'Nova's First Day of Preschool' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom OG (Season 6B) | MTV

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  • Xo Shann
    Xo Shann 11 days ago

    Is it me or does nova look a bit delayed ?

  • poepelaa
    poepelaa Month ago

    Hahahahha he is such a dad

  • ariana Ramirez
    ariana Ramirez Month ago

    I love how Tyler's a great father. It makes me cry because I wish I had someone like this growing up.

  • iknowthirstybitcheslike YOU

    idk why they both just can't admit that they fucked up when they have Carly up for adoption? seriously they whine so much about everything in life when It comes down to it this stems from them giving up their first daughter bcuz they somehow thought they could be better then what they are now in the future! lmfao! they are no better off then before they gave her away! the house is a pig sty and cate is depressed all the time! only difference is there's a little more money now! fucking stupid kids. it's their own fault they created their own forever depression! it's true.

  • JamieD JamieD
    JamieD JamieD Month ago

    He is such a great dad! Why does Caitlyn never get involved? First haircut Tyler was there, you never see her w Tyler at special times!

  • Jenni Zacarias
    Jenni Zacarias Month ago

    Nova is adorable ❤️

  • Harper Grace
    Harper Grace Month ago +1

    Where was the mother I have anxiety as well and don't like most people but I'll do anything for my kids no matter if I like it or not

  • Jay Dee A little bit of Everything

    tyler says awkward stuff like butch

  • Carrie O'Rourke
    Carrie O'Rourke Month ago

    big giant pic of STUPID BITCH OR SCAMMER ...AMBER & MATT

  • Annie George
    Annie George 2 months ago

    She is so cute

  • Maria Maldonado
    Maria Maldonado 2 months ago

    Nova is so cute and looks all like Tyler

  • Bec SocSci
    Bec SocSci 2 months ago

    Never put cordial or juice in a water bottle for a baby.

  • jess golding
    jess golding 2 months ago

    she is the cutest little angel in the world omg

  • Viggo
    Viggo 2 months ago


  • Kim's Reptiles the Netherlands

    She looks just like her big sister. So cute. Taylor is such a good guy.

  • CA_Gizelle
    CA_Gizelle 2 months ago

    Finally, Nova gets to experience proper parenting & care taking skills

  • Samantha Mcpherson
    Samantha Mcpherson 2 months ago

    i thought she was two or three?? why are they putting her there? probably so cate can lay around and eat and have a pitty😂 or maybe april is tired of having her all the time

  • Nikki J
    Nikki J 2 months ago +1

    All ya'll complaining about Cate not being there like Nova's your daughter😂 She was filming along with the other girls! Relax

  • Brandy Leyvas
    Brandy Leyvas 2 months ago

    NEWYORK! The first r very important! Her JOB will still be there!!!!!!!

  • Layla Hassan
    Layla Hassan 2 months ago

    I remember the first fee weeks of my kid brothers nursery. he would not let my mum leave.

  • Brandy Leyvas
    Brandy Leyvas 2 months ago

    Where was her mom? Still asleep??

    • Josie Walker
      Josie Walker 2 months ago

      Brandy Leyvas in New York working, same as they go each year after the season is filmed.

  • Zoey dole
    Zoey dole 2 months ago +1

    This is not a preschool it's a daycare.

  • Karol j.
    Karol j. 2 months ago

    My sons name is Nova....damn it ...its a boys name ....and my sons is 7.....I hate when people steal my kids name. ...make your own shit up

    • Karol j.
      Karol j. Month ago

      MissNatalie ...so if anything is one of those multi gender names......shit!#!#!

    • Karol j.
      Karol j. Month ago

      MissNatalie ...bitch....there was a boy rapper on the jermaine dupree show who won named Nova..........now my daughters names are Luna..Heaven...and their grandmas name is Sky...so I know a girl name.....bitch.....Its not my fault two irresponsible dumbasses named their daughter a boy name....gtf outa here with that side shade

    • MissNatalie
      MissNatalie 2 months ago

      Karol j. Nova is a girls name though like Luna or Skye. It's not their fault you gave your son a girly name!

  • La pieuvre Venale
    La pieuvre Venale 2 months ago +1

    Tyler is such a good person!

  • Queen_K
    Queen_K 2 months ago

    She's so cute

  • Rebecca Gleeson
    Rebecca Gleeson 2 months ago +1

    Poor Tyler looked so sad

  • Jasmine Rivera
    Jasmine Rivera 2 months ago +27

    These harsh comments are so ridiculous! first off Cate has come a long way from her depression.Depression is real and none of you should judge if you've never experienced it.Yes Cate has her downfalls but at least she addresses it has a support team and went to rehab and therapy.Its hard to see her like this but in the past few episodes she's been up and about.She's made a comment stating that she was away working.I'm sure she didn't want to miss it just like any parent.but that's what Nova has TWO parents for.Just because she's her mother doesn't mean that she has to do every single thing for her.she's home with Nova every single day.Nova Is lucky enough to have two parents in her life living together and working to make their marriage and life style work.don't be so quick to judge what you see on hour of TV with edits.If you feel such a certain way don't tune in to watch! simple!

  • A F
    A F 2 months ago +1

    Catelynn is so gross fat pig. Hombre hair dye won't make you look thinner!!! Tyler is looking for thinner pastures...he's too good for her. Matt is such a loser. Only with Amber for her money. Another fatty with self-image issues. Maci is a skanky, bones only nobody. Farrah is the only Teen Mom worth watching. She's an entrepreneur many times over. Has the drive to be successful, and puts her daughter first.

  • MsRainbow Brite
    MsRainbow Brite 2 months ago +1

    Nova's not even my child and i'm feeling a little teary

  • Holly Ewing
    Holly Ewing 2 months ago +6

    Cate is a very lazy mother

  • Kaitlin Dawe
    Kaitlin Dawe 2 months ago +13

    these comments are so rude regarding Catelynn, I had to miss my eldest son's first day due too having exams in college and my mom had to take him. things happen and you can't always be there for every moment if your working or in school. and just because tyler is such an amazing father doesn't mean she should be put down so much. bet if roles were reversed no one would say anything.

    • Lydia Zertuche
      Lydia Zertuche 2 months ago

      Kaitlin Dawe Agree! I had to miss my son's first day of school because I could not take the day off. My husband took lots of pics for me.

    • Leggs
      Leggs 2 months ago

      Kaitlin Dawe I agree. It's really not a big deal that she's not there. They are acting like the kids going to be scarred for life.

  • Valerie S
    Valerie S 2 months ago +7

    Okay but that Rainbow Dash hoodie is killing me. Yes Nova. I would have killed for one of those at her age.

  • Courtney And Sons
    Courtney And Sons 2 months ago +1

    Omg she is the cutest. Makes me smile

  • BeautifulSadSpac3
    BeautifulSadSpac3 2 months ago +2

    my heart melted!!!!

  • alyssa caeytano
    alyssa caeytano 2 months ago +3

    Lol so stupid judging a mother who couldn't miss work for her child's first day of preschool. She'll have other first days and if she's providing for her family then you have to do what you have to do. I love how people judge so much without even knowing them and with forgetting that every mistake The same judgmental people have made they want forgiveness. I'd laugh if somebody called a person out for judging another.

  • snap back to reality
    snap back to reality 2 months ago +1

    Its so funny to watch the reaction of the other kids when she came in

  • CALife
    CALife 2 months ago +4

    Catelynn is snoring in bed.

    • Hayley21
      Hayley21 2 months ago

      Or working, but you know. Keep dragging her down.

  • The Daily kids 1
    The Daily kids 1 2 months ago +41

    the only reason why she probably didn't cry cause she probably know the camera man

    • Velkoria
      Velkoria 2 months ago

      I think it has more to do with the fact she is used to being left in other people's care. Didn't they go on that week long vacation to Puerto Rico? I am not saying this is bad, I actually think it is healthy for children not to be 100% attached to their parents only. I also didn't cry my first day of preschool and basically waved my mom goodbye. She cried a lot though =(

  • MsPrettyshay17
    MsPrettyshay17 2 months ago +2

    She is so big nova #nova 💙💙💙

  • Michelle Finley
    Michelle Finley 2 months ago +36

    Tyler is my favorite out of all the teen dads

  • Michelle Finley
    Michelle Finley 2 months ago

    aww I wonder if they over daughter look just like her💓💓💓💓💓

  • Tiffany Boivin
    Tiffany Boivin 2 months ago +70

    WTF is up with that queen size comforter. they are supposed to bring a little blanket

    • Amber Elrod
      Amber Elrod 2 months ago

      whats wrong with a comforter? maybe it helps comfort her? who cares

    • CanadianMom 2016
      CanadianMom 2016 2 months ago

      Woof182 lol I didn't even notice until I read the comments what that was for 😂

    • Woof182
      Woof182 2 months ago

      Haha such a dad thing to do. 😂

  • Momo Martinez
    Momo Martinez 2 months ago +1

    Adorable ♡

  • LeNae Liberg
    LeNae Liberg 2 months ago

    Lol she took that easy

  • Jasmine Lava Heart
    Jasmine Lava Heart 2 months ago +7

    Awww she has a my little pony jacket :3 nova's so cute

  • Christina Love
    Christina Love 2 months ago

    yay...she to cute

  • Catherine Dougherty
    Catherine Dougherty 2 months ago +2

    Adorable and he's a great father but those Michigan accents drive me crazy 😂

  • Sasha Maldonado
    Sasha Maldonado 2 months ago +5

    she is so cute I love nova she is my fav. kid on teen mom even tho she is not on teen mom 2. she is da best from all da kids on both teen mom. God bless her lil cute self 😍😍

    • Lydia Zertuche
      Lydia Zertuche 2 months ago

      Sasha Maldonado She is precious and polite.

  • Jessica Ann
    Jessica Ann 2 months ago

    I don't get it was Catelynn working or something??

    • Kesia Shani
      Kesia Shani 2 months ago

      Jessica Ann In NY working for mtv

  • Brian Roiger
    Brian Roiger 2 months ago

    Too bad she doesn't have a big sister to show her the ropes in life.

    • Kelli Smith
      Kelli Smith 2 months ago

      Right cause that's a mature thing to say when you know they gave there other child up for adoption.

  • DeniseG
    DeniseG 2 months ago

    Catelynn had to work at MTV that day for anyone wondering.

  • Samantha Davis
    Samantha Davis 2 months ago

    so cute

  • Jasmine M
    Jasmine M 2 months ago +17

    She did so well probably bc moms tend to make moments like this too emotional but Tyler did good.

  • nicola dollard
    nicola dollard 2 months ago

    where was her mother seriously when they frist had nova they were always getting someone else to mind her. Tyler needs to wake up seriously not that he is perfe r but his wife is just lazy end of

    • Josie Walker
      Josie Walker 2 months ago

      nicola dollard except that his wife was in New York working

  • Mary Shoemaker
    Mary Shoemaker 2 months ago +1

    Why didn't Katelyn go as well???

  • Jennifer Grant
    Jennifer Grant 2 months ago

    Really Catelynn? SMH!

  • You Tried It!
    You Tried It! 2 months ago +1

    typical of catelynn to always miss this stuff. last time she was in rehab,

  • Chantelle Ratcliff
    Chantelle Ratcliff 2 months ago +257

    People are complaining about her clothes and the fact Catelynn missed it. I'm just over here laughing at the blanket he brought in for her 😂 It's a giant comforter and not what preschools mean when they ask you to bring a blanket.

    • amazingabby25
      amazingabby25 Month ago

      Chantelle Ratcliff what's wrong with that cute hoodie she had on

    • Aspen Robinson
      Aspen Robinson Month ago

      Brianna Gordy They use to have mats..just shows how kids are so dependent and needy now. But that is another story...

    • Brianna Gordy
      Brianna Gordy Month ago

      Chantelle Ratcliff Actually, some do. When I was younger, the daycare I attended during the summer asked parents to send a large sleeping bag that can unzip, or a comforter. This was so we could all lay out, and watch a movie and also have a space to have quiet play, and a spot for nap time. They didn't like when you brought a small throw blanket, actually.

    • Lydia Zertuche
      Lydia Zertuche 2 months ago

      Diamond Perez But he did pack extra clothes, which alot of parents don't. I used to work at a daycare.

    • CanadianMom 2016
      CanadianMom 2016 2 months ago

      Chantelle Ratcliff 🤣😂😅

  • Native Bluecurls
    Native Bluecurls 2 months ago

    Tyler is a great dad? bless them

  • Danielle Carter
    Danielle Carter 2 months ago +104

    Aw you could tell he didn't want to leave

    • Lydia Zertuche
      Lydia Zertuche 2 months ago

      bleach cocktail They want her to interact with other children and learn at the same time.

    • Robyn Johnson
      Robyn Johnson 2 months ago

      bleach cocktail i have to agree with u. these kids just run off to put their kids in "preschool" but they really have no idea what theyre droppong them off with strangers for. i mean, these people look nice, but watch the news, bad stuff happens at daycare all the time.

    • bleach cocktail
      bleach cocktail 2 months ago

      Danielle Carter then why did he? he has no job and does nothing all day. that kid shouldn't be in daycare.

  • KayG Torres
    KayG Torres 2 months ago +8

    Such an adorable scene :) ❤️ Where is Catelynn though?

    • KayG Torres
      KayG Torres 2 months ago

      +Deja Marie damn that's crazy. I wouldn't have missed something so special like this, for the world. But she has a great father there to step in and handle it :)

    • Deja Marie
      Deja Marie 2 months ago

      KayG Torres she was filming something for MTV and had to miss this

  • Ckandybhear
    Ckandybhear 2 months ago +5

    but they both missed her first day if I'm not mistaken. Catelynn said on the trip that they were missing her first day because they were on the trip. So I don't understand why this is being done again 🤷🏽‍♀️ unless I didn't listen correctly.

    • Ckandybhear
      Ckandybhear 2 months ago

      I appreciate your comments. Thank you ☺️

    • ButterfleeEllie
      ButterfleeEllie 2 months ago

      Cate was in New York during the press junket they have to do every year before the season airs. Tyler was back at home with Nova. This scene was not done over again....

    • KrystalIceStudios
      KrystalIceStudios 2 months ago

      Ckandybhear I think only Caitlyn missed it

  • WestIndie Shae
    WestIndie Shae 2 months ago +56

    Tyler is such a good daddy!! <3

  • HazeinkCocaina ___
    HazeinkCocaina ___ 2 months ago +44

    Nova is sooo Qt😍

  • Chanel Cupcake
    Chanel Cupcake 2 months ago +161

    she looks EXACTLY like her daddy 😚

  • Chloe G
    Chloe G 2 months ago +77

    I'd rather miss the day due to going out and completing work commitments so she can be in a learning and social environment than be on drugs and being a bad role model.

    • Shango Yemaya
      Shango Yemaya 2 months ago

      Chloe G

    • Shelly Dee
      Shelly Dee 2 months ago

      Raquel Sanchez omg I mean work as In get up everyday go work a full day..Macy and farrah both had jobs hell even jenelle worked..real jobs.Caitlyn is lazy.

    • Shelly Dee
      Shelly Dee 2 months ago

      Home Town Honey clothing line lmao ! worked with disabled doing what exactly giving speeches? ok dummy I've been working since i was a young teen..you know a real job..get up every morning have a shower go to work everyday? Caitlyn can't get her fat ass up on time to make a dr appointment let alone work..

    • Home Town Honey
      Home Town Honey 2 months ago

      Shelly Dee shows how much you DON'T know!! Her and Tyler both had jobs working with the disabled!! So go crawl back into you "know it all" world & recently they have been working or trying to start a children's clothing line.. Wonder how you think you know so much about everyone? Sounds like maybe you need a job or something to keep you busy since you sound like such a miserable unhappy person that has to go around making others sound bad when you watch 10 minutes of their edited life for 5/6 weeks out of a year!! Sounds like you all know them so well..

  • miran nori
    miran nori 2 months ago +1


  • Ibeji Xo
    Ibeji Xo 2 months ago +297

    This is a moment Catelynn should not have missed.

    • Home Town Honey
      Home Town Honey 8 days ago

      Xo Shann it's you...

    • Caitlen Hathcock
      Caitlen Hathcock 10 days ago

      Xo Shann It's you.

    • Xo Shann
      Xo Shann 11 days ago

      Ibeji Xo is it me or does nova look about delayed?

    • Aspen Robinson
      Aspen Robinson Month ago

      Home Town Honey You wrote a entire book explaining how what people say dosent bother you..Lol..I would have to disagree..We have been watching this MTV tern mom content for years...We are right on the money that Caitlin is a lazy pothead and is all about the pity party. She is no better or different than her mom . Her mom's life is what Caitlin would be most comfortable doing.

    • Aspen Robinson
      Aspen Robinson Month ago

      Ingrid Lucy It will not effect Nova at this age, just assuming a mom would want to be rgere on the first day .

  • Crystal Walker
    Crystal Walker 2 months ago +369

    Aw Ty's such a good father. I'm glad he's the one taking care of Nova

    • Aspen Robinson
      Aspen Robinson Month ago

      Shelly Dee wait and see where you and your kids are in 30 yrs compared to Caitlin..people use depression as an accuse for everything. Some people do suffer from terrible paralyzed depression. Caitlin is just lazy, she always was. The only difference between her and her mom's life ( that Caitlin always claimed she didn't like or want) is a trailer park apposed to MTV money.

    • Shelly Dee
      Shelly Dee 2 months ago

      Home Town Honey why would it make sense that i dont have a husband? im 23 working paying my mortgage and going backpacking around Europe next month with my girlfriends ..I dont gaf how much mtv money she gets she needs to get off her fat ass and work I can't stand people who are to lazy wake up and be productive every day id have anxiety and depression If i layed around all day.At the very least wake up each morning and go to the gym shes huge..she smokes pot while driving and then wonders why Teresa keeps her away from Carly duh..so anyway you can prove ur life is better than mine? lol ur so stupid,probably a single mother with no job and a litter of kids.

    • Katie Bradley
      Katie Bradley 2 months ago

      Home Town Honey why are you laying into me about a small ass statement? I never said that the whole extended family needed to show up. That's just MY opinion.
      I'm glad to see that you have the balls to sit behind a monitor and bad mouth my statement when others have said worse things then me. And also, their is more important things to debate over then if cate showed up or not.
      Yes, it's just daycare but it's still a first.

  • EdithVega
    EdithVega 2 months ago +13

    so why didn't catelynn go to

    • Chiara May
      Chiara May 2 months ago

      She was at Teen Mom Dr Drew filming

    • Steph Starrett
      Steph Starrett 2 months ago

      itsTwiggiBetch2 she would clearly know her mother wasnt thzre

    • itsTwiggiBetch2
      itsTwiggiBetch2 2 months ago

      Crystal Walker nova's a baby, of course she doesn't care she doesn't understand.. she will when she's older tho

    • lourdesreyna4
      lourdesreyna4 2 months ago

      EdithVega there's another clip where all the girls were in New York at the time

  • Oberion Oberion
    Oberion Oberion 2 months ago +1

    Here before 100 views

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