How to Make a One-Click Backup Button

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  • In this video we'll be making a simple one-click backup button so that you can make data backups regularly with ease.

    Here's the button I used in this project:

    eBay US/Worldwide:

    eBay UK:

    Also, here are some other buttons that are compatible with this project:

    OR for a 100% malware free installer use this:

    Badge vector by Vector Open Stock
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Comments: 565

  • xanariacc
    xanariacc 2 days ago

    BRILLIANT! Dude.. You seem so damn chill. Bet you're awesome to hold a conversation with!

  • Chris Cuthbertson
    Chris Cuthbertson 8 days ago

    Am i missing something? Why wouldn't you just set the backup as a scheduled task. your just gonna forget to press the button.

  • ben cos
    ben cos 11 days ago

    you could use a old wire from a adpator and twist them onto the switch as I did not have a soldering iron to use for it. PS my switch had holes in the solder tags so i was able to use them and twist on the wires thanks for the idea Matt..:-)

  • Såм Røckү
    Såм Røckү 12 days ago

    I love this guy

  • Graeme758
    Graeme758 13 days ago

    Great video, took a bit of mucking about with Win7 permissions for some reason but works perfectly. Thanks

  • Jon Rosenthal
    Jon Rosenthal 20 days ago

    How do I know if the switch I have is adequate for this project? It's a latching DP switch, but it's only rated for a max Current of 0.1A and a max DC Voltage of 32V. But I have no idea what is required to make this work, or how much the components draw.

  • talonts9
    talonts9 23 days ago

    FYI, there's no reason to cut the black wire and twist it back together. Use wire strippers or a knife to cut through the insulation, then just pull it apart a bit. Do it right before soldering the other wire in, and the insulation will slowly slide back into place, nearly covering the solder joint.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 24 days ago

    Can I ask ( anyone answers pls go into detail). How did you ground the led to the sata cable?

  • Biba Baba
    Biba Baba 26 days ago

    Your voice sounds like Jony Ive

  • Thyago
    Thyago 1 month ago

    Amazing! May I ask if you majored in something related? I mean, did you study electronics or computer science formally? Just curiosity and to inspire others! :D

  • Y. Z.
    Y. Z. 1 month ago

    Your method is pretty complex for a just software thing. For only data backup, I prefer to write my own code (short learning curve & more control) to automate, and then use a cheap USB hub to switch on and off the storage (protection against ransomware).

  • Ramón BS
    Ramón BS 2 months ago


  • Steve Winsker
    Steve Winsker 2 months ago

    wow, thank you for your tipps and videos, a lot to learn :)

  • ben cos
    ben cos 2 months ago

    works perfectly tested it with SATA disk drive

  • stealz
    stealz 2 months ago

    My cable has 4 wires, what do I do?

    • stealz
      stealz 1 month ago

      Aimee Cos oops I meant to type 5 wires, it has an extra orange wire. I 'll try with it and if it doesnt work i'll just cut it. thanks for your reply though.

    • Aimee Cos
      Aimee Cos 1 month ago

      the 2 blacks are ground wires and the yellow wire is the 12 volt and the red wire is the 5 volt rail

  • ben cos
    ben cos 2 months ago

    thanks for the amazing idea:-)

  • Leon Meertens
    Leon Meertens 2 months ago

    now,dont forget to push that buttn or else you still don't have a backup ;-)

  • MikePlaysIt
    MikePlaysIt 3 months ago

    Uxcell makes a latching push button switch just like that, but it has an illuminated ring around the button that you can either wire to always be on, or to be on whenever the switch is activated. This particular one comes with blue illumination, but there are others with white or red. Don't know if they are DPDT though, which seems to be what is needed. I just purchased a SPDT mode made by Ulincos for wiring up some undercabinet LED strips. I like it because I can wire it so the illuminated ring is either always lit, or lit simply when the switch is activated. I'm going to wire it so that it's always illuminated that way the switch is easy to find in the dark.

  • MyBigThing2010
    MyBigThing2010 3 months ago

    hmmm...I thought "DP" meant something else this whole time haha...learn something new everyday I guess...

  • Matchlesmage0
    Matchlesmage0 3 months ago

    Or you could just use windows backup

  • Simon Nitzsche
    Simon Nitzsche 3 months ago

    I have the same UEFI :O

  • Jannis G
    Jannis G 3 months ago

    Very good video. :)

  • Brendan Tate
    Brendan Tate 3 months ago

    For the annoying bundled software there is a program called uncheck that will block those

  • Grease
    Grease 3 months ago


  • Mahmoud Mostafa
    Mahmoud Mostafa 3 months ago +1

    *Music* ... ALL OF IT!!!

  • soundcode024
    soundcode024 3 months ago

    Backup drive = 10yr old maxtor

    Well done.

  • bbpetrov
    bbpetrov 3 months ago

    LAMEST shit i've seen so far

  • spinner669
    spinner669 3 months ago

    Too much like work. Simple Data Backup does the same thing without all that work and can be configured to do it at the same time every day automatically. And it's FREE.

  • Yannik Zeier
    Yannik Zeier 3 months ago +1

    So please tell a thief to open your pc and remove the backup storage for you before he steals your pc ^^

    • Yannik Zeier
      Yannik Zeier 26 days ago

      +Wemja ^^ This is just an shitty way to make backups and i cant tell anybody to do it like this because its not very useful.

    • Wemja
      Wemja 26 days ago

      Just admit it you were shitposting, You made a witty joke but then you just kept telling how shit the video is and you shouldn't do it instead of giving a proper alternative. You don't know anything about it.
      Too bad I called your bluff.

    • Yannik Zeier
      Yannik Zeier 26 days ago

      +you dont need cloud backup. Just do it properly and not this shit like in the video.

    • Wemja
      Wemja 26 days ago

      Well how would someone who takes backups seriously do it?
      Of course automated cloud backup is better but not everyone wants to pay for that.

      This method is pretty good, yea sure the build in drive may be a bit over the top but the laptop method shown would work just as well. It looks like a normal way to backup and it reduces the hassle.

    • Yannik Zeier
      Yannik Zeier 26 days ago

      +Wemja If you taking backups seriously you shouldnt do it like in the video. But if you are so lousy at doing your backups you most likley dont have anything important to backup

  • Wilco Charlie
    Wilco Charlie 3 months ago

    Very Clever! Bravo :)

  • Dudefoxlive
    Dudefoxlive 3 months ago

    when you showed the laptop why did it have BIG and little icons on the taskbar? also how can i do that?

  • Qui Le
    Qui Le 3 months ago

    I recommend CrashPlan it backs up to any drive you configure on a constant schedule.

  • samonie67
    samonie67 3 months ago

    watch from 3:38 and it looks like a bomb disposal guide XD

  • Joseph Morales
    Joseph Morales 3 months ago

    DP has a lot of meanings

  • Jeff Rabbit
    Jeff Rabbit 3 months ago

    You know it's an old video when they don't tell you to click that bell icon.

  • Nissim Trifonov
    Nissim Trifonov 3 months ago

    Backing up to a hard drive which is INSIDE the computer is not useless, but it is pretty close! If something happens to the computer itself, be it a power surge or fire or a flood or whatever, both the main drive and the backup drive will die together. Backups should be stored on an external device, which is to be disconnected from the computer and stored in a different location, meaning another room or ideally not in the same building.

    • DIY Perks
      DIY Perks 3 months ago

      The point is that the drive is physically disconnected 98% of the time. This protects it from power surges, PSU failures, ransom ware etc. Pretty good for most people.

  • ChiTuSai
    ChiTuSai 3 months ago

    Very useful, as almost all your videos!
    I'm going to do that !

  • Lukas Murmann
    Lukas Murmann 3 months ago +1

    Or.. you know... just set up the drives in raid 1........

  • Jack Steamer
    Jack Steamer 3 months ago

    Darn i drilled right in to my hard drive.

  • Thatoneblackguy258
    Thatoneblackguy258 3 months ago

    Awesome solution to a problem we all have BUUT...why not just install a piece of software to automate this? This button still relies on the user to remember to press it ever so often.

  • It's Not Gaming
    It's Not Gaming 3 months ago


    i never backup my files

  • _ _
    _ _ 3 months ago

    how is the drive powered?

  • Stan Stelten
    Stan Stelten 3 months ago

    wow that cpu in that motherboard. what a waste of money on the mobo

  • Nexus Seth
    Nexus Seth 3 months ago

    Can you open subtitles made by community ? I would like to make the french one.

  • The Nurdeyest
    The Nurdeyest 3 months ago

    You could retail this to PC manufacturers, and personal builders, this would be an amazing product, I would purchase it!

  • Meep AMV
    Meep AMV 3 months ago

    Can this be done on a NAS server? :)

  • Meep AMV
    Meep AMV 3 months ago

    What if I don't have amultimeter?

  • Imploment
    Imploment 3 months ago

    On some motherboards it is called external sata.

  • Kellin Quinn
    Kellin Quinn 3 months ago

    Easy solution: software scheduling. That way all you need to do is check that it's working every so often.

  • Daniel Cote
    Daniel Cote 3 months ago - SyncToy

  • Gamebit Gaming // Letsplays and tech tutorials

    So theoretically, you can also, when you press the button before boot, have the pc boot off of the 2nd drive?

  • Keith Stanley
    Keith Stanley 3 months ago

    DIY Perks I have installed the software on a Windows 7 laptop and I get an error message every time it tries to write a log. Any suggestions? Your tutorials are great and a pleasure to watch, please keep up the great work.

  • share apps3
    share apps3 3 months ago

    Respect for your tweaks :D

  • Harry Tsang
    Harry Tsang 3 months ago

    Use a 24-7 connected Arduino to turn it to turn on for 10 mins, then make a shortcut of that single function.

  • Ahmad Muraish
    Ahmad Muraish 4 months ago

    I want to work for you...

  • larrisAWSOME
    larrisAWSOME 4 months ago

    Definitely something I'm going to add to my new computer when I start building at the end of the year. Fantastic guide, I will be using a homebrew software however instead of FreeFileSync

  • Anthony Pruden
    Anthony Pruden 4 months ago

    so amazing

  • The Funkalizer
    The Funkalizer 4 months ago

    When it does the backup, will it update the old info in place of the new info? Great video btw.

  • Anh Triệu
    Anh Triệu 4 months ago

    Now I need a One-Click Wiping Button in case the authority storm my place. ^.^

  • Dorian Graczyk
    Dorian Graczyk 4 months ago +1

    Can you make diy iCloud/ google drive?
    I have like 5 old harddisk just laying not being used but I would like to have a personal own iCloud

  • Sourabh Ansu
    Sourabh Ansu 4 months ago


  • Jayystar
    Jayystar 4 months ago

    i love this channel also your voice is so awesome

  • Random Ryan
    Random Ryan 4 months ago

    Can also be done with a USB drive and no button.

  • Dawid Strządała
    Dawid Strządała 4 months ago

    U have be same pc case :D

  • Jakeyosaurus
    Jakeyosaurus 4 months ago

    Your videos make me feel warm and relaxed <3

  • Lenny Face
    Lenny Face 5 months ago

    "inanatha" 8:58

  • Andrew Smart
    Andrew Smart 5 months ago

    I found it so funny when you soldered the led, and while inserting the sexual music started playing!

  • Benjo
    Benjo 5 months ago

    Absolutely awesome. A small tip for you to do in the future: you could use heat shrinkable isolation tape. Just heat it up and it looks much neater and grasps tight to whatever youre insulating

  • Kao Neu
    Kao Neu 5 months ago

    the importance of backups can't be understated lol

  • N8M8 Gaming
    N8M8 Gaming 5 months ago

    Can I do this if my computer has a Solid state Drive(SSD)?

  • randomher089
    randomher089 5 months ago

    Could you make this work from one computer to another? I want to keep a backup server in my garage as it's separated from my house but connected via LAN.

  • Alex Auman
    Alex Auman 5 months ago

    Hi! Love your videos, this is the first one that I decided to try myself. Here's my question, the button that I bought has 6 connectors coming out of the back instead of the 8 on the button that you used. When you wired up the red wires, you said to repeat it in the exact same way so I assume that the other two connectors on your button are also connected when the button is pressed? If that's the case, could I simply use the same connector for both the yellow and red wires? I understand that one yellow wire must go on one connector and the other must go on the other (whichever is connected while the button is pressed), but is it possible for the red and yellow wires to share the same one? I tried this at home and I fail to boot whenever power is given to the device, pressed or not. Thanks for any help in advance!

  • Bill Overbeck
    Bill Overbeck 6 months ago +1

    Could I use a 12v ignition system lock switch from a car? I'd like to have a key instead of a button.

    • Dan Slotea
      Dan Slotea 5 months ago

      Bill Overbeck not directly, that's for a single pole. you will need to add two relays.

    GUNVALKERIE 6 months ago

    For years I have been waiting for this

  • Giacomo Arcuri
    Giacomo Arcuri 6 months ago +1

    Did you ever get any filesystem corruption after shutting down the drive without unmounting it? I would really consider this, especially for a backup drive.

    • protator
      protator 6 months ago

      if you don't sync large amounts of data you could simply deactivate the write buffer of your backup hdd.
      But then again reducing write performance would probably cost you more time than three mouse clicks to unmount the drive.
      I've never had filesystem errors after hotswapping, but if the data is important unmounting a drive properly is probably best ( it's basicly a "flush buffer and shut down" command )

  • Cojax Gormacules
    Cojax Gormacules 6 months ago

    What part of the UK are you from?

  • Zibertronics
    Zibertronics 6 months ago

    excelent vídeo

  • Jaxon Wright
    Jaxon Wright 6 months ago

    SHRINKWRAP... sorry, just looks so much better hahaha

  • R H
    R H 6 months ago

    oh yeah you use that nut to put it in place.

  • R H
    R H 6 months ago

    Time Machine ftw.

  • SilverLambda
    SilverLambda 6 months ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the background music? Thanks

  • Rex Transformation
    Rex Transformation 6 months ago

    You are the first I use the notification bell in YouTube, and I've subscribed to a lot of people. But you take the cake! Bravo!

    I just enjoy your vids, that's all! :)

  • Macovei Vlad
    Macovei Vlad 6 months ago

    This mode of backup does not protect against accidental file deletion. If you delete a file by mistake and want to recover it form the backup the moment you connect the drive the file is also deleted from the backup.

    • TheMovieCraftStudios
      TheMovieCraftStudios 6 months ago

      That would indeed be very neat :D

    • Macovei Vlad
      Macovei Vlad 6 months ago

      TheMovieCraftStudios That is true. It would be neater to have a arm switch (like in fighter jets) or rotary switch that would connect the HDD in one position and in another position would initiate the backup process. But that would require a hacked usb gamepad or keyboard to run a macro to run the software.

    • TheMovieCraftStudios
      TheMovieCraftStudios 6 months ago

      Not necessarily, you would just have to remember to stop the backup software before pressing the "backup" button, as then the backup process would not start and you can use the drive just like any other old hdd.

  • Kuzey Vural
    Kuzey Vural 6 months ago

    Can someone tell me name of the first song on the background?

    • Chris Cole
      Chris Cole 4 months ago

      +Kuzey Vural thanks :)

    • Kuzey Vural
      Kuzey Vural 4 months ago

      Yep I did "Otis McDonald - Not For Nothing"

    • Chris Cole
      Chris Cole 4 months ago

      did you figure out what it was

    • Kuzey Vural
      Kuzey Vural 6 months ago

      +AES DESIGNS thanks a lot!!!!

      AES DESIGNS 6 months ago

      Kuzey Vural darude sandstorm

  • SerPip
    SerPip 6 months ago

    I'm assuming I could follow most of the steps in the video to make a switch just to power some harddrives that I don't always use to reduce the noise of my system?

  • Dylan Kirdahy
    Dylan Kirdahy 6 months ago +1

    This is really clever. I've been really enjoying your videos since I found your channel a couple days ago

  • TroyRedstone
    TroyRedstone 6 months ago

    The program shows up as FFS.


  • Arif Hassan
    Arif Hassan 7 months ago +2

    i really like ur vifeo can u tell the soundtrack name if your video 2:16-4:10

  • Da Dick Smith
    Da Dick Smith 7 months ago

    WOW!! This nigga is SMART!

  • John Breslin
    John Breslin 7 months ago

    For adding protection against drive failure you should use raid 1 or 10(faster, more expensive)
    Back ups drives should ideally be stored in a different location from your computer. A back up should get you going again if you are infected by viruses or ransomware but it should also protect against physical harm such as theft or fire.

  • Kari Sinkko
    Kari Sinkko 7 months ago +3

    I use MS Synctoy 2.1 still works.

  • Iky piky
    Iky piky 7 months ago +1

    google drive 2$ 100gb ...

  • gaming wolf
    gaming wolf 7 months ago

    What about win 8.1 or10

  • Noah McKee
    Noah McKee 8 months ago

    don't get me wrong, its really cool. but setting up a raid 2 would be mutch easier. wouldn't protect you from ransom ware, though.

  • DoomFinger511
    DoomFinger511 8 months ago +2

    That whole button setup is unnecessary. You should always be backing up. It's easier to just connect a regular hard drive into the computer, install that software and have it running all the time. Then EVERY file you save or delete will ALWAYS be backed up with not additional effort.

    • עידן בר
      עידן בר 7 months ago

      DoomFinger511 the problem is that if you have a Ransomware on your computer it will also encrypt your backed up files, but if your backup HD was powered off the Ransomware wouldn't do anything to your backup HD, so the button is not just to make you remember to backup your file, it's also giving you a layer of protection against Ransomware and other kind of viruses that destroy any data that is connected to your computer.

  • iSonikYT
    iSonikYT 8 months ago

    Kinda did this with Hdparm in Windows. Dismounting and silencing my INTERNAL Backup HDD.

    I programmed a script to mount the HDD then start the Back UP (with FFS).
    As soon as the Back up finishes the Script automaticly Spinsdown the HDD and dismounts it again.

    • iSonikYT
      iSonikYT 8 months ago

      Sure! First you need to download hdparm for windows (since its only native to linux): (Download the correct one)

      You then need to write a cmd (as admin) with cd "wherever you installed hdparm" (e.g C:\ Program Files\hdparm\). as 2nd Line you need to use hdparm -y hdx

      X stands for your drive. If you want to silence your first drive, Use hda, your second drive hdb, and so on. I have 4 drives and i wanted to silence my 4th drive, so i used hdd.

      Be careful. Because its an ADMIN-Tool you can permanently damage your HDD.

      Want to do this with one click? Create a Batch-File with these commands

    • DoktorFaust20
      DoktorFaust20 8 months ago

      Hi, i dont know how to use HDparm. Could you tell me some steps to configure a script like yours?

  • Stainless
    Stainless 8 months ago

    can you diy a key swith to turn on your pc instead of just a button?

  • hellcat1988
    hellcat1988 8 months ago

    Another way to do this with an external drive for both towers and laptops would be to buy a cheap usb3 to sata cable and set up the software on an ssd for backups. The usb interface provides enough power to run most ssd on the market and it removes the "hot swap" steps. It's also much faster and more reliable than a hard drive as it is MUCH harder to cause damage to the drive or have data loss as long as you plug it in every few weeks or months.

    I'm sure most people would back up their date more often than that, but I have heard some data can be lost over time on an ssd if it's not powered for extended periods of time.

  • Pedro A. Guardado
    Pedro A. Guardado 8 months ago

    Where do i put the BatchRun for the Startup in Windows 8.1??

    • emankcin
      emankcin 8 months ago

      Pedro A. Guardado Or press Windows + R and type shell:startup into the window, which popped up. Press enter and the autostart folder pops up.

    • Un7ucky
      Un7ucky 8 months ago

      search for "startup" in the start bar, it should find it

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