Are They Gay? - Princess Bubblegum and Marceline (Bubbline)

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  • A video series tackling the one question facing many same-sex couples throughout history: Are They Gay?
    In this episode we explore the relationship between Princess Bubblegum and Marceline from Adventure Time, a subject of much debate. Do you think they're in love?
    Suggest more pairings in the comments!


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    Princess Bubblegum and Marceline Dated

    Bubbline CONFIRMED

    "Casa Bossa Nova", "Hep Cats", "In Your Arms", "Quirky Dog", "Winner Winner!"
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    NAME HERE 7 hours ago

    ok wtf I just found my FAVOURITE new channel

  • Nick Honnen
    Nick Honnen 17 hours ago

    What are you a faggot? Kill yourself they are just friends cucc boi

  • karblemarbles
    karblemarbles 1 day ago

    i havent even watched this video yet bc i already know the answer: bonnie and marcy are bi as heck and were/are in love. i know this bc of the secret bisexual society that im a member of keeps track of these things , but dont tell nobody the truth.

  • LostGeburah
    LostGeburah 1 day ago

    are they gay?

    who gives a fuck !

  • Birdleur
    Birdleur 2 days ago

    please get out of our childhood. I get it, you're LGBT, but you don't have to make a video on whether two people love to have sex wiith the same gender.

  • the BRAN show
    the BRAN show 2 days ago +1

    How does marcelines guitar work without an amp?

  • Carl Virtudazo
    Carl Virtudazo 2 days ago

    they are actually "Bi" that i can see clearly.

  • Gaga-chan
    Gaga-chan 2 days ago

    They are totally GAY!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Drake
    Peter Drake 2 days ago

    What the fuck is this channel

  • Lyris Buen
    Lyris Buen 3 days ago

    they're just best friends dumdum

  • pasta. exe
    pasta. exe 3 days ago

    no shit

  • Sleepysnow
    Sleepysnow 3 days ago

    What the fuck even is the goal of this channel?

    C H I L D H O O D R U I N E D

  • the sandwich king
    the sandwich king 3 days ago

    actually i knew they are gay the creators wanted then to actually be a gay couple but cartoon network would not let it through so they had to change it

  • SimlingGaming Pvz and Minecraft

    Sadly, no. Rebecca sugar wanted a gay relationship between PB and Marcy but they refused! And that's why Steven Universe exists!!

  • Official Autumn The Leafeon

    I honestly think Marcie is more lesbian but Bubblegum is more bisexual. Just saying

  • Inserts Lenny
    Inserts Lenny 4 days ago

    This is stupid. "Are they gay?" THEY ARE BOTH GIRLS YOU MEAN LESBIAN!!!

  • KayR11
    KayR11 5 days ago

    Does PB and Marceline is gay?

  • KitKat X3
    KitKat X3 6 days ago

    I don't even watch the show and I'm shipping them.... Welp I have to binge watch the entire show I guess!

  • Yoshi Dinono
    Yoshi Dinono 7 days ago

    Marceline and Princess Bubblegum had a few adventures together and the shippers be like 'HA! They are gay!"

    Meanwhile, Finn and Jack have had many adventures together and are not gay.

    Point is, going on adventures with your best friend does not necessarily mean you're gay.

    "Grasping at straws" is the idiom used for the shippers of Marceline and Bubblegum.

  • Mesu Raion
    Mesu Raion 7 days ago


  • Chica
    Chica 8 days ago

    Ok I know people have probably asked this a million times but are you gay? Not asking in an offensive way cause I don't think sexuality should be used as an insult but just out of curiosity but tbh I probably already know the answer but it would be nice for some confirmation I guess.

    • Chica
      Chica 8 days ago

      Wow even when I'm texting I talk to much.

  • Nightcore girl
    Nightcore girl 9 days ago

    Don't u mean lesbian dude

  • Rahimah Rahman
    Rahimah Rahman 9 days ago

    i m gayyyy

  • Samuel Hi
    Samuel Hi 10 days ago

    Do you have bleach?

  • Briana Woods
    Briana Woods 10 days ago +1


  • Janae Green
    Janae Green 13 days ago

    I saw this coming there was waaaay to much tenchen between Marci and pb for there not to be past love. In the episode when marciline sang (I'm just your problem and I really listened to the lyrics over and over again it sounded like she was letting out pent up fustrasion that's when I realized the past. Right when maci was back on the line "I don't have to explain my self to you, but why do I wasn't to, why do I want to" it really got me thinking. And the episode when they went to get hambo back at the end the witch said " there was emotional power in hambo but this has was more" about the shirt that Marci gave pb that was another clue that I found. But I always thought if I told somebody the discoveries they'd think I was crazy.

  • WoofWolfieWolf
    WoofWolfieWolf 13 days ago

    It better be fucking canon at the end. I'm so tired of subtext.

  • Pierce The Jenn
    Pierce The Jenn 14 days ago

    I relate to marcelen so much

  • sombra the ghost
    sombra the ghost 15 days ago

    it means I want to love

  • TigerClaw!
    TigerClaw! 15 days ago

    Man they're not GAY hands down! But i literally ship them but i also ship Marceline and Finn but also FP with Finn but also BP with Finn LOL i ship them everywhere

  • Ilxna gmy
    Ilxna gmy 15 days ago

    french subtils please

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi 15 days ago

    It's actually lesbian😂

  • FunnyBird
    FunnyBird 16 days ago

    I don't watch it, but I could imagine people ship it. So I just looked it up.

  • Night 7 gaming
    Night 7 gaming 16 days ago


  • Crimson And Blue
    Crimson And Blue 16 days ago

    This is stupid who cares if they are lesbian and also gay is the wrong term

    • Maddi Blackford
      Maddi Blackford 5 days ago

      Crimson And Blue Obviously a lot of people care, representation is important, and while lesbian is a term referring to homosexual women, gay has begun to refer to any homosexual person, regardless of gender.

  • glowsstick
    glowsstick 16 days ago


  • Lili Gardner
    Lili Gardner 16 days ago

    Pearl and rose b4 GrEG

  • NaMe Of A pErSoN
    NaMe Of A pErSoN 16 days ago

    What Was Missing is probably the best episode from any TV Show, ever

  • mysticalwonder7
    mysticalwonder7 16 days ago +1

    Marceline and Princess Bubblegum Belong Together given that I have watched all of the episodes from all of this series they should just fuck for god sakes LOL

  • SerenityLPS
    SerenityLPS 16 days ago

    I'll answer the question


    also gumlee is better c:

  • Tyler Gorbett
    Tyler Gorbett 17 days ago

    Quick correction: her father probably did NOT leave her, she probably left her father seeing as how Simon contracted him to take care of her after Simon left her. (As the scene with her dad and the fries takes place when she's older after Simon leaves and she has her Axe/Bass later on in her young adulthood and no other time before it

  • andre dobson
    andre dobson 17 days ago

    You know I find it kinda funny that there's a YouTube channel dedicated to confirming if fictional characters are guy lol

  • Fliaky 96
    Fliaky 96 17 days ago

    I think that they are bisexual.

  • TheAwesome Pasta Lover

    Most shows: Okay we are close to the end, it is a perfect time to give out those LGBT couples so we don't get in trouble

    Steven Universe: lol go suck a dick homophobes

  • K's World
    K's World 17 days ago

    It's something called lez bein

  • Gaming Geek
    Gaming Geek 17 days ago

    no. they are girls. they cannot be gay.

  • jonathan Robbins
    jonathan Robbins 18 days ago

    i feel like the fact that marceline refers to PB as bonnie points at the fact that they had a past

  • Harley Pendragon
    Harley Pendragon 18 days ago

    What about Ash? Remember that douche? the one who was with her when she lived in the tree house and sold her teddy bear for that wand

  • Mr.CrazyDonkey
    Mr.CrazyDonkey 18 days ago

    There not gay

  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton 18 days ago

    "although they're different, they're like two pieces of a puzzle" The puzzle pieces don't match...

  • Muhammad Farris
    Muhammad Farris 19 days ago

    i think marcy is a bi, remember ash ?

  • jack cronin
    jack cronin 19 days ago

    maybe the reason PB didnt want to out with the guy in the episode "the suitor" is because she still had feelings for Marceline


  • hello my name is [ phaniel ]

    So let's talk about Marshall Lee x Prince Bubblegum?

  • Cheng Liu
    Cheng Liu 19 days ago

    It's like with many kid's shows. The writers would never be allowed to have an openly gay couple so they just throw in tons of ho yay. It appearently happened in the 80's show Jem and the Holograms with Kimber and Stormer. Of course when the comic book came out (since it was aimed more at teenagers than kids) they became a canonical couple.

  • Dani Dun
    Dani Dun 19 days ago

    yo we need Keith and Lance from V:LD heckk

  • Gamerninja 01
    Gamerninja 01 20 days ago


  • nicole candy
    nicole candy 20 days ago

    7:22 woah wtf happened to PB's BUTT?!

  • Van Dai Tran
    Van Dai Tran 20 days ago

    because they power woman and most man around them are jerk like marceline boyfriend is a dick and PB hatest man is ice king.

  • Brian D.S
    Brian D.S 20 days ago

    There also was an episode where Marceline had a boyfriend. If it weren't for Fin and Jake to reveal his 'take for granted / whatever' nature for Marceline, they would've still been together? perhaps.

  • m. caitlin
    m. caitlin 20 days ago

    Marceline had a boyfriend 💀 he was an asshole but he was still her boyfriend👌I mean she could be bisexual or something 😂 idk

  • Douglas Freer
    Douglas Freer 20 days ago

    Yes, they are gay, or at the very least could be bi. Personally it doesn't really matter if they are or not since they are great characters and love them regardless.

  • Almighty_Flare
    Almighty_Flare 20 days ago +1

    Other countries: Eww..! Same genders shouldn't date

  • RubytheKatt
    RubytheKatt 20 days ago

    I didn't know that I needed a channel devoted entirely to gay shipping until now

  • Dolphins will take over

    i also need more queer ships they are always so innocent

  • 00rphb
    00rphb 21 day ago

    No they are not, Marceline have had at least one confirmed boyfriend, Ash, and Princess Bubblegum is not even remotely human enough for that to make sense. "Her" species multiply by mitosis, so she don't have a sex.

  • Ship Time
    Ship Time 21 day ago

    Brexit comment
    Isn't it great when you find a video with political points you agree with?

  • HetaFetish
    HetaFetish 22 days ago

    tbh i don't even like the show but this is a Good Ship™

  • Jose Animations
    Jose Animations 22 days ago +1

    People who ship are just some sexual people with problems

  • Autumn Thurston
    Autumn Thurston 23 days ago

    Are me and my girlfriend gay? Yes, yes we are

    CRYSTALGAMING GT 23 days ago


  • Wolfea
    Wolfea 23 days ago

    Marceline is the bad one *shows donald trump*

  • addictedtoair bruh
    addictedtoair bruh 23 days ago

    They remind me of max and chloe

  • Karren Trac
    Karren Trac 24 days ago

    lol go look up flame princess by S3RL its plane and simple

  • Neko Fujoshi
    Neko Fujoshi 24 days ago +2

    I used to be obsessed with I'm just your problem

  • Andromeda Evans
    Andromeda Evans 24 days ago

    Ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship!

  • 8BitMike
    8BitMike 24 days ago

    there is a luminnoty

  • kawaiikittycat _Gamer
    kawaiikittycat _Gamer 24 days ago

    Gay is for boys

  • Lexy Kurtz
    Lexy Kurtz 24 days ago

    maybe they are just friends????

  • Dilana Karatas
    Dilana Karatas 24 days ago

    Weird part is I like Princess Bubblegum and Marceline together, but I prefer Marshall Lee with Fionna instead of Prince Gumball.

  • Athenathe SheWolf
    Athenathe SheWolf 25 days ago

    Olivia (voice of Marceline) basically confirmed that it's canon they dated. The writers told her straight up.

  • Tails Jamison
    Tails Jamison 25 days ago


  • Alfa Cat
    Alfa Cat 25 days ago

    They are so gay

  • LunaLove821
    LunaLove821 25 days ago


  • Gamer BigGunZ
    Gamer BigGunZ 26 days ago

    dude, gay girls are lesbians

  • Peridot And Lapis Animations

    the door was smiling because they found a new ship

  • Mol Rose
    Mol Rose 26 days ago

    Yaaasss boo

  • Luna Vail
    Luna Vail 26 days ago


  • Manuel Lopez
    Manuel Lopez 26 days ago

    Yup they gay

  • Blackout 18067
    Blackout 18067 27 days ago

    your saying that they did go out but its not Canon for all we know they could have just been good friends

  • loloismydaddy
    loloismydaddy 27 days ago

    Oh boi i love gal pals

  • Winkyshowpee
    Winkyshowpee 27 days ago

    no 1 care

  • Khiyomi
    Khiyomi 28 days ago

    "after eleven minutes"

  • Alden Mason
    Alden Mason 28 days ago

    They were confirmed canon at a comic con a few years ago.

  • Tarrence Grey
    Tarrence Grey 28 days ago

    Simon didn't just leave her! He had to he was going crazy and didn't trust himself to take care of her anymore! What else was he supposed to do? Keep taking care of her and risk hurting her???

  • Felix Granados
    Felix Granados 28 days ago

    The real question is: Are they lesvians?

  • Rushy1989
    Rushy1989 28 days ago

    Or they were just friends and fell out?

  • Toffefan Rose
    Toffefan Rose 28 days ago +1


  • Portia Rockers
    Portia Rockers 28 days ago

    Do sasuke and naruto

  • Kathy the skeleton Кэти Скелет russian sans fangirl

    i dont want Adventure Time to end

  • CuriousClaws
    CuriousClaws 29 days ago

    lesbian not gay

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