ago

    Dave has the same amount of ice...he's the winner too

  • Official Leotique.
    Official Leotique. 25 days ago

    Damn his German is good !!!

  • TheTheBest
    TheTheBest 25 days ago

    Jimmy: "This was in high school?"
    Zoe: " Uh Yes, I was 12...."

  • Ibux
    Ibux 25 days ago

    I just paused it before the final answer and I'm gonna guess 12.

  • Quball87
    Quball87 25 days ago

    Bradley Cooper is not allowed to go since it would be too awkward with Zoe Saldana :P

  • Keller Gilliland
    Keller Gilliland 26 days ago

    Who's roocker

  • andrew guizlo
    andrew guizlo 26 days ago

    Where's Bradley Cooper?? Or even Vin Diesel?

  • Sorrelpelt The Matthite
    Sorrelpelt The Matthite 27 days ago +2

    All the crazy ones: Rooker! (At least that was the cast's thinking)

  • Lee Jansen
    Lee Jansen 27 days ago

    Rucker look the same when he was in days of thunder with tom cruise

  • Mister Who
    Mister Who 27 days ago +4

    Dave Batista is also a winner he has the same amount of ice

  • Yana Rachkova
    Yana Rachkova 29 days ago +4

    But Dave had 2 bags of ice too like Zoe 😕

  • SSJ Mitchell
    SSJ Mitchell 29 days ago

    This had a nation wide ad

  • Lady Loki5
    Lady Loki5 29 days ago +2


  • Rocky28447
    Rocky28447 29 days ago

    I also got all of the questions correctly except for the stink bomb one.

    I am an excellent judge of character.

  • Team Ender
    Team Ender 1 month ago

    What episode was this?

  • Anthony Bartholomew
    Anthony Bartholomew 1 month ago +1

    Dave had the same amount of ice

  • luis alfago merchan
    luis alfago merchan 1 month ago

    Hey guys watcccch Guaaaardians of the Galaxy Vool. 2 onlineee hereee =>

  • Miguel Casper
    Miguel Casper 1 month ago +1

    Dave would've won also, they skipped him a bag of ice by accident in the beginning

  • Jazmyn Ovaille
    Jazmyn Ovaille 1 month ago +3

    " I was that stupid." - Kurt😂

  • Antonio Lorenzo
    Antonio Lorenzo 1 month ago

    When Zoe sniffed after the stink bomb fact (2:30) was said, I was like "nooo way, she did it?" Then they revealed the fact was on her lmaooo, she's a savage

  • Roving Punster
    Roving Punster 1 month ago

    Feh. I coulda topped every one of those stories, including the brick incident. Boring !

    In middle school back in the late 1970's (I think it was the same year Star Wars came out) I kidnapped my science teachers goldfish, flew it in a model rocket with a clear plastic payload tube holding water, and landed it by parachute in the middle of a sunday football scrimmage (down with jocks ... NERDS RULE !) ... recovered my rocket and the fish, and returned it to the science classroom acquarium tank.


  • Nik L
    Nik L 1 month ago

    Pratts German is amazing

  • Simon'sHereForYa
    Simon'sHereForYa 1 month ago

    This is so stupid to watch for fans... Ego actor Kurt and Yondu actor are not guardians

  • Ireneus Yanuar
    Ireneus Yanuar 1 month ago

    Reaally best movieеe. I fooound it hereeee =>

  • Anna F
    Anna F 1 month ago

    Chris Pratts German is pretty good!

  • JoAnn Taylor
    JoAnn Taylor 1 month ago

    Zoe lools like Jada Pinket Smith

  • Rinaldo Mareto
    Rinaldo Mareto 1 month ago

    MМy gf reeally loоooves this film. We found full movie hеrе =>

  • Holly Davis
    Holly Davis 1 month ago

    "I won a bag of ice!!!!!!... wait why am I excited? " that was great

  • Edit Name
    Edit Name 1 month ago

    She was in high school at the age of 12

  • Koda
    Koda 1 month ago

    Came here to see Zoe not green.

  • Frosty Fingers
    Frosty Fingers 1 month ago +1

    I didn't know Chris could speak German. That's so funny!

  • Jacob PL
    Jacob PL 1 month ago

    Wait, the shortcut of "Guardians of the Galaxy" is "GotG" not "GtG"...

  • SkyrimPrincess
    SkyrimPrincess 1 month ago

    I love how everyone is suspecting Rooker for anything bad-ish XD

  • Mate Šutalo
    Mate Šutalo 1 month ago


  • grimreaper 935
    grimreaper 935 1 month ago

    ТТhis mоvie is nоw ааааvaailаbleеe tо watсh hеrе =>

  • Samuel Hur
    Samuel Hur 1 month ago

    o lord... Zoe is beautiful...drool

  • Jaqueline Jahn
    Jaqueline Jahn 1 month ago

    Chris Pratt is the man. I'm German and his German is really good.

  • Jenny_from_the_cock_block

    I see Batista is doing well for himself

  • PBM
    PBM 1 month ago +1

    Can't you disable the subtitles

  • Gummi Bear bear
    Gummi Bear bear 1 month ago


  • Janine Berryhill
    Janine Berryhill 1 month ago

    Never heard such a large man collect lunch boxes

  • Rovetown Corp.
    Rovetown Corp. 1 month ago

    Chris Pratt is the German boy

  • FreshGirl 3000
    FreshGirl 3000 1 month ago +1

    Na wer ist Deutsch und hat sich auch so über Chris' süße Entschuldigung😉😄

  • Jeremy Fuellas
    Jeremy Fuellas 1 month ago

    5:55 notch

  • melvin matos
    melvin matos 1 month ago

    12 at high school hmmmm

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown 1 month ago

    What about Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel

  • ShelmaTGG
    ShelmaTGG 1 month ago +1

    Zoe Writes on Her left hand

  • William Louis
    William Louis 1 month ago


  • Jacques
    Jacques 1 month ago

    Er kann ein bischen Deutsch

  • Askandier
    Askandier 1 month ago

    I am from Germany and Chris's German is amazing

  • tumbleweed 4
    tumbleweed 4 1 month ago

    Kinda sad that youndu died in the movie

    LLCAPTAIN M 1 month ago

    They should track down Chris is teacher that would be hella funny

  • MacKenzie Edwards
    MacKenzie Edwards 1 month ago

    Guillermo didn't pass the bags of ice out right. He skipped everyone but Zoe one round

  • Yetizombie 2
    Yetizombie 2 1 month ago +6


  • DangTristen 10Neufville

    Guillermo trying to give Zoe the ice 😂

  • Karla Torres
    Karla Torres 1 month ago

    Chris German pronunciation is the same as mine lmao

  • DarkSkyT3 0
    DarkSkyT3 0 1 month ago


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