Cat Tries To Steal Food From Dog Regrets It Instantly

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Comments: 109

  • Spongebub's YT
    Spongebub's YT 8 days ago +2

    Okay, this is really pissing me off on how people are saying
    "****ing greedy cat"
    "Dumb cat"
    "Lmaaao karma"
    "F cats"
    Before you ****ing comment, think about the dog, they complain, they whine, they constantly beg for food. So, what if the ****ing dog was being a greedy fat pig who kept whining for food when the cat got nothing? Probably the owner thought that the cat wouldn't eat or gave a little bit because the cat would always eat a little because they aren't pigs like dogs, that doesn't mean it's hungry.

    • Legendary Godzilla
      Legendary Godzilla 7 days ago

      Spongebub's YT I'm going to start killing Cats because of your comment.

  • Marina Gielen
    Marina Gielen 12 days ago

    Nice video LOL

  • Matthew Petrey
    Matthew Petrey 14 days ago +1


    YES I AM A NUGGET 20 days ago

    I have a meme of this on my Instagram

  • PS4 Gaming
    PS4 Gaming 26 days ago


  • fluffynoses
    fluffynoses 27 days ago +3

    cat looks pissed, dog looks guilty. That tells you all you need to know about cats and dogs lol

    • HarambeIsMyRelative
      HarambeIsMyRelative 21 day ago

      Ajerieru Yeah. The kitty was foolish to try and eat what was clearly the dogs treat. And cats being cats, it got pissed at the dog and the dog got guilty, even though it should be the other way around.

    • Francisco Rodriguez Jr
      Francisco Rodriguez Jr 21 day ago

      i don't see it that way! That treat was meant for the dog! and the kitty was being mischeivous and tried to steal it from him! he got what he deserved!! Then he wants to get angry at the dog for biting his him!

    • Ajerieru
      Ajerieru 26 days ago

      fluffynoses kitty wanted to play and puppy didn't want to bite a friend and be hissed at, as I see it, and both have their right to be angry/guilty.

  • [L]ou
    [L]ou Month ago +1

    The cat is like a Jedi

  • Just.Mackenna
    Just.Mackenna Month ago

    Aww. Poor kitty

    • Calvin Lane
      Calvin Lane Month ago

      Just.Mackenna Shouldn't have been so greedy XDD

  • Patrick swagsome Beya
    Patrick swagsome Beya Month ago +1

    Dang that cats eyes tho..

    • Jim Jax
      Jim Jax 23 days ago

      Patrick swagsome Beya your profile pic makes me wanna kms

  • AnArmlessHobo
    AnArmlessHobo Month ago +2


  • Joseph animates
    Joseph animates Month ago

    bad dog!

    • Spongebub's YT
      Spongebub's YT 8 days ago

      Calvin Lane the dog was probably a fat pig that kept whining for food and the cat didn't get anything

    • Calvin Lane
      Calvin Lane Month ago

      Joseph animates Greedy ass cat XD stfu 😂

  • Timber The Wolf
    Timber The Wolf Month ago +5

    Instant Karma

  • ricky aragon
    ricky aragon Month ago +3

    That cat Regretted Stealing Food

  • Brian M
    Brian M Month ago +2

    fuck cats

    • Tonyair
      Tonyair Day ago

      Spongebub's YT Savage.

    • Spongebub's YT
      Spongebub's YT 8 days ago

      Brian M fuck dogs I fucking drowned one in my pool when I was 9

  • Brownies 977
    Brownies 977 Month ago

    Why so many people make video about this and titled it "ARM" it's a fucking leg people

  • Jr Varela
    Jr Varela Month ago

    Csr focus and dog Bullshit

  • Renziel 04
    Renziel 04 2 months ago

    How the cat looked up looked sick

  • ilikeitmuchly
    ilikeitmuchly 2 months ago +1

    He still got that treat tho...

  • Andrew Gibson
    Andrew Gibson 2 months ago

    He played himself.

  • Bryneka Friemoth
    Bryneka Friemoth 3 months ago


  • buck rowley
    buck rowley 3 months ago

    watch his elbows when he eats like the Beverly Hillbillies or Marmaduke

  • TheOneAndOnly
    TheOneAndOnly 3 months ago


    PLATOON72 4 months ago +2


  • Z4rrow
    Z4rrow 4 months ago


  • anubhav bhatnagar
    anubhav bhatnagar 5 months ago


  • Tony B
    Tony B 5 months ago +4

    Cat: Oooouuuchhh the fuck did you do that foooorrrr?????

    • Happy Tree Friends Flippy
      Happy Tree Friends Flippy 14 days ago

      Tony B Ha!serves you right cat!

    • Joel Anderson
      Joel Anderson Month ago

      Tony B dog: don't fucking try and take my food again bitch I shoulda bit yo dame paw of to teach you a lesson

  • regemo
    regemo 6 months ago +2

    @0:25 When the cat realized that not only did he get bit, but most importantly he wouldn't even get the treat.

  • s50201
    s50201 6 months ago

    Need version w sound

  • Sterling Goodwin
    Sterling Goodwin 6 months ago

    0:07 will kill for food.

  • jedihunter176
    jedihunter176 6 months ago

    That cat sounds like a lion xD

  • Борис Евтушенко

    Жалко кота, но воровство наказуемо))

  • chalkidrys
    chalkidrys 6 months ago

    bien fait pour sa gueule a se putain de chat de merde ^^

  • phant0
    phant0 6 months ago +133

    Video posting tip: Let the entire video play at normal speed first, including aftermath if there is one. Then add a slow motion repeat after, for those who want to see it. Not doing this ruins a good video almost as much as filming it in vertical.

  • Trulylatino
    Trulylatino 6 months ago +15

    Sleep with one eye open doggy.

  • Hodoss
    Hodoss 7 months ago +13

    Went for French Frie. Got pussy.

  • Box o' Memes
    Box o' Memes 8 months ago +49

    Don't like this comment,
    I hate notifications

  • Lua_Lua
    Lua_Lua 8 months ago +5

    Aww poor kitty! 😸

  • The Sperm that won
    The Sperm that won 9 months ago


  • Cady Shaye
    Cady Shaye 10 months ago

    Funny video! Question how and where did you find the original video?

  • Unsteady catatonia
    Unsteady catatonia 10 months ago

    ¨Pouahahaha ! :'D J'adooore, bien fait, petit vicieux ( on dirait que c'est le chat qui gueule au ralenti mdr )

  • おまんちょ大行進
    おまんちょ大行進 10 months ago


  • HenryLambert
    HenryLambert 10 months ago

    My names Wilfred and I'm a dodgy plonker

  • Christian Sutanto
    Christian Sutanto 10 months ago +55

    this is literally the animal version of charley bit me

  • David Kendall
    David Kendall 10 months ago +1

    Offer him a position on the Lakers

  • Damion Mahon
    Damion Mahon 10 months ago +4

    that picture reminds me of the Goosebumps TV intro.

  • Bollog Nyessy
    Bollog Nyessy 10 months ago +25

    did he died

  • Israr Hussain
    Israr Hussain 10 months ago +49

    that fat ass cat had it coming

    • Spongebub's YT
      Spongebub's YT 7 days ago

      that doest even make sense

    • Kelly S.
      Kelly S. 7 days ago

      Well someone's whiny tw@t of a cat lover. xD

    • Spongebub's YT
      Spongebub's YT 8 days ago

      Israr Hussain the dog was probably a greedy fat pig who kept whining for food when the cat got nothing, so ****ing think before you goddam comment

      ****ing dog lovers

    • Jim Jax
      Jim Jax 23 days ago

      B O S S M O P S. it was a joke you dense wierdo

    • B O S S M O P S.
      B O S S M O P S. 6 months ago

      the cat just wanted to play cuz cats like to catch flying things. ^^

  • Alex Leopold
    Alex Leopold 10 months ago +2

    Fuck you cat

  • Hatcx 2
    Hatcx 2 10 months ago +110

    Greedy ass cat deserved it

    • that guuuuuuuy
      that guuuuuuuy 7 days ago

      Spongebub's YT Both sides have retards, (I've seen my fair share of them) and that guys no exception

    • that guuuuuuuy
      that guuuuuuuy 7 days ago

      Spongebub's YT Actually I'm both a cat and dog lover, your point?

    • Happy Tree Friends Flippy
      Happy Tree Friends Flippy 7 days ago

      Spongebub's YT honestly I really can't see after so many people explaining that it's LITERALLY the cat fault for getting its own paw bit,there are still more retarded cat lovers that still find excuses to defend the cat.Just so you know cats also run around the house at mid night for no apparent reason and can cause so much mess in the house unlike dogs who just sleep and don't cause any trouble when the owner is not around.Go get more excuses the defend the cat,I'm sure you can find a lot.

    • ye boi doggo
      ye boi doggo 7 days ago

      Spongebub's YT another retarded cat lover honestly why do you like cat's anyway they are so stupid they only sleep and wake up when there food is ready probably that resembles to a real pig

    • Spongebub's YT
      Spongebub's YT 8 days ago

      that guuuuuuuy Sigh, another dog lover

      Who the hell cares about dogs anyways, they are already on the menu for food.

  • Fire_Strategy
    Fire_Strategy 10 months ago +1


  • Kraziijosh
    Kraziijosh 10 months ago +1

    3 rd

  • Shrek
    Shrek 10 months ago +2

    Just here to stop people being3rd

  • Ant Weasel
    Ant Weasel 10 months ago +1


  • Fulham hamster
    Fulham hamster 10 months ago +1


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