Toxic culture of education: Joshua Katz at TEDxUniversityofAkron

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  • Joshua Katz is a high school math teacher in Orange County, FL.

    Joshua's Talk:
    In the mid 1800's, Horace Mann captured the potential impact of education on society. We have yet to realize the potential he saw, and in fact, we are missing the mark by a wider and wider margin. We have created a "Toxic Culture of Education" in our country that is damaging students, impacting our economy, and threatening our future. Since the passage of No Child Left Behind, we have embraced a culture of high stakes testing and are perpetuating a false sense of failure in our schools. We have ignored research and data on effective policy making practices in order to serve the interest of private industries that have monetized our students. The impact is being felt in communities, on college campuses, and in our economy. The solution lies in a common sense approach to student development, curriculum choice, career exploration, and relevant data analysis. This talk will present a vision of an education system that allows us to embrace our full potential if we only had the courage to ask "Why Not"?

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  • tamara sterling
    tamara sterling 1 day ago

    I am damn sure that I have social anxiety and my counseler (I've seen many for the same reason) agree that I may have it.

    I always thought it was because I didn't like the students, but it was not. Lately as of now turning 16 in April, I now HATE the school environment in general. I can think outside of the box, I love reading, I write passionately and easily and I love to ask lots of questions, especially about archaeology and marine biology.

    But lately I have been DREADING the idea of having to come into my English or History class with an uncompleted assignment because I was too busy making sure that my mother in her late to mid 50's was ok to get down the stairs on her own and I can never calm myself down when I hear my grandmother coughing in the room beside mine because I'm afraid that she might die any day now because of her weak immune system after having to go through chemotherapy not too long ago.

    I stay home every so often, very rarely a week. I came to school once after a week off of school because I had to help my mother who couldn't even get out of bed. I forgot my note at home. I cam into class and my teacher asks "why were you away last week?" and I said that I would bring her a note the next day. I forgot again because I was running late. She kept asking for a note all week and I was reaching breaking point.

    I have always been the quiet kid. The one people always thought were depressed or emo. But i'm just introverted by choice and would rather not talk to anyone. That day when my teacher asked me AGAIN for the note I stood up, walked over to her desk and said "You try living with on obese woman with multiple heart conditions and a sickly grandmother who is losing more of her memory by the day, I have to stay home and help them. It helps both them physically and gives me some time away from this place I call hell that I've been forced to attend for most of my goddamn life when I could be outside and learning from my mistakes rather then people telling me what the repercussions might be" and sat down.

    Now not even 3 weeks after that event, I have just finished my last session of many more to come counselling sessions. I am being given a chance to try homeschooling because of my severely unhealthy attitude towards school and learning, A mix of fear that I will need to re take another year of school and the extreme frustration of having my own problems mixed in with an extra 10 involving school work.

    Some teachers just say "you need to try harder" or "you aren't the only one going through these things, I can name a few people in this class who are too if you like"

    Yes. I know that I can see it for myself, I'm quite observant of other peoples conversations and physical behaviours thank you. But we all have different responses and THAT'S what some teachers aren't opening their minds up too. Different person, different ideas, different responses.

    I know they cant know everything about a specific student, but if one of them were to come up to you and say that they are having a hard time, take it into account! half the time its just a few sentences! you mean to say you teach history and have become a historian but can even remember 2 very important sentences that came out of a students mouth that you see nearly every day of the week for 4-6 years!? yet you can remember the last words of a man who's already been dead for the last hundred years!?

    school claims to teach you important things, I don't know how to write a good cv, I don't know how to buy my own house heck I don't even know how to make my own bank account. But the only important thing that will always help me is how to do basic multiplication, how to make friends, and how to come up with a good excuse for absence or un finished work.

    Sorry for such a long post but I needed to get this out for a long time. Its too hard to explain to someone in person and typing was much easier...

  • Jennifer Darrah
    Jennifer Darrah 2 days ago

    That is right! Tax money needs to only go to the public sector. Business can't be objective in education if they are selling the curriculum and test. Charters results at a whole are much low that the neighborhood schools.

  • Gabriel Neves
    Gabriel Neves 3 days ago

    In my school we factor in relations with students and professors and perseverance as well as cognitive abillity

  • katie dangelo
    katie dangelo 4 days ago

    this man needs to join the education board with trump and help guide where eduation should go!!!

  • Prominerz18 01
    Prominerz18 01 5 days ago

    The video is legit we have to upgrade our education system

  • Lin Qian Lee
    Lin Qian Lee 6 days ago

    It is the same in Malaysian education system. I hope we need changes in order to save the nation.

  • kaiserhoff
    kaiserhoff 7 days ago

    Yuck. This guy is proving the opposite of his thesis.
    It's not about caring, when the kid has already failed for years. It's about accountability and COMPETITION, all along the way.
    That worked great for years.

  • Blain Redwine
    Blain Redwine 7 days ago

    These do gooders will never succeed in creating an optimum school system because the problem is the system itself....a government run monopoly whose purpose is to indoctrinate everyone. What's needed is competition between PRIVATE education companies. It works everywhere it exists ...why not in education? The curriculum should be decided by the parents and children, not the bureaurats and teachers.

  • Granamir71
    Granamir71 7 days ago

    I read some of these comments and i'm wondering where are u from? What Joshua says i guess is for USA education system and culture. Ofcourse it can be exported to other countries but not everywhere is valid. So, how hard is for everyone to say i'm from...and here thing are this way? USA (or your country or mine) is not the entire world, and i'm from Rome, where "Roma caput mundi" (Rome is the capital of the world).

  • Nana Farris
    Nana Farris 10 days ago

    am i the only one feeling teared up because every words that came out from this man is simply none other than truth? may God bless you and SOMEONE SHOULD APPOINT HIM AS THE SECRETARY OF EDUCATION/PRESIDENT!

  • Vince Elhalawany
    Vince Elhalawany 10 days ago

    This man sells half truths. this is just one more liberal trying to fool you again. something like 90% of teachers are left wing ideologues. you think giving them more power is the answer? teachers are just as big an enemy of this great country and it's youth as are the private education companies. they are both the problem.

  • EverClearWonderful
    EverClearWonderful 10 days ago

    I wanna help get rid of this!

  • EverClearWonderful
    EverClearWonderful 10 days ago

    You are right Joshua

  • Simona Strižak
    Simona Strižak 10 days ago

    I am a successfull tattoo artist and I would like to say that this is more than just true. from the age of 12 I wanted to be and knew who I was going to be but everyone laughed at me and teachers and my mom always forced to go for a better grades. I had depression. after when I nearly finished school(not because of the bad grades, because I knew its useless, expect for socialising) I finally battled with everyone around forcing me to go to university to do at least art. well.. I tried for a year and I dumped it. because I knew its useless. so Now for about 5 years, Ive got my own business, work in 2 countries at ones and Im going and looking for higher everytime because I refused to listen to the 'zombied by the education system' people. so I wish everyone the same success and better. ❤

  • Chillaxes
    Chillaxes 11 days ago

    well i was with him until he went on a personal attack on math...come on now man theres a space for both

  • Rebecca Brown
    Rebecca Brown 11 days ago

    Everything I've said for years. My there a petition I can sign?

  • Hannah
    Hannah 11 days ago

    This needs to have wayyy more views. This is such an amazing video.

  • Daniel Private
    Daniel Private 12 days ago

    Tax dollars go to the Federal Dept. of Education and fail comes out the other end. Dismantle the DoE, auction off its assets and lets be done with it.

  • ChikaCherry / Artist of Trash

    School has made me feel stupid, my grades are dropping and I really want to do animation for college. I'm weak at math and my interest has disintegrated on most of my subjects

  • Henry Yuan
    Henry Yuan 16 days ago

    Very well spoken. Australia has many, if not all these issues too. Teachers here are too busy doing mandatory paperwork for compliance, and non-sense professional development courses. There is almost no time to develop creative and engaging lessons - teachers can't innovate. We should turn this around, first priority should be student's welfare and learning. And when it comes to bureaucracy, less is more.

  • Danny
    Danny 18 days ago

    Though the school system sucks, it's not the fault of private schools imo. I live in the Czech Republic, and the overwhelming majority of schools here are public; funded by taxes. The results are the same.

    The problem with education is that everything is based around results. People are expected to pass, but no one cares if they learn anything. As the speaker mentioned, students have to go to college if they want a good job. I don't remember half of the things I learned in elementary school.

    Employers filter people based off of their education, so if you want a good job, you have to get a good education. In the end, I can't think of a way to fix this system.

  • Carly Chocoolatina
    Carly Chocoolatina 20 days ago

    Home economics!!! Yey.. oh wait that's not profitable for society. Having people, poor people know how to manage their finances? no, no. Let's keep them ignorant and in debt.

  • green man
    green man 27 days ago

    After being placed in LD classes for years, I came across a counselor that told me just this. Following that conversation, I had a math professor tell me this as well. Education is failing us because they can't or don't reach the students. If teachers can teach students on how they learn, there won't be behind.

  • katrina hawthorne
    katrina hawthorne 28 days ago

    I absolutely agree with Joshua Katz!
    So validating for my daily elementary life. My students/kids come first, then we address curriculum.

  • Ionut Rus
    Ionut Rus 1 month ago

    How ridiculous. That 16 year old could not multiply 2 by 9. That's mentally challenged, dude, no way around it. If you try and fail multiple times to add 2 nine times or add 9 twice, you are heavily mentally challenged.

    You can go and say "but at least you can draw a pretty picture". However, that does not make that person any less mentally incapable, i've seen animals doing art. I've seen no animals doing math.

  • BenzoMusic
    BenzoMusic 1 month ago

    I'm surprised that everything and anything to succeed is to go to college when there are people who don't need a stupid FSA or ACT test. I'm 17 and very smart but the standardized testing is mentally retarded. Before 2009, students actually liked school. Now in my school, students skip days because they can't understand a damn state test.

  • Amin The researcher
    Amin The researcher 1 month ago

    schools dont look for a bright future for the student. all they care about is money, fame and glory same goes for text book providers they look for how they can make profit rather than inpiring kid, allowing them to think criticaally or be artists in their own realm meaning that creativivty is lost

  • Amin The researcher
    Amin The researcher 1 month ago


    i live in england and we here have something called GCSE, GCSEs are taken by students who are 15 and 16.
    secondary school or "high school" here is 5 years. Unfortunately during these five years are spent preparing the child for Gcse's but not life.

    It is is said here that if you fail your GCSE's your a dumb f**k and that you don't have a future. basically what they are trying to say is that you have no future if you fail your GCSE's. Which i think is sad because these stupid exams are effecting a students health, relationships with friends and family (which i believe are the most important thigs in life. people are now judjing by gsce's rather than the students character. one thing that GCSE has done to people it has removed the light of hope, it dictates a person's life rather than the person dictating his or her life

    i hope you can take heed from this.

  • Donald Mosher
    Donald Mosher 1 month ago

    I've known so many people who started at traditional business careers but gave up and went into blue collar trades and or civil service after dealing with salary abuse, office favoritism, lack of loyalty, lack of job security, outsourcing, being replaced by a H1-B workers etc and doing far better. A MBA is no guarantee of making money and a lot of people just don't fit into corporate culture. I knew one guy who was a good computer programmer and after being laid off twice and having another company he worked for go belly up tell me after getting a programming job a local municipality, "I could make a bit more in the private sector but I have a guaranteed pension, full medical benefits, I can take my full vacation time without any worry how it will affect my job and nine out of ten days I am going home at five o'clock to see my wife and kids. You can't put a price on that."

  • abc68099
    abc68099 1 month ago

    You go brother! I hope you get involved in policy. Another problem is that foreign students who come to the u.s. are those that believe in standardized testing and status via name brand universities. This reinforces the type of education that many do not want.

  • End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wild Animals

    Katz seems to have forgot to mention the 'power' of nepotism prevalent in certain groups who make sure that their 'brethren' get accepted into schools, colleges or top job positions regardless of whether they actually qualify

  • Michael Manning
    Michael Manning 1 month ago

    sees the symptoms but not the problem. he grossly misses the real evil in the system. Sad.

  • Dominik Klon
    Dominik Klon 1 month ago

    Every student and every teacher in the world should see this video.

  • Christopher Venici
    Christopher Venici 1 month ago

    Was I the only one who actually cried while he explained the tests and what they do to the kids?

  • Terra on Venus
    Terra on Venus 1 month ago

    in our _advanced_ math class, only 27% of students passed. the previous year, only 20%.

    everybody in our class has been taught what we were supposed to learn and way beyond.

  • Mr. James
    Mr. James 1 month ago

    This man speaks the truth. I teach in a Title 1 school, and what he states for a solution would work far better than what we have implemented today in our schools. Teachers have lobbyists on state and national levels, but nothing like those educational companies have.

  • Lord Keltain
    Lord Keltain 1 month ago

    Our education system is bs. I graduated with a 3.5 gpa. Wanna know what I learned in 12 years of school? Nothing. I learned jack except how to take a test in 10 minutes. That's all I learned.

  • MikeZ
    MikeZ 1 month ago

    It's refreshing to see that so many comments that see the wisdom of this teacher's comments. His points about the intangibles and the conditions of the students - hunger, poverty, poor self-image, and the list goes on - are indeed spot on. So, if you agree with that, let's talk about where that comes from. Sadly, it's the home environment...parents...and sometimes, lack thereof. And, we don't like to point the fingers at ourselves. Just tell a single mom who's never at home because they're working two job since her husband left her that she's responsible for creating a loving and caring environment for her children. Just tell a foster parent who cares more about the next pack of cigarettes than providing counseling for her new foster child who think of new ways every day to set their school on fire. Do parents listen to this counsel? Do parents today understand what responsibility and sacrifice means? Most of them absolutely do. But, as this teacher has so eloquently explained, where does "that percentage" of children come from? And sometimes, they come from neighborhood which you'd never expect them to come from.

  • Gilbert Lim
    Gilbert Lim 1 month ago

    this is so true

  • Drake Koefoed
    Drake Koefoed 1 month ago

    Why don't the states have excellent teachers write the books, and the states publish them? Hire out the printing, sure. But why pay $100 for an algebra textbook?

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 1 month ago

    My hero.

  • Asthetical
    Asthetical 1 month ago

    Why isnt this channel on tv so our governments know this and actually consider this. I dont think the government officials watch youtube at all xD

  • Pyro-Ice Queen
    Pyro-Ice Queen 1 month ago

    I attended a Christian school years before this testing started. We were used as beta testers in third grade to test out the new FCAT for Florida. That was two weeks of constant testing. Stressful doesn't begin to cover it. However I was lucky. No. I was blessed. My teachers reached out and developed a relationship with us and learned what we liked and how we each leaned. He's right. Several tests have shown these standard tests don't work. In fact they hurt students. I'm a bio major so all my classes help me learn and develop my skills. I've recently leaves about this common core and wow is it weird. To me they need to get rid of it and fast. When I was little (im 25) you helped each student. My aunt is a teacher. She does everything for her students but is judged by those dumb grades. They've closed schools because of those stupid test yet we need more schools. I think the only way out of these test is parents and teachers are going to have to just stand up and say NO MORE. Until then I don't think it will change. What we need is more trade schools like Europe does instead of stupid test that really doesn't tell of the individual student. I also didn't know they dropped home ec. That's needed this day in age with debts and loans. They really are screwing students. I once read that this is all to make a generation of drones. I'm afraid that story was right.

  • Jc Wong
    Jc Wong 2 months ago

    I put up all my effort in scoring the final exam in the last year of high school, and the result turned out well. I was satisfied and I honoured what I have achieved. But soon, I found out that I have lost all my motivation to think, and I started to struggle in university. My future that was once so clear to me, seems entirely diminished as I am scared now to even think about a small math question. University requires me to think independently, and when I get the answer wrong, I just can't move on. I once put all my belief in the education, the school tells me how successful I could be. Now I doubt it all.

  • Ionut Rus
    Ionut Rus 2 months ago

    Inability to do maths is stupidity, however much an artist you are otherwise. If you can't work out how to add 2 and 2, it is a clear sign of intelligence failure. Almost everything in life has a connection to match, you screw that up, you're braindead.

    What kind of an educator puts art and math in the same category? Does he even understand the damage he is doing now?

    So, sorry: if you're bad at math, you are, for all intents and purposes, stupid.

  • MrVpassenheim
    MrVpassenheim 2 months ago

    He makes a lot of good points in the first 5 minutes and then throws in something like "there simply is no money in long term student success" when speaking of private education companies seeking to turn a profit. That makes no sense. If your company sells a bad product, the word gets around and nobody then is willing to buy it. Result - you go out of business. Going out of business is, by definition, not a good business model! The thing that bugs me, is that he throws that out and doesn't back it up. Of course, this is an open-ended monologue with NO counterpoint offered by the so-called "super villain" or ANYBODY else for that matter. You're only getting part of the story. In my experience, that's the making of a scam.

    Don't get me wrong, he's got A LOT of good ideas, but the bogeyman isn't private education companies. I was in 9th grade in 1983 and I remember at least several years prior to that thinking how POOR the quality of education was at public schools, and that had NOTHING to do with whether or not "Nathalie" hadn't eaten the previous night or was a child sex slave (for goodness sake, where the HELL is this guy teaching?!) . Back then it had NOTHING to do with the private education companies, because they were practically non-existent. Yes, Common Core SUCKS, and yes he's right about a lot of other things, but to say that public schools are broken because of the "super villain" private education companies is UTTER HOGWASH. Please provide a counterpoint before you act like you know all the contributing factors and facts.

  • Estevan Valladares
    Estevan Valladares 2 months ago

    "The mass movements of minorities small but highly organized and driven, each tries to get power through means it could never have by numbers or persuasion. This groups are by definition absolutely politically oriented." - Drucker, Peter F.

    People like to be inclusive only when this inclusion is politically relevant. I see no one trying to include education by itself, driving criticism to education by criticizing the education professionals.

    The irony is that our education is bad because people in education are not experienced people on the field, but education professionals perpetuating academic narrow minded concepts to grade professional competence. Exactly the opposite to what the person on the video is defending.

    We have bad education because we are driven to normalize the education by the line of lowest denominator to include everyone. There are people who are bad in this or that, and it is not ok, either they get better, or they get out. What if someone is bad at math and get no job because of that ? Should the people who are good at math wait them, because they cant or most of the time wont try to get better ?

    Art, cool. Most people talking about art knows nothing about art. They just self proclaim themselves artists, having no clue about art at all. Art is not something you learn in school ? fine. Let school for that which is learned in schools then.

    Inclusion is by its own method, a form of making things worse. Instead of getting people to make themselves better, we just making everything easier and less efficient.

  • Dennis S
    Dennis S 2 months ago

    Michio Kaku calls US public education system the worst in the world

  • Kai Simone
    Kai Simone 2 months ago

    Art is not an option when it comes to developing cognitively. Art (music & visual) carry essential elements of Math, Science, History & Literature. It also increases comprehension.

  • Andron MacBeton
    Andron MacBeton 2 months ago

    That guy is retarded. A walking verbal dhiarhea

  • Patrick Mao
    Patrick Mao 2 months ago

    The Matthew Mcconaughey of Education. Great speech!

  • 1984Kojot
    1984Kojot 2 months ago

    In my present life i remember maybe 10% what i have learned in schools (i was almost always good student or even very good) but 90% knowledge that i use in work comes from work and learning for my own at home. I live good enough in poor but european country. Do we really need to waste so much time in all schools when they are so much not effective??

  • William Tyndale
    William Tyndale 2 months ago

    The honors classes don't have the students who refuse to comply with the system, many of which are talented and very intelligent.  Why should an intelligent student cooperate with a system that abuses him or her?

  • Ethan Haworth
    Ethan Haworth 2 months ago

    Really Inspiring!

  • iluvart1482
    iluvart1482 2 months ago


  • Eddie Diesel
    Eddie Diesel 2 months ago

    There was no Moon Landing ! 82 year old Hollywood cameraman Max Canard comes clean about his role in the Apollo moon landing hoax.

  • that really updated my journal

    Easily the best talk on TED. Sends chills up my spine every time. As an aspiring teacher this guy is pure inspiration.

  • magicalmuffinmonster
    magicalmuffinmonster 2 months ago

    He's so right. I spent my entire junior year in an AP Gov course, got a 4 on the exam and don't remember a word of it. You've got students who are being shut down because they don't "measure up" and you've got students like me who have just figured out how to test well without really knowing anything. Nobody's benefitting.

  • Leshego Lerutla
    Leshego Lerutla 3 months ago


  • The Kehwanna Coast
    The Kehwanna Coast 3 months ago

    If only they would listen to people like this man rather than throw stones at him. Ever notice that the good and fair ideas that are very much possible are labeled too good to be true or utopian while the bad unfair ones are called practical despite evidence showing otherwise? It's as if those representing the public purposely choose to go the bumpy hill on a wagon rather than take the incline down. Ethical and fair is not unrealistic, choosing to do the same poorly executed or thought out unethical and unfair decisions and expecting great results is unrealistic.

  • aeopmusic
    aeopmusic 3 months ago

    "I never let my schooling interfere with my education" ~ Mark Twain

  • Ruth Barr
    Ruth Barr 3 months ago

    I didn't get maths until I was an adult, I'm great at anything creative. I'd hate to be in education now I'd be officially stupid. I'm lucky I was born in a time when education was open minded.

  • Bobby Morelli
    Bobby Morelli 3 months ago

    "We missed the point[...]"rigor" has replaced "relevant" "

  • love inallwedo
    love inallwedo 3 months ago

    Absolutely amazing!

  • Vlad Xavier
    Vlad Xavier 3 months ago

    A private education system works, so long as the state or feds are not masking tax payer funds for a monopoly...

    Prove me wrong...

    The ability for the state and feds to allow a monopoly on textbook material providers like McGraw Hill to be used for all education purposes is extremely illegal...

    Monopolies ONLY work when the government is giving them immunity...

  • josh fritz
    josh fritz 3 months ago

    i was taught about algebra and calculus instead of credit and loans. day # 756 since i graduated high school, and i have still not used either of those previously mentioned skills i learned there.

  • kisty phillips
    kisty phillips 3 months ago

    very informative. Thanks for sharing.

  • E B
    E B 3 months ago

    Home Economics is not rigorous? Doesn't that depend upon the course, not the topic?

  • Violet T
    Violet T 3 months ago

    Yes! Couldn't say it better myself. Thank you!

  • Adam
    Adam 3 months ago

    am i the only one who this guy reminds of zack de la rocha? :)

  • Yvonne Lee
    Yvonne Lee 4 months ago

    i just love the fact how everyone HATES the education system, gave me hope in this world

  • Thu Ta Naing
    Thu Ta Naing 4 months ago

    99 salted teachers disliked this xD

  • Vinny Champeau
    Vinny Champeau 4 months ago

    This guy needs a bigger audience.

  • Jason grant
    Jason grant 4 months ago

    It true

  • heather west
    heather west 4 months ago

    Classical education... learn about it.

  • joshua2799
    joshua2799 4 months ago

    What are we gonna do about it? I would just go with the system , as bad as it is or old, just for survival. I'm being realistic. I do agree with people like him and Prince Era, but are we going to do something about it

  • kichigaisensei
    kichigaisensei 4 months ago

    Don't tell me that the private school industry has orchestrated the failure of public schools. There is no more powerful lobbying group in the United States than the NEA with the possible exception of the NRA.

  • Carson The unwanted man

    What I hate is that even the teachers know this is true. A few weeks back, i asked my math teacher when we were ever going to use what we were learning outside of school (I think it was exponents, but i'm probably wrong, my memory is fried). I asked her, and she looked at me with the saddest expressing i've ever seen that woman have, and she said "You most likely never will, and I'm sorry for that."

  • KC Bakeneko
    KC Bakeneko 4 months ago

    Of course this makes sense. He's in the trenches. He should be secretary of education.

  • Learning best
    Learning best 4 months ago

    how to get better grades:

  • Jordan Freytag
    Jordan Freytag 4 months ago

    Thank you, Joshua

  • Kenny Mota
    Kenny Mota 4 months ago

    I spent my High School years in a public school, learned nothing. In fact all i saw kids learning was how to "fit in" how to "judge" how to divide eachother and how to be part of the next "social trend" its sad. I remember i asked my math teacher for help once and her response was " i cant help you, this is an independent class" i remember being so fustrated because i wanted to learn and was rejected IN A CLASSROOM. All i saw was a bunch of rowdy kids laughing at her response to me. This wasnt the only obstical i faced. Things like this would happen on a daily basis to other students. Being in such an ignorant enviorment made me loose motivation for learning and caused me to feel as if i werent cabable of achieving much, so i stopped going to school. I didnt drop out nor let the enviorment influence me, but my grades were horrible. This caught everyone by surprise because people knew how open minded and smart i was. Now, because, of this experience i learned how much of a buisnees school is made to uninform the kids of our future on issues that really matter. ive been educating myself as of recent. i learned more in this talk than 4 years at my public high school. I cant be anymore serious right now.

  • Wyatt Best
    Wyatt Best 4 months ago

    Character is primarily learned from parents. The failure of American education is a failure of the American family. His solution is dangerous. We DON'T want educators replacing parents even more than they already do. The state, having discarded Christian values, lacks the moral foundation to tell students what is right and what is wrong.

    Yes, private education publishing companies are sucking money out of the system, but government policies are enabling that. These companies don't make laws, politicians do. We, the electorate, are at fault for not replacing them with politicians who will not be bought by the education lobby.

  • Daniel Kwak
    Daniel Kwak 4 months ago

    May the corrupt educators see the light of personality and diversity, accept the real world and not a box, for when a corporation or government values numbers over achievements then ill not listen, for we are all different, and the school and school system doesn't accept this while also killing creativity therefore may this message be accepted, as life is an adventure, and not a road, may those who are against schools have the right to say what they want to say, for america and many other countries will not be great from education up, so please promote logic and value, and support this video, and not numbers and anti-logical reasoning, and have a great day.

  • Sunako Akazawa
    Sunako Akazawa 4 months ago

    ok so they say that i'm the "best" student in my school, but i can feel school killing me. I am not really the "best", i don't really learn at home or anything, just my native intelligence and my luck (that's what i'm running on most of the time). And i told my mom that, when i was studying yesterday for a physics test that i didn't want to learn, that i didn't understand anything. Through the coversation, my mom asked me if there is anyone " better" than me at school. I told her "yes, a classmate. But it has nothing to do with it. She is good at math, languages and things like that, while i'm creative, and more connected to the spiritual side". My mom: " And how will that help you in life with?"
    Me: "How are gonna physics problems help me in life?"
    Mom: "Well what if you wanted to calculate the intensity of-
    Me: "I can guarantee you that i will never do that"

  • Perky Pig
    Perky Pig 4 months ago

    I got my GCSE's in two months and it is scary to think that I may not go on to further education.

  • Getwidit
    Getwidit 4 months ago

    Still in school. Soul is crushed. Soul is dead.

  • Nick Devereaux
    Nick Devereaux 4 months ago

    Teacher from Australia. I have spent hours sitting through the big sell of 'new systems', 'new products', 'new ways of 'teaching'' etc. Sighing at the same crap being espoused about this mythical group of children/ learners. If these children only had a decent 'new...' and add 'good teacher' they would all be doctors, engineers, etc so called 'successes' vs the current majority of 'failures'. Listening to Josh made me feel like it was me ranting again. I am so tired of this. I just loved Josh's views. I would add to not only valuing all the students, 'fish that can not climb trees' but also valuing all the occupations that exist in our communities. Without these 'failure' occupations, doctors and engineers would be nothing, lost, unable to do their job or decorate their home. We need everyone and everyone should be valued in our communities. We do not need new ways of proving failure but instead more ways of inspiring a future no matter what skill that requires or what role in society that may be.

  • TheMadMynah
    TheMadMynah 4 months ago

    Wait a minute. This talk is fantastic, and it explains so much, but why are 90% of the chairs empty?

    Oh, right. Nobody wants to change the system because "It worked well enough for me."

  • Aadit Bhatia
    Aadit Bhatia 4 months ago

    Now, Schools are trying to keep 'Rigor" bu also have some sort of system where kids that need more help get it. This is even worse, as when the test comes, everyone feels worse looking at their grade.

  • Aadit Bhatia
    Aadit Bhatia 4 months ago

    Why would you need more textbooks for Algebra???????? I'm pretty sure that nobody needs to update Algebra. Geography is different.

  • Bighippie00
    Bighippie00 4 months ago

    Unless you have the money to fight the money, nothing will get done unless if is for profit. This video is almost 3 years old, and there are videos like it that are older, and nothing is changing. Nothing will change, until it is too late...

  • DJ Aurorawaterz
    DJ Aurorawaterz 4 months ago

    . :'-)

  • Lisha Yost
    Lisha Yost 5 months ago

    WOW! This is definitely one of the best TED talks I've ever watched. Joshua, thank you! I am not a teacher, but I complete agree with everything you said. All the systems that our gov creates become corrupt because it's always about the money/prestige/power/ego, etc. Keep spreading the word everyone! Rigor vs. Relevancy! Exactly! School should be relevant, otherwise, what is it really for, other than to show how good or bad your schools are doing (via standardized tests) and some kids just aren't good at taking tests, it's that simple. And if there is any accountability in the school system, it should be that all teachers hold EACH OTHER accountable. Not some outside source/lobbyists, etc who spend no time in the classroom holding the teachers/students accountable. That is ludicrous. Anyone ever been to a 12 step program? The program works because no one is above anyone else, and everyone has the same goal and is there to help each other and hold each other accountable to be/become their best selves. It's about priorities and our gov has upside-down priorities. The gov systems are not in place because the gov cares about its people. It is all about money and control. If our priorities were correct, we'd care more about relevancy than rigor. I was actually good at math in high school, but I still don't know what a trinomial is and I've never had to use it outside of school in my entire life. Let's make school relevant again!

  • TMinus Neutron
    TMinus Neutron 5 months ago

    I had disagreed with this at first. Then I gave it another thought after I observed that students are given 30 minutes to create a project, or write an essay, they're given two days to study for a quiz atop of assignments in their other classes. So basically, the school system expects our brains to operate and function like machines, precisely remembering information, critically thinking and coming up with genius, creative ideas within a half hour or less, not only is it anxiety-inducing, it's not quite right, because, as a ninth grade honours student, half of my friends suffer from depression and anxiety, and are suicidal. They're considered to be the ones who are flawed, although, in actuality, the system may be flawed.

  • DarieGames
    DarieGames 5 months ago

    This statement applies with me so much: "I met with our district and pitched an idea to bring back Home Economics, but this time as a math credit. First words in the response: “it’s not rigorous”. So, forget relevance. Forget teaching students about measurements, about taxes and discounts, about loans, about debt, event planning, or the reality of fractions. It’s not as rigorous as Factoring Trinomials."
    As I'm exiting high school I'm seeing all of these real world numbers, like taxes and managing money. I'm lucky since my dad knows all that stuff, but what about the students who don't have someone to teach them those skills. It could be empowering for students to learn about taxes and budgeting. You know the essential skills that are useful in the real world.

  • Paul Buchanan
    Paul Buchanan 5 months ago

    What we really don't need is a shiny new mathmatics textbook every single year, and the same Social Studies book from 1994. Math is math, it's a static theory at these levels. Social Science, International Diplomacy, and Current Events build a more stable baseline understanding of their world. Then teach rote mathematics in their correct context, as a tool not an obstical.

  • Keyos
    Keyos 5 months ago

    It's getting worse too! Betsy Devos as the Education Secretary is going to make privatization of our schools a lot worse.

  • Zack Mitchell
    Zack Mitchell 5 months ago

    Totally agree!! As a college student I have no idea why I am studying such abstract Calculus for. Show us how and why we are learning all these stuff, and the hunger for knowledge will be with the students

  • Mandie Cain
    Mandie Cain 5 months ago

    When he got to the part of a 3rd grader writing his own name, I lost it. As I sit here crying that is my son, exactly his story. The education system failed him. It took moving him to TX for him to finally write his name. And when, he had spent 3 mths at his new school, he actually wrote a letter to his sisters. It was at that moment I knew he was exactly where he was suppose to be. He finally had a teacher who cared, saw in him what I saw and believed in him as I did. It's been almost a year and it's time to redo the paperwork on the temporary guardianship for another year. It saddens me, that here in OK my son could not have received the same education. I hear and see the vast amount of comments on social media from parents and teachers on education and how broken it is here in Oklahoma but I digest it remains the same Ol same. We need real change, tangible change or I fear the students in Oklahoma are stuck. Once my son does come back to OK, I will have no other choice but to homeschool him if he is to have any chance at all as an adult in this world. I had friend once tell I had no right to be complaining because I wasn't in the PTA. Excuse me while I readjust my dog in this fight. As long as I have a child in any school I will always have a dog in this fight and every right to question his education. To push teachers to think outside the box. I refuse to accept the fact that my son is viewed as a dollar sign.

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