3 Real-Life Creepy Cases Of Ancient Aliens

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  • Were our ancestors visited by extraterrestrials?

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    Dogon Village, Mali, West Africa
    Space flying saucer
    World map vector
    Star Map
    Hulton Archive /Getty Images
    Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant
    Unknown/Getty Images
    Dancers wearing Kananga masks perform at the Dama celebration in Tireli, Ma
    Peter Langer/Getty Images
    AIZAR RALDES/Getty Images
    ELVIS BARUKCIC /Getty Images
    Weird And Wonderful Artefacts Are Part Of Bonhams Annual Gentleman's Library Sale
    Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images
    MLADEN ANTONOV/Getty Images
    English Heritage Launch Stonehenge Hot Air Balloon Competition
    Matt Cardy /Getty Images
    JOSEPH EID /Getty Images
    YE AUNG THU/Getty Images
    FREDERIC J. BROWN/Getty Images
    PHILIPPE HUGUEN/Getty Images
    The Sun Gate, Pre-Colombian Archeological Site Of Tiwanaku In Bolivia -
    Veronique DURRUTY/Getty Images
    Bolivia. Tiwanaku. Archaeological Site
    AGF/Getty Images
    Tiwanaku Wall 2
    JTB Photo /Getty Images
    Tiwanaku Wall
    JTB Photo /Getty Images
    Tiwanaku Head on wall
    JTB Photo/Getty Images
    Illustration of ancient Egyptians
    Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images
    Planets of the solar system
    Albert Klein/Getty Images
    The Pyramid Of Chephren
    Nick Brundle Photography/Getty Images
    Illustration of Great Pyramid
    Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images
    The Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt
    Nick Brundle Photography/Getty Images
    UFO / Flying Saucer
    Coneyl Jay/Getty Images
    Woman admires Sego Canyon
    milehightraveler/Getty Images
    Built Structure
    Enrique Monterrubio / EyeEm/Getty Images
    Ad Deir At Petra
    Stephan Harnau/Getty Images
    Archeological rock painting
    Friedrich Schmidt/Getty Images
    A nommo figure
    Werner Forman/Getty Images
    The Monolith of the Frail
    G. DAGLI ORTI/Getty Images
    Temple of Kalasasaya
    M. SEEMULLER /Getty Images
    Carl Sagan
    Terry Ashe /Getty Images
    Marcel Griaule
    Harlingue/Getty Images
    African Safari background
    Xrisca30/Getty Images
    Monolith Ponce
    florentina georgescu photography/Getty Images
    Gate of the Sun, front
    florentina georgescu photography/Getty Images
    Marble Quarry
    viti/Getty Images
    Indian skull
    G. DAGLI ORTI/Getty Images
    Earth from space
    NOAA/NASA/Getty Images
    Puma Punku
    florentina georgescu photography/Getty Images
    AIZAR RALDES /Getty Images
    Speed's Map Of Europe
    Hulton Archive/Getty Images
    Dogon Alter Object
    Werner Forman/Getty Images
    Gate of the Sun, back
    florentina georgescu photography/Getty Images

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    Flicker CC 2.0: Cave paintings / Ian Cochrane Egyptian hieroglyphics / reibai Petroglyphs at kachina bridge / Nicholas Jones
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  • Epic PoliticsGirl
    Epic PoliticsGirl 13 minutes ago

    Its suspicious that blk and brown ppl knew math

  • Daddy SepticEye
    Daddy SepticEye 2 hours ago

    I'm sorry but the "space ship" in the hieroglyph looked like the planet express ship xD

  • devouritall
    devouritall 3 hours ago

    You know how when we look at stars we're actually looking into the past and seeing stars that have been long dead and gone? that's because of time relativity... SIMILARLY an astronomer once explained to me that EVEN IF aliens were trying to contact our world from where they are, they would potentially be seeing our earth as it was thousands and years ago.

    All of this is to say that if aliens had contacted us during ancient civilizations, the reason they may not be in contact with us currently is because of time relativity and how long it takes to actually communicate between millions of light years. So the theory that extra terrestrial beings may have visited us in the past is probable and if they were to come back it would probably take more than just couple of thousand years (which is nothing on a larger time scale)

  • Isaiah Taylor
    Isaiah Taylor 3 hours ago

    The skulls mean nothing because inbreeding was common and it does deform heads

  • Cincade Drudge
    Cincade Drudge 3 hours ago

    You guy should do a podcast

  • LadyJosie
    LadyJosie 5 hours ago

    Its foolish for us to think we are the only intelligent, sentient life in the known universe. Specifics like looks and hostility towards us etc, are up in the air for me.

  • A TEAM
    A TEAM 6 hours ago

    I want to see more of them going out and investigating the "haunted" places. One: it's interesting. Two: it's hilarious! 😂

  • Stark V.
    Stark V. 8 hours ago

    I have an open mind I do believe in the supernatural and I do believe in aliens but some of these theories are so weird like those drawings are completely different in my head than Ryan's 😂

  • ameliorated
    ameliorated 8 hours ago

    Ryan has three butt cheeks confirmed.

  • Jynreyn
    Jynreyn 8 hours ago

    We have to be so fucking selfish to believe we are literally the only intelligent form of life in the entire god damned universe. Even if they are light years away and we would never be able to make contact at all, they still have to exist.

  • Goldilocks
    Goldilocks 8 hours ago

    We need merch that says (wheezing)

  • Cami A
    Cami A 8 hours ago


  • Muqarab Rehman
    Muqarab Rehman 12 hours ago

    i'm sorry but for shane to believe in science how does he doubt the existence of aliens

  • Gina
    Gina 20 hours ago

    Pshh I have a question. People who believe in religion. WHERE DID GOD COME FROM !!

  • Rhiannon Shepheard
    Rhiannon Shepheard 21 hour ago

    Your telling me architects used math? Knock me down with a feather.. omg this made me laugh so much

  • Snapsterson
    Snapsterson 22 hours ago

    the Egyptians could of poured a cement like thing in a mold and like filled a whole row in a day

  • Lion Oak
    Lion Oak 22 hours ago

    I'm watching the ad and I'm already scared AF

  • Itsyourboi White BOIII

    A basket of fruit

  • Kalee
    Kalee Day ago

    How could you not believe in aliens? Do people really think that Earth is the ONLY planet in the universe that can support life?

  • Emily Knoff
    Emily Knoff Day ago

    A lot of studies show that the Egyptians were able to move the blocks that made up the pyramids by using water. They would wet the stones which would greatly cut down friction and make them much easier to move. So aliens seem unlikely imo

  • Abigail Santeford

    I don't believe in aliens. But... I do believe there is life out in space like microscopic bacteria or something else. All these 'facts' are a bunch of 'what ifs' and maybes. As the video seemed to go on, I was more unconvinced.

  • ninjakitty
    ninjakitty Day ago

    When that mentioned Sirius B, I thought it was funny because Harry Potter references.

  • Brazil Ball
    Brazil Ball Day ago

    Didnt the Egyptians have slaves?

  • SniperWolf
    SniperWolf Day ago

    Have you seen the 4 Kind that give me all the proof i need and earth is merely a grain of sand on a beach the rest of the sand is the universe so you mean to me aliens are not out there. Plus is you look in the right place you will find evidence of aliens

  • freasaurusrex
    freasaurusrex Day ago +1

    Wait Shane are you saying that because art isn't evidence for this then it isn't evidence for climate change? Btw love the show❤️

  • dexter way
    dexter way Day ago


  • LuckyBookProduction

    Transformers been around

  • Ryan Lagmay
    Ryan Lagmay Day ago

    *doesn't believe actual people made the structure *
    *decided to tell people aliens did it*

  • Umilost
    Umilost Day ago


  • Nieteh
    Nieteh Day ago

    from what they teach you about space in school, it its impossible that there's no extra-terrestrial life

  • rojan urwan
    rojan urwan Day ago


  • Marija Arsic
    Marija Arsic Day ago

    Urgh, i cant stand the white guy

  • MissTexZilla
    MissTexZilla Day ago

    they found out that people were using water to move big rocks cause wet sand has less friction

  • Ren Bond
    Ren Bond Day ago

    WHY IS IT SO HARD TO BELIEVE THAT BROWN PEOPLE CAN HAVE ADVANCED TECHNIQUES BEFORE WHITE PEOPLE DID?! Time, precision, skill; that's all it takes to do these things. And as an anthropologist I can tell you that those two you cited are LARGELY DISCREDITED. ancient aliens is textbook white people trying to come up with a reason that brown people could have done something that "savages" aren't supposed to be able to do.

  • Pats Fan 13
    Pats Fan 13 2 days ago

    Only around 50%?!! Between drakes equation and the sheer amount of time the universe has existed, there has to be or at least have been intelligent life.

    • Pats Fan 13
      Pats Fan 13 2 days ago

      I guess a lot of people are under educated

  • Kayla Davis
    Kayla Davis 2 days ago

    Sirius B....Sirius Black...

  • Maria Winchester
    Maria Winchester 2 days ago

    I'm not sure if aliens have alredy visited us, but I'm 99.9% sure they exist

  • Red
    Red 2 days ago

    I'm happy that before I watched this at 3 am due to coffee, I had a 1 minute cute cat ad

  • Murr
    Murr 2 days ago

    Did he just credit carl Sagan as just "author"????

  • Frank Tibbitts
    Frank Tibbitts 2 days ago

    There's a great doco by Chris White called "Ancient Aliens Debunked" that does a pretty good job of debunking a lot of these ancient alien theories. Definitely worth a watch.

  • Nigel Craft
    Nigel Craft 2 days ago

    Do a story on coral castle please and thank you.

  • Israel Ventura
    Israel Ventura 3 days ago

    I feel like I am in math classes 😴

  • XxMeme_LordxX
    XxMeme_LordxX 3 days ago


  • Andrea Gadaleta
    Andrea Gadaleta 3 days ago

    Shane acts like my dad. He doesn't REALLY believe anything. But does consider aliens.

  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez 3 days ago

    The head is not a alien because the head is a human because they used to put something on there heads so if they fall they won't get hurt

  • Ismail x
    Ismail x 4 days ago +1

    Because of this video, i laughed so hard when peter was given a zune in guardians of the galaxy 2

  • Someone Anonymous
    Someone Anonymous 4 days ago

    2:40 😂😂😂😂

  • IFDumb
    IFDumb 4 days ago

    If aliens do exist I'm not scared there freaking kind

  • Cute Cookie Gamer86
    Cute Cookie Gamer86 4 days ago

    Wait, they would be able to see my anus? Oh dear god help..

  • Michael Grinnan Jr
    Michael Grinnan Jr 5 days ago

    The skull thing is a sign of beauty in ancient Mexican and South American cultures and were mainly made because of deformities which were rare so they thought it was a sign of holiness. So kids what have we learned today? Buzzfeed needs to retake fucking history class

  • Nathan Moreno
    Nathan Moreno 5 days ago

    I think aliens are demons

  • Kiro Wilber
    Kiro Wilber 5 days ago

    At 9:29 they had small groups pulling the stones up the pyramid and used water to level the stones but to create a slicker surface to move the stones faster.

  • AllieDraws //
    AllieDraws // 5 days ago

    I'm glad people in the comments agree that there are no aliens and that this world isn't guessing everything through belief, I'm pretty sure the ancient Egyptians knew what math was

  • RubyAndWiggle
    RubyAndWiggle 5 days ago

    They are such a couple

  • LOrd PintO
    LOrd PintO 5 days ago

    The coordinates of the pyramid of Giza is the same number as the speed of light

  • Hi my name is Pete Wentz from My Chemical Romance

    You can't see Sirius B with the naked eye because he's in the veil

  • Sofia Costales
    Sofia Costales 5 days ago


  • Liz S
    Liz S 5 days ago

    What about Stonehenge? That was totally aliens too.

    (Actually, I've studied both Stonehenge and the Pyramids. There's a lot more practical reasons and explanations for how both of them are built. So the last bit of this one was fun to watch.)

  • WinnieCooper
    WinnieCooper 6 days ago

    gosh dang it Ryan! I am on my freaking summer vacation and yr talking about mathematics?!

  • Sandbox guy Lol
    Sandbox guy Lol 6 days ago

    Of aliens came back trump and everyone would be like " where's the nuke"

  • Mt funnybones
    Mt funnybones 6 days ago

    Who have a common sense and don't believe in aliens? No one ok.

  • Alma Marisol
    Alma Marisol 6 days ago

    You two are my favorite ❤️

  • nusarikaya
    nusarikaya 6 days ago +1

    Why does all the "evidence" to support alien life involve discrediting ancient civilisations? Jesus. They're the same species as us, just as intelligent as us; is it REALLY that hard to imagine them knowing how to do some fucking math? Or move rocks? The Ancient Egyptians were the most advanced society of their time, and we already KNOW how they built the pyramids, why are they still being treated like primitive morons who couldn't have possibly done something like wet the damn sand to shift some bricks?

  • cristina _ann
    cristina _ann 6 days ago

    I bet you Josh Dun watched this

  • Nate21
    Nate21 6 days ago

    ( w h e e z e )

  • Doctor Panthereye
    Doctor Panthereye 6 days ago

    That "laptop" is a jewellery box and the "usb ports" are most likely there to make a bit of a distinction between the hands and the box. Oh and about the pyramid thing, the Egyptians had pulleys and work animals and there's a theory that they used a specific kind of stone which was very easy to move when you made it wet. Said theory also states that the Egyptians did use a ramp which they tore down leaving no trace of it. On top of that, you can use maths to make the pyramids large enough to make the tips align with Orion's Belt, and the Egyptians excelled at maths

  • Emma M
    Emma M 6 days ago

    What if aincent people were just like " guys how about we prank the future "

  • Olivia Schneider
    Olivia Schneider 6 days ago

    I mean, we ARE in a simulation. Maybe they just uninstalled the aliens expansion pack?

  • Cattie Rhinne
    Cattie Rhinne 6 days ago +1

    Ryan wheezing and the caption for it is my favorite part of unsolved

  • Cattie Rhinne
    Cattie Rhinne 6 days ago +1

    Watching this at 10:02pm anyway because time is an illusion and the chance of aliens actually visiting me is almost one in 8 billion.

  • Leslie Dominguez
    Leslie Dominguez 7 days ago +1

    But what if we are the aliens?

  • Katy V
    Katy V 7 days ago

    Jesus christ it is not outlandish to believe that ancient peoples used mathematics and had an understanding that triangular structures were strong. Come the hell on oh my god they transported stones with thousands of slaves (this is well documented!!) and it is theorized that they had a log system to roll blocks up. Of course there arent lasting ramps, do you just leave scaffolding up after you build a house?? They were creating burial sites for pharaos, who they believed were literal incarnations of gods. I'm guessing they fucking made it look the best they could since the entire point was grandeur and majesty. I hate the constant infantilization of ancient (and often nonwhite) peoples just because they didnt have the educational opportunities or understanding of the natural world that many of today's people do.

  • meangel .2
    meangel .2 7 days ago

    I'm an Egyptian and I was like wow they're talking about I was feeling kinda proud even though I literally did nothing to build those amazing pyramids

  • Karl Emmanuel Camasis

    Didn't they actually used water to dampen the sand so the stones glide and move on it swiftly?

  • Billy Joe Pillai
    Billy Joe Pillai 7 days ago

    Yeah the Asian guy won.

  • Catherine Oberfield
    Catherine Oberfield 7 days ago


  • Samar Raafat
    Samar Raafat 7 days ago

    actually the ancient egyptians had pulleys , work animals and everything everybody knows that it's so bright

  • Cherry Farooq
    Cherry Farooq 7 days ago

    what scares me that maybe these aliens are exactly like us, they look and talk like us but just in another galaxy

  • Yaas Myinuu
    Yaas Myinuu 7 days ago +1

    *aliens come and visit earth and show us things about the galaxies*

    Shane: its a lie. *also thinks it could be wind*

  • Tamara Livingstone
    Tamara Livingstone 7 days ago

    Can we please see Dogman!

  • Jack Harding
    Jack Harding 8 days ago

    Why don't aliens help us now then

  • Hoa Nguyen
    Hoa Nguyen 8 days ago

    How do we know aliens would be more technologically advanced

    • Bogwedgle
      Bogwedgle 7 days ago

      Because they'd have to be to get here?

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 8 days ago

    What if the ancient Egyptians used stone to build the pyramids

  • Maddy M
    Maddy M 8 days ago

    the alien theories about the pyramids and ancient civilizations are bull. im pretty sure aliens are real and humanoid aliens wouldnt surprise me but i think we as a culture just dont want to admit that native civilizations were anything besides just savages.
    like, people in africa?? knowing math??? what a crazy concept. our idea of intelligence is not a benchmark that everyone has to live up to just because we have hondas and iphones

  • Stephen
    Stephen 8 days ago

    Lmao Zunes what happened

  • Alex Gaffney
    Alex Gaffney 8 days ago

    Bro Egyptians invented math

  • Alex Gaffney
    Alex Gaffney 8 days ago

    There head was like that to show power and no they just worked hard lmao

  • Alex Gaffney
    Alex Gaffney 8 days ago

    Basket it is

  • Speedy Vincent
    Speedy Vincent 8 days ago +1

    I love hearing alien stories. Also I was so happy when HASA found living things on a planet.

  • Kayla Taylor
    Kayla Taylor 8 days ago

    You guys should totally do one on slender man and the things that people have experienced. Look into it alllllll i think this be fun for you too

  • Salty As fuq
    Salty As fuq 8 days ago

    To everyone who thinks Aliens can't be real cause the atmosphere is only unique to Earth, FUCKING ALIENS. THEY EVOLVED ON A DIFFERENT OLANET

  • Papa Jesus
    Papa Jesus 8 days ago

    We're not alone my children

  • Adamoeba Ich
    Adamoeba Ich 8 days ago

    I've seen the carving of the "spacecraft" and the "helicopter" several times online and it still blows my mind how futuristic and modern they look. I can't imagine how they'd think up something that looks so closely to what we have today, but maybe it's just a weird coincidence.

  • Bridie Mander-Jones
    Bridie Mander-Jones 8 days ago

    I am born and raised in Australia and those drawing at the start at 0:51, they are most likely hand painting on the inside of a cave from Australian Aboriginals, these native people roamed Australia freely for years. They were disturbed in 1782 by the Europeans and they arrived in Sydney, Sydney cove. The paintings might tell stories or drawings of family. They aren't aliens!

    I literally gave you guys my opinion and statement

  • Mariana_Loera
    Mariana_Loera 8 days ago +1

    In like a century, we are going to build a time machine, go back to those times to see if aliens are real and if we can communicate with them. Stumbling upon some little boy trying to carry a 15ton stone, we are gonna try to help them with out technology to than later wake up in the middle of the night "Bob, Bob! Listen! WE are the aliens" and then a zoom out of the camera with that weird sci-fi music that they used in that episode of family guy.

  • JD Boys
    JD Boys 8 days ago

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¡¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¡¿

  • Jairo Aguilar
    Jairo Aguilar 8 days ago

    aliens are not real

  • animal and aj lover 2.0

    You would think if Aliens wasted there time on forceimg use to build things and giveing us the future they would come back... I believe in aliens but I don't think they have seen us.. I mean think about it creativity for some... photo shop for others.... fakes the list can go on and on I feel like the megnetic thinging was either a coincidence or they just done in the sun... the perfectness of them buildings and the building of the. Pyramids will remain a mistery to me...

  • Ruby
    Ruby 9 days ago +1

    The stars Sirius?

    AHHHH! My Harry Potter senses are tingling!

  • Hannah Paynter
    Hannah Paynter 9 days ago +1

    Ryan: Sirius B
    me: SIRIUS BLACK?????????

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