Can You Float a Liquid on a Gas?

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  • elizark
    elizark 30 minutes ago


  • Black Thunder
    Black Thunder 36 minutes ago

    yes u can

  • Thisisgaming
    Thisisgaming 56 minutes ago

    This should get at least 2 million views. Then I will finally be satisfied.

  • Finest Hops
    Finest Hops 1 hour ago

    You can spend $1300 on gas but not $100 to fix the screen on your phone? Lol

  • Organic Memes
    Organic Memes 1 hour ago

    If liquid could not float on gas then air bubbles that you see underwater or in carbonated drinks would collapse on themselves

  • Squee Mczombie
    Squee Mczombie 3 hours ago

    that is soo coool 15:10

  • Kevin Toly
    Kevin Toly 4 hours ago

    It seems like a lot of folks read The BFG in second grade, including me.

  • feliixx
    feliixx 4 hours ago

    Cody, my man. Why use a scene from the new movie? It's so much more interesting as a cartoon.

  • Pean Hulman
    Pean Hulman 5 hours ago


  • Patrick Oliver Bustamante

    5:10 Looks like Methamphetamine Lol xD

  • Wizardry Reviews
    Wizardry Reviews 7 hours ago

    Fantastic Cody! You're a wizard in science.

  • Iron Druid
    Iron Druid 7 hours ago

    Wow this was an expensive video to make. Make sure to give this guy a like :)

  • Will Hudson
    Will Hudson 8 hours ago

    What is codys day job?

  • TotallyUnPro
    TotallyUnPro 9 hours ago

    When are you getting back down to the mine? I just found that series today, immediately subscribed, and then proceeded to watch every episode without stopping. I really enjoy watching!

  • gooderthangood
    gooderthangood 9 hours ago

    Where'd you go to school Cody?

  • shutemdwn
    shutemdwn 9 hours ago

    Grow some ergot.

  • the legend of me
    the legend of me 10 hours ago

    i thought this was going to be something like a vsauce video. Where he talks a little about the subject and then "accidently" teaches us about some random facts about the universe

    BMANSAB1 12 hours ago

    Best $1300 ever spent.

  • Brendan Thompson
    Brendan Thompson 12 hours ago

    You just invented a gas level

  • Luke Rankin
    Luke Rankin 13 hours ago

    Why not wear a bee suit instead of a jacket?

  • Dazart
    Dazart 13 hours ago

    Is that liquid sodium potassium alloy unobtainium?

  • khr flips
    khr flips 13 hours ago

    make another mine video were you blow more rock up and give us a reveiw

  • Austin Hyde
    Austin Hyde 15 hours ago

    Great content, keep it up Cody! Just discovered your channel, makes me miss all my chemistry classes...

  • The Tenome
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  • Grizzi Bear
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  • Murenot Gaming
    Murenot Gaming 16 hours ago

    This was such a cool video to watch! I loved the liquid floating on the gas. I wish I could get one of these to keep around, I could watch it all day.

    HECTOR LAZCANO 16 hours ago

    You should make a Patent out of these

  • michael mooney
    michael mooney 16 hours ago

    got a cat?

  • michael mooney
    michael mooney 16 hours ago

    P.S. the video looks awesome on my 60 inch 4K LG smart TV.

  • michael mooney
    michael mooney 16 hours ago

    when I first saw this video title I thought about how this would work and was thinking it would be an uncommon gas in order to work including things like a liquefied gas floating on another etc.

  • Eric Ericsson
    Eric Ericsson 17 hours ago

    @cody just get a pimt of Guinness

  • Ozgar Thunderhammer
    Ozgar Thunderhammer 18 hours ago

    But could you drink it?

  • EndermanEatBlocks
    EndermanEatBlocks 19 hours ago

    Inhaling Xenon has the opposite effect of Helium. It makes your voice very deep. It also makes you a bit high. So better not do this on camera/youtube. Some short haloalkanes like Tetrafluoroethane have similar effects.

  • twigGolem
    twigGolem 19 hours ago

    Hello Mr Cody Slab, can you please smash a rat With a homemade hammer in Your NeXT episode?

  • mitchy da kid
    mitchy da kid 19 hours ago

    Why didnt you breathe the sulphur hexafluoride!!!!!

  • GunnarAztek
    GunnarAztek 19 hours ago

    at 18:40, is it normal to have that much particles in the water? was the glass dirty?

    I just checked tap water here, crystal clear, no visible particles like that.

  • Need A Random Name
    Need A Random Name 20 hours ago

    Why does this guy not have more subs!!?

  • TheKnaeckebrot
    TheKnaeckebrot 20 hours ago

    14:10 dang that scared me :O :D

  • goamarty
    goamarty 20 hours ago

    Hi Cody!

    When you mentioned the density of SF6 I thought that liquid butane with a density of around 0,5g/cm³ should float on it. With it's room temp pressure of just several bar and a boiling point of around 0°C it's nearly as easy to handle as the mineral oil. :-)
    But I have no idea if SF6 would dissolve in it, or even react. So I would love to see you doing an experiment with it, at least if no dangerous reaction is to be expected.

  • wolven moonstone
    wolven moonstone 21 hour ago

    it's fizzing both ways

  • Okuno Zankoku
    Okuno Zankoku 22 hours ago

    I don't suppose you'd sell these demos? I know you did mercury necklaces before, but those probably take a lot less time.

  • Christopher Lepre
    Christopher Lepre 22 hours ago

    Cody, I *need* Shrimp In a Box Three


  • Adam Ingle
    Adam Ingle 23 hours ago

    One of your best videos! Loved it! Thank you!

  • Trap Kat
    Trap Kat 23 hours ago

    homestarrunner shiry

  • Chaslasher H
    Chaslasher H 1 day ago


  • Charles Thompson III

    So, could you make a larger vessel out of sapphire?

  • Joe WA
    Joe WA 1 day ago

    So he spends $1300 on xenon gas, but can't buy a new iPhone to replace his broken one

  • Giulio Dalla Verde

    Cody, I came across a video talking about olistic method of farming cattle, I ask for a you're opinion about this. You can serch it as Allan Savory. I Hope you read this, keep the good work and thanks

  • Bynariiz|MinecraftEnPlusFun|

    I have watched that movie and I'v always wanted to see if this drink could exist.
    Thanks Cody.

  • MiGhty Bæriñgbãll

    I want to drink frobscottle.

  • Necrodeus chan
    Necrodeus chan 1 day ago

    wingardium leviosa~

  • Fara Rara
    Fara Rara 1 day ago

    can you make cyclopentadienyl nickel nitrosyl codys ?

  • Orac Firebrand
    Orac Firebrand 1 day ago

    Great experiment, I really want to see Frobscottle in a larger chamber like to one Ben made for super-critical CO2 on Applied Science. Next if you can make a solid that is lighter than air, like a vacuum airship would use, but perhaps a superfine honeycomb holding vacuum inside the cavities and make it stable at room temperature and pressure then flying cars and hoverboards will really benefit :)

  • Asher Mooney
    Asher Mooney 1 day ago

    great to see to playing around with some chem and physics again cody

  • Joe Carpenter
    Joe Carpenter 1 day ago

    or you could just add nitrogen if you just wanted the bubbles to go down instead of up

  • Matthew Trzcinski

    Of course the liquid in gas is going to form spheres.

  • Timmy Hollingsworth

    Umm Cody do you have anything that I can contact you on I have a topic that I would like to discus with you about

  • David Heartz
    David Heartz 1 day ago long till you make a philosopher's stone?
    I'm in need of gold and immortality?

  • john smith
    john smith 1 day ago

    goddamnit cody why am i watching this at 3 am?

  • Eira Nogard
    Eira Nogard 1 day ago

    너를 위해 너를 위해이 좋은 것을 번역 할 시간이 있으면 나는 짐작한다!

  • deuces roxy
    deuces roxy 1 day ago

    have a glass maker blow u some quarter inch thick tubes

  • coolboy12133
    coolboy12133 1 day ago

    bfg = big fucking giant. I got suspended cuz I said that

  • Arthur Kirts
    Arthur Kirts 1 day ago

    Hey cody, great video I really enjoyed it. I was wondering when we were going to get an update on the mice.

  • BMXcrasher 32
    BMXcrasher 32 1 day ago

    You should test gallium and aluminum, it makes the aluminum weak and you should find out why

  • just me
    just me 1 day ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you make air sink downward in water if you go deeper than the point of neutral buoyancy?

  • mrhomescientist
    mrhomescientist 1 day ago

    Really amazing work Cody. I never would have thought that was possible! That phenomenon where liquid and gas bubbles pass each other is mesmerizing to watch. It must have been pretty nerve-wracking handling those potential firecrackers though :)

    I'm surprised xenon is so expensive! We buy lecture bottles of SF6 for my outreach program, and they're "only" about $400.

  • Blackhawk8100
    Blackhawk8100 1 day ago

    Have to do heavy water and the gas :P

  • Sean Walden
    Sean Walden 1 day ago

    when that tube popped i shit my pants

  • Jonah Sprentz
    Jonah Sprentz 1 day ago

    1:16 "An extreverly dense gas."

  • iGxTrinity
    iGxTrinity 1 day ago


  • orthoplex64
    orthoplex64 1 day ago

    Can You Float a Liquid on a Gas?

    _floats liquid metal on gas_

  • Cheeky Bugger
    Cheeky Bugger 1 day ago

    Kind of like Guinness

  • StarlightVisual
    StarlightVisual 1 day ago

    $1300?! Hollllyyyyy shit!

  • Patrick Maher
    Patrick Maher 1 day ago

    Put oil in cup with water on top then mercury on top of the water

  • Jason Axford
    Jason Axford 1 day ago

    Cody's reaction makes this exponentially more enjoyable. Best video, yet IMO.

  • Ulfric Stormcloak

    Cody, I just found a rock with a decent sized vein of gold in it while going through a mine spoil in the Rocky Mountains. I know you've extracted gold from many things and I wondered what you thought is the best way to extract it from the rock. Thanks

  • Calle Zetterlund
    Calle Zetterlund 1 day ago

    can you please make some more Codys Mine episodes i was hooked on thoose but it only took me about 2 days to watch :(

    BADASSMOFO6099 1 day ago

    you are an inspiration to all the homebrew scientists out there, me included

  • kingwestvideos
    kingwestvideos 1 day ago

    This guy reminds me of Neelix from voyager.

  • Caleb Karling
    Caleb Karling 1 day ago

    Make a video on the solar eclipse coming up!

  • Jesse Shakarji
    Jesse Shakarji 1 day ago

    Xenon can break the octet rule meaning it can react. Ex: Xenon Tetraflouride

    • Jesse Shakarji
      Jesse Shakarji 1 day ago

      not sure if I wrote the example correctly. it has been a few years.

  • Michael Knox
    Michael Knox 1 day ago

    Man spent 1300 on gas jheeze

  • NickRoman
    NickRoman 1 day ago

    Near the end when it was trading bubbles was the coolest part.

  • Mason Persons
    Mason Persons 1 day ago

    i am 12 and i read the bfg i 2nd grade also

  • Moonlight Productions

    Doesnt the bubbles in Guiness beer travel downwards?

  • Búi Helgason
    Búi Helgason 1 day ago

    try disolving farts in water. farts instead of CO2

  • lean mean meme machine

    Hey Cody I was just wondering where are you from/live? I was thinking Utah I'm I correct?

  • Ian Anderson
    Ian Anderson 1 day ago

    Anybody know what app or website he's showing on his phone at 2:50 ?

  • Bryan Gallardo
    Bryan Gallardo 1 day ago

    Seeing liquid float on gas created a lot of conflicting feelings because I'm so used to it being the other way around.

  • Christoph Mohr
    Christoph Mohr 1 day ago

    Which App is used at 3:00 ? I need it :)

  • kaylor87
    kaylor87 1 day ago

    That's nuts, Cody. Super cool, never seen anything like it. Way to go, dude!

  • Patrick Cerio
    Patrick Cerio 1 day ago

    14:08 "So there's quite a bit more water in this one-" *glass explodes*

    ... And now there's quite a bit less water in that one XD

  • Cristian Pintea
    Cristian Pintea 1 day ago

    You could try disolving a bit of soap in the water to break the surface tension

  • MysticVolt
    MysticVolt 1 day ago

    how do you find ideas for your videos atfer this long

  • BooBaddyBig
    BooBaddyBig 1 day ago

    Not sure you would want to swallow xenon infused liquids; xenon is a general anaesthetic- absorbing it through your small intestine would probably be bad.

  • badhairpete
    badhairpete 1 day ago

    Could you make sulfur dioxide from burning coal into a useable form of sulfuric acid? Combination with water.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    If you sold these tubes I would buy them these would be really cool.

  • JT Smith
    JT Smith 2 days ago

    codys mine?

  • Shay
    Shay 2 days ago

    Up next: Making drinkable Frobscottle.

    • Shay
      Shay 2 days ago

      I saw the thumbnail to this video and screamed :D

  • Solder Joe
    Solder Joe 2 days ago

    Have you tried putting any electricity through them? Rub a piece of fur to see if static will build. What different laser light does to them could be interesting.

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