Bill Maher: This is why Trump will win again in 2020

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  • Speaking on Real Time with Bill Maher, the host explains why President Donald Trump's chances of being re-elected in 2020 are much higher than they were for being elected the first time in 2016
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  • Jeff C. Bedia
    Jeff C. Bedia 44 minutes ago


  • Janet Lynch
    Janet Lynch 46 minutes ago

    Republicans have never been for the working people or the poor. They are for Big Business and the rich. They have always been the Robber Barons. Yet, so many people vote against themselves by voting for Republicans. Don't expect anything from the republicans in the way of health care, or anything else, unless you are A Big Business, or are very wealthy...except maybe "Trickle Down Economics," which has never worked. They simply are not for the average guy, and that a fact. Conservative simply means less government, while Liberal means more Government, yet somehow the term Conservative (government) has become intertwined with being Religious, and keeping things traditional, WTHeck?

  • Dank Frank
    Dank Frank 1 hour ago

    Its not a tax break for the rich you stupid fuck. I'm about to have a kid. Catastrophic Health Insurance for my child, my wife and I will cost 730 dollars a month. Obamacare MADE IT THAT EXPENSIVE. I'm not a fucking father to millions of people. I'm a college student with a part time job. Get it through your thick fucking skull that its too expensive for even the lower middle class like myself.

  • Henk Henkson
    Henk Henkson 1 hour ago

    Leftists will disqualify themselves via their own retardation anyway.

  • scott carter
    scott carter 4 hours ago +1

    TRUMP 2020

  • Cathal O' Riordan
    Cathal O' Riordan 5 hours ago

    We don't make food a "right", we don't make water a "right"....and those products are cheap and plentiful.

  • robbietownfantastic
    robbietownfantastic 6 hours ago +1

    Hilary did NOT win the popular vote.  over 3 million illegals voted for her.

  • im not childish
    im not childish 8 hours ago

    Lobbyist are the problem. Everybody wants their pockets lined instead of doing the right thing. The media is as stupid as our government and they must be controlled by lobbyist as well, because there is no news about the negative effect lobbyist have on government decisions. Get lobbyist out of our country, just like illegal aliens!

  • R S
    R S 8 hours ago +1

    I'm not a big Trump fan but I vote for him anyday over current democrats. As a straight white male, I'd have to be an absolute cuck to vote democrat. Thanks identity politics

  • EnnoiaBlog
    EnnoiaBlog 9 hours ago

    Michael Steele needs to re-read his Constitution, and focus in on the spot where it mentions the 'general welfare'. Actually, I am sure he knows it is there but somehow disagrees that healthcare has anything to do with the 'general welfare' of the citizenry. And that's where he's exactly wrong. He might further ponder why it is so important to overspend on the military to protect the citizens from all enemies foreign and domestic....except the microscopic ones, or the diseases, etc..

  • hail hydra
    hail hydra 9 hours ago +1

    trump for the win

  • JimmyTheRustled
    JimmyTheRustled 9 hours ago

    Listen faggots in the DNC. Stay away from guns. If anything help push loosening gun laws. You want to win? Stay. The. Fuck. Away. From. Guns.

  • rockit730
    rockit730 10 hours ago

    I get so sick of this "Hillary won the popular vote" chickenshit. Check the numbers. Hillary's "popular" vote margin comes from one state, and one state only. Califuckingfornia! A state that is so democrat that in their US Senate election, they had two democrats running against each other. Take California out of the equation and Donald Trump clearly wins the popular vote.

  • 30 kills
    30 kills 10 hours ago

    Someone tell that monkey that hillary DID NOT WIN THE POPULAR VOTE

  • Brian Kimball
    Brian Kimball 11 hours ago

    Up is down, left is right...

  • Jesse York
    Jesse York 11 hours ago

    The real question: who can beat him? Current 2020 democrat candidate wishlist: Joe Biden (old and boring), Jerry Brown (old and incompetent), Lincoln Chafee (zero name recognition), Stephen Colbert (a joke), Mark Cuban (a less impressive democrat version of Trump), John Hickenlooper (zero name recognition), Eric Holder (tainted record), Dwayne Johnson aka 'the Rock' (because dems want to correct the 'America's a joke' image).

  • ventolin63
    ventolin63 12 hours ago

    This is a COMEDY show, right? No wonder it's on HBO, I laughed about as much as I did when I saw Game Of Thrones - Red Wedding!
    What the fuck is wrong with those comedian losers anyway - they all went political and lost their bread and butter? I'm cancelling cable, those idiots are below mediocre those nowadays, and it doesn't look like they'll improve anytime soon.

  • swagmandoo
    swagmandoo 13 hours ago


  • Reddie
    Reddie 13 hours ago

    It's Morning Again in America
    Trump 2020

  • doctorxring
    doctorxring 14 hours ago

    He will win because YOU GUYS ARE LOSERS !

  • tropicAces
    tropicAces 15 hours ago

    1k butthurt liberals who still have accepted why Hillary lost

  • greg j
    greg j 16 hours ago

    Political insiders can BS all they want but Maher hinted at one of the major reasons for the Trump upset.  The Major News Media and Hollywood were huge factors in his victory.  They laughed, joked, and ran the guy down at every opportunity and in doing so only solidified in people's minds who and what they really were "a bunch of Liberal Elites."  To the common American of today, these types are the new "don't trust over 30 crowd."  What's more is that people by and large are sick of elites and their lifestyles.  They don't identify with them.  Things such as divorce mean little to elites but out in the real world this ever growing menace is destroying families.  Now the Media is doing the same thing "bashing Trump" only its worse and I can tell you "judging from what I see on the facebooks, snapfish, you tube and other vehicles, its backfiring again."  Trump is gaining support and he is doing it quietly.  Look at what has happened to CNN!  Young people are closing ranks behind Trump!  That Network is under siege right now.  The Media and Hollywood need to back the fuck off and allow Trump to fail on his own.  Until then, stop trying to brainwash people.  Americans are fiercely independent people and don't like being told how to think.  They'll push back if they feel someone is trying to skull fuck them.

  • TheGr8stManEvr
    TheGr8stManEvr 16 hours ago

    Most importantly of all, we have sell outs like Bill Maher who stop real progress from being made in the Democratic party.

  • Perry Davidson
    Perry Davidson 17 hours ago

    "and he has Russian hacking with him".. really? Where's the proof?

  • Jay Beef
    Jay Beef 17 hours ago

    Trump won b/c enough people got sick and tired of hearing this PC bullshit. It was the ultimate act of trolling/revenge. Once the curtain is closed in the voting booth, you can't be called a racist/bigot/homophobe.

  • blacks are animals
    blacks are animals 18 hours ago

    Bill ur a faggot loser

  • Glen Wilson
    Glen Wilson 19 hours ago

    The left wing's refusal to let up on the loco Russia collusion hysteria is definitely the biggest reason Trump will win again in 2020. God bless them.

  • Drew rollason
    Drew rollason 20 hours ago

    so out of touch, it's unbelievable. 2018 mid terms and 2020 keep looking better every single day.

  • Stanley Smith
    Stanley Smith 21 hour ago

    Keep this type of reporting going. Focus on Donald, and forget about fixing the problems with the Democrat party. It will ensure a win in 2020

  • glen odell
    glen odell 22 hours ago

    TRUMP IS A CLOWN?!?!? U FCKING Little Bitch Maher, IT'S Pretty funny seeing a FCKING PEDO GOOF LIKE U,Talking Chit about TRUMP U SICK FCK MAHER. I can't wait until someone knocks your fcking teeth down your throat BigBoy. ALSO FUNNY the only way a Goofy little Peckerhead like U gets PUSSY,IS IF U PAY FOR IT U FCKWAD. IM gonna get a good laugh seeing a Goofy WhiteBoy like U missing ur teeth, EASIER FOR U TO SUCK BIG BLACK DICK, RIGHT MAHER U PASTY FCKING PUNK!

  • Reboot
    Reboot 22 hours ago

    If Trump already has this much going for him according to these idiots, think about how much he will have going for him when the majority of the illegals are gone, and as a result crime is down (MS-13 is a big problem where I live), jobs for Americans are up (unemployment down), and that wall is built. Think of how much he will have going for him when Hillary and Obama and the evil corrupt Dems get the justice they deserve, thereby proving to the people that no one is above the law. Think about how much he will have going for him when there is a real healthcare system in place that isn't raping people with their lack of choice, crippling premiums and ungodly deductibles. Think of how the military and veterans are already being treated with the respect they deserve, of the PC culture being brought down a notch, of the exposure of the lying MSM, of energy independence driving gas prices down even further, of regulations being slashed (already at a 16 to 1 rate) so that businesses can actually function, of the fake man made climate change debate being further exposed for what it really is - a money grab, of inner cities being fixed so that they aren't hell holes, of ISIS being defeated once and for all, etc, etc, etc. I could go on with everything he is TRYING to get accomplished but is being blocked by Dems and pushed back by the evil ratings driven money obsessed MSM. If he can get even some of these things accomplished despite the pushback, he will win in 2020 by one of the largest margins in US history, especially if the illegals can't vote anymore, the voter fraud is stopped (voter ID's please!! we need ID to do most anything nowadays, why is it so hard to need this to decide who will be running our govt?), and the Dems keep destroying themselves so that no clear cut candidate can be found.

  • dont ask
    dont ask 22 hours ago

    I love watching these washed up arrogant schmucks trying to analyze why Trump has supporters, its because the real America is not made up of hipster liberals who get "triggered" or demand gender neutral bathrooms, hate guns, want to be overflowed with illegal immigrants and thus lose the majority vote and have our culture replaced with a mix of incompatible cultures, nor do we want the general hippieness that liberals tend to want. The real America just wants to be left alone and feel safe, not live in a pc world where one joke can get your fired from your job, etc. Unfortunately, these rich celebrities will never understand...

  • rctube1958
    rctube1958 22 hours ago

    The whining is a symphony to my ears.

  • Mike Bakhsheshi
    Mike Bakhsheshi 23 hours ago

    200,000 deaths isn't this worse then any other terrorist attack? Guess not if this is is happening from within the country. What is the new unfamiliar definition of a terrorist?

  • ReviewTrumpUSA MAGA
    ReviewTrumpUSA MAGA 23 hours ago

    These are what I like to refer to as coffee house liberals. They are the group wearing the academic starter pack clothes, your flannel sweater with a button down under it with turtle shell rim glasses using widely unknown references like the Soviet newspaper "Pravda". They think that because they have read many books and hold degrees that they are the aristocracy, they keep up with legislation and they hold jobs in academia. They fancy themselves the educated bulwark against tyrannical oppression brought on by the ignorance of the unwashed workaday man. I myself have degrees, and I have been around these types for years while I was attaining them. The secret is, these types have never had to work for anything, they are middle or upper class and have been their whole lives. They think that Karl Marx had merit, that socialism is the baseline for a civilized society and that national pride is a sign of ignorance. They are as foolish as the western Europeans who equate patriotism with Nazism because that is an easy assumption to make and requires the easy ignorance to the fact that the third Reich lasted 12 and a half years and patriotism has existed for thousands of years back to the very first Mesopotamian civilizations. These are fools in the robes of the educated. Their minds are gilded so to speak, the outward appearance of education is there but underneath is foolishness and childlike ignorance to reality.

  • Molasar
    Molasar 23 hours ago

    Stay clueless, stay mad and keep your heads far up your own asses so Trump can win by a landslide in 2020. The Democratic message these days is "Trump is an asshole, Trump is a Russian pawn and we hate Trump! Vote Democrat in 2020."

  • jackhandy00
    jackhandy00 1 day ago

    These clowns literally think Republicans want to take from the poor?? How do you get blood from a stone again? Republicans want the government decrease how often they reach into a person's pocket against their will (mugging). I DON'T NEED A NANNY, and don't want to pay for someone else's.

  • Mobey Dick
    Mobey Dick 1 day ago

    Bill is forgetting that without the Electoral votes from the land of fruits and nuts/California a democrat would NEVER be elected President, EVER!

  • Sylvia Catalano
    Sylvia Catalano 1 day ago +2

    Obama's liberal policies have led to massive middle east refugee flooding ALL over the world. MASSES of them! It has literally changed the face of Europe forever. You can't go anywhere...on any street...and not see middle eastern women in hijabs. Try taking a vacation picture of you and your family by the Eiffel Tower (or a any street in Paris, Germany, Sweden, etc..) and you will think you're in a middle eastern city.
    America's big cities are starting to look like that. Do a search on YouTube: Dearborn, Michigan (So sad...and scary.)

  • humanyoda
    humanyoda 1 day ago

    It is these people who are clowns.

  • Nick C
    Nick C 1 day ago

    hahahah "he has the kgb" THIS is why Trump will win again, people are tired of phony bullshit

  • qwert2017 email
    qwert2017 email 1 day ago

    liberals are so fucking mentally insane! Since when is heath care a right? how come some smoke drink and do drugs and they have the right to free health care just as someone responsible who eats right and exercises and doesn't smoke or fucking drink or does drugs ? You really must be insane to believe that the insurance company will charge the same ...OBVIOUSLY the fucking IRRESPONSIBLE person costs more! BUT NO! Liberals thinks is a right! so they can smoke dope all day and ride the rights gravy while all the rest of us work our ass off! FUCK THAT! It's not a right! it's a product! Steel is a RINO and a pussy!

  • Chad Peterson
    Chad Peterson 1 day ago

    Bill. You sound like the most educated Clown I have ever heard... FYI. We are already at war... Obama is the only president to go both full terms with our nation at war... your standard for success is a failure! Get over the stench of your own refuse....

  • Peter Zichau
    Peter Zichau 1 day ago

    "Take things away from the poor people and give to the rich people..?" The left is still stuck in that lie. Here's the thing. If you can take care of yourselve, you take care of yourselve. If you can't, we'll help you. But if all of a sudden nobody can take care of themselves, the hole system goes down. And thats why you have to have a system, where more people can take care of themselves. Like taxcuts, well paying jobs and lower premiums. Now, who said that..?

  • Spunk Sprayer
    Spunk Sprayer 1 day ago


  • Paul N
    Paul N 1 day ago

    There so absolutely wrong on every one of their points. I still think Bill Mahar gets his statistics from a hat that he loaded himself full of his own nonsensical self imagined thoughts. A clown and his assistants stumbling through the dark with sunglasses on.

  • icospawn
    icospawn 1 day ago

    aberham lincoln was un popular during his time. Research it... but he changed history.

  • thumper300z
    thumper300z 1 day ago

    ACA has more similarities than differences to that conservative plan, but it is not 'the same'. To the point, however, it was a COMPROMISE, and to go back on that now proves once again that it's not DEMOCRATS that are obstructing compromise. The compromise was already made. The smart thing to do right now would be to DISCUSS and improve. Not destroy and build up again. Ludicrous.

  • iFortold
    iFortold 1 day ago

    Trump will win again because of idiots like these on this so called "panel"

  • SenorQuill
    SenorQuill 1 day ago

    People are sick of Liberals ruining our country thats why Trump will win in 2020.

  • TimothyOnline
    TimothyOnline 1 day ago

    I respect Bill Maher because he is the only one on the Left willing to accurately assess and critique their own failings.

  • wheelzwheela
    wheelzwheela 1 day ago

    If Bill is scared the USA is probably doing the right thing.

  • M. DALE
    M. DALE 1 day ago


  • Matthew Russell
    Matthew Russell 1 day ago

    It kinda reminds me of a panel of asshat talking about the pussyhats...Trump wins again. Easy.

  • JabberCT
    JabberCT 1 day ago

    Trump will win again because democrats are still taking donation money from big corporations including big pharma. The US overwhelmingly wants a unbought socialist progressive in the white house. That's why Bernie Sanders is far and away the most popular politician in the US with a near 80% approval rating. Trump's high was 40% which is half of Bernie's average. If we can find a way to stop the democrats from screwing a progressive over like they did to Bernie then its bye bye Trump. Bernie was never within the margin of error in polls like Hillary was. He had Trump CRUSHED across the board.

  • Mr Wheels
    Mr Wheels 1 day ago

    Bill Maher is known to attend Hellfire Clubs.

  • 1234adebayor
    1234adebayor 1 day ago

    "that is the kgb" fucking retard Americans

  • Charissa Harder
    Charissa Harder 1 day ago

    Bill Maher, what very little I've seen of him, is always good for a laugh. His idiocy is top notch entertainment. Congrats on being right for once, Trump has 2020 in the bag 👌

  • Dan Zan
    Dan Zan 1 day ago

    For once, Bill Maher gets it right about Trump; instead of just bashing Trump. Finally, Maher is being decently balanced in spite of his abusive treatment of Trump. Good for you Bill, maybe you'll eventually come over to the conservative side. Good luck with this one.

  • Brian Poole
    Brian Poole 1 day ago

    Get over it!!! Y'all lost...............

  • Big Cat
    Big Cat 2 days ago

    Hillary colluded with Ukraine You want it to be a CRIME? You SURE? I'm good with it. There's PROOF Hillary colluded with Ukraine.

  • Spider Watson
    Spider Watson 2 days ago

    Wow! Bill is such a dick! Even if someone from the right made perfect sense, dingle-bill will stick a fork in it.

  • Anthony Sitler
    Anthony Sitler 2 days ago


  • Christian Crociata
    Christian Crociata 2 days ago

    I would never vote for somebody like Hillary Clinton

  • Cruzer
    Cruzer 2 days ago +1


    You are 100% correct, these fools just do not get it America has seen their failed policy's and program's for 30 years in St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore and we do not want anymore of the failed ideology.

  • Tim Law
    Tim Law 2 days ago

    Imagine if Hillary was potus though...

  • Paul King
    Paul King 2 days ago

    I would love

  • Dinesh Rabichand
    Dinesh Rabichand 2 days ago

    Asshole liberals like this will never win

  • Al Sousa
    Al Sousa 2 days ago

    A bunch of sour losers practicing self-flagellation.....NICE!!!

  • Antares
    Antares 2 days ago

    Even if it were a right... Why would the government pay for it?

  • Seb Sakura
    Seb Sakura 2 days ago

    collusion is a crime...?   which statute..?

  • Byrd Well
    Byrd Well 2 days ago

    Yake ot away from illegals...the poor people are those who lost their healthcare...doctors...

  • Byrd Well
    Byrd Well 2 days ago

    No talk of uranium...billions to to want crime its on ypur page...what fools & pawns for the tool...losers & your party was formed on the platform of slavery...and still enslaves w/lies, deceit, freebies.

  • Byrd Well
    Byrd Well 2 days ago

    The clowns are not the Trumps...the clowns are those who continually lie...protest...use voter loony left have lost it!

  • Steve Hoskins
    Steve Hoskins 2 days ago

    If you fucking idiots would put as much time into promoting the good shit the President has done this country would be soooo much better. But no, you fucking assholes want to fucking be all Traitor and shit fuck off if you don't want this country to succeed get the fuck out or you will be planted 6 feet under i'm sick and tired of the disrespect the Man has had to put up with now news journalists are going to feel the sting...

  • gangelone999
    gangelone999 2 days ago

    Reality is bitch, right Bill?

  • Suburban Conan
    Suburban Conan 2 days ago

    The level of denial has reached such a zenith that you can chew on it.
    Just mention Trump and Liberats automatically go into "no,no,no,no,no" mode...and they haven't been right about him yet.

  • Brad Jennings
    Brad Jennings 2 days ago

    You better believe it!

  • RMA 5150
    RMA 5150 2 days ago

    Bill Maher needs to get his cartoonish nose fuckin punched in. The "Russian hacking".. pfft. Why the fuck would Putin want someone in office that campaigned on unleashing America's energy reserves for export as well as energy independence? That would undermine Russia's monopoly in Eastern Europe. Liberaltards..losers

  • Verner Hornung
    Verner Hornung 2 days ago

    Maher, Democrats rely on the “browning of America” to save them. Just look at the Atlantic crowing over the demographic decline of whites and Christians. And you’re flat-out lying again. No one at CBO or anywhere else has claimed that lack of health insurance kills 200000 Americans each year. The AMA guessed 17000 pre-Obamacare, most such deaths linked only tangentially to insurance status.

  • Bobby Riffle
    Bobby Riffle 2 days ago

    There was no narrow victory ASSHOLE. (More liberal lies, and the popular vote means NOTHING)... Get used to it! Hillary Lost!

  • MooMoo
    MooMoo 2 days ago


  • P Lindsay
    P Lindsay 2 days ago

    Bill Maher needs Ben Shapiro on his show to tell him what's up.

  • sushiboots
    sushiboots 2 days ago

    Wait.... They are STILL talking about Russian collusion?

  • Clay Hirsch
    Clay Hirsch 2 days ago

    I think Bill your you're stretching but you are correct to worry. I find it hilarious that you are now worried that a president has one network supporting him, however if you watch it there are those on there who are quite critical. And that KGB comic guy shouldn't even be there! It's time for the moral superiority to end because in the end capitalism and individual responsibility and a lack of government, hopefully, will prevail. There's a reason why all the other networks are failing. Republicans need to get their s*** together. Democrats need to wake up and burst the bubble they're living in. And Trump needs to keep focusing on the ideas of his message. This is a war of ideas not identity politics like you always like to play.

  • Em Gee
    Em Gee 2 days ago +1

    Maher is such a globalist tool ....He buys the official 911 story and does ALL he can to "Get Trump" like the rest of the FAKE ass media.

    GETBENDT 2 days ago

    Bill, Trump will win because democrats are losers. The entire democrat agenda and narrative is a joke, it's been tried, it failed, and No matter who you run, how loud you yell, how much you call us racists and bigots, that dog won't hunt. America is now informed about the lies, the hoax, the fantasy. Reality is now in front of us and democrats can't change it.

  • My2ndnephew
    My2ndnephew 2 days ago

    We don't need any of you panel monkeys to advocate for our president. Oooooo Ooooooo, Ahhhhh Ahhhhh wahhh wahhhh wahhhh.

  • tank7388
    tank7388 2 days ago

    Russia Russia Russia. fake news

  • nujackswing
    nujackswing 2 days ago

    When You See A Blk Reaper, You See The Sickness Of US.. They Can Send Billions To Other Countries But Then Degrade Their Own Citizen w/ Chaos & Despair... 2020 We'll Dance W/ The Devil, So It Doesn't Matter Who Runs For Pres.. W,DC. Isn't Doing Anything To Save The World Or US. Ice is Melting, Surface & Volcanoes Gets Hot = Shock Wave & War. Peace!!!

  • poor you
    poor you 2 days ago


    2016 - 2020 President = Donald Trump
    2020 - 2024 President = Donald Trump
    2024 - 2028 President = Ivanka Trump
    2028 - 2032 President = Ivanka Trump
    2032 - 2036 President = Donald Trump Jr
    2036 - 2040 President = Donald Trump Jr
    2040 - 2044 President = Eric Trump
    2048 - 2052 President = Eric Trump
    2052 - 2056 President = Baron Trump
    2056 - 2060 President = Baron Trump
    HAHAHAHAHHHAAAAA!!!! Suck it up Snowflakes!

  • TT Boy
    TT Boy 2 days ago

    yup. these people are why he'll win again

  • Glen Stanislawski
    Glen Stanislawski 2 days ago

    people know what's going on how come a blind man can see the people with eyes that are perfectly healthy can't see anything

  • Glen Stanislawski
    Glen Stanislawski 2 days ago

    there's enough in this country for every everyone why does Industries have to hit a homerun on every single product they sell everything from candy on the Shelf to mansions they want to hit a homerun every single time and they don't care because they know it's something you mostly need Americans have been taken advantage of for a very long time it's time somebody gets it right or all hell could break loose

  • Glen Stanislawski
    Glen Stanislawski 2 days ago

    when are you people going to learn it's all about economics you bitches everywhere in the world fix it now before it blows the pieces and then you're going to have nothing and that's what they probably want nothing for you and for me and our families

  • Glen Stanislawski
    Glen Stanislawski 2 days ago

    I'd vote for Trump again hands down people say that they don't like them yeah that figures the first guy that wants to do something for the Working Man to help him get a leg up and nobody likes them well I got to tell you guys something go fuck yourself and have a nice day you fuck faces

  • James Johansson
    James Johansson 2 days ago

    Whenever the KGB hasn't existed for over 20 years..

  • George Simpson
    George Simpson 2 days ago +1

    Wow these liberals talk some shit

  • Sunny G
    Sunny G 2 days ago


  • Paul Paradis
    Paul Paradis 3 days ago

    The Dems don't understand America. They sit in their safe spaces looking out in contempt on normal people. It will be 8 years for Trump so they will need to get used to crying and protesting.

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