Denver Official Guilty Dog Video

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  • Karla Filomeno Tv
    Karla Filomeno Tv 3 hours ago

    After he's like and u let it happend😂😂that sounds like mom yelling at my sister then she comes yelling at me😂 TBH that was so cute and sad🤤😢😘😭❤️❤️

  • Roberta Incagnoli
    Roberta Incagnoli 1 day ago

    that feeling its like watching asmr

  • Bambi. 72
    Bambi. 72 2 days ago

    This has made my day, HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

  • whitepride1004
    whitepride1004 2 days ago

    looks staged, but funny anyway

  • Richard Potts
    Richard Potts 2 days ago

    This is a funny video, and I'm not hating...just reminding people that you really should never use your dogs kennel as a punishment. A dogs kennel/crate should be a refuge for them.

  • Chris Herbolsheimer
    Chris Herbolsheimer 2 days ago

    Please kill yourself asshole. The dog ate some cat treats. If that's the worst thing the dog ever does, he's still a good dog.

  • Hopes Alive
    Hopes Alive 3 days ago

    I never tire of watching this video. Who says dogs are not human? :)

  • Yaritza Ramirez
    Yaritza Ramirez 3 days ago

    so funny but sadist song 😂

  • Jeremy Thomas
    Jeremy Thomas 4 days ago

    The pain!! The shame!!! While I was gone?!!

  • mannastriving
    mannastriving 6 days ago

    Hilarious,,from about two years ago

  • Ethan Bungay
    Ethan Bungay 7 days ago

    Very well trained Denver is! Right to the kennel!

  • Terry Lawrence
    Terry Lawrence 7 days ago

    love this Denver doggy...very cute...lovely man not yelling at the dog....beautiful sweet video 😊👍💖🐴

  • ドラクエ10 まぶの冒険


  • Hrishikesh Dutta
    Hrishikesh Dutta 9 days ago

    0:39 guilt all over his face lol

  • Last Deemo
    Last Deemo 9 days ago

    i crying LMAO 😂😂😂

  • Sharkonabicycle
    Sharkonabicycle 9 days ago

    0:39 "#2." Kills me every time.

  • Marissa Gomez
    Marissa Gomez 9 days ago

    my dog dose that face go to my page and see

  • Natalya Ko
    Natalya Ko 10 days ago


  • Dexter Pasek
    Dexter Pasek 10 days ago

    Denver what are you doing with that face? You are so talented at the guilty look!

  • super nation
    super nation 10 days ago

    if so cute and sad and funney

  • Jethro Jenkins
    Jethro Jenkins 11 days ago

    Best thing about this whole story is, Denver is fat.

  • Linda McAdams
    Linda McAdams 11 days ago

    y'all be good to this baby!

  • Letz PLAYZ
    Letz PLAYZ 12 days ago

    the look denver makes, you know its about to go down

  • Frou Paokara
    Frou Paokara 12 days ago

    this is not guilty emocion, but fear.denver knows what he did, and is scary cause is think you gonna punish him. look his teeths. by the way both of them are very beautiful dogs. i wish you to live mamy many years with them.

  • J-Stielo (SoloPhysique)

    1:20 I lost it😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆

  • Dan O
    Dan O 13 days ago

    Denver has made his owner serious bucks for this video. Id say denver has all the treats he wants now!!!!

  • Ng Kamisama
    Ng Kamisama 14 days ago +1

    that music ...

  • hyeon hwa
    hyeon hwa 14 days ago +1

    Can somebody tell me what this is song?

    • John Carrie
      John Carrie 11 days ago

      The song is called 'Please' by John Carrie and Moor Green

  • Catarina Francisco
    Catarina Francisco 16 days ago


  • Ana Herrera
    Ana Herrera 18 days ago

    This never gets old I love this dog 🐶

  • BDT. Nation
    BDT. Nation 18 days ago

    My name is denver

  • Sir Deucealot
    Sir Deucealot 18 days ago

    The guy sounds like Woody Harrelson.

  • Brian Myers
    Brian Myers 18 days ago

    Was that Woody Harrellson's dog?

  • Tim Svea
    Tim Svea 20 days ago

    poor puppy! Get the dog some more treats......!

  • O O
    O O 21 day ago

    " You let it happen, I hope you're happy too?" LOL Best part of the video. Just cracked me up.

  • Bam Bam
    Bam Bam 24 days ago

    I had to buy my dog the Denver stuffed dog

  • epiphany 1.618
    epiphany 1.618 24 days ago

    love this video so much. And I love love the song!!!!!!!!!

  • John Walborn
    John Walborn 25 days ago +1

    OMG this is killing me. Perfect soundtrack! Well done!

  • redbomb66607
    redbomb66607 25 days ago

    these are amazing ;_;...

  • 최성희
    최성희 26 days ago +1

    I like this video... owner's voice, background music, and Denver's face
    this is perfect harmony.

  • syukkekibou
    syukkekibou 26 days ago


  • Cody Kacin
    Cody Kacin 27 days ago

    Wow... sad sad sad all around. Not the kennel

  • T.A S
    T.A S 27 days ago

    omg ive watched this over 1000 times never gets old !!! love this ty for sharing ! I adore the mans voice and choice of words lol

  • Brittany Parkes
    Brittany Parkes 27 days ago

    truly an iconic video

  • i Barker
    i Barker 27 days ago +1

    Please clean the eye boogers/fleas from his eyes before filming, that drove me crazy and I couldn't fix it lol!!! Great video by the way! Hilarious looks like Denver is singing song playing in the background!

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 28 days ago

    videos like this were my childhood

  • Jeje The Human
    Jeje The Human 29 days ago +1

    What is this background music?

    • John Carrie
      John Carrie 25 days ago

      'Please' by john carrie and moor green

  • BlueberryGirl
    BlueberryGirl 1 month ago

    It's just a bag that's so mean!

  • Lalawow
    Lalawow 1 month ago

    the dog does not seem to be interested in that toy

  • 0reaver01
    0reaver01 1 month ago

    1:20 Yes mother fucker i did it and i would do it again in a heart beat

  • Jeff Reeds
    Jeff Reeds 1 month ago

    Lol Denver starts singing at 1:18. 😂😂 perfect timing

  • Josh Rosenblum
    Josh Rosenblum 1 month ago

    I had a Denver too.
    Must have tween his twin brother.
    Same name, exactly the same breed ( yellow lab) and stature , and 150% same behavior
    RIP Denver

  • Brian Badesso
    Brian Badesso 1 month ago

    woody harrelson's dogs are super cute

  • xGelo HD
    xGelo HD 1 month ago +1

    0:58 sorry master, I have failed you... i'm sorry...

  • xGelo HD
    xGelo HD 1 month ago +1

    0:38 HEHE BOI, IT WASN'T ME HEHE *investigative face*

  • xGelo HD
    xGelo HD 1 month ago

    can someone please explain me why im watching this at 2am

  • Allen
    Allen 1 month ago

    Why the sad music? wtf

  • Nur aziera
    Nur aziera 1 month ago


  • super sayain
    super sayain 1 month ago +2

    the music and the dog lol

  • kimberly gold
    kimberly gold 1 month ago

    wow no need to punish you moron

  • Valerie Whitt
    Valerie Whitt 1 month ago

    QUIT trying to GUILT the poor doggies !!!!!!   STUPIDITY

  • Valerie Whitt
    Valerie Whitt 1 month ago

    PLEASE Keep cat food or treats out of reach of your dogs---Cats require very high protein and it can age dogs very quickly and they can die very young....I know this because my in-laws had a female dog about the same age as ours, but they left the cat food out and "Haley" would eat it and while our dog lived a very long life, poor Haley aged and died very young because of the cat food---My veterinarian said this is true. I'm not criticizing(sp?) it's just something I think a lot of people aren't aware of--I never knew...Just an animal lover.....

  • Sitthichai Angad
    Sitthichai Angad 1 month ago

    Still the best dog video ever

  • Destroyah Final Form
    Destroyah Final Form 1 month ago

    sadness from the bottom of the heart

  • O.G. BigHosMan
    O.G. BigHosMan 1 month ago +1

    I love Denver!

  • Wendy Wilson
    Wendy Wilson 1 month ago

    is this Woody harrelsons dog??

  • Maria Gusman
    Maria Gusman 1 month ago

    the music is what makes this video.

  • Courtney Lynn
    Courtney Lynn 1 month ago

    oh my goodness!! so cute!

  • leb yaj
    leb yaj 1 month ago

    but ilove denver and isub and turn notification

  • leb yaj
    leb yaj 1 month ago

    idisliked cause you make sad denver

  • TheMaul3r_Real
    TheMaul3r_Real 1 month ago


  • Betelgeusian Potato
    Betelgeusian Potato 1 month ago

    almost forgot to watch this today

  • Megan Taylor
    Megan Taylor 1 month ago

    "Lovely :)"

  • WastinTime Sometimes
    WastinTime Sometimes 1 month ago

    Thanks for sharing and not demanding that I press the like button even though I did.

  • Trilmonté
    Trilmonté 1 month ago +1

    The harmonica makes this video.

  • Zephyr Blue
    Zephyr Blue 1 month ago +1

    This is the best doggy guilt video I have seen so far. Love it!!! The music you picked for it is perfect. Oh my. Dogs can't lie at all. Sweet loves.

  • Natalia Lera Anne Rosy Kwski

    She is cute

  • antibadism 4
    antibadism 4 1 month ago

    plot twist, it was macey all along, Denver just got gass

  • 3dyn
    3dyn 1 month ago +1

    Denver couldnt be more ovbious.. lol..

  • Emily D'Agati
    Emily D'Agati 1 month ago

    Unless you caught your dog in the act, your dog doesn't know what your are angry about. The "guilty dog" look in this video is actually what is called "Submissive Grinning" and is shown in reaction to the owners tone and body language. Dogs use this as a way to show they are uncomfortable and to try to diffuse the situation; it is a tactic dogs use to shut off aggression from another individual, either human or canine. Dogs tend to show this behavior when we lean over them, use a certain voice or other body language, or during greetings with other humans and/or canines. Nothing to do with the cat treats or "cracking under pressure". ;) #theMoreYouKnow

  • iWendy Demers
    iWendy Demers 1 month ago


  • Cyber Cancer
    Cyber Cancer 1 month ago

    get old yellered

  • Gerald Dixon Cummings
    Gerald Dixon Cummings 1 month ago

    An academy Award for Denver.

  • fubukifangirl
    fubukifangirl 1 month ago

    Where I used to live when I was about 10-11, there were some people who lived across the street from us who had a black Labrador. Every day she would come over, bringing her softball over to play fetch with us and and she would put the ball down at our feet and smile at us, baring her teeth. The first time she did that though, I thought she was snarling at me and I started screaming. The poor dog looked so confused and I finally stopped screaming when she picked up her ball and physically tried to put it in my hand.

  • Natalie Suemori
    Natalie Suemori 1 month ago


  • Jamul Papa
    Jamul Papa 1 month ago


  • A. Stanford
    A. Stanford 1 month ago

    Delivers like I know I was supposed to be on a diet but I couldn't help it.

  • CurvingFyre Talos
    CurvingFyre Talos 1 month ago

    that pupper is sooo soary.

  • Audrey Films
    Audrey Films 1 month ago

    check out my guilty dog video

  • Jonathan c
    Jonathan c 1 month ago

    It's only a matter of time when dogs will learn how to have a good poker face.

  • Rachel Dunwoodie
    Rachel Dunwoodie 1 month ago

    those ears lol they give it away I cant stop laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!

  • Son Dao
    Son Dao 1 month ago

    How is Denver today?!!!!

  • Nancy Keesling
    Nancy Keesling 1 month ago +1

    this is hilarious i have watched this like 50 times LOL

  • Mr Beam
    Mr Beam 2 months ago

    Poor little creatures

  • Charles Stills
    Charles Stills 2 months ago

    haha awesome

  • iwannaseenow1
    iwannaseenow1 2 months ago

    Get a clue ..

  • Sally K
    Sally K 2 months ago

    I love Denver! Watched this many times! 😊

  • Joe fun
    Joe fun 2 months ago

    bad bog and jajajaja

  • Riggoten
    Riggoten 2 months ago

    I love your video but you shouldn't punish your dogs by sending them to the kennel the kennel should be a safe place for them

  • BadCompany 2
    BadCompany 2 2 months ago

    Denver is adorable!

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