Why Can’t There Be a Black Stormtrooper?

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  • Gus Thorpe
    Gus Thorpe 10 hours ago


  • The No Life Gamer
    The No Life Gamer 4 days ago

    After clone troopers killed all the jedi they became storm troopers..

  • Kaitlyn Fisher
    Kaitlyn Fisher 5 days ago

    How did they have footage of the actual characters a year before it was released

  • OneRobotApple
    OneRobotApple 5 days ago

    Black people could be stormtroopers, they stopped clone production shortly after the rise of the empire.

  • Joe Average
    Joe Average 6 days ago +1

    probably because black people don't exist

  • Bridger Jensen
    Bridger Jensen 9 days ago


  • Logan Wheeler
    Logan Wheeler 9 days ago

    Too late. The 7th movie has a black stormtrooper.

  • samueltandixhen1040
    samueltandixhen1040 11 days ago

    Ok sorry for the nerd alert, but Stormtroopers and First Order Troopers are totally different.

  • flash 98449
    flash 98449 11 days ago

    What a great video ! Next time pls make an asian resistance soldier lucas art and everything would be much more rasict

  • Anonymoose _
    Anonymoose _ 12 days ago

    Umm he is actually a first order Trooper

  • Noah Lopez
    Noah Lopez 13 days ago

    Finn isn't a storm trooper fuckalls

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 16 days ago

    Stormtroopers are not clones. Clone troopers are. Stormtroopers are regular humans who were recruited by the empire.

  • Ghetis 396
    Ghetis 396 16 days ago

    Ok. Not only are you wrong about the fact that Stormtroopers are clones (they're not, Starkiller destroyed the cloning facility on Kamino and since the clones have such a short lifespan (10 years at the most), they had all died by the time ANH occurred), but you're wrong on the "fact" that Stormtroopers cannot be black. While the concept of the Empire and it's Stormtrooper army was based on Nazi Germany (a very white-supremacist group), in the Star Wars universe this just ends up meaning that the empire is just very pro-human anti-literally-any-other-species. They even enslaved the Wookies to build all three Death Stars (the third one not being Starkiller Base but the prototype Death Star built before the ANH Death Star)

  • Cat General
    Cat General 16 days ago

    First order not empire

  • Cody Garland
    Cody Garland 16 days ago

    Umm... why are these guys holding Scars instead of blasters?

  • Jeffrey Vang
    Jeffrey Vang 18 days ago

    Stormtroopers arent the clones, CLONE troopers are.. hence the name

  • RJTheHero
    RJTheHero 18 days ago +1

    "Women drivers, amirite?!"
    I use this line all the time on my mom whenever she's driving. XD

  • Weas Lander
    Weas Lander 18 days ago

    Storm Stroopers are anyone who wants to sign up clone troopers are............SUPRISE THEY ARE CLONES

  • Solomon Robin
    Solomon Robin 18 days ago

    Stormtroopers cannot be black but the first order recruited children at birth

  • Max Reznik
    Max Reznik 18 days ago

    Storm troopers are supposed to be a regular soldiers (random people), while clone troopers are clones

  • Butter Man
    Butter Man 18 days ago

    STORM TROOPERS ARE NOT CLONES OF JANGO FETT!!! THAT WAS JUST THE CLONE TROOPERS!!!! After episode 3 the newly formed Empire destroyed the clone factory and decided to enroll kids into a training academy. As for the First order, they kidnap toddlers. Snoke even forbid Genral Hux from using clones!

  • The Mythical Emerald
    The Mythical Emerald 20 days ago

    Death troopers and the first order and empire RECRUITED HUMANS

  • hi hi
    hi hi 20 days ago

    The reason there are no black stormtroopers is because they are all clones of a white person and he is just a fake

  • Mlw Gaming
    Mlw Gaming 20 days ago

    The first order was a mix of clones and recruits from different planets the guy on the lefts character is a idiot

  • Max Shulman-Litwin
    Max Shulman-Litwin 21 day ago

    This video shows a very in depth understanding of the correct transition between clone troopers and stormtroopers. Good job!!!

  • Benjamin Stewart
    Benjamin Stewart 23 days ago

    Storm troopers are regular people like the normal army that's why storm troopers can't shoot I think

  • I want to Die
    I want to Die 23 days ago

    Lazer SCAR with a lazer m203

  • Glad Tadpole
    Glad Tadpole 26 days ago

    The real reason is that they ran out of budget, white is more cheaper, black cost like 500$ more

  • Conor Meyers
    Conor Meyers 28 days ago

    Only one third of storm troopers are clones

  • Hi How are ya
    Hi How are ya 29 days ago

    Asian storm trooper???

  • Lowe Källberg
    Lowe Källberg Month ago

    Stormtroopers where also normal pepole recruited by the empire. Google it

  • Stone Janz
    Stone Janz Month ago

    If you actually know the lore the storm troopers arnt clones anymore in the star wars universe so he could be green for all anyone knows.

  • Cillian Moran
    Cillian Moran Month ago

    The empire started recruiting stormtroopes after episode 3

  • Robbie Moemac
    Robbie Moemac Month ago

    Stormtroopers were child trained soldiers from the civillian population. NOT CLONES

  • FrostByte Films
    FrostByte Films Month ago

    I declare this canon

  • Jack Rathert
    Jack Rathert Month ago

    By the time the first order rolled around, there would be no clones left alive. Since it's been like 50 years and the clones were about 20 when they were deemed fit for combat. Have you ever heard of a 70 year old man that was an active, combat ready member of the military.

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee Month ago

    the clones age faster so they are all dead also they did start to recruit people

  • Blow Me
    Blow Me Month ago +1

    What about death troopers

  • Cameron Alexis
    Cameron Alexis Month ago

    Controversial topic

  • Mr Poopy Butt Hole Fjfdo

    shadow troopers

  • Mr Poopy Butt Hole Fjfdo

    um there are black storm troopers

  • Southpaw Wolf
    Southpaw Wolf Month ago

    Um actually there are black storm troopers

  • Stephen Harvey
    Stephen Harvey Month ago +1

    ow, he *hit* me.... oh, i guess he wasn't a storm trooper... lol

  • Rip MadHatter
    Rip MadHatter Month ago

    Now there are black ones.

  • agent 76
    agent 76 Month ago


  • Trapper John
    Trapper John Month ago

    This video was just stupid

  • Wisemankugel Memicus

    Those guns shouldn't even fire.

  • Apple Jews
    Apple Jews Month ago +1

    Dude! Close that chicken wing, Pat!

  • Seanmichael Lynch
    Seanmichael Lynch Month ago

    Did Disney see this

  • Chase Hanscom
    Chase Hanscom Month ago

    Not to put anyone out of happiness.... but all the first Order storm troopers are slaves

  • TimIgrok
    TimIgrok Month ago

    The empire started in episode 4 recruting women and men of all races. (not species)

  • Gajeel Redfox
    Gajeel Redfox Month ago

    I miss pat castle

  • Conrad Monlezun
    Conrad Monlezun Month ago

    They have SCARs and American PASGT helmets.

  • The Alpacaa
    The Alpacaa Month ago

    Amazing how star wars fans can't even watch a funny video without commenting some retarded trivia about the movies...

  • Gabe Meyer
    Gabe Meyer Month ago

    there was watch the force awakens dumbass

  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly Month ago

    He hit me
    Guess he wasn't a storm trooper

  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly Month ago

    Star Wars force awakens.

  • LCT Draxx
    LCT Draxx Month ago

    This video kinda infuriates me. None of them are right. After the clone wars, the remaining clones donned the famed storm trooper armour. However within a couple of years they were phased out into regular humans and occasionally aliens. Vader's personal guard were a group of storm troopers called the 501st. These storm troopers were special, because the unit comprised only as clones. A few years after the destruction of the second death star, the First Order began. Again, all of there soldiers are real people, such as Finn. A little Easter egg: in episode VII, there is talk of getting a clone army after Finn escapes.

  • gaming clan
    gaming clan Month ago

    since when did rebels have SCAR H's

  • Charles Moore
    Charles Moore Month ago

    the only black one betrayed the first order lol

  • Eamonn Carey
    Eamonn Carey Month ago

    Actually all the empire's cloning technology was destroyed on the second deathstar. And this isn't even the empire it's the first order. Plus in the movie they literally said that he was kidnapped.

  • ćĤìĺÍ đūďè
    ćĤìĺÍ đūďè Month ago +1

    *_They aren't called Storm Troopers, they're First Order Troopers. And First Order Troopers are all clones, white clones at it. So, a black First Order Trooper wouldn't be an actual First Order Trooper. Also, the part where he said they updated really was ironic. Maybe you should wait until the movie comes out next time._*

  • little weirdo
    little weirdo Month ago


  • Dark Rice
    Dark Rice Month ago

    Shadow stormtroopers.

  • That one american
    That one american Month ago

    Clone troopers died with the 501st legion. And no one said that there couldn't be a black stormtrooper.

  • Cazhox
    Cazhox Month ago

    Their weapons look like the Mk 17.

  • Ian Bailey
    Ian Bailey Month ago

    guess what dumbasses!!! there is!

  • Sean Oberg
    Sean Oberg Month ago

    my Theory, the empire had clone troopers for a while after the republic fell, but switched to a more draft system of their people so they would see a trooper and think it's one of them, rather than some clone of this dead man, it's also why they weren't given the best blasters or armor, they were more for looks than battle, to show that the empire was there

  • CaptainUnicorn666
    CaptainUnicorn666 Month ago +1

    actually modern stormtroopers are not jango clones the emperor demanded that the imperial army have more than one dna set for their entire army and kamino rebelled against the empire with a mini clone army of their own which made the emperor paranoid with fett clones besides wouldn't blacks make better stormtroopers think about it
    1. everyone is afraid of them
    2. flexed muscles nba and nfl how many blacks in America compared to whites Asians and Hispanics however they make up most of the sport
    3.they shoot better literally anything is better than what they have now
    4.they know how to handle sharp turns when driving/piloting something
    5.they can take a blaster hit and not get pushed back 10 feet
    6. they seem smart enough to realize that plastic armor makes things worse remember in ep.6 leia gets shot by a stormtrooper don't worry its fine stormtrooper blasted back at least a couple of feet instant death + they get tiny pieces of ewok shit thrown right at at them despite wearing future armor and they still die and with that they are wearing that stupid with the only advantage being temporarily breathing in space
    7.tell me more by hitting that reply button seeya

  • A Literal duck
    A Literal duck Month ago

    What about shadow troopers and tie fighter pilots and death troopers

  • bepis lo-fi
    bepis lo-fi Month ago

    someone explain the difference between them and the ending because I don't get it

  • NoahSly
    NoahSly Month ago +1

    wHo ELSE clicked on this vid to type in " omg the new Star Wars has a black stormtrooper"

  • MeneerMAE
    MeneerMAE Month ago

    was this movie really 3 years ago man it feels only like a little bit

  • Adam Howard
    Adam Howard Month ago

    All clones are storm troopers, not all storm troopers are clones

  • Terreliv
    Terreliv Month ago


  • czzted99
    czzted99 Month ago

    antiracism is the new racism

  • Super Noob
    Super Noob Month ago

    Clones age faster so their all dead at this time

  • Griffin Matul
    Griffin Matul Month ago +1

    first couple of uears of the Empire the troopers were clones the they started dieing out because human volunteers were cheaper

  • Raider56 Fitz75
    Raider56 Fitz75 Month ago

    If he doesn't miss then he is not a storm trooper.

  • Raider56 Fitz75
    Raider56 Fitz75 Month ago

    It is not racists they were cloned by a white guy but they might of taken some people too.

  • American Scud
    American Scud Month ago

    star wars 7

  • bionicle apple
    bionicle apple Month ago

    asian stormtrooper?

  • Noor Md Hazrul Noor Arzmey

    im loving it


  • Jason Elbert
    Jason Elbert Month ago

    welp with the new Star wars the Force awakens there is a black Storm trooper

  • death llama
    death llama Month ago

    Its possible stormtroopers and clonetroopers could have come different people right? Also, are stormtroopers even clones anyway?

  • Christian Rincon
    Christian Rincon Month ago

    nerds complaining about the gun has...

  • LUNA Lulu
    LUNA Lulu Month ago +1

    aren't they just called shadow trouper

  • CKG_Gaming
    CKG_Gaming Month ago

    Wish Granted.

  • Vitto The Rock
    Vitto The Rock Month ago

    Because Star Wars was made in USA , a majority White Country .

  • Espionage gaming
    Espionage gaming Month ago

    Wait, whats the joke?

  • Sonoflyn
    Sonoflyn Month ago

    They're not Clones.

  • Hrivnak Films
    Hrivnak Films Month ago

    It's not his daughter

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man Month ago

    its called plot armor

  • MTT The Official YouTube channel

    lol it is a good idea to in a sense "update" storm troopers with newer genetics

  • iPaleo
    iPaleo Month ago

    Finn is a First Order Stormtrooper, not Imperial.
    Pretty much every Stormtrooper in the movies is faceless, so there is no way to tell a trooper's race
    Why are you using real world guns for a star wars video?

  • bitspot
    bitspot Month ago

    actually the empire used normal people instead of clones because they were afraid the one of the many factions would create a bio bomb only working on the clones dna

  • Hans Fritsch
    Hans Fritsch Month ago

    Are those bundeswehr stahlhelms?

  • Toastea .T
    Toastea .T 2 months ago

    In a galaxy far far away scar-h's. Exist somehow

  • Kristie Krypton
    Kristie Krypton 2 months ago

    What about Gary the Stormtrooper from Robot Chicken?

  • Gengo
    Gengo 2 months ago

    The Empire started to stop using clones, and the First Order trains regular people for their whole lives.

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