Totally CLEAR LG G6 - Clear Galaxy S8 update!!

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  • How to make your LG G6 smartphone TOTALLY clear! This video will show how I remove the glass back from the LG G6 and take off all the color from the glass. Allowing you to see all of the internal components inside your new Android Smartphone. Remember this project is very dangerous and I do not recommend attempting it unless you have experience opening and repairing cell phones.

    Wich phone do you like best? The clear LG G6, or the Clear Samsung Galaxy S8?

    Watch the Totally Clear Galaxy S8 video here:

    Awesome Smart Phone Tool Kit:
    Green Pry tool:
    Metal phone opening tool:

    The camera I used to film this video:
    The Lens I used for this video:
    And this Metabones adapter:
    This is the drone I use:

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  • Christian Olmos KING 210 WOLFIE

    Can you do the s7 and th iphone 6 please if you can

  • sarah jiles
    sarah jiles 4 hours ago

    do you offer your talent for a fee?

  • felixtv
    felixtv 7 hours ago

    Lg g6

  • fefex'
    fefex' 9 hours ago

    PLSS Get one iphone 4 or 4s . and transform to clear. becuse i have one 4s useless and im thinking to be clear . thx

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar 21 hour ago

    Hey Zack could you do a clear back Moto G5/G5s plus??

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar 21 hour ago

    This is THE BEST looking phone with a clear back!

  • Kanal İsmi
    Kanal İsmi 2 days ago

    Hi jonnu sins

  • kenneth bøkevoll
    kenneth bøkevoll 3 days ago

    Do it on a Huawei Honor 8 please :)

  • Gamecake
    Gamecake 3 days ago

    S8 looks cooler

  • Aiden Baguley
    Aiden Baguley 4 days ago

    Gabe "The Glueman" Degrossi has a youtube channel?

    FLAC MURRY 4 days ago

    Go full on and remove the color from the front too

  • Moritz Mo
    Moritz Mo 4 days ago


  • Alvin Velasco
    Alvin Velasco 4 days ago

    Can you do this with the OnePlus X?

  • ejd711
    ejd711 5 days ago

    clear google pixel xl!

  • oleww50
    oleww50 5 days ago

    Probably answered this before but what is the double sided sticky tape you use? I've tried several but they don't seem very... sticky... thank you!

  • bisher ftayyeh
    bisher ftayyeh 5 days ago

    Make a clear i phone 7

  • PreOAP
    PreOAP 6 days ago

    I think S8 looks cooler

  • Titus Immortalis
    Titus Immortalis 6 days ago

    You should definitely put something below the labels to allow them to be visible

  • Theo Baur
    Theo Baur 6 days ago

    Are you Max de Costa

  • Lionel ARNAL
    Lionel ARNAL 6 days ago

    Excellent t'est le plus fort j'adore !

  • FernestsenreF
    FernestsenreF 7 days ago

    beauty doesnt just apply to the outside, whats inside matters too

  • Dan Leicester
    Dan Leicester 7 days ago

    Before I tackled anything like this I would need a step by step video Zak...I can build you an house blind folded but this puzzles the shit out of me....S8+ is my phone.

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill 7 days ago

    Would be awesome to make the finger print reader on the G6 look like an ark reactor from Iron Man. LED light hack any one??

  • Biraj Dutta
    Biraj Dutta 7 days ago

    send any one phone to me. .. .. 😊😊

  • Casey Lantz
    Casey Lantz 7 days ago

    This is the coolest looking phone I have ever seen. So sad you cant buy it like this

  • My awesome YouTube channel awesome dude

    Do you know why he hast no hairdryer because he is bold

  • MrGaming
    MrGaming 8 days ago


  • OneMad
    OneMad 8 days ago

    I'd love a transparent phone I'm just horrible with tools in general.

  • Sonico-chan
    Sonico-chan 8 days ago

    Couldve added that on the original video just saying :/

  • theultimaterom
    theultimaterom 8 days ago

    You are a genius. I would never mess with my phone like that.

  • asd ajsh
    asd ajsh 9 days ago

    when will be clear XZ premium ???
    when will be clear XZ premium ???
    when will be clear XZ premium ???
    when will be clear XZ premium ???
    when will be clear XZ premium ???

  • crimson_noir
    crimson_noir 9 days ago

    "I personally don't own a hair dryer".......killed it

  • Sriniwas T
    Sriniwas T 9 days ago


  • Zachary Drummond
    Zachary Drummond 10 days ago

    Expose the wireless charging coils!

  • Jonathan Lumley
    Jonathan Lumley 11 days ago


  • Sebastián Demaría
    Sebastián Demaría 12 days ago

    I really don't understand the purpose of this channel.

  • Galacticgamer2000
    Galacticgamer2000 12 days ago

    Hey can you put water proof adhesive on the edges of the phones so they can still be waterproof

  • 웅치
    웅치 13 days ago

    In Korea, lg g 6 is actually being sold without wireless charging. haha 😭

  • Easton Howland
    Easton Howland 13 days ago

    Do an at&t huawei ascend xt durability test

  • Arun Bobby
    Arun Bobby 13 days ago


  • wxgglc w
    wxgglc w 13 days ago

    haha you are crazy

  • Kristjan Kirn
    Kristjan Kirn 14 days ago

    Could you do a clear Huawei P10?😜

  • Dan
    Dan 14 days ago

    I am one of the very few people who does not want a clear smartphone. I do not want to see the inside of my phone in the same way as I do not want a clear refrigerator door.

  • AbdulRahman Abughazala

    Do the oneplus 5 clear back :^)

  • Elijah Simmons
    Elijah Simmons 15 days ago

    The silver lines you see on the 'unnecessary' plastic covers are antennas... That phone's communications are probably crippled now.

  • Maximilian Baude
    Maximilian Baude 15 days ago

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  • Tawfik Tome
    Tawfik Tome 15 days ago

    Why u need hair dryer nd u got no hair butt head😂😂😂😂😁😁😂

  • Shannon Rebello
    Shannon Rebello 15 days ago

    LG G6 looks great both outside and inside as well

  • Melchor Pascua
    Melchor Pascua 15 days ago


  • Truong Tran
    Truong Tran 15 days ago

    After this, does it still waterproof?

  • Andria An
    Andria An 17 days ago


  • AwesoMarron
    AwesoMarron 17 days ago

    Nice battery temperature redundancy on the S8. They really did their homework.

  • YouTube HD Hay
    YouTube HD Hay 17 days ago

    it is nice

  • Florin Sima
    Florin Sima 17 days ago

    Hi Jerry. Can you make a video for HTC 10 black. How to take the paint off and make it silver? Sandpapper maybe? Thank you

  • Amonkai
    Amonkai 17 days ago

    Why are the fingerprint sensors all fucked up

  • Mary Trapani
    Mary Trapani 18 days ago

    nokia 331

  • Simon
    Simon 18 days ago

    "I don't personally have a hair dryer"
    Really? Who doesn't have a hai... Oh wait

  • Aymond Greenlee
    Aymond Greenlee 18 days ago

    Can you apply this to an LG Flex?

  • James Mastroianni
    James Mastroianni 18 days ago

    g6 or s8, I chose note 5

  • John Holtz
    John Holtz 18 days ago

    Try a clear iPhone 5c

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    loh zheng yang 19 days ago

    clear version of iphone 7

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    Riyan Raahim 19 days ago

    0.001%/100% will do this 😂😂😂
    Iike if you agree👍🏻👍🏻

  • MustacheSheep
    MustacheSheep 19 days ago

    Totally CLEAR LG G6 - Worlds FIRST!!

  • Aditya Adhvaryu
    Aditya Adhvaryu 21 day ago +1

    One plus 3.please make a video on clear back one plus 3 or one plus 3T.

  • Jeffrey Wong
    Jeffrey Wong 21 day ago

    Its trending. I want my phone looking like this

  • Leo Silavanh
    Leo Silavanh 22 days ago

    iPhone 4

  • TruNurd
    TruNurd 22 days ago

    i was watching this video w/ my friend and he said "yo dude, you should comment 'do this for the iphone 7'" i slaped him and called him an idiot

  • John Doe
    John Doe 22 days ago

    4:12 did you use ChrisFix's Soapy Wodder?

  • crazy boy Rajput
    crazy boy Rajput 22 days ago

    You are mad

  • siddhardh seagull
    siddhardh seagull 22 days ago

    Samsung note fe

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson 23 days ago

    You could do an iPhone 7 clear back

  • Der Ziegenmann
    Der Ziegenmann 23 days ago +1

    the LG G6 looks best with the wireless charging pad

  • Anthony Picky
    Anthony Picky 23 days ago


  • hayden hall
    hayden hall 24 days ago

    iPhone 7

  • Game Addiction
    Game Addiction 24 days ago


  • base vegeta
    base vegeta 24 days ago

    Wireless charging....? Yo do you guys remember cartridge games....? What an age

    ALTRA X 24 days ago


  • sayem 16.4
    sayem 16.4 24 days ago


  • abdu2s
    abdu2s 24 days ago

    Fuck me that looks cool

  • Küfeldt Fotografie
    Küfeldt Fotografie 25 days ago

    Anyone knows where to get one of the wireless charging modules from that Jerry is removing?
    Want to upgrade my Asian device to Qi if that's possible :)

  • SuperRandomS
    SuperRandomS 25 days ago

    Can you make a samsung galaxy s6 clear?

  • TenzoG
    TenzoG 26 days ago

    A phone like a computer. Once you know about hardware is its actually not a shocker on how things work.

    SHUBHAM RAI 26 days ago

    REDMI note 4

  • Shlok Rathore
    Shlok Rathore 26 days ago

    Iphone7 jet black

  • Alif Ramizie Arif
    Alif Ramizie Arif 27 days ago

    can u please make redmi note 3 pro clear back.. if its possible..

  • Johnny Lira
    Johnny Lira 27 days ago

    Jerry, you sir are a madman. I love it! Subscribed.

    GUTER FÜHRER ! 27 days ago

    I agree Jerry niggers are stupid

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    Nikhil Sharma 27 days ago


  • Amine Yadi
    Amine Yadi 27 days ago

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  • Amine Yadi
    Amine Yadi 27 days ago


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    boydi marquez 28 days ago

    a3 2016

  • Feldmarschall YellowCat

    Lg g6 is so handsome

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    talbi seif eddine 28 days ago

    a clair xperia phone (Z5 or Z3...)

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    Leecarl Liwanag 28 days ago

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    DanilolLuminum 29 days ago

    why you dont make a clear head to see that beautiful brain in every video?

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    Sylvelegend 29 days ago

    Clear Nokia 6?

  • Mark J
    Mark J 29 days ago

    In all likelihood, the sensor "niblet" on the wireless charging is less about the battery temperature and more about the temperature of the wireless transfer loops. It makes sense Samsung would monitor this partially independent of other components. By monitoring the battery and charge loops independently the whole system is safer, remember the S8 dont just charge on 5volts at 2amps, it can charge at 9volts and upto 1.6amps :)

  • Holiday Freak
    Holiday Freak 29 days ago

    Lg g6 looks definitely better

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    LolGamerzIndo28 29 days ago

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    Lg g6 won

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