The Haunting Of The Salem Witch Trials

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  • Did one of America’s darkest chapters leave behind spiritual evidence?


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    a wound on the skin
    Wheat grains in sacks at mill storage
    Shackles, medieval tool for deprivation of liberty
    Portrait de la Duchesse de Chevreuse par Claude Deruet attributed to Claude Deruet
    Leemage /Getty Images
    The angel of death. Darkness demon. Photomanipulation
    thunderstorm, lightning
    imagodevita/Getty Images
    Witch Weathervane
    MyLoupe /Getty Images
    Witch Trial
    MPI /Getty Images
    Witch Hats On Display At Vendor's Booth On The Essex St. Pedestrian Mall
    Boston Globe /Getty Images
    Claudette Colbert in Maid of Salem
    Bettmann /Getty Images
    The Duckingstool by Charles Stanley Reinhart
    Bettmann /Getty Images
    Abigail/1702 Rehearsal
    Boston Globe /Getty Images
    Engraving depicting the arrest of a witc
    Time Life Pictures /Getty Images
    The Crucible
    Thurston Hopkins/Getty Images
    Cropped Image Of Dirty Hands On Wall
    Suwit Si Sangwech / EyeEm/Getty Images
    Elie Wiesel
    Diana Walker/Getty Images
    Life In Danvers
    Boston Globe /Getty Images
    Lone lit tent in the night
    Buena Vista Images/Getty Images
    Winter landscape with ''amusement on the ice'', by Van der Neer Aert, 17th Century, oil on canvas,
    Mondadori Portfolio /Getty Images
    Anatomy of the heart and arterial blood vessels, from De Arte Phisicali et de Cirurgia by John Arderne, Latin manuscript, 15th Century.
    Salem Witch Trial Memorial From Charter Street Cemetery
    ART on FILE/Getty Images
    Massachusetts, 1909, Salem, Salem Neck, Marblehead, Nalem Harbor, Massachusetts State Atlas
    Historic Map Works LLC/Getty Images
    Low Angle View Of Window At Bodmin Jail
    David Crooks / EyeEm/Getty Images
    Early 18th century courtroom scene
    whitemay/Getty Images
    The Burning of Archbishop Cranmer
    duncan1890/Getty Images
    The Trial of a Witch, 17th century Puritan America. Illustration for the play Giles Corey, Yeoman by Mary E Wilkins (Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman), American novelist and playwright. Wood engraving 1892.
    UniversalImagesGroup /Getty Images
    Portrait of Georg Ernst Stahl (1659-1734), German physician and chemist, engraving from Opusculum chimico-physico-medicum, Halae Magdeburgicae, 1740, engraving
    De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images
    Him Almighty Power Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky, With hideous ruin and combustion, down To bottomless perdition, fall of rebel angels
    De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images
    Engraving of a Suspect Fainting Before Judge During Witch Hunt Trial by Darley
    Bettmann /Getty Images
    The Legend Of Salem: 'The Rev, George Burroughs Was Accused Of Witchcraft On The Evidence Of Feats Of Strength, Tried, Hung, And Buried Beneath The Gallows' Illus, In: Frank Leslie'S Illustrated Newspaper, V, 31, (1871 Feb, 4), P, 345.
    Education Images/Getty Images
    Arnoldo asking in vain for news of Angiola Maria, illustration for Angiola Maria, novel by Giulio Carcano (1812-1884), engraving by Gallieni after drawing by Tofani, published by Paolo Carrara, 1874, Milan
    De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images
    The house of the Seven Gables, 17th century, the mansion that gave the title to the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864), Salem, Massachusetts, USA
    De Agostini / G. Sioen/Getty Images
    Sarah Osborne House Depicting American Architecture
    Bettmann /Getty Images
    Theophraste Renaudot, 17th century French physician, philanthropist, and journalist,
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  • Evie IsAPandicorn
    Evie IsAPandicorn 48 minutes ago

    The legend of the sailors and the siren/mermaids

  • the pug that fell asleep in j-hope's hands

    wait, elie wiesel dedicated a salem witch trials memorial? that's so dope. i kinda want to go there now.

  • Lizbeth Luz
    Lizbeth Luz Hour ago

    Do the jersey devil

  • Alex Novak
    Alex Novak 2 hours ago

    Hello autism they just have autism

  • JoeDaJoe
    JoeDaJoe 2 hours ago

    I love the history they give for all of these. Not so much them exploring part

  • Pandora
    Pandora 3 hours ago

    they're so cute together honestly

  • Nikky Alvarado
    Nikky Alvarado 4 hours ago

    I hope they do a legend like la llorna or another murder crime like albert fish

  • Pigeon
    Pigeon 4 hours ago

    Wypipo were so civilized back then....

  • KizEdits
    KizEdits 5 hours ago

    An alle Deutschen hier... Findet ihr nicht, dass sich das "Take it" bei 6:27 wie "ficken" anhört? Nein? Nur ich? Alles klar.

  • Sarah Argel
    Sarah Argel 6 hours ago


  • ActivePaper
    ActivePaper 6 hours ago


  • Ashley ASMR
    Ashley ASMR 6 hours ago

    the doctor though

  • Guin Wagstaff
    Guin Wagstaff 6 hours ago +1

    I went to the Salem witch trials the girls did it for attention it is actually on a sign explaining the timeline of it all at the museum

  • Lori Brown
    Lori Brown 7 hours ago

    Salem M.A is the bet place to live I was born there and move to S.C at 8 now I'm 10

  • alisa crus
    alisa crus 8 hours ago

    The crucibles?? Iv read a couple years ago

  • Romelia Garza
    Romelia Garza 8 hours ago

    I wish I was remembered for simply being a gossip

  • Romelia Garza
    Romelia Garza 8 hours ago +1

    Men feared intelligent women and so they labeled them witches.

  • Montana Smith
    Montana Smith 9 hours ago

    Well as I was watching this my lights just glitched spooky

  • Aneres56
    Aneres56 10 hours ago

    audio: *picks up a click*
    buzzfeed: we think they might have been reciting the declaration of independence here

  • Sophia Moreno
    Sophia Moreno 10 hours ago

    Ryan believes in ghosts but doesn't believe in witchcraft...even though it's a practice that still exists today??

  • Marla Gibson
    Marla Gibson 10 hours ago

    Has no one read the crucible? Why did Abigail and John Proctor's relationship not come up? And the doll that was in Elizabeth's house, when Mary Warren gave it to Elizabeth and Abigail claimed she was stabbed, surely that's plausible

  • Sophie Kim
    Sophie Kim 10 hours ago

    Lowkey feel like those girls in the very begining were just on their period....

  • Inspiringly Mc
    Inspiringly Mc 10 hours ago

    I had already known half those names from Town of Salem..


  • Wilddoggz
    Wilddoggz 11 hours ago

    Anyone else just kinda giggle when they said that they got things on their audio recorder

  • Kevin Collins
    Kevin Collins 11 hours ago

    You guys should do what really happened to Ann frank

  • ALEEX 18
    ALEEX 18 11 hours ago

    so my mom grew up in Salem and she claimed to know a witch. She had a black cat and when the witch entered the cat would not leave her alone

  • Necromancer Neddy
    Necromancer Neddy 13 hours ago

    This wouldn't be at all scary unless it was for the music

  • laila l
    laila l 14 hours ago

    I watched all the unsolved true crimes, and I'm not scared.
    But supernatural?

    Bye Felicia

  • _poppyrobin_
    _poppyrobin_ 14 hours ago

    Okay like people do know that the witch trials were fully just sexism right? Like they used to go 'oh I know how to tell if they're a witch! If they have a clitoris, they are a witch!' Like that is legitimately one of the ways they would 'identify witches' lol.
    Besides that point, I find this video so interesting. History in general is interesting to me, and dark history is infinitely more so.
    I love getting in the minds of insane/unhealthy people lol. Scary but super super interesting

    • Gaston
      Gaston 12 hours ago

      If it were just sexism than why were men killed too?

  • Robin Kjems
    Robin Kjems 15 hours ago

    okay but y tf is shane wearing sunglasses when its snowing

  • Tortila Eggs
    Tortila Eggs 15 hours ago +1

    What the hell am I doing watching this a 4:31am 😓

    • Tortila Eggs
      Tortila Eggs 15 hours ago

      Update my cat scare the hell outta me☹️

  • Magical Molly
    Magical Molly 16 hours ago

    "we're alive just like you let's go down to the pub" lololololol

  • Magical Molly
    Magical Molly 17 hours ago

    i hardcore believe in ghosts but i dont hear voices either

  • Darius Capadouca
    Darius Capadouca 17 hours ago

    Ryan and Shane are the best thing to happen to buzzfeed

  • Soko Semske
    Soko Semske 19 hours ago

    They need Dawson to join them

  • Hannah Dyson
    Hannah Dyson 20 hours ago

    my ice maker just made noise then my dog walked by it is 2 am and I swear I might have just woken the neighborhood up with my screaming!

  • Zach Zander
    Zach Zander 20 hours ago

    i watched like 20 vids of yours today straight and im subbing lol

  • Ali Rose
    Ali Rose 20 hours ago FEB-E-ARY?? LOL i love you Ryan.. but its FEB-RU-ARY lol sorry

  • TheReMorseCode
    TheReMorseCode 21 hour ago

    Did this inspire the game Town of Salem

  • Dude Guy
    Dude Guy 22 hours ago

    No one else thought that the what part sounded a lot like Shane was just stuttering or something at that moment?

  • Wildfire Gray
    Wildfire Gray 22 hours ago

    The are women and men nowadays that identify as witches and practice witchcraft.

  • haleydark
    haleydark 23 hours ago

    15:11 if you look in the background you can clearly see a man walking in the background in the woods down the hill.

  • Erin Perdue
    Erin Perdue Day ago

    People back then were not that intelligent. That's all I can say. HOW TF DO YOU KILL A LOT OF PEOPLE AND SAY oh I'm sorry 😂😂

  • museofink
    museofink Day ago

    It would be awesome if you could do an interview with Loraine Warren. that would be so interesting to see.

  • Chosen one
    Chosen one Day ago

    Yes, They were bored actually their House maid i think named Tituba from Africa or Haiti practiced witchcraft and then she was teaching the girls about it. They didn't want her father to know so they pretended being possesed and their father believed them. They had Tituba in prison she confessed of doing WitchCraft and she was released and was told to Never return. The hangings happened because some other girls pretended of being possesed blamed others of doing witchcraft though they didnt. Also in the map that was made of the Town had Poor people on one side and wealthy people, I think the wealthy side blamed the poor side because they didnt like them (I wrote this before watching this, so im not sure if they said this ;-;)

  • h bilal
    h bilal Day ago

    shoulda used an ouija board.

  • bleep bloop
    bleep bloop Day ago

    I watched one of these like 3 hours ago when I was kinda hungry and I got scared now 3 hours later I watching almost all of them and I'm not getting scared BECAUSE IM SO FRICKING HUNGRY AND MY MOM WHO IS GETTING FOOD FOR ME IS STUCK IN TRAFFIC

  • Cringe Queen msp

    I am binge watching XD they make it less scary

  • Freya Pokorny
    Freya Pokorny Day ago

    Ghosts not witchcraft

  • Freya Pokorny
    Freya Pokorny Day ago

    The witch trials were so cruel so many innocent people were unjustly murdered they deserve to do a little haunting

  • michelangelo barques

    Zodiac killer

  • girl in a billiøn fandøms

    At 12:18 something flies over Ryan, top left corner

  • Middle Of BTS
    Middle Of BTS Day ago

    When it said May 27th ( My birthday ) I went like this : WWHAAAAAAA?!!!!!!!! MY BIRTHDAY IS CURSED?! OMG OKAY I CAN HANDLE IT!!! ( Mabye that's why it always rains on my birthday ;/ )

  • Alexander Gonzaga

    ohmygoddddddddddddd ive been waiting for thissss

  • Night-FlashMLP
    Night-FlashMLP Day ago


  • Yellow Blitzever

    14:36 basically school

  • Kaylee Kollins
    Kaylee Kollins Day ago

    They should read the crucible

  • SummerellaFTW
    SummerellaFTW Day ago

    Sounds like wind to me

  • Louise -CharmxFan-

    Witchcraft is real. I know it is.

  • bozo the clown
    bozo the clown Day ago

    All I gotta say,, Salem is a fucking good show,,

  • Caitlin Cribbin
    Caitlin Cribbin Day ago

    Wanna know when they listened to children again? In the pendle witch trials in England.

  • Müggy 1935
    Müggy 1935 Day ago

    Placebo Effect

  • Child acting project s

    #bringbackthewheeze repost to agree

  • bambamlos
    bambamlos Day ago +2

    Who's here because they have a they have a history project?

  • El Charlotte Alice

    pretty sure the "take it" voice is just someone crunching snow 😂😂

  • Sophia Diamondgirl

    I have been to Salem and it was great
    And #bringbackthewheeze

  • phandomist
    phandomist Day ago

    The only thing making me like Buzzfeed is Buzzfeed Unsolved

  • Nieteh
    Nieteh Day ago

    thank you for making this

  • Suleiny Cordero
    Suleiny Cordero Day ago +1

    Adultery is the correct spelling

  • Allison Holly
    Allison Holly Day ago

    I love love love Salem. I've been several times.

  • Praxition
    Praxition Day ago

    I think it says fake it instead of take it.

  • kristinavii i
    kristinavii i Day ago

    Well I believe there is a slight possibility that some where witches just because witches are present today in eastern Europe so who knows maybe they were on Salem too

  • Savannah Smith
    Savannah Smith Day ago

    I'm alone at my bfs I'm so freaked out rn and it's 10 am I should not be this scared

  • Sam Felt
    Sam Felt Day ago

    the people in france literally danced til they dropped

  • Xpert Thief
    Xpert Thief Day ago


  • Lyric Fam
    Lyric Fam Day ago

    Have they done Jack the Ripper yet. That would be an interesting episode

  • Lol Mkay
    Lol Mkay Day ago +1

    Jonathan- tell me who did this to you
    The girls- Am no a grass

  • amelia smith
    amelia smith Day ago

    Do the iceman

  • Lily W
    Lily W Day ago

    In the Europe they killed sooo many 'witches' (roughly 200,000) so it's not surprising Americans killed a lot too.

  • Radiomonkey457 Yas

    well one of the maybe (probably not) witches had my name Bridget and the one grave they looked at had my birthday September 22. Im. So. Fucking. Shooked.

  • C SV
    C SV Day ago



    do a video on the moth man! there's been a lot of recent reports of sightings near lake Michigan and chicago.

  • Naveeda Noor
    Naveeda Noor Day ago

    15:41 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Robey Hines
    Robey Hines Day ago

    Two dogs were also charged and immediately executed for witchcraft.

    MADD VLOGGER Day ago


  • SingingRedJays
    SingingRedJays Day ago

    1692 you say? look closer 1*69*2

  • Gia A.
    Gia A. Day ago

    I like how people get scared at this. Just think about it like Shane. Than you aren't scared anymore.

  • Lizette Juarez
    Lizette Juarez Day ago


  • Quincy Fournier
    Quincy Fournier Day ago +1

    Did anyone see the face like light in the top left corner at 8:37. It looks like a face. But maybe it's just me being scared 🤔😟

  • Yessenia patino
    Yessenia patino Day ago

    Im watching this alone in the dark and I'm scared to get up 😂😂

  • Bethanie Younathan
    Bethanie Younathan 2 days ago

    "It's extremely haunted"

    -"so welcome to gallows hill!"

  • Keira hagan
    Keira hagan 2 days ago +1

    The tall guy makes it that much less scary

    He's really funny

  • Christopher Valdivia

    Ryan gets put up the wall and strangeled...

    Shane:wow that's some strong wind!

  • Christopher Valdivia


  • Trophgaming 04
    Trophgaming 04 2 days ago

    this is why those 11 year olds are making 3:00 vids

  • ` αlly `
    ` αlly ` 2 days ago

    Ryan and Buzzfeed are trying to make us believe in ghosts but there's Shane denying them all with facts making us think of why this supernatural series even exists applause

  • sara x
    sara x 2 days ago


  • Sherrymine Lazaga
    Sherrymine Lazaga 2 days ago

    I like true crimes better than supernatural. I don't know why.

  • Fredrick Rivera
    Fredrick Rivera 2 days ago


  • Alexis May
    Alexis May 2 days ago

    As a person studying Wicca, if like to put a little of my two cents in, feel free to take it how ever, or reply or idk.

    I think witch craft is WAY different then most people, media, and Hollywood see it.

    Witch craft isn't chanting Latin around fires and sacrificing humans and dead animals and whatever. Unless you practice black magic (bad) even then it's still not the same? Granted j don't know alot about black magic, but it's just kinda hex's.

    White magic which is the most popular type of magic, it's all the good stuff :3
    Conecting with nature, using the earth and elements to draw powers from it, there are spells, but it's for like good luck, etc etc.

    So yeah. This wasn't really about the witch trials and such. But more about witch craft

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