Man Discovers An Underground Safe In His Grandparents House & Can’t Believe What He Finds

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    The subject of today is :
    Man Discovers An Underground Safe In His Grandparents House & Can’t Believe What He Finds

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  • Runtime: 8:08
  • Man Discovers An Underground Safe In His Grandparents House & Can’t Believe What He Finds  Man  Discovers  An  Underground  Safe  In  His  Grandparents  House  can’t Believe  What  He  Finds  bizzare  stories  watchzozo  top10  topten  trending  videos  viral  pictures  

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  • John Ryan Badumar
    John Ryan Badumar 11 hours ago

    Great video! You actually found a family treasure.

  • Lukimarzi
    Lukimarzi 5 days ago

    This video was annoying as shit, takes way too long to get to the point

  • Sharon Marmon Kaczorowski

    However a Standing Liberty dollar is not an ancient coin. That term applies to say, a coin from the Roman Empire.

  • Sharon Marmon Kaczorowski

    I don't care about the quality. I like looking at the old stuff they find. I just push the video forward.

    BENZ TRAINZ 7 days ago

    this is pure bullshit, there is no way this came out of a floor safe. you might as well say this all fit in a shoe box, TOTAL BULLSHIT...

  • Stitch Shifter
    Stitch Shifter 7 days ago

    all we found in our old house was nicotine stains and matted hair that was thicker than the slimy carpet underneath.

    LAFOLLETTER 8 days ago

    That money is not "ruined". There is a department in The U.S. government that will replace damaged U.S. currency with new bills equal to their face value. Sorry, I can't recall the name of the agency.

  • doomoncharlie
    doomoncharlie 8 days ago

    What happened next? Did he sell it all and spent the money on cocaine and hookers?

  • johnxaviere
    johnxaviere 8 days ago

    i dont understand….these were found in a toilet?

  • David Staley
    David Staley 8 days ago

    bs no way all that was in there it is only 4 coffie cans deep !!!

  • Wanda Ferrer
    Wanda Ferrer 9 days ago

    To those that found that stash of money, note that some of that coin is very valuable. Good for you.

  • luke lucy
    luke lucy 9 days ago

    Hate the long dragged out presentation, won't visit again.

  • 1079walter
    1079walter 9 days ago

    The US paper money may have been damaged, but as long as half of the serial numbers can be read, they are replaceable by Federal Reserve Bank. What a treasure trove! Happy for the guy.

  • Martin Moerschell
    Martin Moerschell 11 days ago

    For dragging this out sooooo loooong, you get a Thumbs Down (#1549)

  • frank deshusses
    frank deshusses 12 days ago

    Remind me not to watch watch anymore of their videos please.

  • Coin Nerd
    Coin Nerd 13 days ago

    Is that an 'ancient' silver eagle at 5:21? That one looks like it may have even been a proof. Imagine that, an ancient proof coin! Silver eagles were first struck in 1986 AD. Regardless of our disagreement on the definition of 'ancient', it is still a nice coin.

  • Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

    Can you make another vid showing everything when it's cleaned,like the coins 😊

  • DerTüp aka Bester
    DerTüp aka Bester 16 days ago

    who made the music?

  • Alex Zitnik
    Alex Zitnik 17 days ago

    What is this. A step by step guide.

  • Chewligan
    Chewligan 19 days ago

    It would have been better to store all this stuff in a compost heap or on a bird table !!!!. The condition of these items is appalling for such a short time - the banknotes and books are now worthless.

  • Steve Matthews
    Steve Matthews 20 days ago

    If you send the stack of cash to the U. S. Treasury, they will redeem it. Do not do anything to the bills; send them as is, and let the Treasury pull them apart, so long as they can get a serial number off it, they will redeem it. FYI.

  • Brayden Kooski
    Brayden Kooski 21 day ago

    To save time: Found books, coins, and some other shit that could've been covered much quicker.

  • jethrow bowdeenn
    jethrow bowdeenn 22 days ago

    he found 5 million mexican hoco del ochos

  • Black Waterdogs
    Black Waterdogs 22 days ago

    As a general rule, as long as both serial numbers are legible on a damaged dollar bill, banks will give you face value in new bills. Unfortunately any additional value of those damaged Silver Certificates would be lost, they have no collector value.

  • Ronnie Whitaker
    Ronnie Whitaker 23 days ago

    What a lucky Mf..

  • T Bar
    T Bar 23 days ago

    Well, not to sure about this, lol. Look at the size of the safe opening at frame 3:20. The safe lid is not much larger than the locksmiths hand, now look at the size of the contents at 4:35 and 6:39. Doesn't seem like boxes of that size could fit through that hole. hmmm. Also, really, the volume of the contents seems so huge (4:35) your arm wouldn't be long enough to reach it if the safe was big enough to hold it.

  • Rashid Wekoye
    Rashid Wekoye 23 days ago

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  • Jeremy Kirkpatrick
    Jeremy Kirkpatrick 24 days ago

    How did the water get into the safe?

  • Mick Taylor
    Mick Taylor 24 days ago

    So obviously since it was not waterproffed it was not intended to be a time capsule. Some poor soul passed away and never willed it to anyone. Many of those quarters did not look that old.

  • AndrejBk
    AndrejBk 24 days ago

    ancient coins: Silver eagle mined since 1986

  • King Morbid
    King Morbid 25 days ago

    Thanks for wasting my time. I'll avoid this channel in the future.

  • JEAN C
    JEAN C 26 days ago

    The things you foubd can be replaced or cost alot of money if you bring it to the right place. all the damaged money iI would bring to the "U.S.Treasury Dept" they replace old, damged money or money you found in a fire . Also bring the jewelry, books & other things you found in the vault to "Southby's Auction House" in New York City. Do not play dumb or act dumb. tellthem you were told it was vary a=valuable & you should bring them these things to find out how valuable they were. Remember what makes jewelry expensive is when it was given to someone or bought bysomeone, another is where it was made and in what year it was made. Jewelry settings is a good souce of knowing where and when it was made. I hope this is welcome newa to you and your family.Do not forget about rI am surprise that no one told you that the Treasury dept replaces every damaged bill you bring them. Dollar For Dollar. If you have a five hundred dollar bill or a thousand dollar bill they are very valuable because they are not made anymoe. ir you keep ten, onehundred dollar bill before the new billa came out in twenty years they will be valuable in thirty or forty years from now they would be even more money. I fyou could save ten one hundred dollars for a grandchild and it is morethan fifty years old it would be very valuable to them to sell it at auction or to a coin collector (some coin collectors also save paper money too) . Good Luck with your new found wealth your grandparents would be happy for you. They always knew it was there but they left it there just for you. You should say apray for them & maybe put flowers on their graves. "Good Luck."

  • raymond lindsay
    raymond lindsay 26 days ago

    If you haven't watched it yet, don't waste your time. 8 drawn out minutes of bullshit. Looks like grand pa's porno collection but no sign of grannies dildos. A waste of fkn time.

  • Peace Keeper
    Peace Keeper 27 days ago

    Wow u never visited them alive?Where r ur parents?

  • GW Rash
    GW Rash 28 days ago

    This is total BS, I am a Master Locksmith, and if that safe were as old as they say (and that model safe was first introduced in the early 1970's and was a tube safe, 8" round and at the most 24" deep and taking out the door only a workable 18" X 8" size it is impossible that all that stuff were inside the safe.....

  • Lukas's random stuff reviews

    I subscribed!

  • Suraj Nalawde
    Suraj Nalawde Month ago

    same here got

  • Dixfer
    Dixfer Month ago +1

    ancient coins from 1988

  • Shane Sunkel
    Shane Sunkel Month ago

    All that out of that small hole...........bullshit!!

  • Lightpaws Hird
    Lightpaws Hird Month ago

    Do you really expect us to believe all that stuff was pushed through that tiny opening? More like you found all that round the house not in the safe.

  • Jim Green
    Jim Green Month ago

    Just open the damn thing.

  • Letocetum sulley
    Letocetum sulley Month ago

    I bought an old Georgian safe off ebay in London.... Guess what I found in it.... 200 year old Fcuk All :(

  • MrSwoor.
    MrSwoor. Month ago

    WatchZozo... you seem to lack originality, bud!

  • Repete Myname
    Repete Myname Month ago

    Downvote for using the word "whilst." An no, the coins were not "ancient" but just old. Im sure there was decent value in that pile, Im no coin collector but judging from the size of the stash Id say the kid wound up doing alright.

  • ByGraceIGo
    ByGraceIGo Month ago

    Wow, that's too bad about the water damage. I wonder why the grandparents NEVER mentioned to any family members? Unless they just got senile or ill and just forgot about it. I wonder how much all this stuff was valued at?

  • Lyn Berger
    Lyn Berger Month ago

    All of this stuff is worthless trash...

  • Lyn Berger
    Lyn Berger Month ago

    "Ancient Coins!" from 50 years ago... lol

  • RL R
    RL R Month ago

    Did you found the stag reels of your grandad boning your grandma and 69ing her?

  • EnufAlready2006
    EnufAlready2006 Month ago

    Did these people never hear about a safe deposit box in a bank?

    • Repete Myname
      Repete Myname Month ago

      Many people in that generation didnt trust banks at all, they grew up watching all the failures in the 1920's and 30's.

  • bill money
    bill money Month ago


  • Shannon Rosier
    Shannon Rosier Month ago


  • JWsister
    JWsister Month ago


  • Silberner Surfer
    Silberner Surfer Month ago

    I discovered something weird in my underpants! Must have been there for weeks! Please share!

  • RNep 24
    RNep 24 Month ago

    The value?

  • Elite Ammunition, Jay Wolf

    WOW 1 minute video dragged out. Hell no to subbing you.

  • ken bettasso
    ken bettasso Month ago

    lol ancient coins, shows a pic of a silver eagle...

  • Alex C
    Alex C Month ago

    what is this a how to guide, whats with the numbers

  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark Month ago

    That "ancient coin" is a US silver eagle ... not ancient at all.

  • Oleg dvinsk
    Oleg dvinsk Month ago

    Well, it wasn;t very 'safe' it the bloody water got in. And what's with the 5 year old child subtitles?

  • Aleksandr Sinitskiy
    Aleksandr Sinitskiy Month ago +1

    I had to watch this video twice just to get the gist of this video !!

  • Peter Walsh
    Peter Walsh Month ago

    I couldn't even watch the whole 8 min... only made it through 4 due to the long drawn out crappy narration

  • Ileana Capilla
    Ileana Capilla Month ago

    Seriously.. Who uses 2 intros?

  • Jarod Rossmann
    Jarod Rossmann Month ago

    hey man dont let em hate, keep it up! (i mean maybe a little shorter, but ya know, in time, with progression) :)

  • izzy john
    izzy john Month ago

    damn dude, its not that frickin exciting, turned it off

  • Della Elbell
    Della Elbell Month ago

    Seeing the cleaned coins and jewels would have been nice or a summary. Also what was the dimensions of the compartment? An awful lot of stuff came out of the little hole. How about an update story?

  • keith old bean
    keith old bean Month ago

    That's a lot of shit for such a small safe ...

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown Month ago

    get to the piont!

  • Lachlan Croker
    Lachlan Croker Month ago


  • ggray1213
    ggray1213 Month ago

    Dude this video could have conveyed the same message in 2 minutes. geez@!

  • pej f
    pej f Month ago

    Shittyyyy music for such a video.

  • chicho
    chicho Month ago

    safe must be like the tardist!

  • bigdaddy bigdaddy
    bigdaddy bigdaddy Month ago

    cool find. but this is THE most repetetive and drawn out video I have ever seen on Youtube.

  • Stavros Hanna
    Stavros Hanna Month ago

    Make it more interesting

  • Cody's pro. Gamer channel

    Ancient coins.? That's a pic of a normal .999 pure silver lady liberty dollar.

  • Discotex100
    Discotex100 Month ago

    what music is this? Love it.

  • Kneon Knight
    Kneon Knight Month ago

    Was it a dildo?

    it was a dildo.

  • Andrew Cahill
    Andrew Cahill Month ago

    good safe that. like asking mcdonalds to watch your cow

  • farook khan F.H.K
    farook khan F.H.K Month ago

    he is rich than my toilet

  • Scoopy Basil
    Scoopy Basil Month ago

    You could have spun this out much longer

  • arthur r. borquez
    arthur r. borquez Month ago

    He could trade that cash in maybe to the bank for new bills .

  • ant white
    ant white Month ago

    I was so hoping it was a used tampon collection.

  • Joe Newman
    Joe Newman Month ago

    are you sure your gradparents aren't in the safe to or maybe there old car lt seems big enough

  • Clarke Mitchell
    Clarke Mitchell Month ago

    they cash you can send it in to the tresury and see if they can trade it for new cash...

  • Nomad X
    Nomad X Month ago


  • Taimoor Adil
    Taimoor Adil Month ago

    superb background song.. pls song name .. highly appreciate🙄

  • Real Talk2016
    Real Talk2016 Month ago

    I doubt old Grandpa n Grandma even knew this stuff was there. Most likely burglars lived there prior and built the safe to hide all their illegal loot. If all that treasure belonged to the Grandparents, they would have taken better care of the paper money and would have cashed it in to get a better carpet and house. Certainly they would have told a family member about it before dying.

  • Dalton Holstein
    Dalton Holstein Month ago

    This is so retarded you could have only 2 min on this video but you have to have 8 min instead you just wasted your time making this video

  • sebring1960
    sebring1960 Month ago

    God bless his grandparents for their vision into the future. However, I believe that this find was the grand parents retirement security and wasn't meant to be handed down for family after the fact. If it was meant to be handed down than why wasn't it mentioned in the will? It's because the grandparents were in different!!!! After all, the grandparents knew they had left the house to the grandson in their will, than why didn't they think ahead that the grandson could quite possibly sell the house for money in the near future? And what was to happen to the all the contents within this hidden safe? Wouldn't they have wanted to leave it with their grandson rather than some stranger or the state? Apparently not........ for the grandson was surprised by his findings. I'm glad that the grandson was able to rightfully inherit all of his granparents property. Especially the family's heirlooms. Regardless of monetary worth and value, they are totally priceless!!!!BTW, I'm old school, and I like how you paced it, seriously! Like Christmas, the best part of it is the anticipation! Immature "LOSERS" today don't know the art of building up passion!! You want proof? Than check this out! You've earned my subscription!

  • No time For B.S
    No time For B.S Month ago

    Wish I could find a erasure of coins !!! Always someone else !!!

  • bennymav81
    bennymav81 Month ago

    So no actual answer as to what was found. Just a load of pics of stuff. Could be worth millions or could be worth nothing

  • Al G
    Al G Month ago

    The paper money can be sent to the Treasury and they will count it all and send you back brand new bills in the same denominations. Its FREE as long as the money is more than 80% whole.

  • Michele Nell
    Michele Nell Month ago

    this was more boring than watching old people have sex

  • recessionrider
    recessionrider Month ago

    Sorry zozo but you're more like BOZO with this vid. I am a coin collector and dealer for nearly 25 years. Your captioning is misleading at best or ignorant at worst. You did not do your homework. Let me elaborate:

    at 0:23 sec to claim these items have "...passed down through generations". Generations? Really? See below and then justify 'generations' !
    at 1:23 I must ask: did the grandson declare the coins as part of the grandparents estate? In some states there are estate and inheritance taxes to be paid. The g'ment will fine you for back taxes if the taxes have not been paid. I know. I had a distant family member ignore the taxes - the g'ment won't catch me type. Seven years after the death(s) the g'ment took every cent the family member had and more leaving the now 60+ year old living on the street. Very stupid. We warned her; she wouldn't listen. But I digress.
    at 2:34. The locksmith is drilling the safe, not opening the safe. Been there - done that. A combination lock cannot be unlocked without the combo. Hence the drilling.
    at 3:48 here's where zozo failed to do his/her homework. The 'bricks' are NOT 'books' !!! They are cardboard boxes made by the US Mint containing US coins of that year. Pause the vid at 3:48 and read the cover of the mint product box: "United States
    1987 Prestige Set. These are MODERN coin sets sold by the US Mint ( during the 1980's. Check ebay or any coin dealer website on the internet.
    at 4:32 the coins in the cellophane with red and blue stripes in the right side of the vid are US mint coins sets. These mint sets were packaged like this also in the 1980's. The blue stripe are coins minted in Philly and red in Denver. These are NOT generational treasures. In today's failing coin hobby/business these sets are barely worth face value of the coins.
    at 4:55 the coin tubes probably contain us quarters, dimes, and half dollar coins. If they were coins before 1964 they are 90% silver and today are worth about 10x to 12x face value depending on the price of spot silver of the day.
    at 5:18 THE COIN IS NOT ANCIENT !!! Good god this coin is a one silver ounce US silver eagle bullion coin. The first issue of this coin was 1986 !!! Made, again by the US Mint. These are mint products still being sold to this day. THIS 'coin' is worth just above the price of one ounce of silver today !!! Ancient my ass !!!
    at 5:55 you can see washington quarters, Roosevelt dimes, and kennedy half dollars; all modern coins by all standards. See 4:55 for value.
    at 6:12 the small size $1 silver certificate is worth - in this molded horrible condition - wait for it - one dollar. The US paper money hobby/business collapsed and only very rare perfect specimens have any value today. As I say when I see these bills: Spend Em !!!
    at 6:36 Timeless treasures? really ? Mint and proof coins sets from the 1980's? Look up their value on the internet. Call a coin dealer. Ask them - you;ll be surprised to find out these sets are worth much less than their original mint sale price.
    at 6:47. Silver 1 ounce silver slabs/bars? really? They're worth the price of silver per ounce on today's market.

    So, the grandson found a coin stash from the 1980's. BOZO made an embellished vid on an ordinary find of coins from the 1980's. Like most folks today - fraud, lies, misrepresentation. Sorry BOZO, do your homework next time.

  • J Ng
    J Ng Month ago

    What a great video on lots of level. Thanks for documenting and sharing.

  • Lewis Odonnell
    Lewis Odonnell Month ago


  • Lower Tones
    Lower Tones Month ago

    Sad, so very sad that you hadn't spent more time with the grandparents.

  • RapidDecisions
    RapidDecisions Month ago

    waste of time, no value what so ever. you got some ego my friend.

  • GetSavedB4ItsTooLate

    How many people just skipped thru because it was taking to long? I'm sure most people that watch this is are above a 3rd grade reading level.

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