Fifth Harmony - Angel

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  • maria montoliu
    maria montoliu 33 seconds ago

    loved the normani and dinah part 😍

  • Maxwell Cruz
    Maxwell Cruz 37 seconds ago

    Cadê Brasil pra encher esse clipe de visualizações?

  • Kyluction
    Kyluction 2 minutes ago +1

    "who said i wasn't a angel?"

  • Gulam Hussain
    Gulam Hussain 3 minutes ago

    sad to see people trying hard to increase views in a fifth harmony song.....its pathetic

  • Julie Vo
    Julie Vo 4 minutes ago

    this song is way better than down!

  • Fifth Harmony
    Fifth Harmony 7 minutes ago

    Who must alltime looked at lauren😍?

  • mika moortgat
    mika moortgat 11 minutes ago +1

    Am I the only One Who thinks Lauren is a fucking angel😍😍😍
    Like If you love Lauren or comment your favourite👇

  • Gigi Chapmen
    Gigi Chapmen 12 minutes ago

    oh uhu , 3:22 it's to short :/

  • maya harts
    maya harts 13 minutes ago

    Rapper? For what? Ally do this work

  • Elle Meek
    Elle Meek 19 minutes ago

    Is this auto tune??

  • iasmin brito de sousa cfbbcjrdm


  • Elle Meek
    Elle Meek 20 minutes ago

    Ok. I'm here!

  • charlotte mendoza
    charlotte mendoza 35 minutes ago


  • Harmony highlight
    Harmony highlight 37 minutes ago

    go girls

  • azariah Baker
    azariah Baker 45 minutes ago

    This is so different from what they usually do but its bomb af

  • andrew ortega
    andrew ortega 48 minutes ago

    It's so weird thinking how we are getting new harmos AC:After Camila. Ive been with 5H since day 1

  • kidBBuhl
    kidBBuhl 54 minutes ago

    Here because of Skrillex and Poo Bear!

  • Torrie Lashae
    Torrie Lashae 55 minutes ago +1

    My fav part of the video is Dinah putting that hood on. She look STUNNING!

  • Wulan Sari
    Wulan Sari Hour ago +2

    please guys keeps stream we must get 10M for first week!!!!!!!⚠⚠⚠⚠

  • Marsha Iman
    Marsha Iman Hour ago

    Damn....... they got a big mouth already😅

  • Marici Mainali
    Marici Mainali Hour ago


  • aksh singh
    aksh singh Hour ago

    they r smashin it

  • Vicky Sts
    Vicky Sts Hour ago

  • 5h unique
    5h unique Hour ago

    my queens im cryig i cant

  • Matheus Cardoso
    Matheus Cardoso Hour ago +1

    Lauren knocks the wall and I go fuark I finished

  • Tailsfan502
    Tailsfan502 Hour ago

    All of you people out there accusing the new fifth harmony songs are all about SEX. WELL ITS NOT. All u young viewers need to stop. It's irritating. If you actually knew the concept of the song u wouldn't be talking....Just stop hating.

  • bruna augusto
    bruna augusto Hour ago

    they really came for wigs with this bop

  • Patrick Oliveira
    Patrick Oliveira 2 hours ago

    1:28 melhor parte 😍

  • lyrics4u
    lyrics4u 2 hours ago


  • lol fun
    lol fun 2 hours ago +1

    I'm so glad Ally finnally got her own moment in a song.

  • lol fun
    lol fun 2 hours ago +2

    Please stop comparing her with Camila. They both are doing to well in their career, its no competition.

  • lol fun
    lol fun 2 hours ago +1

    0:46 I need a hair tutorial for this.

    JA'NYA DAVIS 2 hours ago

    #5Hforlife all their voices are beautiful together

  • Tomlinson Lou
    Tomlinson Lou 2 hours ago

    this is sucks af

  • D J
    D J 2 hours ago +3

    this song had no fucking promo and it's
    doing so fucking good. keep calling them flops cuz ur faves could never✌🏽

  • Christina Granzow
    Christina Granzow 2 hours ago +2

    Honestly, I think Camilla is better off as a solo-artist now, and I also think that Fifth Harmony is more evenly yolked now as well. I think they just make more sense as a group now. I think the split worked for both of them perfectly.

  • Gregory Diamond
    Gregory Diamond 2 hours ago +3

    These girls in each video behave like luxury prostitutes. We shouldnt judge them. Probably they need money for food.

    • NothingHeard
      NothingHeard Hour ago

      You never get tired!!! Old Camilizer troll.

    • Riel Nepomuceno
      Riel Nepomuceno Hour ago

      Gregory Diamond do you see their boobs or private parts sticking out? Do you see male people having sexual interaction with them? They are not prostitutes. Know your words before using them. Your photo though, looks like a prostitute receiving a cum load. Lol

    ANJALI LALL 2 hours ago

    This song is unbelievable

  • kate inside out
    kate inside out 2 hours ago

    i'm gonna go for a huge 5h music videos binge see yall in a week

  • unicornio da jauregui
    unicornio da jauregui 2 hours ago


    LAUREN JAUREGUI PH 2 hours ago


  • jordanvan christovel
    jordanvan christovel 2 hours ago

    they called fifth harmony cause they had 5 member right?!?!, now there area only 4

  • Rosy Solis
    Rosy Solis 2 hours ago

    Ésta canción sí está vergas. ❤

  • lyrics4u
    lyrics4u 2 hours ago


  • Froilan Clod Reyes
    Froilan Clod Reyes 2 hours ago

    The title doesnt fit the song

  • Faded_moon
    Faded_moon 2 hours ago

    i hear this every second. This song is amazing.

  • Raquel Chavarin
    Raquel Chavarin 2 hours ago

    im sorry but all their songs and videos are starting to sou d and look the same... and im a fan saying this

  • Caroline Guzman
    Caroline Guzman 2 hours ago

    Yeah, I miss Camilla in this group. rip Fifth Harmony.... now is Forth Harmony... Its like One Direction, they only survived one more album after Zayn left... but now they are ALL doing great, just that, with this group they won't be good solos, except for Camilla..

  • joshua bill
    joshua bill 2 hours ago

    Almost at 10 million harmonizers!! LETS DO IT FOR OUR GIRLS

  • Yohji Yamahomo
    Yohji Yamahomo 2 hours ago

    this song is such a bop but i do not like the video and styling

  • Saloni Vlogs
    Saloni Vlogs 2 hours ago

    I thought it was Ariana grande

  • Tamia Odom
    Tamia Odom 2 hours ago

    Love this song😍😍😍

  • Sunny Sinha
    Sunny Sinha 2 hours ago +1

    Wow this song is amazing ,All girls are looking P.H.A.T( Pretty .Hot And Tempting) even their costume too and especially the producer Skrillex 👍👌😍😘 love you Harmonizers

  • Taylor Shaputis
    Taylor Shaputis 3 hours ago

    And Skrillex On Production lol

  • lyrics4u
    lyrics4u 3 hours ago


  • Jarod Parker
    Jarod Parker 3 hours ago

    I love you song

  • Kool k di Jamaican
    Kool k di Jamaican 3 hours ago

    Go girlz!!!

  • Race Blue
    Race Blue 3 hours ago

    ally looks like ariana grande and arci muñoz

  • paola andrea cortina arnedo

    Increase the number of visits ... come on

  • Sidney whitfield
    Sidney whitfield 3 hours ago +1

    I remember these girls being on Disney channel now........ * rubs neak* 👀

    • Sidney whitfield
      Sidney whitfield 3 hours ago

      Noemi Velasquez yes the they were on radio Disney thank you very much.

    • Noemi Velasquez
      Noemi Velasquez 3 hours ago

      Sidney whitfield never on Disney...

  • Muahthai&bjj
    Muahthai&bjj 3 hours ago

    Shit song and they didn't even get half naked or dress nice so big thumbs down

  • Maribel Suarez
    Maribel Suarez 3 hours ago +1

    Lauren. Is better yeyyy

  • Carolina Moran DDR
    Carolina Moran DDR 3 hours ago

    😍😍Como amo a Lauren❤ es tan perfecta 😊

  • J Tuli
    J Tuli 3 hours ago

    Who said I wanted eggshells !!!!

  • Erdem Bayr
    Erdem Bayr 3 hours ago

    sample Rihanna needed me benziyor

  • Jebesty Selvaraj
    Jebesty Selvaraj 3 hours ago +1

    These girls are so beautiful #beautygoals

  • Tamires Nunes Tata
    Tamires Nunes Tata 3 hours ago +2

    I love how Ally is acting here! YOU GO, POWERFUL GIRL! 💕

  • Tamires Nunes Tata
    Tamires Nunes Tata 3 hours ago +2

    Wow! Pure art! This music video is amazing, I love it! You girls deserve the best! And, please people, don't compare them with Camila, they are so talented like Camila and they have now their own career. Don't spread hate, spread live for Camilizers and Harmonizers! 💕

  • More RM
    More RM 3 hours ago +1

    My favorite part when Lauren sing the handcuff part so freaking good

  • Alif Peters
    Alif Peters 3 hours ago

    watch younger now

  • Junior Salazar
    Junior Salazar 3 hours ago +3

    Dinah= Dinah
    Normani= Normani
    Ally= Ally
    Lauren= Lauren

  • Cherise Ott
    Cherise Ott 3 hours ago

    Fifth Harmony: Who said I was an angel
    Me: ahem ME...

    Fifth Harmony: Open Your eyes I'm more brilliant than you'll ever be
    Me: Correct

    Lauren: I'm far from an angel
    Me: are you thinking correctly

    For real though y'all are angels especially without that Camilla girl

  • Kibian dr
    Kibian dr 3 hours ago +7

    lauren destroyed me

  • VanessaThePotato
    VanessaThePotato 3 hours ago +4

    Who said I was an Asian?

  • Tyler Woods
    Tyler Woods 3 hours ago

    Lauren's hairstyle is giving me Charli XCX vibes and I'm loving it!

  • Ylexiana Gutierrez
    Ylexiana Gutierrez 4 hours ago +2

    The baddest out🙌🙌

  • Mauricio Gomez Novoa
    Mauricio Gomez Novoa 4 hours ago +3

    their best video by far, honestly...

  • K. O
    K. O 4 hours ago +1

    Omg finally the black girl member is singing lmao *silent screams*

  • Queen Val
    Queen Val 4 hours ago +3

    They're flourishing without Camila 👌🏽

  • james Kring
    james Kring 4 hours ago +1

    Ally-gators where you at? 💛💚💜💙💘

    • NothingHeard
      NothingHeard 3 hours ago

      OMG! crocodiles? you guys need a new fandom name

  • Monika Tui
    Monika Tui 4 hours ago +7

    Wow I slept on them this is dope! New fan

  • Gean Carlos
    Gean Carlos 4 hours ago


  • Valerie Dio
    Valerie Dio 4 hours ago +4

    Almost 10M! WOW!

  • lana harper
    lana harper 4 hours ago +1


  • Em Hemmings
    Em Hemmings 4 hours ago +3

    this is my
    a e s t h e t i c

  • Yazmin Grillo
    Yazmin Grillo 4 hours ago


  • Michelle Gibson
    Michelle Gibson 4 hours ago

    Damn Normani and Lauren really look like angels in this video

    And Ally's hair looks stunning

    Dinah's voice is amazing

  • Takia Mosharref
    Takia Mosharref 4 hours ago +1

    9M subscribers n 9M views

  • 5HxCC
    5HxCC 4 hours ago +3

    9M views in 6 days bruh HARMONIZERS ARE STRONG AF

  • Daz
    Daz 4 hours ago +2

    this song is song good omg fifth harmony omfg!!


    What happen with this group? ☹️ I miss the old times, when they were good!

    • Noemi Velasquez
      Noemi Velasquez 3 hours ago

      LINA GABRIELA PERDOMO AMADO they are much better...

  • Charles Button
    Charles Button 4 hours ago +1

    this is totally to Camila from Lauren

  • Julia Gonçalves
    Julia Gonçalves 4 hours ago

    nao canso de assistir

  • Julia Gonçalves
    Julia Gonçalves 4 hours ago

    que hino de clip😍😍😍😍❤

  • Fuck you jaiden.
    Fuck you jaiden. 5 hours ago +5

    I don’t usually comment but this song FIRE I voted for them when they first came on X factor and watches all there auditions just gotta day what a come up now diamond gotta come on

  • Victor Villarroel
    Victor Villarroel 5 hours ago

    I was the only who saw a little bit of Ariana in Ally?

  • Breno Andrade
    Breno Andrade 5 hours ago

    Victoria's Secret deslike this video.

  • Samuel Mar
    Samuel Mar 5 hours ago +1

    Quiero a Dinah de solista, por favor. Baladas😘

  • nia durant
    nia durant 5 hours ago +5

    Yes Dinah come with the vocals

  • Jailene Colon
    Jailene Colon 5 hours ago +1

    Since when does Dinah ever cuss ? That's something Lauren would do.

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