The Dell 8K Monitor: Gaming in 8K?

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  • Kiet Nguyen
    Kiet Nguyen 39 minutes ago

    lol titan XP run 5fps on 8k

  • Michael Ireland
    Michael Ireland Hour ago

    Anyone notice he's rocking a 8k monitor.... and playing Runescape Classic.

  • bisioc 912
    bisioc 912 18 hours ago

    WTF ?!?! 8k

  • chris s
    chris s Day ago

    i have gigabit internet and a 1080ti and it look amazing

  • kavisha haswani
    kavisha haswani Day ago

    please try this with PlayStation 4 pro

  • jackgale17
    jackgale17 2 days ago

    8k monitor for 4k dollars. ok.

  • lauboy de gamer
    lauboy de gamer 2 days ago

    how long does it take to upload a video ??!!!

  • Yoshino Yuuki
    Yoshino Yuuki 2 days ago

    you need $10k or more worth PC to play in 8k :*

  • Droidophilic Fella
    Droidophilic Fella 2 days ago

    nice video bud..

  • Hamzoute
    Hamzoute 2 days ago

    48k likes damn 4k +8k = 48k

  • ButtHurt Libtards Joy

    8k - 40 inch - 120hz - hdmi 3.0 - 2028 by calculation is the ultimate screen.

  • ButtHurt Libtards Joy

    the view is like a 1440p 5inch phone but into a 32 inch screen. The real dream. almost invisible pixels to invisible. release this thing affordable and this thing will unlock the pain we suffer. I wonder if they are truly invisible or we should need 12k.

  • eyeCmonsters
    eyeCmonsters 3 days ago

    waaaaaAAAaa? .-- old school runescape?!

  • Ajay Padmanabha
    Ajay Padmanabha 3 days ago

    Is bad

  • Ajay Padmanabha
    Ajay Padmanabha 3 days ago

    Your driving.

  • Trevor Larsen
    Trevor Larsen 3 days ago

    You are always like 5 years ahead of other reviewers haha

  • Liam Harris
    Liam Harris 4 days ago

    and only $4000

  • John doe
    John doe 4 days ago

    I'll stick with a using a HDMI cord to a 4k TV.

  • Pupper
    Pupper 6 days ago

    Oldschool Runescape I see you

  • Sercan Yigit
    Sercan Yigit 6 days ago

    5 fucking grand

  • Burnout Team #ProjectIdaho #UnrealEngine

    the camera can't pick up 8k and its really not the first 8k display a TV company called elements built the first QUHDR 8k TV which I own which is better gaming the TV also has 33 tillion pixels and can support hdr and QUHDR
    also Samsung made an 8k TV as well

  • QuillX
    QuillX 7 days ago

    can this 8k display get you laid haha

  • Lisandro Ratto
    Lisandro Ratto 7 days ago

    8k why jajaj 1080 is much better

  • Wonder Pictures
    Wonder Pictures 7 days ago


  • CJ HDtech
    CJ HDtech 7 days ago

    Is final cut Pro available for Windows?

  • Dean Popper
    Dean Popper 8 days ago

    will this run minecraft?

  • Prabhjot dhanoa
    Prabhjot dhanoa 8 days ago +1

    And here i am playing this video in 360😭😭

    NAAN MAN! 8 days ago

    I'm watching in 144p😐

  • FlaggedBacon
    FlaggedBacon 8 days ago

    He has runescape

  • TheNavyGamer
    TheNavyGamer 9 days ago

    How much is it? Is it OVER 9000?

  • ozzygeo
    ozzygeo 10 days ago

    Dumb for this size screen.... Buy an brain

  • Alex Zoye
    Alex Zoye 10 days ago

    Looks no reflection or ambient occulution in the racing game environment!!

  • Felipe
    Felipe 10 days ago

    you should zoom on the pixels for us to have an idea.

  • Lumber Jack
    Lumber Jack 11 days ago

    I watched this in 480 p and didn't realize til the end

  • Fa Vang
    Fa Vang 11 days ago

    lol dem FPS.. back to consoles!

  • mraeece
    mraeece 12 days ago

    Marques just wondering if you're into grime ? Just because I'm a big Shakka fan and he's not very famous like some UK people know him and it's amazing because you sort of brought his music video to the masses

  • R46
    R46 13 days ago

    video is not related to title....

  • ZyO iCy Beats Productions

    Bruh i thought the mans was white

  • Eto Hige Gamer Culture

    get fuked HDMI Displayport doin work since day 1.

  • TheUnderratedGamer
    TheUnderratedGamer 13 days ago

    Casually has a Quadro sitting on his table

  • ImAFuckingDuck
    ImAFuckingDuck 13 days ago


  • Sahara Gamer
    Sahara Gamer 14 days ago

    what happen when you use DSR on 8k monitor........
    Boom 16k monitor for free

  • Sahara Gamer
    Sahara Gamer 14 days ago

    man the gameplay is 20 frames per minute and you upload on 4k but nobody watch it on 4k just 480p or 720p

    ZEROFOXMEDIA 14 days ago

    Interesting channel, while not everything will be useful for me. Subbed anyway :)

  • Jon Tovar
    Jon Tovar 14 days ago

    This dude sounds hella white

  • mcebi
    mcebi 14 days ago

    2Ks at the beginning 🙌🏾

  • Joseph Cooper
    Joseph Cooper 15 days ago

    Those are some shit graphics

  • Aidan Ford
    Aidan Ford 15 days ago

    im watching this on a chromebook so the footage he showed from his screen looked extremely pixelised and im streaming at 1440

  • MrAcehard
    MrAcehard 15 days ago

    How many white girl you drill in your apartment bro?

  • ItsErik
    ItsErik 15 days ago

    Maybe cuz it was recording it couldn’t get that juicy 8k

  • ItsErik
    ItsErik 15 days ago

    What happens if u unplug one of them :3

  • Mr.McMalon Mcdude
    Mr.McMalon Mcdude 16 days ago

    You should start to use better key boards more comfortable

  • failbug
    failbug 16 days ago

    8k OSRS Gameplay, please!

  • A Sir
    A Sir 16 days ago

    Which os did you love the most marq, windows or macOS?

  • Tech Genie
    Tech Genie 16 days ago

    meanwhile im watching this vid in 4k lol

  • Prahalad Kangeyan
    Prahalad Kangeyan 17 days ago

    Mkbhd stop making gaming vudeos you clearly dont know what good performance in pc is so make phone videos or audio

  • Shabadoo Shabadoo
    Shabadoo Shabadoo 17 days ago

    as someone who games on a 4k monitor I would highly advise against 8k. Even a 1080ti on 4k with games at ultra settings the frames get kinda less than ideal.

  • Marc Nürenberg
    Marc Nürenberg 19 days ago

    I thought DP was stuck at 4k max and also GPU were stuck on 4k max? Which cable and GPU does support 8k?

  • OliversBlog
    OliversBlog 19 days ago

    LAGS !!!!!!! DUDE TITAN Xp !

  • Anuraj Sharma
    Anuraj Sharma 20 days ago

    0.0001 fps

  • Garry Bourne
    Garry Bourne 20 days ago

    I dunno , to me it looks different to reality, too crisp, im happy with what i got, plus I can use the money ive saved to party !!!

  • Thalexis Ramirez
    Thalexis Ramirez 21 day ago

    Well you can play games with 4 Titans XP at 40 to 60 FPS very greatt for being 8k

  • Forge King
    Forge King 21 day ago +1

    Guild Wars 2 on your desktop I see? Instant sub

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 21 day ago

    Christ 1440p is getting little more common and 4K is still a bit obsolete.AND THEY ARE SELLING 8K MONITORS.WOW.

  • J Belle
    J Belle 21 day ago

    The fps is fake !

  • Kiel Enrique
    Kiel Enrique 21 day ago

    I got 50 mbps. That works.

  • HolyKnightGaming
    HolyKnightGaming 21 day ago

    I got it at 4k the massive diff is staggering. then try to but it to 8k i got a fkn 1080 ti and i get crushed by 8k and i got a x99 with a i7 n 40 gigs of ddr4.

  • Sachin Nair
    Sachin Nair 22 days ago

    $5000 for this holy shit

  • TheAverageGamer
    TheAverageGamer 22 days ago +1


  • richzzzard
    richzzzard 22 days ago

    wat fk bad video / sponsered like shiit

  • Abir Rahman
    Abir Rahman 22 days ago

    That gpu costs 3 times more than my pc lol

  • Lego & Entertainment
    Lego & Entertainment 22 days ago

    I have a 1080p monitor, and if you try to watch a 4k video on it, it's really laggy.

  • momobest E
    momobest E 23 days ago

    good vidéo, is the titan X can work in 10 bit like quadro? thank's

  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy 23 days ago

    Just wait until you watch porn at 8K. You can taste the cum!

  • Trevor
    Trevor 23 days ago

    aaaannd i'm watching this is 144p on shitty hotel wifi

  • Tanthoraus
    Tanthoraus 23 days ago

    lol, $5000 for a screen.

  • Clash-Games ABO
    Clash-Games ABO 23 days ago

    "Feels like you're watching a video" - Game Plays at 5 frames per second....

  • GameAndElse
    GameAndElse 23 days ago

    1080p is a joke compared to this.

  • DamGoku 24
    DamGoku 24 24 days ago


  • DamGoku 24
    DamGoku 24 24 days ago

    Dam bro that's my number

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez 25 days ago

    dislike for bad driving and bad game and waste of the videocard

  • 12aarroonn
    12aarroonn 25 days ago

    It costs 5,000,00 dollars

  • Michael Palacios
    Michael Palacios 25 days ago

    You sound like a white guy

  • Yuvaraj Kurup
    Yuvaraj Kurup 25 days ago

    My internet connection can’t even handle 4K.

  • Ali Kandil
    Ali Kandil 26 days ago

    is their 4k option on this video i think there was on my previous lenovo but here on my mac its only 1440p

  • Cédric Martens
    Cédric Martens 26 days ago

    Playing OldSchool Runescape On 8k monitor Lmao

  • Mike McNamee
    Mike McNamee 27 days ago

    8k monitor, "plays old school runescape"

  • Thomas Steiner
    Thomas Steiner 28 days ago

    1) not the brightest one panel
    2) glossy

    1 and 2 together means a shi**y display.....

  • ATVwayoflive
    ATVwayoflive 28 days ago

    It looks like a PS2 game

  • Nkllz0
    Nkllz0 29 days ago

    my laptop overheated watching this video.

  • Hassaneepoo
    Hassaneepoo 29 days ago

    He has a quadrow m6000 just sitting there

  • THEGamingninja
    THEGamingninja 29 days ago

    I can see it now... "Hey, want a free monitor?", "Nah, It's ONLY 8k..."

  • Charlie Lainez
    Charlie Lainez 29 days ago

    What's the point of 4-8K if there not 60fps.

  • PJ M
    PJ M 29 days ago

    Realistic driving experience as possible...I didn't know cars jump
    frames ..

  • jay finest
    jay finest Month ago +1

    360p squad were you at lol

  • Creeps
    Creeps Month ago

    you cant even see 2k with your eyes lol

  • hocxh
    hocxh Month ago

    Aye Penn State

  • James Landess
    James Landess Month ago

    try watching a 144p video on there. Think it looks bad on a 1080p/900p screen?

  • iRuffy :D
    iRuffy :D Month ago

    and me here sticking with full hd :(

  • Big Thick
    Big Thick Month ago

    you got that "cinematic" 24 fps right there

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