Vote MILO For Rector (University Of Glasgow)

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  • Karl Reid
    Karl Reid Month ago

    u r a gay saint, bless u sir

  • Meranda Hooker
    Meranda Hooker 2 months ago

    Love ya, Milo. :)

  • Claire AwesomeSauce
    Claire AwesomeSauce 3 months ago

    Milo would make a great Lord Rectum.

    THSPC MSTFLW 4 months ago

    you can do more if you just tour colleges

      THSPC MSTFLW 4 months ago

      are those knockoff carreras? they're pretty nice

  • blooneyful
    blooneyful 4 months ago +1

    Truly a dangerous Faggot. A Faggot that is willing to speak the truth even when it doesn't serve him as a gay man to do so. Go on Son.

  • sola
    sola 4 months ago

    why haven't you took those thoughts 💭 to real time with Bill (not calling your apounant names)
    only a hypocrite would say something and do exactly the opposite 👎

  • Spotlight Official
    Spotlight Official 4 months ago

    Hail SyeTen!!!!

  • TrouserMonstur
    TrouserMonstur 4 months ago

    jesus christ you are hot

  • Nathan Red Bravante
    Nathan Red Bravante 4 months ago

    College campuses are slowly turning into execution grounds for innocent people convicted, and treated, like witches about to be burned on a large wooden stake surrounded by hay and firewood. Salem witch trials, anyone?

  • Gabrielle Debenedictus
    Gabrielle Debenedictus 4 months ago

    Lord Milo, you have a fabulous mind (and other bits as well).

    DALANCESTER 4 months ago +1

    he got destroyed in the election

  • sonicsnake1000
    sonicsnake1000 4 months ago

    sorry for the loss

  • Tooheyspew
    Tooheyspew 4 months ago

    fuck your feelings

  • enter.the.void.II
    enter.the.void.II 4 months ago

    lol this guy

  • jay blair
    jay blair 4 months ago

    If its not Scottish its CRAP ! I hope this works out well for you . LONG LIVE FREE SPEECH !

  • tammy edwards
    tammy edwards 4 months ago

    Good luck Milo! MAGA!

  • George Skinner
    George Skinner 4 months ago +1

    girlfriend glasgow uni grad, almost shat herself when told her you were a nominee, she absolutely loathes, your, "daddy" brilliant, 😉

  • Terry
    Terry 4 months ago +1

    Well this failed.

  • Ian Goodwin
    Ian Goodwin 4 months ago

    Lord rectal surely...

  • penguinistas
    penguinistas 4 months ago

    Well that should give them something to talk about in the Liberal Arts department.

  • dylan lauricella
    dylan lauricella 4 months ago

    did he win?

  • psycleen
    psycleen 4 months ago

    Speech is Free! Naughty speech costs a little extra

  • David
    David 4 months ago


  • Kyle Sya
    Kyle Sya 4 months ago

    Lord eRector? ouu i say!

  • James Scott
    James Scott 4 months ago

    Make me proud Scotland. Vote Milo!!!

  • Dave Freeman
    Dave Freeman 4 months ago

    Rectum damm near killed him.

  • Robby guy
    Robby guy 4 months ago

    44,588 views - 4599 up votes - 60 down
    The World Votes for MILO!
    Grats!! Lord Wrector! Ouchie! Opps... LOL

  • Josh Hisgen
    Josh Hisgen 4 months ago

    I'm not gay but damn Milo, you're sexy as fuck

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 4 months ago

    lolz. nice try milo - I see you with your 533 votes... I see Aamer Anwar getting more votes than literally everyone else combined...

  • StarDust
    StarDust 4 months ago

    he got the least votes lol

  • Ulrna
    Ulrna 5 months ago

    First lgbtq person of the year, now university rector ^_^

  • Mr Fabulous
    Mr Fabulous 5 months ago +1

    The election was rigged total fake result 😑

  • Oliver Note
    Oliver Note 5 months ago

    Clearly the line is not drawn at pedophilia for these people.

  • somfplease
    somfplease 5 months ago

    So what happened, did he win? I don't use facebook and he never does any videos on this channel.

  • Hesperidean Hesperides
    Hesperidean Hesperides 5 months ago

    Yep, Milo is correct. I know! I have postgraduate first class degree in the arts, I have had to keep my head down and my mouth shut! Milo I love your iconoclasm. Stay brace and free!!

  • Rick Toledo
    Rick Toledo 5 months ago

    Milo, when are you coming back? You're a positive influential person, and you certainly know it my friend.

  • Nottt
    Nottt 5 months ago

    lmao he lost 4th place

  • joe shmo
    joe shmo 5 months ago +1

    Hold on, I love you Milo, but wasn't Jordan Peterson nominated? I don't think it's possible to have a greater drive to promote real freedom of expression or drive to promote of ideological difference and debate than Professor Peterson.

  • davidhume1000
    davidhume1000 5 months ago

    I hope Milo gets voted in as Rector of Glasgow University. These deniers of free speech should be locked up until they grow up.

  • Lord Arach
    Lord Arach 5 months ago

    Rector? Damned near killed her.

  • LefticusRighticus
    LefticusRighticus 5 months ago

    LOL he got destroyed his career is just finished after his apparent Pro pedophilia remarks

  • westonboi
    westonboi 5 months ago

    It's dangerous to listen to this toff drag queen wanna be!

  • Tripp Hammer
    Tripp Hammer 5 months ago


  • Alex Delarge
    Alex Delarge 5 months ago +1

    Milo wishes to penetrate the young boys of Glasgow University (their minds) through a rectorship.

  • bugger490
    bugger490 5 months ago

    Milo for rectums!

  • GonG108
    GonG108 5 months ago

    you`re really good in what you do but do you think you´re good enough to be rector of an University but go ahead if you think that´s the right thing to do just go ahead , have herd several speeches of you ( very good and well spoken ) but be aware that they will go on with their try to keep you down , most important what are you aiming for , without a destination you cannot arrive , good luck you're a sympatic person , greets from cologne

  • dl moore
    dl moore 5 months ago

    Milo's got my vote, unquestioned!!!  #LongLiveMilo !!!

  • blondegaijin
    blondegaijin 5 months ago


  • Apoorva Vishnoi
    Apoorva Vishnoi 5 months ago

    He lost.😔

  • concustduck
    concustduck 5 months ago

    nice 533 votes out of 8210 votes milo

  • Sh*tlord Palmerston
    Sh*tlord Palmerston 5 months ago +1

    My vote is for Jordan B Peterson! Sorry Milo.

  • Phyrex LgXpower
    Phyrex LgXpower 5 months ago

    milo is my legen...wait for it...dary candidate

  • Francis Merde
    Francis Merde 5 months ago

    Milo you missed an obvious joke. It wouldn't be Lord Rector, it would be Gaylord Rector.

  • Random
    Random 5 months ago

    Milo will you stick up for those on the Autistic Spectrum?

  • Sam Gilbert
    Sam Gilbert 5 months ago

    pretty sure he has taka a lot of that black D in the...rector 😏😂

  • Queen Mauretania
    Queen Mauretania 5 months ago

    Get tae fuck.

  • bendrama
    bendrama 5 months ago

    Jordan B Peterson was also a candidate apparently, so not sure if Milo didn't know, or if he was being disingenuous with this remarks, as even the most narcissistic has to acknowledge the extreme role Peterson is playing for liberty and freedom.

  • Caleb Beers
    Caleb Beers 5 months ago


  • Smith John
    Smith John 5 months ago

    I voted Milo yesterday. Hope we win!

  • Holly McGrath
    Holly McGrath 5 months ago

    So glad to have people like him in this world in a world of triglypuffs

  • Stephen O
    Stephen O 5 months ago

    Milo has been banned from Glasgow 😡

  • Liam McLaren
    Liam McLaren 5 months ago

  • Johnny Meringues
    Johnny Meringues 5 months ago

    Rector Bum Inspector

  • Leann Moore
    Leann Moore 5 months ago

    I'm so proud of you for fighting on. Love seeing your beautiful face.

  • Phoebe James
    Phoebe James 5 months ago

    Milo!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • The Ugly Truth
    The Ugly Truth 5 months ago

    Milo: Don't try to become rector; you can do so much better than that. Don't be tied down to something which would cause you to waste your great talent. If it wasn't for the fact that you're not a U.S. citizen, I would encourage you to become the next President of the United States!

  • MH3D
    MH3D 5 months ago

    Milo for THE lord. #NewGod2017

  • Penny Lane
    Penny Lane 5 months ago

    Love you Milo!

  • Yara P. N. de Sa
    Yara P. N. de Sa 5 months ago

    Awesome!!!! Hope kids at Glasgow make this incredible change.

  • Hairatic Rick
    Hairatic Rick 5 months ago

    I'm casting all ten of my votes for Milo!

  • Heath V Clark
    Heath V Clark 5 months ago

    i followed the to vote? is this real or hypothetical?
    ALSO - MILO - do not give up...stay the course and then some!!!
    PLEASE DO NOT let these whacked-out-nutjob sissys win...they cannot win and they cannot interfere what it is you've been called to do nor can they succeed in obstructing your path.

  • litltoosee
    litltoosee 5 months ago

    This young man has been blessed with a razor sharp intellect, and the ability to vocalize abstract social/political concepts in a way that the layman can understand. His argument for the conservative stance must be taken seriously. He is not a joke. He is not a sexual abboration. What seems to cause the most concern amongst critics is, that he endears conservative view points, and has the courage to defend them , and defend them well! And when the Left can't sustain a viable argument with Milo's logic, they retreat to their "Safe Place", and label him Racist, supremesist, ect. The "ist " and "ism" weapon of the Left has been exposed for what it truly is: Censorship. The left, the Liberals, the progressives, have lost the confidence of the people because their policies have not advanced the core values of the American people. Enter Donald John Trump and the Conservative Party.
    You may call Milo what you wish, but you can not call him wrong! I for one stand beside him.....

  • CoolKidzINC. 42
    CoolKidzINC. 42 5 months ago

    rectom destroyer

    EMM MOO 5 months ago

    C'MON Milo get your tits out...........then we can talk RECTUM............we want an open and free backpassage for all rectum topics...............xx

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy 5 months ago

    Lord Rectum?

  • BiteMyShinyMetal4ss
    BiteMyShinyMetal4ss 5 months ago

    Milo is already "Lord Proctor" xD

  • Google Bitch
    Google Bitch 5 months ago

    just stop. the more he speaks the more I look for a good exterminator. infestation in the house. do we need antibiotic or raid.

  • Google Bitch
    Google Bitch 5 months ago

    do us all favor and just go away. no one wants to join u on your race for the bottom. as I am sure well you r known in the trap house

  • Google Bitch
    Google Bitch 5 months ago

    did he say vote milo for rectun.

  • soldout4jesus37
    soldout4jesus37 5 months ago

    whats a rector?

  • streaky bacon
    streaky bacon 5 months ago

    milo you are a fucking top guy,but tone the excitement down and be more like douglas two are fucking goodfellas

  • Phantomwhite
    Phantomwhite 5 months ago

    In my time at Glasgow, I have seen the place turn from a fun, open and amazing place into one dominated by feminist and LGBT societies. When I graduate this year, I hope it will have regained its former glory by electing Lord Milo as rector!

  • WouldYouJust _
    WouldYouJust _ 5 months ago

    Milo for rectum!

    Wait, Milo is already the lord of the rectum.

  • chill dude
    chill dude 5 months ago

    When is Milo the Pedo coming back?

  • Rothnacum1
    Rothnacum1 5 months ago

    Fine, as long as it is for a school with students over 18..

  • Arjun Jaswal
    Arjun Jaswal 5 months ago

    Love this faggot

  • thakisher
    thakisher 5 months ago

    We need you Milo in Canada!

  • PhxVanguard
    PhxVanguard 5 months ago

    Lord Rector Milo, sounds nice.

  • Laurence Ellis
    Laurence Ellis 5 months ago

    Rector? No! Milo needs to be more than that: Prime Minister. President of the fucking world

  • Pablo Picasso
    Pablo Picasso 5 months ago

    Milo Where r those sunglasses from?

  • The 85th Gaming
    The 85th Gaming 5 months ago

    get em milo <3

  • FishObreedy
    FishObreedy 5 months ago

    Dude I lost respect for you. Feels like your hiding now..

  • Megan Brobst
    Megan Brobst 5 months ago


  • Christie Nel
    Christie Nel 5 months ago

    Can I pre-enroll?

  • nathan butterfield
    nathan butterfield 5 months ago

    good luck buddy

  • M H
    M H 5 months ago +1

    Lord Rectum!

  • The Beachdancer
    The Beachdancer 5 months ago

    What could be more fun?

  • Galga Meth
    Galga Meth 5 months ago

    lol he´s basically in exile now? lmao, try a bit harder you fag.

  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini 5 months ago +1

    Why does Milo want a job at Glasgow University? I have no doubt he'll win by a landslide but won't that make it hard for him to tour?

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