Republicans Face Town Hall Protests, Trump Golfs: A Closer Look

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  • William H. Baird
    William H. Baird 13 days ago +1

    BOYCOTT anything with the TRUMP name ... Hit him in the wallet!

  • Riccarda Mescola
    Riccarda Mescola 13 days ago

    Tom Cotton appears to be inbred...same with Stephen Miller

  • Thrasher7170
    Thrasher7170 28 days ago

    I wasn't expecting the "good soup" at the end. It got me.

  • S. Bakyhnh
    S. Bakyhnh Month ago +1

    "BOO! F***** YOU! YOU SUCK!"

    Not all heroes wear capes.

  • Mlpfanboy
    Mlpfanboy Month ago

    1:42 WRONG SETH! When it comes to hypocrisy his handicap is -666.

  • Too Yoo
    Too Yoo Month ago

    tiger woods of hypocrisy!!!

  • REX10
    REX10 Month ago

    I Can't believe that in late 2014 i was even considering looking at republicans, i was just about to fall for the family values fantasy and then you broke bad with TRUMP!!
    Then i was able to see the wizard was actually greedy selfish hypocrites who really wants nothing more then to drive the working class into extinction.

  • Kai Kho
    Kai Kho 2 months ago

    The nightmare of America's politics..

  • DJ Wise Pariah
    DJ Wise Pariah 3 months ago

    Trump golfs on taxpayer money, while Trudeau pays out of pocket for boxing club dues. America, your leaders are jokes, even Obama.

  • DarkLight NKY
    DarkLight NKY 3 months ago +1

    I feel bad for America. I understand how you must feel. We had been through the same situations and shared similar embarrassments when former PM Yingluk took the seat of administration in Thailand (though Hilary Clinton was so supportive of miss Yingluk)

  • fanficbug
    fanficbug 4 months ago

    Damn, never been so proud of Arkansas. I was born there and grew up there, and usually I have nothing but embarrassment for it.

  • secretsociety
    secretsociety 4 months ago

    i <3 seth meyers

  • aric lopez
    aric lopez 4 months ago

    I have no respect or pity for these small town hall cry babies. these are the very people who bought this all of it. suck it up! own up to what you destroyed created and prevented from being created for decades now, while all the rest of the majority of the country attempts to fix the mess you made. AGAIN!!!

  • ra wige
    ra wige 4 months ago

    every Seth meyers video is a hit job on trump. hidden agenda?

  • Somprasong U-chupongamorn

    Donald Trump is the biggest man-child I've ever seen you have to praise him to get his attention? Leaving him alone can lead to disastrous situation? Is this the president or a 5 year old child?

  • NeuroGoddess
    NeuroGoddess 4 months ago

    "Does this white shirt make me look fat?"

  • Noah Brady
    Noah Brady 4 months ago

    so sick. no other president has ever golfed in the last eight years, two months, three days. and I'll bet if he did, Seth would've been just as eager to complain about it. because all late night talk show hosts are completely fair and unbiased in their reporting

  • Samantha P
    Samantha P 5 months ago

    Does this guy own an iron? Haha! I think you are the funniest!

  • David Borromeo
    David Borromeo 5 months ago


  • Elise Schneider
    Elise Schneider 5 months ago

    Internal list bedroom van me ahead Christmas exposure environment never.

  • lhia0416
    lhia0416 5 months ago

    I like Seth Meyers's segments, but his delivery seems robotic and too obviously reading off the promoter

  • Western Defender
    Western Defender 5 months ago

    Curse the whole Democrat media complexe.

  • Alanna Baker
    Alanna Baker 5 months ago

    I just love that Teacher in Salt lake!!!

  • Brace110
    Brace110 5 months ago

    Seth what has happened to you. I loved you when you were in Holland, on SNL. I agree with all your political views. I've supported you through everything, but the jokes on your late night program are painfully unfunny. ALL OF THEM. They are all, always painfully unfunny, either they're stupid. Or predictable, most often both. I can't watch you anymore.

  • Visvamba Nathan
    Visvamba Nathan 5 months ago

    Keep waiting for this guy to actually do some comedy.

  • itchy scratchy
    itchy scratchy 5 months ago

    Even if they had a town hall in hell, satan would be on their ass..

  • SuDi Kaffrowi
    SuDi Kaffrowi 5 months ago

    Little kids play 'hide & seek' but the Big POTUS plays 'hide & golf'. What an aXX, he's giving donkeys a bad name, heehee.

  • shadowcat 10110
    shadowcat 10110 5 months ago

    i think they paid off some delegates cause there would not be protests at this level .... just common sense

  • Reggie Watchowtnow
    Reggie Watchowtnow 5 months ago

    Seth Myers  has thrown comedy out the window in order to appease people : A closer look.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 5 months ago

    if these people are so mad, why the hell do they vote republicans into office every election?!?

  • darkmyro
    darkmyro 5 months ago

    if democrats are looking to Bernie Sanders for guidance on how to talk to voters then why on God's green Earth did they not make him their electoral nominee.

  • eleven 011
    eleven 011 5 months ago

    when u learn a new word so u keep saying it over and over and over again (constituents)

  • Gene C
    Gene C 5 months ago

    I have to admit, I like watching these town hall events. Fun!!!

  • Gene C
    Gene C 5 months ago

    I'd rather Trump play golf than do something destructive.

  • Gene C
    Gene C 5 months ago

    6 rounds of golf in his first month!!!!!!

  • grandmasbuttons
    grandmasbuttons 5 months ago

    Looks like the fucking Pillsbury Doughboy on the golf course

    • grandmasbuttons
      grandmasbuttons 5 months ago

      I am old

    • Western Defender
      Western Defender 5 months ago

      He is over 70 YEARS OLD! When you and other people get old you will also probably be out of shape, so stop being a hyperpartisan hypocrite.

  • Kris Bailey
    Kris Bailey 5 months ago

    does anyone else get annoyed that he never quite seems to remained looking into the camera. ..

  • Angus Davies
    Angus Davies 5 months ago

    I like thoop.

  • Morne Van Zijl
    Morne Van Zijl 5 months ago

    this is what happens in a 2 party system people stay loyal to there party and vote for there party regardless of the individual representing the party. so they end up with trump

  • Ulf Berggren
    Ulf Berggren 5 months ago

    1. "We have defended the borders of other nations while we left our own wide open ..."
    Facts income text: Illegal border crossings decreased by 90% over the past 10 years because of increased compliance.

    2. "... to anyone who wants to pass - and the drugs come into an unprecedented rate"
    Facts income text: Seizure of drugs has actually decreased.

    3. "Since I was elected, Ford, Fiat-Chrysler, General Motors, Sprint, Softbank, Lockheed, Intel, Walmart and others announced that they would invest billions of dollars in the US and it will create tens of thousands of American jobs ..."

    Facts income text: Trump claims that his policies have led to these companies provided 70,000 new jobs. But 69,000 of them arrived before Trump became president and 700 of them are the result of Obama's policies.

    4. "We want all Americans to succeed - but it is not in a lawless chaos. We need to restore the integrity and clarity laws of our borders. "

    Facts income text: Guess what happened when Arizona decided to tighten immigration laws? Fewer jobs and lower GDP.

    5. "We remove gang members, drug dealers and criminals who threaten society and the lives of our citizens."

    Facts income text: the US has always given priority to the removal of gang members and criminals. But Donald Trump goes after are mothers with children born in the United States and domestic violence.

    6. "The majority of the attacks are carried out by people who come across our border."

    Facts income text: It is seven times more likely to be killed by a right-wing extremist than a foreign terrorist.

    7. "Over the past 8 years, the administration has managed to increase the national debt more than all previous presidents have made together"

    Facts income text: This statement is misleading. Obama managed to reduce the deficit by almost three quarters.

    8. "94 million Americans are unemployed"

    Facts income text: That figure includes people who are not even looking for a job, seniors, high school students, disabled people, housewives - and men etc.

    9. "American companies are the highest rated in the world."

    Facts income text: American companies are ranked third in the world after Chad and the United Arab Emirates.

    10. "At the same time, we will give enormous middle class tax relief."

    Facts income text: According to Trump's tax relief plan will give the middle class, 6.6% and 47.3% to the upper class.

    11. "To protect our workers also requires reform of our immigration policy. The current outdated system pushes down wages for the poorest workers and puts pressure on taxpayers. "

    Facts income text: Immigrant neither lowering wages or taking any job.

    12. "Obamacare is collapsing ..."

    Facts income text: The insurance market is actually better but to repeal the ACA (Obamacare) would kill it.

    13. "... And we must act to protect all Americans."

    Facts income text: The repeal of Obamacare would mean that almost 30 million Americans are without health insurance 2019th

    14. "So I urge all Democrats and Republicans in Congress to work together to rescue the Americans from the disastrous Oabamcare."

    Facts income text: Obamacare (ACA) cost less than had been predicted.

    15. "America has spent 6 billion dollars in the Middle East while the infrastructure here at home is falling apart."

    Facts income text: Trump seems to be confused regarding what has been spent and was expected to be spent.

    16. "We want all children to break the cycle of poverty ..."

    Facts income text: Trump's proposed budget means cuts in the social safety net.

    17. "The number of murders in 2015 had the highest number counted in a single year since nearly half a century."

    Facts income text: America's crimes in 2015 were just below if compared with the year before, and then, the two on the historic low levels.

    18. "I will ask Congress to approve a law that provides $ 1 trillion in investment to the US infrastructure - funded by both public and private capital - which will lead to millions of job."

    Facts income text: Trump's infrastructure plan is actually a failure and may have to raise taxes on the middle class in the form of high costs in tolls and other charges.

    19. "We have started to clean up government corruption through the introduction of one five year ban on lobbying by officials - and a lifetime ban on lobbying in foreign government."

    Facts income text: Trump's ban on lobbying actually take away some of Obama's ethical rules instead of strengthening them.

    20. "We have saved the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by bringing down the price of the amazing new combat aircraft F-35."

    Facts income text: savings were running before Trump began to complain about the price tag on the F-35's price tag.

  • Will Wilkerson
    Will Wilkerson 5 months ago

    I wish this douchebag would drink a gallon of bleach

  • Culilus
    Culilus 5 months ago

    I have to say that I deeply respect the Trump supporters who realized that they screwed up and are now fighting against Trump. It takes a lot of courage to admit you were wrong.

  • Culilus
    Culilus 5 months ago

    My God.... the Republican voters are fighting for what's right instead of complaining about Obama online. I just had some faith in humanity restored. Now if we can only get the Democratic voters to move back from Canada we can win the war against Trump.

  • Kelsybabe Gaming
    Kelsybabe Gaming 5 months ago

    Good soup.

  • David Del Castillo
    David Del Castillo 5 months ago

    pitchforks time!!! keep it up :)

  • Drm R
    Drm R 5 months ago

    Proves the white house and orange fuhrer cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything.

  • Ooshy Bermi
    Ooshy Bermi 5 months ago


  • Frederico Xavier
    Frederico Xavier 5 months ago

    What's wrong with a game or two of golf? I's a good way to relax whilst concentrating on something else! You know What? You Demos are such losers! You're like parasites that seek every opportunity to nibble or suck at something but normally the somethings are your tongues which are often tied in knots! Losers!
    When Obama disappeared on tax payers' dollars to travel here and there, no one complained! Why complain about this President who is on his own dollars? Stupid losers!!!!

  • PhillyFrank1
    PhillyFrank1 5 months ago

    That retired Utah teacher was perfect.

  • Ben Blackburn
    Ben Blackburn 5 months ago

    I don't care about what goes on politically regardless of how trump runs things he's comic relief and we can all get down to that

  • James Harris
    James Harris 5 months ago

    It's very satisfying after listening to 8 years of Republicans criticizing everything Obama did, now that they are in charge, to find out they have no plans, no leadership, no ideas. I wonder what they'll run on come next election. I also wonder about the short term memory loss among their supporters who will continue to vote for these clowns.

  • Cassandra Darling
    Cassandra Darling 5 months ago

    Bernie Sanders as the horse whisperer hahahahaha

  • inSherlock
    inSherlock 5 months ago

    I didn't need two to three weeks.

    DAVID LONGOOD 5 months ago

    Hey he has created hundreds of bootlicking jobs!!!

  • Moishe Greenberg
    Moishe Greenberg 5 months ago

    Without his SNL writers, Seth Meyers has proved damaging to Late Night TV.

  • Ladonna Brock
    Ladonna Brock 5 months ago

    I can't wait for the lynching party to start!! I want front row seats! Some of these politicians better start shaggin ass and do their fucking jobs cause the mood is getting uglier by the day!

  • ThaPuup
    ThaPuup 5 months ago

    1.8 million europeans

  • onyxsnape
    onyxsnape 5 months ago


  • wliderhorse
    wliderhorse 5 months ago

    she Handle him like a BOSS!

  • roadrunnerz
    roadrunnerz 5 months ago

    so I was one of those who voted for him. now when I'm at work I get side looks, like the person who keeps replying all with company emails. God help me

  • threebucks
    threebucks 5 months ago +1

    It's funny, because some of these people complaining now are those who voted for Trump in the first place.

  • Nigel John
    Nigel John 5 months ago

    Pure humiliation on trump. That retired school teacher "laid it plain". She knows how to speak, That woman needs her own talk show. wow she knows how to "school people",.. impressive. I wish people like her would run the dept of education.

  • kparc Parc
    kparc Parc 5 months ago +1

    WHAT!? Not even 1,000 Trumpster's here to post a thumbs down!  Where have all the Trumpster's gone? short time passing. Where have all the Trumpster's gone? Short time ago.

  • iBelieveEverything iSeeOnYoutube

    someone needs to knock that stupid grin off Mitch McConnell's face.

  • Synth Writer Ambient/Industrial

    So..... why do republicans vote for people that don't represent them? Here is video of republicans booing and telling their representatives don't do the thing you have been saying you were going to do for the past 4 years. I E repeal the ACA.

  • Spone Mr
    Spone Mr 5 months ago

    they all voted for the orange wank stain so "get over it snowflakes"

  • The USA is dead
    The USA is dead 5 months ago +1

    Trump will not release his tax returns for 3 reasons. 1. He does not have /make as much money as he says he does. 2. He owes money to lenders in overseas countries such as Russia because American banks will no longer lend him money because he reniggs on everything, I think most people call it bankruptcy. 3. He gives nothing to charity.

  • Linda Root
    Linda Root 5 months ago

    Trump is dead

  • Michaeo Atkins
    Michaeo Atkins 5 months ago

    u think trumpsters r waking up I hope so before to late if not to late already comrade

  • Michaeo Atkins
    Michaeo Atkins 5 months ago

    if the Donald love's America he would resign goodbye America hello trumpistan comrade

  • GENK
    GENK 5 months ago

    Trump is killing it. Triggering intensifies

  • asobo kobo
    asobo kobo 5 months ago

    wow, these guys booing Mike Pence are GOP constituents? I wish they felt this way when it mattered

  • asobo kobo
    asobo kobo 5 months ago +1

    what an embarrassing president. he's such a child

  • Philomusic
    Philomusic 5 months ago

    Good soup

  • TeddyPicker191
    TeddyPicker191 5 months ago

    Gud soop 👍🏻

  • Sonja Morrison
    Sonja Morrison 5 months ago

    Love The Closer Look! Clever, insightful, honest. Now, you are probably on a hit list. Good luck, you brave, bravery soul🤣

  • Marti Reed
    Marti Reed 5 months ago

    Perfect. Thank you.

  • desiviking
    desiviking 5 months ago

    Morons elect morons and smart tax payers pay the price.

  • Meisterdieb
    Meisterdieb 5 months ago

    So ... the people at those meetings with the Repuplican politicians are - I would assume- (mostly) Rep voters?
    If so, why are they complaining now? The Republicans didn't really hide the fact that they wanted to abolish "Obamacare"
    You voted for that if you voted for them ...

  • dynamitejimi
    dynamitejimi 5 months ago

    That Bernie though 😂

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf 5 months ago

    "give that heart back!!!!!" XD

  • SemperFi77
    SemperFi77 5 months ago

    Hey look. Don't mess with Trump about Golfing. I'd rather have him on the green than GETTING US BLOWN THE HELL UP!!!!!

  • Jasmine Rich
    Jasmine Rich 5 months ago

    "I guess when you live in Utah the lake makes you salty"
    As a Utahn, I can confirm this.

  • Erik Lakeland
    Erik Lakeland 5 months ago

    Nice! Few things are better than seeing Pence get booed. Glad to see it happen in other parts of the country, and not just here in Indiana. I was worried people would be tricked by his VP debate performance, he speaks well, but he's caused so much damage.

  • Trish Mac
    Trish Mac 5 months ago

    Every day Seth digs his hole a little deeper.

  • ThePanzerFreak5
    ThePanzerFreak5 5 months ago

    How shamelessly hypocritical is Trump?

  • Brown Eagle
    Brown Eagle 5 months ago

    just want to say something, God protects us and helps those with paranoia's & ignorant,s to make a good decisions. So they do not become dictatorships. P.s. Hell don't send there's best humans been

  • J Hayabusa
    J Hayabusa 5 months ago


  • Bill VanHuss
    Bill VanHuss 5 months ago

    Fake news about bused in professional antagonist. The simple remedy is to only allow those in that can prove they live in the Congressmans district. Check I D at door.

  • Pedro Torres
    Pedro Torres 5 months ago

    this Meyers guys seems like a cute kind of lunatic...

  • MarenAnne66
    MarenAnne66 5 months ago

    That part with the retired teacher was delightful.

  • Kief Preston
    Kief Preston 5 months ago

    that's what's up

  • Hu Wen
    Hu Wen 5 months ago

    Leave Obama Care alone until you come up with a better one.

  • Katzztar
    Katzztar 5 months ago

    So according to those former aides, how to handle Trump is to treat him like a toddler.

  • Armando Martinez
    Armando Martinez 5 months ago

    at 8:14 That lady definitely KNOWWS!!

  • CSI Garcia
    CSI Garcia 5 months ago

    It's funny that before all of this, people supported trump. Now i barely hear a thing from a supporter in the comments.

  • Fox Pad
    Fox Pad 5 months ago

    Hello American i had dificuel on see the series Late Night with Seth Meyers here in Holland,why is been tell to may trues to the world we are lissing you American we are all together.Please post more...

  • Scrotes Magotes
    Scrotes Magotes 5 months ago

    When is Seth going to do his Budd Dwyer impression for us?

  • Pharma Cology
    Pharma Cology 5 months ago

    He's the Tiger Woods of hypocrisy!

  • Morgan Waas
    Morgan Waas 5 months ago

    Love that retired teacher, and now I've just got a running mental image of Bernie Sanders yelling at horses and it's made my day like 90% better

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