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  • azeleapark
    azeleapark 9 hours ago

    5:12 Jimmy Neutron

  • Irene Halligan
    Irene Halligan 19 hours ago

    poor things. I hope the ones that have have made their way into the place we call heaven find peace and dont get mocked or bullied. Live on, young spirits! : - )

  • Emma Kantz
    Emma Kantz 20 hours ago

    Charlotte is adorable!!

  • Fireice boy Gaming
    Fireice boy Gaming 1 day ago

    i feel bad for these kids hope the find peace and who ever makes fun of these kids u guys are demons and heart less

  • Xiomara Ferrer
    Xiomara Ferrer 1 day ago

    She may look a but she is so cute

  • Xiomara Ferrer
    Xiomara Ferrer 1 day ago

    I feel bab

  • Daphne Manuel
    Daphne Manuel 2 days ago

    the small girl was so cute

  • Daphne Manuel
    Daphne Manuel 2 days ago

    the small girl was so cute

  • TechnicalTechster
    TechnicalTechster 2 days ago


  • Wafia Jamil
    Wafia Jamil 2 days ago

    wow poor kids who agreed?😓

  • Awesome Possum
    Awesome Possum 2 days ago

    All of these children are beautiful in every way, so those who are being very mean and calling these children ugly are ugly on the inside.

  • Ralphel Owens
    Ralphel Owens 4 days ago

    God bless you

  • ll CodFgt ll '
    ll CodFgt ll ' 4 days ago

    this is so creapy and ugly

  • Parrotfield86
    Parrotfield86 4 days ago

    3:34????????????? Shrek :o

  • Ashlynn vanderWindt
    Ashlynn vanderWindt 5 days ago +1

    I know the first person on this video

  • hodayoda
    hodayoda 6 days ago

    they're all precious :) bless them

  • hodayoda
    hodayoda 6 days ago

    count your blessings

  • Prentice Massey
    Prentice Massey 6 days ago

    that was so sad :'(

  • Prentice Massey
    Prentice Massey 6 days ago

    i love the movie lucy its the best

  • Isabel Mott
    Isabel Mott 6 days ago

    Me: Well let's go on Youtube and have some fun! *Sees thumbnail* Ok, enough internet for today...

  • ChasmaHyena
    ChasmaHyena 11 days ago +1

    the tall kid has Rachmaninoff's condition lol
    and that giant handed kid had bigger hands than Rachmaninoff holy shite

  • ChasmaHyena
    ChasmaHyena 11 days ago

    the 2nd one isn't a kid if she's 21
    none of them are kids actually they're young humans not baby goats

  • Spacy Core
    Spacy Core 12 days ago

    So sad

  • nika sylveon
    nika sylveon 12 days ago

    ok runa begum scared me 😢

  • nika sylveon
    nika sylveon 12 days ago +1

    awwww poor kid (1st one)but they are so cute though

  • Denis Playz
    Denis Playz 12 days ago

    1.15 real golum

  • Leonardo Santiago Aguayo

    I dont like none of this kids

  • Tiona Patterson
    Tiona Patterson 13 days ago

    OK the last one was cute but her eyes though, like they twisted different ways but I think its kinda cool!!

  • LOL
    LOL 13 days ago


  • Izzy Suki malamute
    Izzy Suki malamute 13 days ago

    Megamind has come alive...

  • Julie Anne
    Julie Anne 13 days ago


  • Martin Pintamalli
    Martin Pintamalli 13 days ago

    That thumbnail frightened me our...

  • Squishy life
    Squishy life 14 days ago

    Me.lets go on YouTube to watch some cool stuff*sees thumbnail* ok enough internet for today...

  • Fluttershy_Playz 6645
    Fluttershy_Playz 6645 14 days ago

    I'm to sorry for these kids, there still special

  • AncientOmega127
    AncientOmega127 14 days ago

    I can't believe the big hand one

  • Mia Donut xox
    Mia Donut xox 14 days ago +2

    Me *ayeee let's watch some youtubee* sees thumbnail *damn I'm outta here*

  • SuzyShafey
    SuzyShafey 14 days ago

    How does this video have 2,256 dislikes? He didn't say anything rude to the children, he was just sharing information! Humans are so heartless...

  • Gaming Guy
    Gaming Guy 14 days ago

    I feel so bad on the first one

  • Bunny Love is
    Bunny Love is 15 days ago +5

    I hope these people don't get bullied

  • Zeet
    Zeet 15 days ago

    somebody need to poke dat big head babys head with a needle. pop dat shit.

  • Queen Eaddy
    Queen Eaddy 15 days ago

    this is so depressing

  • Ashlie Craigg
    Ashlie Craigg 15 days ago


  • Lilly swag dab Yolo
    Lilly swag dab Yolo 15 days ago

    the kids are find just make sure they don't get sick they are still awesome beautiful they are amazing

  • Elena Roacho
    Elena Roacho 16 days ago

    The first kid died on my birthday...

  • Violet Dawn
    Violet Dawn 16 days ago

    Charlette is SO ADORABLE!!! I wuv her!

  • Shadow Force24
    Shadow Force24 16 days ago

    Pause at 4:30

  • Hawaii ASMR Nature Relaxation

    i'm so sad for these children...

  • ujuh3 aj
    ujuh3 aj 17 days ago

    5:36 DUN DUN DUN

  • Halim Ransom
    Halim Ransom 17 days ago

    so scared 🤐🤐🤐😢

  • TigarGirl101
    TigarGirl101 17 days ago

    This is so sad I'm praying for these kids

  • Inrry Torres
    Inrry Torres 17 days ago


  • Wendy Davis
    Wendy Davis 17 days ago +1

    I feel sad for the people in India pray that God helps them

  • Natalie White
    Natalie White 18 days ago

    those are so sad

  • Chica Nerf
    Chica Nerf 18 days ago +2

    i hate sharlet so stupid

  • Ramawtar Gahwai
    Ramawtar Gahwai 19 days ago +2

    in this video I see amir khan

  • MultiErica9
    MultiErica9 19 days ago +10

    I feel sooooooooooo sorry for these poor kids

  • Miss. Sleepy
    Miss. Sleepy 19 days ago

    charlotte is so cute :D

  • Taechan
    Taechan 19 days ago

    this is beyond good and evil music

  • sti ngy
    sti ngy 19 days ago

    Even more

  • sti ngy
    sti ngy 19 days ago

    I used to have grey eyes now I have a have brown and half green

  • Katherine Schmidy
    Katherine Schmidy 20 days ago +1

    I feel so sorry for a little girl

  • Cindy JIANG
    Cindy JIANG 20 days ago


  • LucyTv Of FNaF gaming, Xbox, minecraft, and more.

    I love Charlotte though she's so cute

  • LucyTv Of FNaF gaming, Xbox, minecraft, and more.

    The boy who looked like an old man I felt bad when he died

  • Ronan Wilson
    Ronan Wilson 20 days ago

    I feel sorry for these kids like if u agree

  • TheSwag29
    TheSwag29 21 day ago +1

    its kinda mean sayign you wont belive the exits cause its not there fault

  • Alec Reodica
    Alec Reodica 21 day ago

    so ungly

  • TheGoldenGaming
    TheGoldenGaming 21 day ago +1

    I wish my legs were sawed off.

    JOJO GAMEZ 22 days ago


  • Jesse Gonzales
    Jesse Gonzales 22 days ago

    The smallest girl in the world is so cute😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Ion Cherdivara
    Ion Cherdivara 22 days ago

    so fake

  • Ion Cherdivara
    Ion Cherdivara 22 days ago

    so face

  • Baee xxx
    Baee xxx 22 days ago +15

    'He was constantly bullied by his peers and couldent do anything about it'


    'Slap them with your massive hand'

    • Anya Harmon
      Anya Harmon 6 days ago

      Everybody else that liked this thanks for sharing your love for these kids and if your kids see a kid like them in the video and say that they look ugly or make fun of them show them and explain to them that their no different from anyone else

  • Spencer Ord
    Spencer Ord 23 days ago

    I hope these kids will have a GOOD life. Nothing can stop them from acmoplishing their Dreams😀😄

  • Muffin Cake
    Muffin Cake 23 days ago

    *thumbnail* when you have the biggest brain in the world

  • Legendof Faysal
    Legendof Faysal 23 days ago

    Hey I'm from Minnesota

  • heart touch Skora NOWAK

    I know the First boy he is on musically

  • Anna Bevan
    Anna Bevan 24 days ago

    port children 😭

  • Kaylee Alford
    Kaylee Alford 24 days ago

    Aww the first boy died the day after my birthday 😥😥

  • Angel Harpper
    Angel Harpper 25 days ago

    thats so hurtful

  • Pruble280
    Pruble280 25 days ago

    dat thumbnail tho

  • sharron pillips
    sharron pillips 25 days ago


  • South Snowy
    South Snowy 26 days ago

    The really tiny British girl looks like the little citizens from The Dark Crystal

  • DJ Psykix
    DJ Psykix 27 days ago

    5:10 she looks like Mega Mind

  • DJ Psykix
    DJ Psykix 27 days ago

    0:47 he looks like Doby from Harry Potter.

  • Elena Murphy
    Elena Murphy 27 days ago

    zigzaggon and groot, i agree

  • Vererer Webs
    Vererer Webs 27 days ago

    This is so sad:(

  • Do you want It
    Do you want It 27 days ago


  • burnforce
    burnforce 28 days ago

    Who else is on a "lets watch some weird shit on YouTube" marathon?

  • mary mary
    mary mary 28 days ago

    Charlotte is so cute!

  • NeverDead1987
    NeverDead1987 29 days ago

    Chestnut head lol

  • Berserkverg !
    Berserkverg ! 29 days ago

    I really want to hug every person on that video !!!

  • Danny Bersabal
    Danny Bersabal 1 month ago


  • Chidinma Amaefule
    Chidinma Amaefule 1 month ago

    The girl with the 37 inches head has passed away.

  • Pouytrfge8 animal jam
    Pouytrfge8 animal jam 1 month ago


  • AntoniGamer123
    AntoniGamer123 1 month ago

    I Watched Big Head In The News

  • blaze thegamer
    blaze thegamer 1 month ago

    I don't care what you look like you all beautiful 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Laura Zepeda
    Laura Zepeda 1 month ago

    Let them be!

  • Isabella Lincoln
    Isabella Lincoln 1 month ago

    If everyone has it then why how are they superpowers

  • Tirza Pape
    Tirza Pape 1 month ago

    poor them. I hope no one makes fun of them

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