Black People Get Their DNA Tested

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  • mel op
    mel op 2 hours ago

    Wow no Hebrew, no Egyptian, no native american, no North African just a lot of sub sahara Africa mixed with some white slave master DNA, im shocked.

  • Bradford Newton
    Bradford Newton 8 hours ago

    I'm sure someone mentioned this but "how black you are" makes no logical sense. Being Black is an entirely American invention therefore it came about in a country which due to oppression of many people and chattel slavery there was a lot of mixing of "races" (accept the "race" concept to be true at this moment). There are numerous cultures existing on the African continent let alone the ones that existed in the past but were wiped away, so saying Sub-Saharan African is basically saying "somewhere over there" while waving towards a globe of earth. Afro-Americans have nothing in common with existing Africans which is something I realized after spending time with people actually born and raised in various African countries for generations. Even if say, I accepted that sub-Saharan African was a valid "region" that still does not mention the various empires of that region with unique traditions, appearances, and cultures that traded internationally for hundreds of years (or longer) before their destruction- so even a 800 year old ancestor of "sub-Saharan Africa" could be mixed with various "races" due to international trading. So, Buzzfeed's intro "how black you are" is just a "purity test", is there going to be "how white you are" as another member of the series? I'm sure certain groups like the K_ _ would appreciate a "how white you are" video.

  • Matthew Laspina
    Matthew Laspina 14 hours ago

    Sheeit uh found out i beez part chimpanzee sheeit!!!!!!!!

  • LuxCresent
    LuxCresent 14 hours ago

    Trini via the Uk 🇹🇹

  • GrassFedMeats
    GrassFedMeats 22 hours ago

    This shits so edited ,it's hard to follow

  • Eric Von Zipper
    Eric Von Zipper 23 hours ago

    I could care less what I am because in the end it does not matter anyway. There are a lot of better things I can do with a hundred dollars.

  • StarOceanNative
    StarOceanNative 1 day ago

    African-Americans have Identity issues. It makes sense though with the lack of knowledge of their past.

  • tariq podolski
    tariq podolski 1 day ago +1

    They really wanted to hear a European and Indian... They don't want to be black... No matter what they say

  • Vam The Anomaly
    Vam The Anomaly 1 day ago

    Before they even start I paused @ 1:50 and said each of them will have some % of European ancestry. I will report back after the video!

  • Tia
    Tia 1 day ago

    I want to find out mine now **0**

  • Niah Jay
    Niah Jay 2 days ago

    yaayyy for Trinidad lol

  • Veronika Permaul
    Veronika Permaul 2 days ago

    I want to do this because I know mine would be really weird and interesting. My mom is west indian and my dad is canadian and both places are mixing grounds of other regions.

  • Kenny Brown
    Kenny Brown 2 days ago +2

    Black people are on the verge of extinction, no one was close to 85% and the more we mix our African dna will disappear.

  • sue ali
    sue ali 2 days ago

    This is very racist tf

  • AngelaTheOtaku
    AngelaTheOtaku 2 days ago

    Even though im black i know I have some german and irish heritage because my grandmother had a irish father and german mother (both black) and my grandfather is just black

  • Klovod
    Klovod 3 days ago

    "black" lmao. They aren't black, they're muts.

  • Tashawnda Price
    Tashawnda Price 3 days ago

    No surprise, I'm 91% African.

  • deirdre scales
    deirdre scales 3 days ago

    I am African American, I took the Ancestry DNA test and was amazed to see that I am 27% Nigerian. I figured I would be more spread out in different parts of Africa but I am connected to a country. It is worth the information.

  • laotzu4272
    laotzu4272 3 days ago

    That guy's dad has to realize that African American is not a real thing!

  • Playboy Trey
    Playboy Trey 3 days ago +3

    White men had to rape African women because white men were to ugly to just get them.

  • Louis Latour
    Louis Latour 3 days ago

    I dislike only because this is buzzfeed:)

  • Ollie
    Ollie 3 days ago

    I love how the one black girl was practically begging to not have any European in her, Jesus Christ we're not that bad 😂

  • Jay Casillas
    Jay Casillas 4 days ago

    that bitch said she is taino lmaoooo. strong taino ancestry dont wear fucking weaves

  • YouFlinched
    YouFlinched 4 days ago

    I always thought I was white but this girl told me I looked like Heavy D -hmmm gotta get me 1 of these DNA tests and see if there's something to what this gals say in...

  • Clio Hasegawa
    Clio Hasegawa 4 days ago

    They had old timey looking film of of the slave trade like it was actually futage of the slave trade

  • Teknotox
    Teknotox 5 days ago

    cant wait for the white guilt

  • Wolfy_
    Wolfy_ 5 days ago +1

    That Caitlin girl is part Trinidadian too!
    I'm Trinidadian but I'm Indian mixed with Chinese

  • Alex Atkinson
    Alex Atkinson 5 days ago

    God blessed me when he made me white

  • Cull The Weak
    Cull The Weak 6 days ago

    black people are so racist they act like having any white ancestors is the worst thing to happen to them. this video just shows how fucked up black peoples brains really are. like trying to argue why they could have that percentage of white has to do only with forced mixing. so black peolpe are so racist they only mix with other colors when they are forced?

  • Pradigy Musicman
    Pradigy Musicman 6 days ago

    It's misleading. Just because people in Europe have your genes doesn't mean you're white. It just means parts of your DNA is also in Europe. These DNA test just show the results of a database of current people, not ancient people. Migration is a big part of the story.

  • Tahnn Ju
    Tahnn Ju 6 days ago

    Africa ain't a country duuude! The lightest dude is the most African. Slavery was abolished in the English Caribbean by 1830....

  • 8967Logan
    8967Logan 6 days ago

    I am not condoning slavery on any race, I do wish they would have mentioned that of the 12.5 million people that were taken from Africa to be slaves (and were captured by Africans by the way not Europeans, then sold to Europeans) 600,000 were sold in North America.  The primary place they were taken was the Caribbean and South America to work in the sugar fields.  Very cool the people in this video are looking for their roots; I'm kind of curious what parts of Europe came up on their reports.

  • Lucy Williams
    Lucy Williams 7 days ago

    Why are people getting mad about people saying how slaves were raped? Like slavery did happen one of your presidents had a sex slave too, these are facts, disgusting facts

  • Shannon Williams
    Shannon Williams 8 days ago

    As soon as she said she was from the Caribbean I thought of Trinidad and Tobago and her mom's from there! Me too~!
    We have a saying that people there are like Callaloo, all mixed up together so her results weren't really surprising lol xD

  • Ziffly
    Ziffly 9 days ago

    They forgot to add most slaves were sold by other africans to the brittish whoops i guess?

  • Ricardo Guanipa
    Ricardo Guanipa 9 days ago

    I bet they were expecting some Egyptian

  • Shelly Xo.
    Shelly Xo. 9 days ago

    This is awesome I wanna do it!

  • Matthew Neubeck
    Matthew Neubeck 9 days ago

    This is on Buzzfeed News?

  • KK Malik
    KK Malik 9 days ago


  • Justin Lam
    Justin Lam 9 days ago

    100% gonna steal your bike

  • Anthony Shaw
    Anthony Shaw 9 days ago

    Was good, until Buzzfeed decided to make it political, Illegals are not a race, illegals are illegal.

    But yes, everyone should look into their past, ancient African and European aren't touched upon very much, we all need this ancestral link.

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli 9 days ago

    I would commit honorable suicide if I am more than 15% white smmfh because I know how it got there and it wasn't anything romantic. I am black American and black Caribbean and I hope I am 95% blackity black black black lmaoo but there is a strong possibility I have some European in me though...

  • TheLastSpartan04
    TheLastSpartan04 10 days ago

    I'd love to watch the "we wuz kangz" people or the "native Americans were black" people take these

  • Unpolished Pearl
    Unpolished Pearl 10 days ago

    love the conclusions on these things - we are, most of us, a mix and human before any country

  • Scout
    Scout 10 days ago

    I'm African like born in Africa I really want to do this

  • Piman Mann Jaques
    Piman Mann Jaques 11 days ago

    People consistently mix up nationality and genetic heritage. What exactly does it mean to be sixty percent Swedish? Swedish is a nationality. There are people with Asian and European ancestry in Sweden, there are also many of mixed genetics. When you say someone has Iberian dna, what exactly does this mean? The Iberian peninsula was a place where many races mixed-Asiatics, Africans and Caucasians. These tests are not as accurate as they purport but I suppose they make people feel good.

  • Xiaoxuan Lyu
    Xiaoxuan Lyu 12 days ago +1

    I just spent like 200 dollars, although I am sure the result will be 100% East Asia. My entire family lives in China. I am the first one steps out of China and live in another country! It is kind of boring for being so 'pure' though.

  • Bubby Cthulhu
    Bubby Cthulhu 12 days ago

    Lol I love how some of the parents seemed a little disappointed that their kids weren't extremely black

  • Bubby Cthulhu
    Bubby Cthulhu 12 days ago

    How black r they ? Too black lol jk chill don't crucify me

  • Sparkle LaBelle
    Sparkle LaBelle 13 days ago

    I wanna take one but I have trust issues 😐

  • Daniele Curci
    Daniele Curci 13 days ago


  • Mindboggler123
    Mindboggler123 14 days ago

    man that 12 million is being misinterpreted drastically, yes it is 12 million to the AMERICAS not THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The Spanish owned most of those slaves, the USA only have about 500k slaves, that's why black people only make up 13% of America, because back then there were not nearly as many Americans in USA as there are today

  • Siljazzable
    Siljazzable 14 days ago +1

    I'm probably 100% North-European/Russian. Like mostly Finnish and Swedish. I am so white 😂

  • MisterGreenGuy
    MisterGreenGuy 14 days ago

    Buzzfeed, the asshole of the internet. Constantly spewing verbal diarrhea.

  • aiden bernal
    aiden bernal 14 days ago

    why cant this be a fun video were black people dont have to talk about slavery in the begining and they just check ther dna

  • howard c
    howard c 15 days ago +1

    I'm Jamaican and I used ancestry DNA. I got 96% African was expecting to be high but I was shocked that it's basically 100% and very happy too 😌

  • Zor bey
    Zor bey 15 days ago


  • Kiddeth
    Kiddeth 15 days ago

    so many people are warped up in the past and what they think that should mean, that they forget that they can just mover forward into the future and be themselves

  • James Demetro
    James Demetro 15 days ago

    nobody is 100% anything...everyone got raped

  • James Demetro
    James Demetro 15 days ago

    nobody is 100% anything...everyone got raped

  • 3pitomeofmusik !
    3pitomeofmusik ! 15 days ago

    I wanna do this! I want to know who I am beyond who I build myself to be

  • VitaSineLibertatenih
    VitaSineLibertatenih 15 days ago

    Black pride lol.
    Being proud of something you had nothing to do with does show your low IQ (confirming ancestry)

  • HunterShows
    HunterShows 15 days ago

    No, everyone is not from everywhere. That's why you did the fucking test. Because we're not all carbon copies. Diversity, dunce!

  • SIG442
    SIG442 15 days ago

    Funny to see only the black population sticking to the slave trade, yet ignoring that a lot of Europeans and Asians also had to endure the same thing throughout the ages. Europeans were mostly enslaved by the Romans, later also in the new world which is not America. Irish slaves were the most common in that, yet because they are white they seem to have no right to even call them self's victims of the same horrible acts. During WW2 Russia used it's own people on the front lines, they either have to move forward or got shot by their own officers. Also a form of slavery, yet no one says anything about that either. Nazi Germany used a lot of slaves to make new weapons, tanks, ships, etc. Yet these slaves seem to be forgotten by the black community.

    For that matter, In Asia you still see mostly kids and women being enslaved so that they can make your clothes, toys and other things. Yet that slavery is ignored completely. I do not deny black slaves were a thing, all I am trying to say is that the black community were not the only ones that had to endure slavery. Also even today there are slaves, most of which are Asian and NOT the black community.

    • joy
      joy 13 days ago

      Nobody denied that all of that slavery happened but stay that way

  • CapTn_
    CapTn_ 15 days ago

    why would you want to be 100 percent everything. Doesnt seem fun idk, guess thats just me.

  • fortunamajor580
    fortunamajor580 16 days ago

    I got my test done through the Genographic Project. The results surprised me, what really got me was that I have a Middle Eastern, Egyptian, and Italian background. Never saw that coming.

  • Dexter
    Dexter 16 days ago

    wow they sound so racist, they sound just like white people~!!!!

  • Warren
    Warren 16 days ago

    Most African American people are what in South Africa we call "Coloured". meaning they have some healthy amount of European and is a bit enough to show in their phenotype. like try get Akon's DNA and they will find 100% African lol

  • bernadette strubing
    bernadette strubing 16 days ago

    yalll African full stop

  • bernadette strubing
    bernadette strubing 16 days ago

    Trinis are always with the tribe stuff man sometimes that gene is watered down and most Black ppl are always mostly African not much native mixed with anyone. The lady from Trinidad mom im talking about. Its not gonna be higher because they sometimes think looks determine percentage in gene.

  • Roy
    Roy 16 days ago

    Why are black people so proud to be 100% black, and then seem agitated when it comes out they're actually part of other parts of europe

  • Ravenphin
    Ravenphin 16 days ago

    I love watching other people's ancestry..

  • Harry Horrocks
    Harry Horrocks 16 days ago

    I'm 100 percent European haven't checked but I know I feel it in my balls

  • Kingtunice
    Kingtunice 17 days ago

    im 85% west african, 12.5% northern euro, and some native american and south asian with no traceable neanderthall DNA

  • vicki martin
    vicki martin 17 days ago

    Why is it always blamed on the white man when the first black slaves were enslaved by other blacks and sold to the whites. Others whites had already been enslaved all over Europe long before blacks were sold but themselves to everyone else. They sold their own for guns to enslave more of their own. History, facts. Get educated.

  • Jmikey
    Jmikey 17 days ago

    importation of slaves was outlawed in 1808, so any African slaves brought to America after that date were brought illegally.

  • Mr Tibbs
    Mr Tibbs 18 days ago

    (when white people test dna)
    "I wonder where I'm from..."

    (when black people test dna)
    "HOW BLACK AM I?" [sweating intensifies]

  • KADSo1
    KADSo1 18 days ago

    Is there anyone in the world that is 100% sub Saharan African?

  • Fyjchyfc Trebihihg
    Fyjchyfc Trebihihg 18 days ago

    None of these people are as dark as they come. Meaning that they all have a bunch of white dudes in their ancestry. They should know that from the beginning

  • Poshstyle Les
    Poshstyle Les 18 days ago

    I want to my DNA test, because black families have rumors who your ancestors are. But, DNA is the truth. My family has been telling us forever we have native american and african roots.... But my cousin just had his done and its pointing to mongolia... Huhhh I really want to know what makes me the person who I am. I feel, if more people did their DNA, it would be less racism... as we are all mixed with something.

  • silence in. the even black

    More than likely her grandmother was primarily black, but was raised into Taino culture. A lot of times Indigenous Americans would allow other people into their cultures no matter the race.

  • Didi40 77
    Didi40 77 18 days ago

    I'm 100% african and proud and i do not need an ancestral DNA test. What scared me more is that black americans need to be reensure of their blackness, specially from those whom had being (are ) controlling u all this time.
    Are u not worry for what else are they using ur dna ??🙈🙉🙊

  • Ouiam Mimouni
    Ouiam Mimouni 18 days ago

    how much this costs

  • Klutch Leonard
    Klutch Leonard 19 days ago +1

    Lol if I did this it would be 99% white. Hopefully I have at least a little sub saharan african for penile purposes.

  • Ziot
    Ziot 19 days ago

    You can see who's more racist. On the white DNA video hey we're happy of African ancestry, here they are disgusted of European

    • Ziot
      Ziot 13 days ago

      joy buzzfed is

    • joy
      joy 13 days ago

      lmao nobody was disgusted though? literally no one said anything bad about being European, they didn't even have "disgusted" facial expressions but ok. no one is racist here, not in this video, or in the one where white people get their DNA tested.

  • Toni Schumacher
    Toni Schumacher 19 days ago

    Why is it that important where people originated from. Like everybody is mixed race anyway. From all that scientists today know, the modern human came from africa. So we all kind of are from africa...mother africa. I understand that many people who experienced racist oppression strongly identify with their race as a tool of empowerment. As a white person, I never really experienced racism as a victim but I think humanity should overcome this race thing. Race is more a social construct than a biological fact. If I'm honest I feel more connected to a south asian punkrock kid than to my cousin, which I share little to no interests with.

  • What A Funny Memester
    What A Funny Memester 19 days ago +1

    Is that girl wearing a chance hat? If so that’s fucking awesome

  • Im Cereal
    Im Cereal 20 days ago

    I want to know what kinds of white and black I am

  • Norma Maree
    Norma Maree 21 day ago

    I sent in my DNA to ancestry and am currently waiting for the results. I know I'm a mutt but aside from the obvious hispanic, I'm hoping to find some African! We have members in our family that have some of the traditional traits seen in African communities! My father talks briefly about some of these traits in the video I just posted, which is a part one in my journey to discovery. Idk now, but I'll know soon! Part two, the results should be up in a few weeks! How likely do you think it is that I'll find traces of African DNA?

    BLINKER 21 day ago +2

    I don't understand how so many arguments got started in these comments! This is a good thing for them to find their percentages of their heritage.... gosh calm down you guys...... ( I've seen arguments of people trying make slavery innocent so before you reply go deeper into the comments)

  • splendor Inthegrass
    splendor Inthegrass 21 day ago

    people are dumb the percentages is what you inherited.

  • Yui
    Yui 21 day ago

    I'm a 100% Ghanian I know that for sure lol

  • MandarinFirefly
    MandarinFirefly 22 days ago

    I would LOVE to do this, I'm white as snow, with black hair and green eyes and I'm almost certain that I'm a milkshake of everything and then I would LOVE to see if my moms right about her feeling that we have African blood in our ancestry, I think it would put a smile on her face if we did..

  • EliteGamerGt
    EliteGamerGt 23 days ago

    How the fucking is your spit suppose to tell you were your

  • Furby Gender
    Furby Gender 23 days ago +1

    I find it absolutely hilarious that the black guy in the fedora is actually like "I'm 100% black", no you're not and stop telling everyone you're African and your ancestors were all slaves, you're full of shit. Africans have no affiliation with American blacks, as a matter of fact, they're embarrassed by black Americans.

  • CelebrityMouth
    CelebrityMouth 23 days ago +1

    0:42 Dr.Dre

  • Ethan West
    Ethan West 23 days ago

    Anyone notice how the reactions at the very beginning of the video dont even happen in the actual video...

  • Niru Suresh
    Niru Suresh 23 days ago

    I know I'm 100% srilankan so there is nothing interesting

  • Nadine Langan
    Nadine Langan 24 days ago

    Get "haflies" to do this

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