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Comments: 19 860

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 3 hours ago

    Haha they are disgusted to spit. I can pee in the tube.

  • Tazza Love
    Tazza Love 2 days ago

    "I'm pretty black"😂😂😂 omg

  • Moore Jeff
    Moore Jeff 2 days ago

    that black girl is real cute.

  • Marie Sole
    Marie Sole 2 days ago

    *spends $99 for DNA results* *dna results come in* *confirms white person is 99.9% European*

  • * *
    * * 2 days ago

    So all of the white people are sad and disappointed to be white?  Hello, look at all of the accomplishments made by whites.  You guys are pathetic.

  • Cull The Weak
    Cull The Weak 2 days ago

    buzzfeed is a bunch of white hating racists

  • Cull The Weak
    Cull The Weak 2 days ago

    people are so racist towards whites they litterally hate their own white percentage.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 3 days ago

    Well, Mexicans are basically Native American mixed with European.

  • beatjunkybg
    beatjunkybg 4 days ago

    Yeah it's sooo boring when they tell you you have scandinavian, british, german and french genes....

  • LCR
    LCR 4 days ago

    I always thought that the Native Americans came from Mexico or somewhere around America I might be incorrect

  • Mel
    Mel 5 days ago

    watching someone spit is like hearing nails on a chalkboard for me

  • Wilhelmine
    Wilhelmine 6 days ago

    uhm european is COOL,

    americans don't appreciate their skin nor being interested where they originally come from.. gosh

    lost community

  • FreedomMusic
    FreedomMusic 6 days ago

    The "white guy" wanted to be half african and half asian or what?

  • Pegasus5555555
    Pegasus5555555 6 days ago

    The color woman is explosive XD

  • Eva Alradaideh
    Eva Alradaideh 6 days ago

    So many offended white kids in the comments, lol stfu

  • Maximus Kappa
    Maximus Kappa 6 days ago

    White people hate themselves in the video. This is disgusting.

  • Scout
    Scout 7 days ago

    All I know is I'm semen & egg

  • Dylan t
    Dylan t 7 days ago

    those people who think european is boring need to learn about their culture. all at least look up the background of indo-european.

  • Dylan t
    Dylan t 7 days ago

    you should feel proud to be european and Irish/british.

  • Nick Doe
    Nick Doe 7 days ago

    Italy didn't even exist until the late 19th century so the identity of "Italian" is contrived. Much of modern Italy was Sardinia and the Vatican States and Austria. Plus many people moved around the Mediterranean from Greece and other areas.

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S 7 days ago

    wtf is wrong with being white

  • terani666
    terani666 7 days ago

    Why are they so surprised? ALL white americans come from europe.

  • joelious junk
    joelious junk 8 days ago

    "I'm not European I'm Mexican". This guy doesn't understand the test, either that or he needs a history lesson.

  • Republican acosta
    Republican acosta 8 days ago

    i want to take the dna ancestry test to find out what i am i know already that im Spaniard and Mexican and also kickapoo but i don't know what else im mix with probably i might be mix with British or german or greek or something like that and it only has to be european ancestry my descent is not Asian or African im light skinned so im originated from Europe

  • Bubby Cthulhu
    Bubby Cthulhu 8 days ago

    I don't want any of them to give me a blowjob

  • Katja Davis
    Katja Davis 8 days ago

    I'm almost 100% sure that I'm 100% Jewish but I really wanna do one of these 23 and Me things to see exactly what it is

  • Ahsan Ahsan
    Ahsan Ahsan 9 days ago

    Well i got my DNA tested and They say i am a Deck

  • Delihla Chanel
    Delihla Chanel 9 days ago

    Y'all white folks are pressed for not having slavery in your ancestry 💀

    CLAIRE 9 days ago

    I have been watching all day and some people are so excited when they are like 99.8 European and .2 Native American I'm just thinking " how did that get there" then I remember history and they should not be proud 😂

  • Wolf3500
    Wolf3500 9 days ago

    Being white is being rare! Whites make up less than 20% of the global population!

  • Vpnc
    Vpnc 10 days ago

    gotta mention the white people

  • Jorge Ortiz
    Jorge Ortiz 10 days ago

    So this video proves how ignorant many "educated" U.S. citizens are about Latin America and the Caribbean regions and also that for some reason, many White Americans don't take pride in their European heritage. Both points are a bit disappointing

  • Iidaa 1
    Iidaa 1 10 days ago

    I'm Finnish/Norwegian and little bit Swedish. :D But I want go to DNA test, because my family & relatives are blonde, but I have blackbrown hair and I don't know why.

  • Lymit
    Lymit 11 days ago

    Ryan is african!?!?!?

  • Alejandro Juarez
    Alejandro Juarez 12 days ago

    White isn't boring, lame, or uninteresting. Embrace who you are. Embrace the heritage and culture of your ancestors.

  • Alejandro Juarez
    Alejandro Juarez 12 days ago

    Mexican is a nationality not an ethnicity. You can't be half a country. 60% of mexico is mestizo ( a mixture of Indian and European) There won't be one national of Mexico that takes a DNA test and gets even 0.0000001% Mexican. Because it doesnt exist. Most Mexicans will have a mixture of Iberian and Native American.

  • Emilio Guardado
    Emilio Guardado 13 days ago

    Why do they freak out when they hear that "Mexican" isn't an ethnicity, we're mixed Amerindian and Iberian.

  • Zach Brader
    Zach Brader 13 days ago

    I'm excited for my parents to get theirs back so I found out what I am

  • Ekaterina Vechkanova

    I'm 100% potato.

  • AreaFortyTwo
    AreaFortyTwo 14 days ago

    "Mexican" guy doesn't realise that Mexicans are just Spanish with a bit of Native. I've seen a lot of these DNA test videos and invariably the brown people have little idea how DNA works and are always surprised and/or disappointed to find that they have European DNA for some reason. And the white people don't usually understand how it works either but they're not surprised to be European and conversely treat any other result with excitement.
    Why is it so common to think it's such an undesirable thing to be white?

  • Bobpizzaman780
    Bobpizzaman780 14 days ago

    Mexican is not a race

  • Spon
    Spon 14 days ago

    I'm Native American half White half Irish and if i'm barley Native American i'm seriously gonna cry.

  • David Xue
    David Xue 14 days ago

    the race latino is basically a mixed race of white, native american, black and very small percent of asian... ya...

  • Jmikey
    Jmikey 14 days ago

    check out that one dude trying to be bummed he's all white . Yeah right.
    Nice try.

  • CanisLupus1987
    CanisLupus1987 15 days ago

    So much self-hating white people... be proud! Africans are always proud of their DNA

  • Dauntless Otaku
    Dauntless Otaku 16 days ago

    I took a Myheritage DNA Test and the results say that, I'm 69.6% African, 20.3% Central American (Which it includes Mexico and parts of South America on the website; inself), 6.8% Ibanian (Spain or Portugal), 1.6% Finnish and 1.7% Melanesian. I was shocked by my results.

  • Spiri7ualShi7
    Spiri7ualShi7 16 days ago

    American ignorance always amazes me, the dude saying he thougt he was Asian and Mexican and then he says wtf when the chart shows European and ask, "wheres the mexican here?" Really?

  • Baron Von Grijffenbourg

    Hey look on the bright side! No stripped pyjamas for you when the Trumptards start their ethnic cleansing program! :D

  • Melting_Pot
    Melting_Pot 16 days ago

    italy was and always has been a crossroad for mediterranean countries. south european can easily mean italian if you consider the number of french, spanish, greek and other nationalities that occupied and ruled parts of italy up until a few centuries ago.

  • Jared Smith
    Jared Smith 17 days ago

    This makes me doubt my straight, South Korean, and yellow lineage. If it wasn't weird enough that I'm 6' 1''?

  • Blue Blaze
    Blue Blaze 17 days ago


    14,639,229 views 18 days ago

    This is all part of the white hate, that our culture is teaching us that the white man is evil and to hate ourselves... cant stand this.

  • Nilomi Desai
    Nilomi Desai 19 days ago

    guys did you see that Ryan was 1.4 percent sub-Saharan African. wow. 3.42 was the time

  • Centeo
    Centeo 19 days ago

    "I thought I'd be something cool, I'm just a white guy" I died laughing xD

  • ItsKatrina X
    ItsKatrina X 19 days ago

    Shane isnt bashing just his ethnicity but the whole community. All ethnicities and races and interesting. Just because you're JUST white doesnt mean you're boring. Its actually quite fun to be European.

  • Flawless Necia
    Flawless Necia 19 days ago

    on Ryan's dna test they didn't say he had black ancestors 3:53

  • Merissa Arreola
    Merissa Arreola 19 days ago

    I really want to do this!!! I just know that my grandparents on my dads side were from Mexico and my mothers father is Native American and European, and my grandmother is European so I would really like to know what my breakdown is.

  • Moira Menzelli
    Moira Menzelli 20 days ago

    Shane should feel special. He's so diversely European that they can't even pinpoint exactly which he is besides a smidge more British. That's an excuse to go try all of the European cuisines :P

  • Danni Hjøllund Karjaälainen

    I'm 60% European from Scandinavia (Denmark, Indigeneous Sami from Norway and Iceland) from my mother's side.
    But I am also : African (DR Congo and Cape Verde), Asian (Japan), Fijian and Aboriginal Australian from my father's side✊⚫🔶🔴 I consider myself as a black girl and proud to be but some people seem offended by my choice.

  • Julie Tashima
    Julie Tashima 20 days ago

    Omg! I'm half Japanese and half Mexican and I never meet people like me! I've always wondered what people like me would look like.

  • DVG
    DVG 21 day ago

    you asswipes realize europe and the uk are what usa population is + the natives that are not a lot

  • Eduardo Minelli
    Eduardo Minelli 21 day ago

    Why do people from America thinks that "Mexican" is a race? lol

  • Lauren Paige
    Lauren Paige 21 day ago

    I want to do this so badly

  • Ellen Jarrard
    Ellen Jarrard 22 days ago

    Jen was spot on lol

  • Jamie Weber
    Jamie Weber 22 days ago

    100% European here, I'm more basic than Maycie and Shane 😂😂😂

  • All People
    All People 22 days ago

    the way ppl 30 and under see the white race is

  • Richard Andrew Crosby

    I guess the women can only swallow and not spit, hehehe lol

  • DragonSlayer1
    DragonSlayer1 23 days ago

    Mine said that I was %96.1 British, and the rest was Scottish.... But %0.04 African.

  • Paivetino
    Paivetino 23 days ago

    The Asian Mexican guy really thinks that exist mexican race? dude you got like 19% Iberian (spanish or portugese) and also Native american, here it isyour "mexican" heritage ;)

  • Azazel Strix, the Unholy

    When Shane was with the vial of spit, like "Tell me where I'm from." XD

  • Barbara Treadaway
    Barbara Treadaway 23 days ago

    Just wanna tell you not all white people think they're Italian majority of us thank were Native American I don't know one white person who thinks they have Italian blood they typically say Native American Ireland Scotland or England never Italian just wanna point that out to you sweetheart

  • Gigi Senra
    Gigi Senra 24 days ago

    I'm multiethnic too and I'm so curious about it now

  • Perfect Storms
    Perfect Storms 24 days ago

    They should make Donald trump have this test

  • Michał R
    Michał R 25 days ago

    how much more iteresting would be testing if oral activities before split influence results

  • carlos oj
    carlos oj 25 days ago

    Mexican is not a race

  • Йордан Василев

    something cool, I'm just a white guy....what are you people?!, so the blacks finally did it, you caught the inferiority complex. What a bunch of losers. Regular white folks exist in Europe, you have admixtures from 7-8 white countries...this is quite unusual in my opinion

  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton 26 days ago

    God why do they hate white people so much.

  • BunnyOfDeath !
    BunnyOfDeath ! 26 days ago

    omg why is everyone so ashamed of being european? it's a cool continent with some pretty awesome cultures and history

  • entoris476
    entoris476 27 days ago

    Why is it boring to be European exactly? Is it more exciting were you to be Sub-Saharan African or what...??

  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith 27 days ago

    My mom's side is Italian and my dad's side is Romanian

  • Kiddos Knierim
    Kiddos Knierim 27 days ago

    I know right now is that im German, Irish, Syrian, and Mexican

  • TichinaSalem
    TichinaSalem 27 days ago

    When I read some white people's comments I get why the testers were disappointed to be 99% white lol

  • Ainsley Snyder
    Ainsley Snyder 27 days ago

    "Listen, I don't have time....."

  • MinecraftServersMojang

    I wonder what happens if I take this test. I am born east russia

  • Finoula Mc
    Finoula Mc 28 days ago

    When I listen to Americans talk about culture, they literally talk about colour. Black and White is often used by Americans as opposed to the way Europeans state a country of birth. The comment 'I am basically a white guy' gives such insight into way of seeing people. He didn't see culture he just kept saying white. Not critism just observation.

  • Vittoria
    Vittoria 29 days ago

    man wtf do you think Mexicans are lmao
    literally look at a DNA test taken my a Mexican and you'll see that they're a mix of Italian/Greek, Spanish, African, native american

  • Ella Martin
    Ella Martin 1 month ago

    1: 24 ew omg😂

  • Charles Vokrachko
    Charles Vokrachko 1 month ago

    Whites have been conditioned by the Marxist Left to hate themselves and take no pride in their heritage even though they come from a people who created the modern world.

  • Jurnee Jones
    Jurnee Jones 1 month ago

    no one is disappointed about being just white, they probably wanted to something interesting about there DNA that may not have already known about.

  • Watashi Wa Izzie
    Watashi Wa Izzie 1 month ago

    I'm 100% wonderful

  • J Fa
    J Fa 1 month ago

    Why would this white guys/girls be disappointed cuz they are 99.xx white? You are who you are and be happy with it. I don't see anything exiting about being white or being mix, its just who you are.

  • Parabalani
    Parabalani 1 month ago

    I've heard that tests for woman are fake. Woman have XX chromosomes, they cannot track their ancestry. If you want to know your ancestry you need to ask your brother or father to do a test

  • Ghost 1916554
    Ghost 1916554 1 month ago

    I meant African-American

  • Ghost 1916554
    Ghost 1916554 1 month ago

    I look Mexican but I'm more Native American

  • its strange
    its strange 1 month ago

    daysha is my favorite 😂

    GMBCATASTROPHE 1 month ago

    Check how these kids have been taught to think that being a white guy is uncool.

  • Russian Moscow
    Russian Moscow 1 month ago

    Italy / Greece 94%
    Caucasian 3%
    Africa 3%

  • Robert Ocon Dado
    Robert Ocon Dado 1 month ago

    Oo, 'yung 1/8 Filipino mukha naman siyang Pinoy na pinaputi lang.

  • Mr. Potato man
    Mr. Potato man 1 month ago

    Has anyone in here ordered 23andme kit outside of America? If so, how much was the total cost including the shipping and taxes?

  • Benjamin Wilson
    Benjamin Wilson 1 month ago

    Screw this brainwashing crap. People disappointed they are white. Give me a break.

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