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  • Doug Polk Poker
    Doug Polk Poker  2 months ago +76

    There's more to life than money, guys. But if you want 2% of my WSOP net profit for some reason, you can enter the giveaway here: bit.ly/doug-wsop

    RSVP for the Upswing party! We'll be at the Wynn on July 7: www.upswingpoker.com/2017-vegas-party/

    • djinnification
      djinnification Month ago

      Doug Polk Poker there's more to life than money says the guy who's made more than 99.9% of the rest of the people on the planet will in their lifetime...before he is 30. Lol, yes there is more to life than money once you've made More than you'll need in life.

    • Patrick Laffey
      Patrick Laffey 2 months ago

      Doug Polk Poker you should enter all the free rolls you can. If you win you have an infinite ROI thus the best chance at POTY

    • James Girouard
      James Girouard 2 months ago

      If you win the main maybe you can crack the top 20

    • redwhitentrue
      redwhitentrue 2 months ago

      ""There's more to life that money" ... say a very, very rich person. WTF?????

  • Justin Timbers
    Justin Timbers 23 days ago

    LOL @ "we missed reg."

  • Mods IL
    Mods IL Month ago

    Nice Shit

  • Adam Wisniewski
    Adam Wisniewski Month ago

    I played with more italian guys, haven't seen any germans. Doug: Sounds profitable. Holy fuck, got me rolling around my floor laughing haha. Sounds PROFITABLE, sure is :D

  • Ja Kite
    Ja Kite Month ago

    I'm angry with you, but this video is still amazing.

  • TheDamiabolo
    TheDamiabolo Month ago

    who is this guy again?

  • sebastian lopez perez

    hellll yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bazammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • sebastian lopez perez

    Braaaaaa u rockkk, greetings from Nicaragua

  • BodoPoker
    BodoPoker Month ago

    4:18 you found your place --- you are able to open the doors without scratching anyone else --- Good Job :))

  • TheMairex
    TheMairex Month ago

    I.... Hate.... klickbait.... thumbnails.... and.... titles....

  • Panagiotis Skavantzos
    Panagiotis Skavantzos Month ago +1

    Ok, really now, the framed picture you have of you celebrating on hype and Phil looking tilted asf is one of the best pics I've seen in like a week.

  • mikie jones
    mikie jones Month ago

    lolololololol Dougie can do it all, taking up acting now

  • BDholla89
    BDholla89 Month ago

    "I won three Millionaire Makers, what the fuck is this shit?!?" Your a legend Vanessa!

  • Stereotypy Music
    Stereotypy Music 2 months ago

    okay this is hilarious and all but it's basically a big stakes player with a massive roll mocking recreational and small-ball players who will probably never see such results. it kinda comes off as scummy dude

  • Philip Nadeau
    Philip Nadeau 2 months ago

    This was my favorite of your non-polker hands videos, actually maybe including those too. Fucking hysterical man. Thank you for this :D :D

  • VoysovReason
    VoysovReason 2 months ago

    You are hilarious.

  • John Do
    John Do 2 months ago

    Doug, you have the acting skills of a porn star

  • schmitty9800
    schmitty9800 2 months ago

    I'm sure this is a nice video Doug, but I have 78 other poker players I need to watch videos of before I get to the 79th ranked WSOP player.

  • TheSodakboy93
    TheSodakboy93 2 months ago

    Paul Phua video is still the Doug's apex of his poker comedy career, but this is definitely in the next tier along with the GPL vid.

  • Chris Harrison
    Chris Harrison 2 months ago

    Poker tip of the day "If you don't know what you're doing, I'm not sure they do either."

  • Platopoker
    Platopoker 2 months ago

    If the poker thing doesn't work out, there's always acting. :)

  • Kevin Crowley
    Kevin Crowley 2 months ago

    Funny stuff Doug...dnegs sounds like a right dickhead.
     In Daniels defense , he has set himself a goal and is documenting that goal on his Vlog. Perfectly logical.
    You got a good shot in. Leave it at that.

  • Simon Hudd
    Simon Hudd 2 months ago

    There should be bracelets for trolling.

  • david malpass
    david malpass 2 months ago

    Did Negreanu really park his car there?.............I mean really!

  • KillEveryoneKillPhil
    KillEveryoneKillPhil 2 months ago

    Has anyone else seen Dneg crying about player points?

  • Jason Emerson
    Jason Emerson 2 months ago

    Much respect to your speech at the end. Once again you give credit where it's due. Keep doing what you are doing!

  • meeks1611
    meeks1611 2 months ago

    great video. nice work

  • Poludjelitulipan
    Poludjelitulipan 2 months ago

    what starts as a hilarious parody soon becomes cringe, a little subtlety would do wonders for your humor.

  • Kimock7
    Kimock7 2 months ago

    your best video ever THANK YOU

  • Boston Wolf
    Boston Wolf 2 months ago

    Dapper outfit bro.

  • STaN Magat
    STaN Magat 2 months ago

    you looked like PrBalrog lol. As always good content dude.

  • Brick River
    Brick River 2 months ago

    top 100 dreams

  • Brick River
    Brick River 2 months ago

    is that the rio?

  • Charlie Durham
    Charlie Durham 2 months ago

    You just broke thru a level with this video. Are you considering giving up poker and becoming sort of media guy full time? This video is brilliant!

  • BierTjez
    BierTjez 2 months ago


  • pkaces
    pkaces 2 months ago

    Italians ...So profitable

  • JonBenait06
    JonBenait06 2 months ago

    Maybe you'd have a chance at Player of the Year if you weren't such an asshole.

  • Jordan Judd
    Jordan Judd 2 months ago

    I thought there was a giveaway?

  • benny b
    benny b 2 months ago

    homerun douglas

  • Taylor Duncan
    Taylor Duncan 2 months ago

    haha dnegs is such a savage

  • Holden poker tips for females over 40! Laura lies

    This video had me laughing out loud and my mother in heaven (pictured) was rolling too! It's so well done Doug, your arrangement and content and points were all made in a way that was as funny and true as it gets... Keep up the hilarious video making and the great poker ones 2!

  • Del toledo
    Del toledo 2 months ago

    you are too funny! Time for your own sitcom!

  • Phillip Cowger
    Phillip Cowger 2 months ago

    "Is that the Rio? Or is that a Mirage?... Oh wait no, the Mirage is right over there... That must be the Rio." - Doug Polk 2K17

    Impressive impromptu.

  • shiftin
    shiftin 2 months ago

    "i play with more italians"
    "sounds profitable"

  • Dan
    Dan 2 months ago

    Lost it at "fuckin uber".

  • Alex Siegel
    Alex Siegel 2 months ago

    This video was hilarious hahaha just constant trolling

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 2 months ago

    On a somber note for some reason I was thinking about Paresh Jain aka Dana Gordon today. I dunno if you knew Paresh, but he was quite the player, and quite a wonderful character, I haven't been active on 2+2 in eons, but his memorial post there was commented on by many, Jungleman, JohnnyBax and many more. i played 20 dollar tournies with him and others at what became known as J2 at Uva, circa 04-5 we beta tested FullTilt. It would be great if you could say a little about suicide, depression, 4/15/11 etc etc shine a light

  • john thorpe
    john thorpe 2 months ago

    2 watches hahaa

  • TheSodakboy93
    TheSodakboy93 2 months ago

    Doug down to 67th. By the end of the year he'll be out of the top-100 for sure.

  • Vagrant_88
    Vagrant_88 2 months ago

    the music killed me. if you could have worked in some shots of you taking selfies with fans while the music was playing that would have really put this over the top. really surprised you won with your black cat in attendance man. really impacted you in the one drop.

  • Ribo Flavin
    Ribo Flavin 2 months ago

    Doug, best edit ever:  "I am either going to get there on time or bathe, cut to car in same shirt speechlessly driving."  Literally brilliant.

  • Jack Lmno
    Jack Lmno 2 months ago

    Where's your Winnebago?

  • Ryan Matthews
    Ryan Matthews 2 months ago

    The trolling is strong with this one.

  • Lucas Prods
    Lucas Prods 2 months ago

    i think you forgot to mention the giveaway..

  • Grady Clark
    Grady Clark 2 months ago

    "I just don't want to go broke but I'm gonna fire until I do" lol

  • nicolas donnelly
    nicolas donnelly 2 months ago

    I like the new hair do !!! Baller you look like an adult almost :)

  • Mathieu Pourrat
    Mathieu Pourrat 2 months ago


  • JonnyBMK Guns
    JonnyBMK Guns 2 months ago

    Who is Doug trolling/needling in this video? Or what is the source material for the spoof?

  • tutenkharnage
    tutenkharnage 2 months ago

    Stay you, Doug. You're great at it.

  • charlie gardiner
    charlie gardiner 2 months ago

    "sounds profitable"

  • omgUniqueName
    omgUniqueName 2 months ago

    happy haircut Doug

  • adch adch
    adch adch 2 months ago

    venssa there are highlights of doug polks one drop win on youtube now if you are looking for tips.

  • Maxim Lekov
    Maxim Lekov 2 months ago

    Hey Doug, please do a review of the hand between yourself and Jacobson in the One drop, where he made the nittiest fold ever!!??? All the best for the rest of the series legend :)

  • Jon Way
    Jon Way 2 months ago

    I am so stoned watching this and laughing pretty hard but the comment section made me crack up so much more lmfao you guys are hilarious.

  • TitaniK
    TitaniK 2 months ago

    We get your point about the POY system. A MUCH MORE SERIOUS ISSUE is going on and we have yet to hear comments; Luke Vrabel colossus final table abuse by the rail and wsop management on site. How can the known Pros disregard this very important matter!? The WSOP failed to protect this guy in what could be the biggest moment of one's lifetime poker career. This is VERY important at so many levels. WTF. If I were a a final table player in a future event, I'd agree to have to whole table sit out for long time in full protest of this huge flawed final table abuse that took place. Let's have the darn Pros stick up for the smaller player!!

  • Ruslan Yakimov
    Ruslan Yakimov 2 months ago


  • Donna Lawton
    Donna Lawton 2 months ago

    Have my Halloween costume idea for next year. Going as Doug Polk, poker player extraordinaire! The glasses make the outfit. :):):)

  • Vee2029
    Vee2029 2 months ago

    Doug I fuckin love you man. You're doing something you love, you make your living through it and you have created a poker family. Your comedic value is just something many ppl need. BTW please invite Hellmuth and maybe ask him about the dumbest poker plays he has gone against. The comedy juice that will come out of that Q will be 2nd to NONE!

  • Alejandro Becalli
    Alejandro Becalli 2 months ago

    Just love how he has 2 watches on his wrist😂😂

  • Serge Bogosyan
    Serge Bogosyan 2 months ago

    You da man Doug..Hilarious.

  • MusicPhrase
    MusicPhrase 2 months ago

    this is hilarious.

  • blah blag
    blah blag 2 months ago

    damn u got that player of the year look down

  • The BigPicture
    The BigPicture 2 months ago

    Smart idea, good point, seriously bad acting

  • Michael Forrester
    Michael Forrester 2 months ago

    Negreanu in the handicapped parking spot 😂😂

  • Russell Thio
    Russell Thio 2 months ago

    LOL so hard

  • Scott Lawson
    Scott Lawson 2 months ago

    Doug, this has been my favorite video so far, great work!

  • p money
    p money 2 months ago


  • Football Analysis
    Football Analysis 2 months ago

    Your record speaks for itself, Doug Polk is quite a funny likeable
    character that certainly has a lot to say, I think if he wants to
    properly challenge you to see who is the better player then do a
    £10,000,000 prop bet over a period of 1 year, and whoever has the best
    roi over the 12 month period wins.

  • Football Analysis
    Football Analysis 2 months ago

    Daniel Negreanu2 hours ago"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." -Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Lukas Schwab
    Lukas Schwab 2 months ago

    Hey Dog, great work with that Tesla in the blue parking space. Good photoshopping!

  • Alan Sorenson
    Alan Sorenson 2 months ago

    This is awesome lol

  • Alysha Bolden
    Alysha Bolden 2 months ago

    You'll always be in my top 10, Doug! This video was great.

  • Phil Lavoie
    Phil Lavoie 2 months ago

    World class trolling

  • eBenkyou
    eBenkyou 2 months ago

    I prefer your hair this way. It's much better :D

  • Seth Dixon
    Seth Dixon 2 months ago

    are you doing a give away mark hoppus?

  • Box
    Box 2 months ago

    This shit is hilarious. Love you Doug

  • yallerz 666
    yallerz 666 2 months ago

    for those people asking if Doug has anything else better to do than rip into Dnegs the answer is I bloody hope not because it's funny as hell.

  • Dustin G
    Dustin G 2 months ago

    Keep your head up Doug

  • Frank Kjærstadbakk
    Frank Kjærstadbakk 2 months ago

    Seriously Doug, this is one of your funniest vids so far in your life as an youtuber!! You are polorized dude.. You can be dead serious on some issues, and too damn funny on others! Love it:)

  • Colin Reynolds
    Colin Reynolds 2 months ago

    a shot at somone else's daily vlog by any chance?

  • Colin Reynolds
    Colin Reynolds 2 months ago

    this was hilarious. nicely done.

  • madseliassen1992
    madseliassen1992 2 months ago

    This is like a joke of a parody of a joke! I loved the video! Cheers mate.

  • Lee Edward
    Lee Edward 2 months ago

    I do not miss that fucking fo-hawk lmao

  • Lee Oskar
    Lee Oskar 2 months ago

    lol at the 2 watches

  • Alvaro Loli Melendez
    Alvaro Loli Melendez 2 months ago

    Dont know how you get so many good and funny ideas, im always looking forward for you to put up new content and keep wining bracelets. Keep it up man youre the best ;)

  • Paul Hillberg
    Paul Hillberg 2 months ago


  • SniperT187
    SniperT187 2 months ago

    Sometimes you swing with an idea and you miss terribly. This was an idea you swung on, knocked out of the stadium, and busted someone's apartment windows a mile down the road. Fucking hilarious all the way through.

  • Chad Anzalone
    Chad Anzalone 2 months ago

    Well done Doug.

  • Joe Fortin
    Joe Fortin 2 months ago

    Comedy is NOT ur thing...

  • Ken Nigrelli
    Ken Nigrelli 2 months ago

    O yea, why 2 watches?

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