Binging with Babish: World's Greatest Sandwich from Spanglish

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  • Spanglish, the movie your aunt refers to as a "must-watch!", is home to a Thomas Keller-inspired creation known around the internet as "The World's Greatest Sandwich". Can such familiar ingredients earn such a prestigious moniker? Let's find out, and let's take it one step further: by baking our own rustic country loaf to act as the "bread" for our creation. Recipe below!

    Music: "Cream on Chrome" by Ratatat




    1c room temperature wtaer
    1/2 tsp instant yeast
    5.5 oz bread flour
    5 oz whole wheat flour
    19.25 oz bread flour
    2.75 oz rye flour
    1 1/3c room temperature water
    2 tbsp honey
    2 tsp salt


    In the bowl of a stand mixer, make a sponge - combine water and yeast until dissolved. Add first two flours and roughly mix, until a tight dough forms. Cover and let rest ferment at room temperature for at least 6 hours, preferably overnight.

    Add remaining flours, water, and honey to the sponge, and mix until combined. Attach dough hook to stand mixer, and knead on low speed for 15 minutes, until dough is loose and sticky. Add salt during last 3 minutes of mixing. Remove from bowl, place in a large oiled tub, cover with plastic wrap and let rise for 2 hours, until tripled in size.

    Preheat oven to 450F, with a pizza stone on the middle rack, and a metal pan you don't care about on the rack below. On a well-floured work surface, turn out dough. Fold four corners into the center of the dough, and place in a cheese-cloth lined colander or banneton, and let rise for 45 minutes, or until almost doubled in size. Invert onto a pizza peel lined with parchment paper. Bring two cups of water to a boil. Just before placing in the oven, slash the dough and spray the surface with water from a spray bottle. Slide onto the pizza stone, and pour boiling water into the preheated pan below, closing the oven door immediately. Bake for 35-45 minutes, turning halfway through if not browning evenly - remove from oven when internal temperature registers 210F. Let rest a minimum of 2 hours before slicing.
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  • Bill Bill
    Bill Bill Day ago

    Is it just me or it sound like he said Bitching with babish in the beginning

  • Sam R Grant
    Sam R Grant Day ago

    Do the Leslie knope sandwich from parks and rec

  • Keri Fetrow
    Keri Fetrow Day ago

    At 2:37 u can see his face 4 a split second

  • Chandler Whitchurch

    Best movie btw

  • Paola Andrea Corrales

    Any store bought bread that would compare to that one??

  • Ma vie en van
    Ma vie en van 3 days ago

    Quebec's Fin Du Monde FTW!

  • Joshua Carter
    Joshua Carter 3 days ago

    I love your channel so I have  a challenge for you can you make Peter Griffins car sandwich and some how make it Good to eat ;)

  • Jesse Knight
    Jesse Knight 3 days ago

    There's an anime called Food Wars which is all about cooking food in creative ways. Please make some of their recipes.

  • Josue Lozano Rodriguez

    great beer choice. that's one of my favorite beer and brewery.

  • Zed643
    Zed643 4 days ago

    love the choice of beer!

  • Maggie R
    Maggie R 4 days ago

    I almost skipped this video but then I saw the runny egg and I couldn't help myself

    • Maggie R
      Maggie R 4 days ago

      Update it's almost midnight and I'm starving now

  • thebobizzle
    thebobizzle 4 days ago

    When do you salt it? Guessing when you add the 19.25 oz of bread flour. Thanks! I suck at baking.. Don't want to mess anything up

  • D Mcken
    D Mcken 4 days ago

    I'm slowly realising that the Caribbean definition of early and everyone else's is different 😂😂
    I woke up 4:30 am every morning for high school to get to school early.
    Most schools want you there by 7:30 am or earlier even though classes start at 8 am.
    I'm starting university in September and I'm most excited about getting to sleep in until 6am.
    So it legit warms my heart to see someone else call that early.
    Lot's of love and support all the way from Jamaica 🖖🖖
    I binge watch your vids all the time.
    This is like my 5th time watching this vid.
    Ok, I'll shut up now. Bye.

  • ramisa rahman
    ramisa rahman 5 days ago

    Binge watching Binging with Babish instead of studying for my finals. #storyofmylife 😭😑🙏

  • Judah A.
    Judah A. 5 days ago

    La fin du monde!! Oh that sandwich must've been marvellous with such a good beer.

  • Cobalt360Degrees
    Cobalt360Degrees 5 days ago

    I have that same alarm for my mornings and had the slight heart palpatations when it went off. D:

  • Boxorino
    Boxorino 5 days ago

    i love the idea that he sleeps on the floor of his kitchen

  • Ryan Sinfield
    Ryan Sinfield 5 days ago

    Is that a real bottle of yamazaki behind you or just the box?

  • Theo Cohen
    Theo Cohen 5 days ago

    Notice at 2:35 - a legendary moment in which we can see his face

  • Steven Bohman
    Steven Bohman 6 days ago

    what is that serrated bread knife that you use? why is it off set like that?

  • Felipe Catz
    Felipe Catz 6 days ago

    i just binged binging with babish

  • Andrew Boggs
    Andrew Boggs 7 days ago

    This was great until you poured a tripel into a hefeweizen glass. Do you not have a soul?

  • Özcan Deniz
    Özcan Deniz 8 days ago

    I can buy the EXACT same bread here for 5 TL (1.5 $), so i wont waste 12 hours lol

  • Özcan Deniz
    Özcan Deniz 8 days ago

    I cant find Monterey Jack Here, what can i use ?

  • Reed Lamphere
    Reed Lamphere 8 days ago

    fuck that looks good

  • My Phone
    My Phone 9 days ago

    Just found your Chanel today and I'm addicted

  • Panagiotis Giotis
    Panagiotis Giotis 10 days ago

    Now its time to roast our bacon ........BOYYYY YOU LOOK LIKE A DEAD PIG

  • Wayne Wang
    Wayne Wang 10 days ago

    What was that alarm?

  • George Nelson
    George Nelson 11 days ago

    tdk slammer from supernatural please

  • Extrymas
    Extrymas 11 days ago

    That's some strong beer :D
    9% alc.

  • chris barber
    chris barber 11 days ago

    Jesus Christ, this is a month long activity

    CAVEMAN-FIT-GAINS 11 days ago

    Yes thank you

  • jay vee
    jay vee 12 days ago

    your bald head is beautiful! XD i think im in love LOL

  • Logan Lessard
    Logan Lessard 12 days ago

    A beer from quebec, you rock man

  • TheSladerTater
    TheSladerTater 13 days ago

    The effort this guy goes through just for a sandwich...

    Love it 😂

  • Thrust Fatty
    Thrust Fatty 13 days ago

    You sleep on your kitchen floor?😂

  • dorvil233
    dorvil233 14 days ago

    Hold up!
    you can found la fin du monde in the states...nice

  • LilItaly
    LilItaly 15 days ago

    Is that mother effin ratatat son!? Hell yea, good shit

  • NitroIsMe
    NitroIsMe 16 days ago


  • Didi von Do'Urden
    Didi von Do'Urden 16 days ago

    You tapp the outside of the bread to see if its done baking. It sounds hollow when its done 😊

  • Random stuff with Michael

    Collab with Life of Boris, do some Russian recipes. And learn way of Gopnik

  • Viktor Vaughn
    Viktor Vaughn 16 days ago

    Make the nasty patty lmaoooo

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 17 days ago

    La fin du monde

  • Kali Southpaw
    Kali Southpaw 17 days ago

    That sandwich would be great if the egg was fucking cooked. I can't fucking stand runny eggs. If you like it, have at it. Me personally, I don't like it.

    The bread looked great, and I would definitely make this but with the egg cooked over hard.

  • JikuAraiguma
    JikuAraiguma 17 days ago

    You should make The Ultimate Sandwich from the Ninja Sex Party music video.

  • Jonathan Bleau
    Jonathan Bleau 17 days ago

    la fin du monde ? wait, are you in quebec ?

  • Emil Castagnier
    Emil Castagnier 17 days ago

    Please make the ultimate sandwich from the Ninja Sex Party song, and the Grump Burger from the Wendy's taste test video on the Game Grumps channel

  • lipton green tea
    lipton green tea 18 days ago

    Instead of using all those different types of flour can I just use all purpose flour

  • Taylor Nicole
    Taylor Nicole 19 days ago

    If you use quick rise yeast do you let it sit for 5hrs still?

  • Catherine Fortier
    Catherine Fortier 19 days ago

    Shout out to that beer! La fin du monde! I did not no you could get it in the States!

  • Scott Gleason
    Scott Gleason 20 days ago

    When are you going to make a sandwich playlist?

  • golden ghost
    golden ghost 20 days ago

    Im a kid watching someone cooking

  • AlexPham95
    AlexPham95 21 day ago

    Your voice is lovely

  • John .Hammond
    John .Hammond 21 day ago

    Wait, is babish from Quebec?

  • Gamer 101
    Gamer 101 21 day ago

    When he was getting up I was like "Finally ima going to see his face after a marathon of his videos" and NOPE cause he was hiding behind his day..

  • Adam Rash
    Adam Rash 22 days ago

    I doubt it's the greatest sandwich in the world. However, you drank it with my favorite beer in the world. Then, another video of yours started on autoplay, and I saw a bottle of Delirium Tremens, and I thought, "Damn, this guy drinks good beer."

  • brenton antoine
    brenton antoine 22 days ago

    this was published on my birthday

  • Mathieu Girard
    Mathieu Girard 22 days ago

    La fin du monde ! Nice beer !

  • Andre Aquino
    Andre Aquino 23 days ago

    whats the name of that background music?

  • Cameron Crosby
    Cameron Crosby 23 days ago

    What the fuck, you sleep on the floor

  • Tony Martin
    Tony Martin 23 days ago

    How long does it take you to clean all the bowls and dishes you use

  • Donut_Laptop
    Donut_Laptop 23 days ago

    make the ultimate sandwich from ninja sex party

  • S Hayduk
    S Hayduk 24 days ago

    La fin du monde fOr la fin du sandwhich

  • Space Odysseus
    Space Odysseus 24 days ago

    Don't knead the dough so much, you end up with kind of a dense loaf. only knead the dough enough to get rid of any major lumps.

  • jigsaw jigsaw
    jigsaw jigsaw 24 days ago

    I too sleep in the kitchen, much closer to the pepper that way

  • ThatFancyMoos
    ThatFancyMoos 24 days ago

    12 hours for a sandwhich damn

  • Maydreamer Nana
    Maydreamer Nana 25 days ago

    As a german beer-lover i gotta say: amazing choices, perfect bread. Awesome channel!

  • Alejandro Arenas
    Alejandro Arenas 25 days ago

    I'd sleep in my kitchen too, if it looked like that.

  • TuikeTN
    TuikeTN 25 days ago

    You forgot the mayo

  • littlefatso
    littlefatso 25 days ago

    La Fin Du Monde...tres bien Monsieur Babish haha

  • Soviet Norway
    Soviet Norway 26 days ago

    12 hours for just one bread? in 12 hours you could had made 5 diferent types bread, 3 soups, one roast and still have time left

  • Zephy Fairman
    Zephy Fairman 26 days ago

    You should make the huge order by Bubble Bass from spongebob

  • dwd ded
    dwd ded 26 days ago

    I have rewatched every episode of this 3x each . Perfect channel my favorite by far .

  • Tai Thang Cong
    Tai Thang Cong 27 days ago

    7 years ago the dude had HAIR

  • The Captain
    The Captain 27 days ago

    La fin du monde beer, are you from Quebec?

  • yiğit alp Dalyan
    yiğit alp Dalyan 28 days ago

    Do I suck at french or was the name of the beer " end of the world"

  • Blue Medley
    Blue Medley 28 days ago

    Make the "ULTIMATE sandwich" from the Ninja sex party song

  • terrysmith
    terrysmith 28 days ago +1

    Can you do the Leslie Knope sandwich from parks and rec

  • Sangeet Subedi
    Sangeet Subedi 29 days ago +1

    6AM is Early! I wake up for work every weekday at 5:30AM!!! FML.. #millennial

    IKELECHI ICEI 29 days ago +1

    Binge watching binging with Babish 😂

  • Leonard Dofiles
    Leonard Dofiles 29 days ago

    You making me hungry

  • Adithya Padmanabhan
    Adithya Padmanabhan 29 days ago

    Or you could just do the first proof of the dough (the longest) the previous night, go to bed and do the remaining in the morning.

  • Bob Crachet
    Bob Crachet 29 days ago

    I love him

  • Chefboyarde
    Chefboyarde 29 days ago

    We have the same alarm sound by the seaside

  • SottishNERDanity
    SottishNERDanity 29 days ago

    hear me out I've had of experience experimenting with sauces and adding mustard to the mayo would make that taste even better

  • TunaAaron
    TunaAaron 29 days ago

    One of my favorite beers. :^)

  • Red Ericson
    Red Ericson Month ago

    Your voice is so soothing and distinct. You have a nice subtle Baritone about you that makes all the information go down easy. And your cooking as always is fantastic! 😊

  • Sole Fratila
    Sole Fratila Month ago

    You're such a creative cook. Keep making videos. You have a bright future as a chef

  • Ö _ Ö
    Ö _ Ö Month ago

    once I am rich, old and have a lot of spare time on my hands I will become a chef like you

  • CalRipkenDrinks
    CalRipkenDrinks Month ago

    nigga i aint making no bread

  • Yawg moth
    Yawg moth Month ago

    My favorite sandwhich is just a normal BLT with no cheese. I don't see how a runny egg would make it better.

  • D Correia
    D Correia Month ago

    Fun channel... reminds of Alton Brown especially with the use of Alton-isms ("Thusly" and "your patience will be rewarded") -- keep up the good work.

  • Matthew Martin
    Matthew Martin Month ago

    Best channel on YouTube period. Needs more sponsors because this beautiful soul deserves it.

  • David Grimm
    David Grimm Month ago

    That beer and sandwich look like something I could eat 3 times a day everyday forever. That looks phenomenal!

  • Mecha Man Studios
    Mecha Man Studios Month ago

    I've made bread before, though a long process worth it when you have bread you like and can use to make sandwiches.

  • ryan villarico
    ryan villarico Month ago


  • james james
    james james Month ago

    He so good when I am hungry I watch this

  • Michael Fiorilla
    Michael Fiorilla Month ago

    Giving a thumbs up specifically for La Fin Du Monde

  • Nusszucker
    Nusszucker Month ago

    That looks like a great bread!
    I usually make plain white wheat bread with fresh yeast, water and sugar for the yeast (because fresh yeast needs something to chow down on for the dough to rise. It also servers as their last meal before being brutaly baked to death and perfection in my oven) and a pinch of salt for taste. It doubles in size after 45 minutes, makes for a very smooth dough and it does not take 12 hours to make. And while it tastes great (especially fresh out of the oven, when the inside is hot enough to melt butter and just melts in your mouth) it probably is not as great as your bread. Dang it. But again, it is complete in about two hours and I cannot stress enough how great selfmade bread is (which obviously means I have to try and make your bread at one point in the hopefully not so distant future)

    btw, I love you channel, great videos.

  • Titus Wilson
    Titus Wilson Month ago

    Just made this step by step and it was beyond phenomenal. Make more videos!!!

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