Insane Underground Tunnel To HELL (Part 5) - Explored In First Person GoPro HD

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    BACONWOLF LOL 13 hours ago +1

    is it me. Or is it water or blood? I can't tell

  • Andy
    Andy Day ago

    Have you looked above ground to see if there`s anything to suggest what the tunnels are there for ? Could it be part of a Waterworks ? That tunnel looks almost straight, leading into that round part. It must be newish as its made of reinforced concrete

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P 2 days ago

    slender but tunnel version

  • Valenzuela Kylie
    Valenzuela Kylie 5 days ago


  • Valenzuela Kylie
    Valenzuela Kylie 5 days ago

    So scary

  • patrick
    patrick 5 days ago

    you're gonna find Idubbbz

  • Steven Causey
    Steven Causey 7 days ago

    Bro that was so creepy all them metal nosies see when yu Black yu would have when in there with a Draco 😂😂😂

  • TuChanel RandomFavorito

    that is the ass of my ex

  • SFxTAGG3
    SFxTAGG3 9 days ago

    If I ever UrbEx, I'm going with a friend, I'm taking a decent amount of supplies, and I'm brining my P226. And if I'm going through a tunnel or another confined, echo chamber like area, I'm putting a suppressor on it on the off chance I actually need to use it. Don't want to blow out my eardrums, now.

    Also, it feels a little like real life Metro 2033/Last Light.

  • Matthew Adams
    Matthew Adams 13 days ago

    That make a great workout tunner, but going to the entrance....buck no!

  • Jospeh Stalin
    Jospeh Stalin 13 days ago

    What minecraft mod Is this?

  • Tina Henry
    Tina Henry 17 days ago +1

    you are really brave for this. Does anybody know if he made it out alive? or is there a part 2?

    • Nope Nope
      Nope Nope 17 days ago

      im sure he made it lol these youtubers do anything for views because this video has 2million views combined with his other part 1-4 videos im sure he's sitting like a fat rat

  • GamingForFun
    GamingForFun 17 days ago

    Minecraft confirmed

  • Dale Leabo
    Dale Leabo 18 days ago

    Until your lost

  • Dale Leabo
    Dale Leabo 18 days ago

    Go in there and close your eyes and spin around

  • Bacon Strips
    Bacon Strips 18 days ago

    Imagine you accidentally get the direction mixed up and don't know which way is out...

  • Ayuko FoxAura
    Ayuko FoxAura 21 day ago

    When in doubt use the stick

  • Nova CHEV
    Nova CHEV 21 day ago

    where is this tunnel located the UK?

  • 33 skills
    33 skills 22 days ago

    horror game

  • Elver Guerrero
    Elver Guerrero 23 days ago

    Cual es la cuarta parte de este vídeo, buen vídeo

  • Scarecr0w_of_waz strawpies

    Do you ever wonder what you were hearing?

  • Joe Cruz
    Joe Cruz 26 days ago

    This guy is going to be killed by something if he doesn't get out of there

  • sam aguirre
    sam aguirre 29 days ago

    Where is this ?

  • sleepless nights
    sleepless nights 29 days ago

    I wouldn't go down there with a friend, fucc that

  • Shabnam Rafique
    Shabnam Rafique Month ago

    has he made sure he knows his way out?

  • Mat Hampton
    Mat Hampton Month ago

    you people should realize that there is most likely a reason they call it the "tunnel to hell" it's prob haunted. go read about Houska Castle. then come back.

  • Mat Hampton
    Mat Hampton Month ago

    you people should realize that there is most likely a reason they call it the "tunnel to hell" it's prob haunted. go read about Houska Castle. then come back.

  • william cash
    william cash Month ago +1

    Guys he is simply in a sewer with a buddy his friend is making weird noises and the "weird lights and distorted sounds" is a manhole with people walking on top the lights are either street lights or the sun this is all clearly fake

  • william cash
    william cash Month ago +1

    Finds very large tunnel desires to explore ignoring the high possibility of deadly spiders ex brown recluse black widow etc he is armed with only a large stick if satan was to jump out he would have no chance unless he is chuck Norris wait HE IS CHUCK NORRIS THATS WHY ALL THE DEADLY SPIDERS ARE HIDING

  • Mr. Splashmaster
    Mr. Splashmaster Month ago

    I would not go in that tunnel without a backpack full of useful things, flashlight, batteries, a gun, extra rounds, and HOLY WATER

  • Joseph Thornley
    Joseph Thornley Month ago

    I would go in with a 12 inch dildo in both hands

  • bananian
    bananian Month ago

    you would be fucked if there were H2S gas.

  • Alak Wahid
    Alak Wahid Month ago

    how oxizene exists there?? omg

  • Alak Wahid
    Alak Wahid Month ago

    just imagine he just forget the direction,,,, where to back,,,he is confused somehow

    GHETTO BOYZ Month ago

    This nothing I watched a vice documentary about homeless kids living in sewers darker and filthier than this

  • Marie
    Marie Month ago

    Imagine if someone followed him down down there and liked him. No one would ever find his body !!

  • Vicariah Goree
    Vicariah Goree Month ago

    Looks like a great place for people to try to survive underground when the shtf! Remember this place, it could save the lives of your family later.

  • Jeremiah Hatch
    Jeremiah Hatch Month ago

    It 2:05 am plz help

  • Chris Denton
    Chris Denton Month ago

    and there's cotton candy and all kinds of rides down here. are there balloons? all colors do they float? they float gorgie they float.

  • Studio Dreamclaw
    Studio Dreamclaw Month ago

    Dont look behind you

  • Rheylyn Joy Amboayan

    Should have brought a back up flashlights and extra batteries.

  • bongojim420
    bongojim420 Month ago

    Only a white guy would do this lol

  • Mario Mac
    Mario Mac Month ago

    Little girl I would went up there. Probably people talking from a distances voices just got muffled and sound travels and gets distorted

  • Ryan Astrakhan
    Ryan Astrakhan Month ago

    Am I the only one that hears voices at 15:57 and about 45 seconds later?

  • TheSpecialWyvern
    TheSpecialWyvern Month ago

    Unless I had some form of firearm with me I wouldn't go in there alone. You got some serious stones, doing this.

  • Rad Jordan
    Rad Jordan Month ago +1

    1 like = 1 prayer

  • GamerdeSastre VIDA DE RPG

    Por que nãi usa uma cb 1000 pra ou uma bicicleta seria rapido kk

  • Mrjolie 666
    Mrjolie 666 Month ago

    Dude that metal clanking noise ! Wtf
    Fuck that ! So scary .... 😱🔦

  • Mrjolie 666
    Mrjolie 666 Month ago

    What !? Solo ? Alone ? Y !???
    In any case creepy video. But 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 to u and being one brave motherF*****👍✌🏼

  • nick jones
    nick jones Month ago

    you've got cast iron testicles you lad

  • scott fredette
    scott fredette Month ago

    Should really get a poisonous gas detector if you're going to continue going into places like this. Some poisonous gases are heavier than air & they could easily fill these tunnels. Another thing you should consider is the "buddy system" for obvious reasons and lastly beware of "Flash flooding" in these tunnels, something as simple as a building fire somewhere causing multiple fire hydrants to be used at the same time could cause a serious problem for you in there. I know because I used to do these things.

  • Blank Slate
    Blank Slate Month ago

    Subscribed ;)

  • Blank Slate
    Blank Slate Month ago

    May recomend you take a spare torch next time you go exploring??? Not for the viewers but you know... So you don't die in a tunnel? Balls of steel will only get you so far fella! ;)

  • Tyler Green
    Tyler Green Month ago

    OMG if his flash light died

  • prince aqui
    prince aqui Month ago

    Is This RE8??

  • M- cat
    M- cat Month ago

    hardcore harry, underground edition

  • Shark With a tank
    Shark With a tank Month ago

    the reason hes heavily breathing is because deep down in that tunnel theres a lack of oxygen

  • Lucas Johnson
    Lucas Johnson Month ago

    white people only white people

  • savage logan
    savage logan Month ago

    how did you get out from there?, where is the full footage?

  • Anthony Guzman
    Anthony Guzman Month ago

    taha that ain't no portal to hell unless u been fuckin up ur whole life and somehow u die in that tunnel then ull go to hell

  • Noah
    Noah Month ago

    yo that room is the surface, the deformed noises are probs nearby cars. if you hear voices its probably a sidewalk

  • Mare Tranquillity
    Mare Tranquillity Month ago

    What puzzles me about Mr. Street Zips is why he doesn't go better equipped. Only two lights? And since he's been down the tunnel several times why not take a bicycle instead of walking? You'd get there quicker and you'd have more time with your lights to explore. Find a friend, go prepared, the long walks in the familiar tunnel are getting boring. Oh yeah, and your friend to take along should not be afraid of heights. Another good thing to take is one of those snake cameras that contractors use to look inside walls so you can poke it up and see what's going on in the room above the tunnel where all the noise comes from.

  • Cintia Gonzalez
    Cintia Gonzalez Month ago


  • HorsingMadeMe
    HorsingMadeMe Month ago

    u died

  • corpselover450
    corpselover450 Month ago

    part 5 iam assumeing you dident find hell lol

  • Olimpo 2016
    Olimpo 2016 Month ago

    are these suppose to be the Bunker's to hide on doomsday Hell no this place is scary it seems like only ghost lived there. I only would walk to the entrance of the tunnel and that's it Thank You.

  • Joovian ™
    Joovian ™ Month ago

    When i was walking in their i heard a voice say *Its raping time!*

  • alfredo huerta
    alfredo huerta Month ago

    Did anybody else hear his balls drop at 6:15?

  • Elena Kristiansen
    Elena Kristiansen Month ago


  • Stoot Lord
    Stoot Lord Month ago

    If this were a tunnel to hell than your soul would already have been devoured by demons.

  • Dog Feelings
    Dog Feelings Month ago

    Having fun playing in the sewer? Lol

  • Spector GD
    Spector GD Month ago

    can you go up on that room where you heard deformed noises with backup next time? im so curious to see what's in there lmao

  • Shawn Wilt
    Shawn Wilt Month ago

    He hates heights when he climbs a ladder with a cage around it(I think) and then he'll explore the darkest sewage tunnel alone.

  • gugu ganmo
    gugu ganmo Month ago

    lol this shit is obvously a rain drain or sewer and the "room" with lights" is the street above, i can even say that this is probably a highway because there are lts of car speeding sounds but no horns, i use to explore some myself and immediatly recognise that kind of shit. the door is a manhole. lol lol lol

  • Aucky Adi Kurniawan
    Aucky Adi Kurniawan 2 months ago

    Can you go to Joralemon 58 tunnel?

    • Aucky Adi Kurniawan
      Aucky Adi Kurniawan Month ago

      it's at New York and bro u should google about the information about joralemon 58 tunnel it's known have a secret and mistery behind it so if u have heard case of joralemon 58 nah u will know what i mean

    • StreetZips
      StreetZips  Month ago

      Where is it?

  • ghorkalit
    ghorkalit 2 months ago

    this guy is fucking brave

  • KnightWarriorII
    KnightWarriorII 2 months ago

    why would you walk, why not use a motorbike or something mobile.

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar 2 months ago

    wo metal ki awwaje kha se aa rhi thi

    sounds of metal

  • nick ivey
    nick ivey 2 months ago

    Where is this ?

  • Cazed
    Cazed 2 months ago

    I Would Wear A Shitty Armor Before I Go And Sprint In That Tunnel

  • camerakid
    camerakid 2 months ago

    It makes me wonder what could be above those manhole covers... roads, maybe? Perhaps cars are driving over the manhole covers and are making the "deformed noises"? And the talking you hear is just people walking past the manhole covers? The metal dragging could be an animal doing it. But the dragging noise near the end almost sounded like it was either added in in post or just amplified. Or, who knows, it could just be the reptilians ;) On a more serious note, I'll try to rip the audio off the video and see what I can do with it in audition.

  • Yeremia Patuan
    Yeremia Patuan 2 months ago

    Around 10:45 - 10:46, I clearly hear noises!

  • Mtb Ridingog
    Mtb Ridingog 2 months ago

    yo i know it wasnt drainimg any watse out through the sewer during this time but what would you have done if it was rushing toward you bro

  • Mtb Ridingog
    Mtb Ridingog 2 months ago

    what does it smell like and did you see any Gators

  • Felix Culpa
    Felix Culpa 2 months ago

    I figured you had a gun for sure, but then I saw you pick up a freakin' weak ass stick and say that "now you've got a weapon", and at that point I knew you were indeed certifiably insane!! I would NOT have ventured in there without a sidearm AT LEAST!! Crazy bastard!! Great video though, scared the crap outta me and I wasn't even there LOL...

  • shutai-shin no ken
    shutai-shin no ken 2 months ago

    Did you find the bonfire?

  • Charles Strong
    Charles Strong 2 months ago

    I don't think that was a room, I think it was the surface

  • Sky Man
    Sky Man 2 months ago

    FFFFUCKING lame. a whole video of a chicken-shit explorer who forgot to bring extra batteries or any kind of weapon to defend himself. real nice

  • Ma. Melanie balingit
    Ma. Melanie balingit 2 months ago

    I'm so scared when I sleep

  • Victoria Cruz
    Victoria Cruz 2 months ago

    so brave

  • Μάχ Ηι gυμδ

    He for sure white!!!!

  • Tanner Perry
    Tanner Perry 2 months ago

    6:50 def looks like a weapon switch in a game

  • alliofferisthetruth
    alliofferisthetruth 2 months ago

    One day your gonnae find a big monster down one of those tunnels n he's gonnae eat ye hahah

  • QvistYT
    QvistYT 2 months ago


  • Alshiqi Faton
    Alshiqi Faton 2 months ago

    you must be completely crazy If u went all alone

  • Alshiqi Faton
    Alshiqi Faton 2 months ago

    wtf I this tunnel

    BILGE HAN 2 months ago

    Outlast - The prequel

  • solo dolo
    solo dolo 2 months ago

    tomb raider

  • aera Hoover
    aera Hoover 2 months ago

    bra its cars runner over the metal plates

    BILGE HAN 2 months ago

    The metal sounds are coming from your balls my friend

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