Coldplay - Up&Up (Official Video)

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  • The third single to be taken from Coldplay's acclaimed new album, A Head Full Of Dreams (out now). Download the song from or stream at

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    Parlophone Records presents…

    Coldplay ‘Up&Up’

    Directed by: Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia

    Coldplay Creative Director: Phil Harvey
    Band Manager: Dave Holmes
    Parlophone Video Commissioner: Sam Seager

    Production Company: PRETTYBIRD UK
    Executive Producers: Juliette Larthe and Nathan Scherrer
    Director’s Representative: Joceline Gabriel 

    Producers: Natan Schottenfels and Juliette Larthe
    Production Coodinators: Laura Thomas-Smith and Cheyenne Miller

    Edited by: Gal Muggia
    VFX by: Vania Heymann and Gloria FX
    Cinematography by: Roman Linetsky, John Schmidt and Vania Heymann
    Color & Title Design: Tal Baltuch
    Additional VFX: Amit Chachek and Gil Gavish at Real Motion, Motion Control: Cinnamon VFX
    Sound Design: Shlomi Attias
    Archive Research: Jane Tucker
    Treatment Layout & Design: Daniel Fletcher

    New York Crew
    Production Supervisor: Christina Woolston
    Production Coordinator: Doug Smith
    1st Assistant Director: Gabe Blom
    2nd Assistant Director: Dan Majkut
    1st Assistant Camera: Shane Duckworth
    2nd Assistant Camera: Cai Hall
    Techno Crane: Matt Roberts
    Gaffer: Zach Sulivan
    Best Boy Electric: Tim Berg
    Electricians: Dave Tumblety and Rick Mitchell
    Key Grip: Ken Tanzer
    Best Boy Grip: Steve Girouard
    Grips: Keith Steinberg and Jason Schaffner
    Props: Malcom Sansire, James Lasso and Christina Chandler
    Media: Jeffery Haggerman, Arturo Lopez and Tony Starbuck
    Production Assistants: Dave Terra, Ron Lokiby, Kat Cameron, Josh Zimmerman, Eric Helper and Joe Pesce

    Kiev Crew
    Production Company Ukraine: Radioaktive Film
    Executive Producer: Sasha Bevka and Darko Skulsky
    Producer: Ole Yakovleva
    Production Manager: Nick Semko
    Production Assistant: Oleg Ptashnyk
    Art Director: Sergey Vinichuk
    1st Assistant Director: Dennis Sonin
    Gaffer: Valera Latuga
    Wardrobe: Dasha Filshina
    Hair & Make Up Artist: Marta Skalskya
    Media: Jan Wachowski
    Chaperone: Alexsandra Voskova
    Catering: Natasha Barilo

    Gloria FX
    Executive Producer: Max Colt
    Producer: Sergii Mashevskyi
    VFX Supervisor: Anatolii Kuzmytskyi

    Special thanks to: 
    Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion and Phil Harvey, Dave Holmes and Mandi Bursteen, Sam Seager, Roy, Sigal and Noah Kafri, Rona Segal, Anisia Affek, Tom Melnick, REO- Or Edry and Zoe Polanski, Indy Hait, Maya Ish Shalom, Sasha Bevko, Joseph Weizenecker, Big Apple Studios and R-Space Kiev, Kerstin Emhoff, Ali Brown, Candice Dragonas and all at PRETTYBIRD.
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  • Elser Fabian
    Elser Fabian 4 minutes ago

    1:39 DONALD TRUMP!!

  • Brian Torres
    Brian Torres 1 hour ago

    A great imagination that no one could create

  • Maria Claudine Nascimento

    Quem for brasileiro da like

  • Ricardo Peredo Egüez

    Love this video and song

  • Brianna tyus
    Brianna tyus 10 hours ago

    This is amazing

  • Karen Alison
    Karen Alison 10 hours ago

    This band and their music.... Has captured my heart and made my life more meaningful....

  • waje107
    waje107 12 hours ago

    fixing up a car to drive in it again
    searching for the water hoping for the rain
    up and up, up and up
    down upon the canvas, working meal to meal
    waiting for a chance to pick your orange field
    up and up, up and up
    see a pearl form, a diamond in the rough
    see a bird soaring high above the flood
    it’s in your blood, it’s in your blood
    underneath the storm an umbrella is saying
    sitting with the poison takes away the pain
    up and up, up and up it’s saying

    we’re going to get it get it together right now
    going to get it get it together somehow
    going to get it get it together and flower
    oh oh oh oh oh oh
    we’re going to get it get it together I know
    going to get it get it together and flow
    going to get it get it together and go
    up and up and up

    lying in the gutter, aiming for the moon
    trying to empty out the ocean with a spoon
    up and up, up and up
    how come people suffer how come people part?
    how come people struggle how come people break your heart?
    break your heart
    yes I want to grow yes I want to feel
    yes I want to know show me how to heal it up
    heal it up
    see the forest there in every seed
    angels in the marble waiting to be freed
    just need love just need love
    when the going is rough saying

    we’re going to get it get it together right now
    going to get it get it together somehow
    going to get it get it together and flower
    oh oh oh oh oh oh
    we’re going to get it get it together I know
    going to get it get it together and flow
    going to get it get it together and go
    up and up and up

    and you can say what is, or fight for it
    close your mind or take a risk
    you can say it’s mine and clench your fist
    or see each sunrise as a gift

    we’re going to get it get it together right now
    going to get it get it together somehow
    going to get it get it together and flower
    oh oh oh oh oh oh
    we’re going to get it get it together I know
    going to get it get it together and flow
    going to get it get it together and go
    up and up and up

    we’re going to get it get it together right now
    going to get it get it together somehow
    going to get it get it together and flower
    oh oh oh oh oh oh
    we’re going to get it get it together I know
    going to get it get it together and flow
    going to get it get it together and go

    up and up and up

    oh-oh oh, oh-oh oh oh oh oh

    fixing up a car to drive in it again
    when you’re in pain
    when you think you’ve had enough
    don’t ever give up
    don’t ever give up

    RUSTBROOK 14 hours ago

    I remember the 2016-2017 NBA playoffs

  • Роман Новиков

    Это самое крутое, что я видел и слышал

  • yosep yosana
    yosep yosana 18 hours ago


  • N G
    N G 1 day ago

    i wish I had a fraction of his optimism.

  • Rin Rin
    Rin Rin 1 day ago


  • Dayanna Gonzalez
    Dayanna Gonzalez 1 day ago

    i don't know how people would not like this masterpiece

  • Dawn Stridet
    Dawn Stridet 1 day ago

    A masterpiece...

  • Дмитрий Батькович

    The best song ever..

  • Jerikoh O'Cru
    Jerikoh O'Cru 1 day ago

    One of my favorites!

  • Bryce Narez
    Bryce Narez 1 day ago

    so fucking trippy

  • santosh kumar KHADANGA

    A very meaningful song and a very cool video..👌👍👌👌

  • Blanka Kocandová

    Amazing and top video...

  • Hilmy Ahmad
    Hilmy Ahmad 1 day ago

    beautiful out of the box !

  • Kylie Patmore
    Kylie Patmore 1 day ago

    This video is amazing, I love it. Incredible, 😍 great song too. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Nicole Adelino
    Nicole Adelino 1 day ago

    Vem fazer show em Recife. Pleaseeeee!

  • Seoyoon Lee
    Seoyoon Lee 1 day ago

    I love this song so much, can't imagine the world without coldplay

  • Maja Humbla
    Maja Humbla 1 day ago

    fajny teledysk i wykonanie 👍

  • Jad Tannir
    Jad Tannir 1 day ago

    Beautiful song

  • Devyn Arnold
    Devyn Arnold 2 days ago

    Every time I watch this I notice something I missed the last time around.

  • Marosalie Rosalie
    Marosalie Rosalie 2 days ago

    Such an amazing Video😍 i love it sooo much😍😍

  • Marosalie Rosalie
    Marosalie Rosalie 2 days ago

    The best musicvideo😍


    very very beautiful dreams thaught ,very amazing worlds best songs

  • Sophie Fields
    Sophie Fields 2 days ago

    good video

  • Maki l
    Maki l 2 days ago

    a masterpiece. ;)

  • Hagai Levi
    Hagai Levi 2 days ago

    like !!!!

  • shayan vids
    shayan vids 2 days ago

    best music video ever!

  • Manoj DnD solution hub

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  • Karine Garcia
    Karine Garcia 2 days ago

    O vídeo mais lindo que já vi,sem dúvida alguma ❤

  • Tania Baires
    Tania Baires 3 days ago

    This song make me feel happier than ever 😭 it's sad and I don't know but I love it so much😍😍

  • Juan Pablo Diaz
    Juan Pablo Diaz 3 days ago


  • Stick
    Stick 3 days ago

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  • Edylu William
    Edylu William 3 days ago


  • Emiley Mayes
    Emiley Mayes 3 days ago


  • Merced Itzel Garcia Aguilar

    💚 El vídeo es increíble

  • Carlos Davi
    Carlos Davi 3 days ago


  • Lourdes Ubilla
    Lourdes Ubilla 3 days ago

    Cuantos pesos habrán gastado ?

  • remi mc
    remi mc 3 days ago

    A very wonderful Song

  • Crackenakis GR
    Crackenakis GR 3 days ago

    it is the best

  • Vixiuz
    Vixiuz 4 days ago

    surrealista no...

  • Nane Louca
    Nane Louca 4 days ago

    love Coldplay

  • lost angels
    lost angels 4 days ago

    This song with mdm is magic <3

  • Martin Kimani
    Martin Kimani 4 days ago

    Excellent guitar riffs from 2:46.

  • SuckMyMeme
    SuckMyMeme 4 days ago

    Am I high ?

  • Wiktoria Gromadzka
    Wiktoria Gromadzka 4 days ago

    This video is in drem 🌃🌌

  • Sandra Giaiaime
    Sandra Giaiaime 4 days ago


  • Sandra Giaiaime
    Sandra Giaiaime 4 days ago

    Naaaa mentira

  • Sandra Giaiaime
    Sandra Giaiaime 4 days ago

    Up and up lo unico que escucho

    JAIMIN PATEL 4 days ago

    The height of imagination...piece of art.....beautiful song...<3(Y)

  • Niki St
    Niki St 4 days ago

    Why does it feel so right when I cry because of coldplay's songs?

  • vamsi gollavalli
    vamsi gollavalli 4 days ago

    i turn my pc and watch thic video





  • Noby Trance/Techno
    Noby Trance/Techno 4 days ago

    Such a special video .... soccer field on the sponge  , popcorn on the volcano lol

  • Didi Wardian
    Didi Wardian 4 days ago

    i love this music video, so Wonderfull

  • Στελιος Αναστασοπουλος

    Coldplay forever Up&Up. love you men

  • valentina va
    valentina va 5 days ago

    esta es la cacion que escuchava de bebe

  • Andreia Santos
    Andreia Santos 5 days ago

    Amoooooo essa música... My amor

  • Abishek Abimanyu
    Abishek Abimanyu 5 days ago

    who are the 22k people dislike this?

  • Eduardo Cancino
    Eduardo Cancino 5 days ago

    Manita arriba todos los latinos😀

  • Retno Utari
    Retno Utari 5 days ago


  • Johannes vD
    Johannes vD 5 days ago


  • CédricP91
    CédricP91 5 days ago

    Absolutely amazing show at Stade de France in Paris yesterday!!!!! This song for the final was incredible!

  • kys3rthecraft3r
    kys3rthecraft3r 5 days ago

    ETH Anthem

  • I know this is stupid

    I heard somewhere Beyoncé was in this I mean it's a beautiful song but Beyoncé? Where is she?

    • Tiago Villela
      Tiago Villela 5 days ago

      I know this is stupid Its another song from the band

  • tiwik ramor
    tiwik ramor 5 days ago


  • Teacher
    Teacher 5 days ago

    Never give up❤❤❤

  • Raul Barros
    Raul Barros 6 days ago

    são anjos deste mundo

  • Vanessa Guerrero
    Vanessa Guerrero 6 days ago

    this is art.

  • Ben Swann
    Ben Swann 6 days ago

    Look at how nice the word could be if it wasn't full of cunts

  • MIzhani VUi
    MIzhani VUi 6 days ago

    when i take lsd and listen to cold play its heaven

  • t7shsh
    t7shsh 6 days ago

    i think i am high

  • Laís Lira
    Laís Lira 6 days ago

    They're amazing! I love them! Thanks, Coldplay, to exist.

  • Angi Wulansari
    Angi Wulansari 6 days ago

    wow... amazingg 😘😍😍 nice

  • Anel Berenice Barrera Maldonado

    Me admira el video 👌🏼😳

  • Nadia Espinoza
    Nadia Espinoza 6 days ago


  • Jeranuch Kiatsiri
    Jeranuch Kiatsiri 6 days ago

    ชอบเพลงนี้มากๆเลย up&up by Clodplay เพราะอ่ะ ❤️❤️😘😘

  • Aline Melo
    Aline Melo 6 days ago

    amo Coldplay..❤

  • pt. anak utara
    pt. anak utara 6 days ago

    Coulplayers aceh

  • Fabiana Botinhao
    Fabiana Botinhao 6 days ago


  • Fabiana Botinhao
    Fabiana Botinhao 6 days ago

    to alucinada

  • ayu sri utari
    ayu sri utari 6 days ago

    i just realized coldplay had amazing video..i like it

  • 강호
    강호 6 days ago

    This is the best vide that I've ever seen

  • Top Games
    Top Games 6 days ago

    this small Earthe good the this very cool

  • Nick Johannssen
    Nick Johannssen 6 days ago

    the effects holy...

  • Giulia Pellegrini
    Giulia Pellegrini 6 days ago

    I love this song!

  • Vyck Dakota
    Vyck Dakota 6 days ago


    KARONA TV 6 days ago

    Amazing ouu

  • Virendra Kanadhia
    Virendra Kanadhia 6 days ago

    AWEsome imagination

  • Zhung36
    Zhung36 6 days ago

    How the hell does this lose grammy award for best music video??
    This is way better than Formation (in my opinion)

  • It's Pretty Yishien

    its like my imagination!! :)

  • Matt Shaughnessy
    Matt Shaughnessy 7 days ago

    Make Love not War ❤️

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