This happened on our Earth 12 July 2017

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  • Kyle Towers
    Kyle Towers 3 days ago

    What a bunch of flaming idiots. Now that I've stumbled into this nest of dumbassery, it'll be all over my recommended videos.

  • JAMMIN4U therockartists

    I can do with out the music.Just show it for what it is and let the people decide.Music always adds drama.Just keep it real.Thanks for the video.

  • MrDynamitd
    MrDynamitd 6 days ago

    Never mind the wrath og god ,,, Did a fart last night , 6.4 on the richter scale , working on a 7.0 for the weekend. You will feel the WRATH of DYNAMITD.

    • MrDynamitd
      MrDynamitd 6 days ago

      Thinking cabbage , pepper , chili mix may help.

    • Ciara Lean
      Ciara Lean 6 days ago

      chilli should help  you get to your goal... good luck!!!

  • zahadaq
    zahadaq 7 days ago

    There are no signs, you are mentally ill, go see a doctor.

  • williamwallace1307
    williamwallace1307 7 days ago


  • Kneon Knight
    Kneon Knight 7 days ago

    So there was weather on the 12th of July? Didn't see that coming.

    In other news, mice are smaller than people and water is still wet.

  • Thomas Hart
    Thomas Hart 7 days ago

    A load of bollocks, ive seen some of these vids before so could not have happened on the 12th July, lying bastard.......


    Some of these clips are from previous vids so not all this happened on the 12th!!!

  • troys
    troys 7 days ago

    OMG Can't believe this happened. Haha Bullshit have you ever heard of nature. Ugh you're putting bible refrences with these natural weather hazards omfg get a grip you idiots. This is why I hope "humans" Die out and not the Earth ;)

    • Memezland
      Memezland 7 days ago

      1. Notice this is copied, idiot.
      2. "Jesus is coming soon"

  • Peter Scheen
    Peter Scheen 7 days ago

    Really? Every day these things happen and because we have some recordings of them and some scary music on them it means something more?
    Do look into the statistics and find that it is not significant or some things are the result of global warming. Manmade global warming.
    No end of time in sight. Not since the first prophesy failed.

    • Oystein Martin Tvedt
      Oystein Martin Tvedt 7 days ago

      Great  to see a comment like this.It is a way for some bad people to get views so they can earn money on youtube, that is the sad part and ofcourse we need to live more sustainable so I am not saying we should not.And some things are manmade and some are not, but people love to get scared and I think all people are drawn to the unknown and scary in a way.But the majority of these kinds of videos are just fearmongering nonsense.The creators of these kind of videos take material and edit it out of context and then put on som scary emotional music....Voila!And one more thing I have to agree on is that our weather and climate are changing, but is it the end of the world?..... doubt it.Not yet anyway.

  • just tryin' 2 get along

    we r all tired of applying lipstick to the pig

  • Tamra Sant
    Tamra Sant 7 days ago

    Awesome Video, thank you! More people need to see these amazing events happening around the World! Prepare Jesus is coming!

    • zahadaq
      zahadaq 7 days ago

      No, they are 'amazing', and jesus is not coming.

  • anomoly fighter
    anomoly fighter 7 days ago

    oh you nations and people who forget the true living GOD HIS WRATH is now here. ..WHEN will you ALL REPENT? prophecy unveiling before your very eyes..JESUS CHRIST IS COMMING REPENT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE PEOPLE.

    • 1w History
      1w History 4 days ago


    • Noble King
      Noble King 6 days ago

      Hunter khamis Jesus said "if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father" and "The Father and I are One." and "I go to be with your Father and My Father, with your God and My God." Also, "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word WAS GOD" and "the word became flesh and dwelt among us." And to Moses God said "I am" and Jesus said "before Abraham was, I am." Finally, Jesus who said He was going to sit at the right hand of God our Creator, said "who do you say I am?" That's what it is all about. God sent His Son (word of God made flesh) to be sacrificed for us, and prove He was God by raising up only three days later. All His disciples that fled came back and died testifying to us this happened. ISlam is a pagan moon and star cult (still has those symbols) it was written down 200 years after the pedophile and thief and slave owner Muhammad died from poisoning by a woman, he was a mortal man no different than a pope or preacher, who, like all cult leaders gave himself more than he let his followers have, like wives, gave bad and harmful advice, like eat dead flies and drink camel urine, and too many rigid unrealistic rules that can't be follower, like 26 rules for the toilet. Make your trip to Mecca and walk around the occult cube symbol with the rock god set inside the vagina, kiss and fondle it as men do, if you will, I leave you to your fate with paganism and a giant vagina goddess. Jesus rose from the grave, so I'll put my afterlife on Him for the win, you can too. Follow men and you end up where all men go, the grave. Reconsider brother.

    • GoodKing Bad
      GoodKing Bad 7 days ago

      Yeah. Let's all get on the child molesting God train.

    • Hunter khamis
      Hunter khamis 7 days ago

      anomoly fighter You know? ... We - muslims - believe that Jesus Christ is coming in the end of the world too. But the deference between you and us is that we don't worship Jesus... he is a messenger of God. So I would love that you read about our religion and the mistakes in your religion and I will be very happy if you believed in the true one God because you are a good believing person.

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