People That Should Not Use The Internet

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    In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to some of the funniest people posting unnecessary things on the internet. Similar to my social media video, this compilation revolves around people who just shouldn't use the internet.

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  • Alexis Bradley
    Alexis Bradley 18 hours ago

    Me: this looks interesting

    Tal: Goddammit

    Me: Alright.

  • cookie crush
    cookie crush 20 hours ago

    I'm like 11 and even if was face palming

  • Spider754
    Spider754 20 hours ago +1

    Questions I ask myself everyday:
    1.when you clean out a vacuum cleaner aren't you the vacuum cleaner?
    2.when your waiting for the waiter, aren't you the waiter? come you can drink a drink but you can't food a food?

  • mb_empire
    mb_empire 2 days ago

    plz sub to me

  • Ann-Marie Hurley
    Ann-Marie Hurley 2 days ago +1

    If its lesbian sex, it's like a guessing game trying to find out who has the baby ...#showerThoughts

    BEANBEANSTER 2 days ago

    Lol the first one was funny

  • Alexis Hurley
    Alexis Hurley 2 days ago

    A different moon for each country? Seem pretty outlandish to me.

  • Sophie Dixon
    Sophie Dixon 3 days ago

    He said stupidest but I don't think that is a word

    • Sophie Dixon
      Sophie Dixon 3 days ago

      It would be more stupid not stupidest

  • Raven Martinez
    Raven Martinez 4 days ago

    I had my earbuds that way watching this lol

  • Manuel A Martinez
    Manuel A Martinez 5 days ago +1

    Fun Fact: Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd U.S. president was reelected more than 2 times

  • Hentai Goddess
    Hentai Goddess 5 days ago

    4:23 "big ass tree"

    Levi, is that you?

  • Jacob Hansen
    Jacob Hansen 6 days ago


  • Engel Guzman
    Engel Guzman 7 days ago

    Doesn't the tree on the last pic look like it has a face or is it just me??🤔

  • Jacob Landers
    Jacob Landers 7 days ago

    So much F**cking stupidity...... I can't handle it..... I'm losing hope in the human species..... The stupidity is over 9,000!!!!!!!!!!

  • I ani't giving you my name you stalker

    THIS WAS UPLOADED ON MY BIRTHDAY🎂🎂🎂 *insert party pooper*

  • Psycho Path
    Psycho Path 7 days ago

    3:30 that person has seen a orange moon wow (sarcasm)

  • Bobbie Johnson
    Bobbie Johnson 7 days ago

    TAL FISHMANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malam Kafi
    Malam Kafi 8 days ago

    I thought he was gonna hump his chair 😂

  • ravegirlz09
    ravegirlz09 8 days ago

    stupedly hot bae 😍😍😍

  • Billyandjoe rae
    Billyandjoe rae 8 days ago

    I don't want to seem like one of those smart annoying people but I'm pretty sure only franklin rosavelt erved 4 terms bc people loved him bc he got them out of the depression and through WWI and I think ur only allowed to serve 2, 4 year terms

  • Ashleigh Rose
    Ashleigh Rose 8 days ago

    Im watching this from several months ago, and I realized he doesn't bleep out his cursing anymore, or he started bleeping them out recently.

    • Ashleigh Rose
      Ashleigh Rose 8 days ago

      Yasir Egal Thank you.

    • Yasir Egal
      Yasir Egal 8 days ago

      Ashleigh Rose it is because YouTube has new rules about swearing and if they don't censor it they are going to take the video down

  • Dragonite's Vlog
    Dragonite's Vlog 8 days ago

    i felt smart watching this

  • Oskar I. Barth-Nilsen

    My friend said the eiffeltower was in norway😂

  • Wendy Hall
    Wendy Hall 8 days ago +1

    like if tal is cute

  • Sarai Roldan
    Sarai Roldan 9 days ago

    idiots live on the same Earth as we normal people do also funny intro

  • Lemmonsin
    Lemmonsin 9 days ago

    Who else put there ear phones in the life hack way while watching this

  • Soccer Love
    Soccer Love 9 days ago +1

    Grey's anatomy fans you'll get this. Mcdoofus mcdreamy mcsteamy. Lol 😂. Is tal a fan

  • loveya ok
    loveya ok 10 days ago

    *that moment when your middle name is Luna* 😑

  • Oceanbluewhales Mywhallies

    Fact:All the comments you read your reading in your head right now

  • Ethan Zhang
    Ethan Zhang 11 days ago


  • A Random Channel
    A Random Channel 11 days ago

    2:21 I am offended. Dumbledore was and ALWAYS will be the smartest wizard ever.

  • ethanthe cardboard
    ethanthe cardboard 11 days ago

    anyone else think that the background was a wall until they saw it move at 3:19

  • Super Warrior
    Super Warrior 12 days ago

    hey tal, fun fact: the Oxford university has been around for longer than the aztrc empire. Google it if you don't believe me

  • Ally Is Very Cheesy
    Ally Is Very Cheesy 12 days ago


  • James B
    James B 12 days ago

    the last one 'Boss thinks I'm home with the flu'.....that could be her yard at home and she could have thrown up from the tree before the picture was taken or thrown up after the picture was taken.......there are people that even when they are sick, smile and look like they are having fun everytime their picture is taken even if that don't feel that don't judge her

  • Capple
    Capple 13 days ago +2


  • Sarah Shakir
    Sarah Shakir 13 days ago

    I did not understand the whole video does that mean I'm stupid? 😪

  • Sarah Shakir
    Sarah Shakir 13 days ago

    I did not understand the whole video does that mean I'm stupid? 😪

  • Angel _babe
    Angel _babe 15 days ago +1

    Why is he so cute

  • Foxy PlaysFNAF
    Foxy PlaysFNAF 15 days ago

    His intro tho 😂😂😂👏🏻

  • MrBrady23
    MrBrady23 15 days ago

    B U T W O N T T H E M U S I C B E U P S I D E D O W N

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head 15 days ago

    4:06 that killed me. There's two things wrong with that. First, for music, it's not upside down, it's reverse. Second, it doesn't matter what position you put it in, it comes out the same and it won't go in reverse.

    Edit: lmfao

  • Oshan Herath
    Oshan Herath 15 days ago

    The Barrack Lee one is pretty smart

  • mohammad hasan
    mohammad hasan 15 days ago

    They are so stupid

  • mohammad hasan
    mohammad hasan 15 days ago

    I am 12 and i know there is 1 moon

  • Muhammad Fawzi
    Muhammad Fawzi 16 days ago

    4:00 I wear it the right way

  • Reena Top 1
    Reena Top 1 16 days ago

    Why am I smarter than them? IM BASICALLY A KID

  • jordan mabe
    jordan mabe 17 days ago

    Wait isn't it 8 for 2 terms

  • Silly Smart
    Silly Smart 17 days ago

    u aren't

  • Phantomshock
    Phantomshock 17 days ago

    Who lost iq points because of these people

  • Semaji 3477767777
    Semaji 3477767777 17 days ago +1

    Make America smart again

    |> 📚 here's a dictionary.

  • Vivi Wilde
    Vivi Wilde 17 days ago

    Taren lee

  • Vivi Wilde
    Vivi Wilde 17 days ago

    My moms middle names lee

  • FreezFlame456 Xbox GT
    FreezFlame456 Xbox GT 18 days ago +1

    Literally me... 2:45

  • Socksunited
    Socksunited 18 days ago

    How to anger a nerd
    "Why doesn't the joker use Kryptonite ?"

  • Mich Bodden
    Mich Bodden 18 days ago

    Once he started talking about the headphones I immediately put my headphones in upside.

  • Iqra Waheed
    Iqra Waheed 18 days ago

    i cant see the ourmine, its just the normal title

  • ITAlife98
    ITAlife98 18 days ago

    Well I have seen a rather orange moon but how do you mistake a lamppost for a moon. "Look at that moon! It's 10 meters away from us!"

  • Uzumaki _vids
    Uzumaki _vids 18 days ago

    These are hurting my soul lol I can't even😂

  • Elizabeth Simmons
    Elizabeth Simmons 18 days ago

    since when did they make "stupidest" a word

  • Captain Twist
    Captain Twist 19 days ago

    5,555 comments? let me fix that...

  • Trieye54
    Trieye54 19 days ago

    The first one


  • The Adventures of SuperGirlyFan123

    Actual you can recharge regular batteries we have a battery recharger that works on regular batteries

  • Emerald Entertainment
    Emerald Entertainment 19 days ago

    $5 a month will help an insane Tal Fishman. Will you help?

  • Iveto Muci
    Iveto Muci 19 days ago +1

    from 0:00 to 0:05 you sound so weird

  • Krazy Kayz
    Krazy Kayz 19 days ago +1

    Did he just insult Dumbledore!!😠😠 "Never insult Albus Dumbledore in front of me!"

  • Cayden Brady
    Cayden Brady 19 days ago +1


  • Gracie May
    Gracie May 19 days ago

    #McDumbbutt 😂😂😂

  • Bryleigh Middleton
    Bryleigh Middleton 19 days ago

    this video is so weird yet so funny!!😂😂♥️

  • Bryleigh Middleton
    Bryleigh Middleton 19 days ago

    i love your videos!!🌻♥️

  • Alicia Carlyon
    Alicia Carlyon 20 days ago +1

    I hate everyone that's that stupid it's like wtf u should be band from the internet

  • Sarah Winner
    Sarah Winner 20 days ago +2


  • tyler barnes
    tyler barnes 20 days ago

    Yeah the music would be upside down

  • Galaxy Ninja
    Galaxy Ninja 20 days ago +1

    1 term is 4 years

    • Sophia Reis
      Sophia Reis 20 days ago

      Galaxy Ninja he knows that, he was just saying people could run for two terms

  • Maverick lover
    Maverick lover 20 days ago

    I understand thinking these as a kid, but 99% are adults and teens.

  • kay kay
    kay kay 20 days ago

    accually some presidents ran for a third term aswell up until the 22 amendment put into act. President Roosevelt winning this fourth term caused this.

  • Cynthia Jimenez
    Cynthia Jimenez 21 day ago

    44 iq points tho

  • M1n3cr4ft K1ll3r
    M1n3cr4ft K1ll3r 21 day ago +1

    At 3:30... is that person retarded (like if you think they are)

  • Ciara Reinfeld
    Ciara Reinfeld 21 day ago

    My ears are too small for earbuds my ears will stay this way they will never grow

  • yusuf ahmad
    yusuf ahmad 21 day ago

    i only wanted to know why women dont do dna test :(

  • Amber Black
    Amber Black 22 days ago

    when I was little, I thought that every time I watched a movie, the actors had to come back and re act it all out in front of a camera. every time I watched a movie xDDD


    i subscribed and liked! :)

  • Hollyleaf Returns
    Hollyleaf Returns 23 days ago

    Wtf. There's been 45 presidents. The Government has been around since 1780 (let me know if I'm wrong, I can't rly remember) and who knows when NFL... 45th? 45 years of NFL. I guess idk.

  • Um Breon
    Um Breon 23 days ago

    0:37 two things

    1. That comment was just cringy as hell

    2. What is that face Tal?!

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 23 days ago

    omg who else changed their ear buds

  • Saffa Sakura
    Saffa Sakura 23 days ago

    OMG I thought the second one was right for a few second I'm so dumb omg 😅

  • Kay-leigh The fangirl
    Kay-leigh The fangirl 23 days ago

    Love your shirt😁

  • Sierra Jones
    Sierra Jones 24 days ago

    "Are you sure that it's not 44 IQ points!"
    I'm dead.

  • lvnascamander
    lvnascamander 24 days ago


  • JohnericEdgeman56392
    JohnericEdgeman56392 25 days ago

    Also, the chick who said that if her boyfriend wasn't cheating her, other women wouldn't want them implied a paradox. I came to this conclusion because she said she wouldn't date someone who's not cheating on her. However she isn't instantly perfect, considering she doesn't even proofread. If shes not the best there could be better people who want that person therefore she's a statistical idiot.

    • JohnericEdgeman56392
      JohnericEdgeman56392 25 days ago

      I just realized I could've just said she's an idiotic, self centered person.

  • Simmer Lime
    Simmer Lime 26 days ago

    VI🍊🐫🍳🍅 !!!

    The first letter of every emoji spells out a hidden word...
    Like and comment if found. ⬅️🍊⬅️

  • TheGreat Gamer64
    TheGreat Gamer64 26 days ago

    THATS FUNNY!!! presidents go for maybe about 4 years!

  • Hannah McCormick
    Hannah McCormick 26 days ago


  • Ariel Vlogs
    Ariel Vlogs 26 days ago +1

    Insult anyone but Dumbledore you have come to this sadly

  • Saba Tanash
    Saba Tanash 26 days ago

    OK I found the first one vary funny

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 26 days ago

    my butt hole is super scratchy

  • star paws the fandom pup

    i will be forgoten by the sea of comment .... REMEMBER ME !!!!!!

  • Kitty_Kitty Ninja
    Kitty_Kitty Ninja 27 days ago

    Actually it's not 2 years it's 4 year

  • Oisin McBrien
    Oisin McBrien 27 days ago

    7/5% of the people on earth don't understand fractions

  • The Squirrel
    The Squirrel 27 days ago


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