Bigfoot: The Convincing Evidence

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  • Is Bigfoot real? We decided to find out!

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  • Runtime: 22:49
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Comments: 12 981

    NEON DYNAMITE 19 minutes ago

    What episode did the (wheeze) joke come from?

    NEON DYNAMITE 21 minute ago

    Sightings in almost every US state but not in mine. 😢

  • Air bud
    Air bud Hour ago

    Saturdays are for cracking a cold one with Bigfoot

  • Tori Ruby
    Tori Ruby 4 hours ago

    Crackin a cold one with the Foot

  • Alyssa Stewart
    Alyssa Stewart 7 hours ago

    Ryan sounds like a wife who displeased by her husband choice of motel 😂😂

    CSDGAMER 8 hours ago

    The haryest thing is shanes beard

  • TheVenator
    TheVenator 11 hours ago

    i honestly believe that there is too much evidence for them not to be real. i mean, we discover new species all the time. we actually dont know everything about the planet, believe it or not! Sasquatches probably hide from us because they know humans are assholes.

  • emmy febrianti
    emmy febrianti 15 hours ago

    I am myself just like Ryan, but if I ever lost or be in a scary situation or place, I definitely need someone like Shane to be with me.

  • Michi G
    Michi G 19 hours ago

    The funniest thing about this one was seeing Ryan walk around in nature and freak out

  • vc 23
    vc 23 20 hours ago +1

    "That's good. We live to see tomorrow"

    *Tree falls on them

  • Sierra Moore
    Sierra Moore Day ago

    Who else thinks that a gorilla escaped from a zoo near by and hikers ran into it to run away from the gorilla only getting a fast glance.

  • doot howell
    doot howell Day ago

    i would love to see it *agressive beard scratch*

  • Cuny
    Cuny Day ago

    meldrum is my last name this is my legacy y'all off to live in the forest for research wish me luck yall

  • Amelia Farr
    Amelia Farr Day ago

    Ever thought that Bigfoot might flee to a habitat that isn't popular

  • Dolphinman 300
    Dolphinman 300 Day ago

    Shane should always have a beard

  • mr biggz
    mr biggz Day ago

    I knew he was real

  • Violetbiscuitpegasus

    *(WHEEZE) *

  • Emma Triplett
    Emma Triplett 2 days ago

    Ni big foot sightings in Illinois!

  • Johnny Sanchez
    Johnny Sanchez 2 days ago

    Ryan's face at 10:51. Priceless!

  • XoTumblrNerd 11
    XoTumblrNerd 11 2 days ago

    Uh hello add a Bigfoot sign to Wisconsin at a family gathering everyone saw a hairy thing in the cornfield next to my grandpa's house and soo

  • ReaperQuadhorn
    ReaperQuadhorn 2 days ago

    "-in almost every US state" *looks at NH* Seems like nothing is there... Like always.

  • ellie wheatley
    ellie wheatley 2 days ago

    They should make (wheeze) merch

  • Franco Zamora
    Franco Zamora 2 days ago

    cracking open a cold one with Bigfoot

  • Heather Trinh
    Heather Trinh 2 days ago +1

    i literally thought that shane was bigfoot

  • Ryan Grinstead
    Ryan Grinstead 2 days ago

    When people mispronounce zoology. Ugggggggh

  • Nicole Sosa
    Nicole Sosa 2 days ago

    People needs shut up about people it could be just a big ape

  • Alexis Wallace
    Alexis Wallace 2 days ago

    I need Shane and Ryan to have a Netflix Buzzfeed Unsolved show for reals

  • Tianna Marie
    Tianna Marie 3 days ago +1

    That burger looked so good, I would eat three of them.

  • Ian Vannier
    Ian Vannier 3 days ago +1

    "Small foot take off helmet. You crush." - Shane

  • Naomi Bachan
    Naomi Bachan 3 days ago

    why was there a blur at 13:46

  • Sophia DeMartino
    Sophia DeMartino 3 days ago


  • Kelvin Swag
    Kelvin Swag 3 days ago

    I think Bigfoot is a monkey evolving into a human, but failing. So he grew taller and became stronger, and most important of all: got bigger feet.

  • Sunny 3005
    Sunny 3005 3 days ago

    When Ryan gets children they are definately going to wear a helmet while cycling

  • SingClan LeaderYT
    SingClan LeaderYT 3 days ago

    Slender man

  • DragonBreath 429
    DragonBreath 429 3 days ago

    also just asking will there ever be a solved video

  • HumiAdorkable Cutie
    HumiAdorkable Cutie 3 days ago +2

    Y is the creature's name Bigfoot......and not Bigfeet ?😮

  • DragonBreath 429
    DragonBreath 429 3 days ago

    Hey why put creepy music on!!! i thought it was a adventure Me shrugging my shoulders

  • Lanalee
    Lanalee 3 days ago

    My sister is Bigfoot hunting right now

  • Hybrid child preda zero door

    Has anyone (besides me) actually been to willows

  • manderp
    manderp 3 days ago

    lol wow finally ryan is the playing the "intellectual" guy

  • KellyBelly89564
    KellyBelly89564 4 days ago

    Do the woman in the water

  • F Hjo
    F Hjo 4 days ago

    SMEGMA ;(

  • the jazzy jaz one
    the jazzy jaz one 4 days ago



  • Kirra Murphy
    Kirra Murphy 4 days ago

    Who is doing a buzzfeed unsolved marathon

  • sarcasticlittlearmy
    sarcasticlittlearmy 4 days ago

    'big strong hairy people'

  • Mineral aAA??
    Mineral aAA?? 4 days ago

    cracking open a cold one with the bigfoots

  • ladydoe89
    ladydoe89 4 days ago

    uhh,... what is with the blur at 13:47?

  • Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson 4 days ago +1

    Look up Lizard Man in South Carolina

  • Sandy Trejo
    Sandy Trejo 4 days ago +1

    The burger and fries looked so good 😻😍

  • masha pirogova
    masha pirogova 4 days ago +1

    what if other people were also searching for bigfoot that night and they heard shane's ape call...
    i'd be fucking terrified

  • TheBlackCheese brkam

    Ryan looks like my grandfather(when he was young) with that stache

  • bobbie justice
    bobbie justice 4 days ago +1

    they needed meat sticks not beer🤔🤔🤔

  • datscomiche PTX
    datscomiche PTX 4 days ago +1

    1 Day Later: Bigfoot captured on film as they look for the source of mysterious mating calls that occurred last night

  • Yaffa Eitani
    Yaffa Eitani 4 days ago +1

    Can you do mermaids next plz 🐠🐠🐠

  • SFxTAGG3
    SFxTAGG3 5 days ago +1

    It's funny to me because Shane believes in Bigfoot more than ghosts and whatnot because it's more plausible with the evidence. But from what I've seen on Destination Truth and other shows, they never find any decent evidence of crypto-creatures. Only alleged spirits.

    Whatever. Both spirits and crypto-creatures are cool to think about, regardless of they're real or not.

  • BoGu$
    BoGu$ 5 days ago +1

    So ya just a gorilla

  • Shirin
    Shirin 5 days ago

    He looks like Hitler omfg.

  • Sakura Samazki
    Sakura Samazki 5 days ago +1

    Finding Shane

  • Avery Biederwolf
    Avery Biederwolf 5 days ago +1

    the music puts me on edge

  • • Yøυ are wнaт yøυ løve, nøт wнø løves yøυ •

    all i can think about is that one episode of icarly where they look for bigfoot

  • HS WallBreakers
    HS WallBreakers 5 days ago +2

    Shane has fuc$ to give

  • Sasha Plague
    Sasha Plague 5 days ago

    No upright bi-pedal canine eh? Must say I'm surprised 🤔

  • magpie
    magpie 5 days ago

    don't believe in bigfoot?who's filming Ryan and Shane then??!!!😱

  • mikerolf1
    mikerolf1 5 days ago

    Why the helmet?

  • Galexia Girl
    Galexia Girl 5 days ago

    I would leave at night tho

  • Galexia Girl
    Galexia Girl 5 days ago

    Shane's ape noises were hilarious

  • Safari For Fun of Soul

    Bro - do one on the New Zealand ape-man
    the Moehau
    Moehau is the Maori word for Monster - its a legend of a man that becomes a beast
    its literally Were-Wolf meets Yeti!

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    I'm tripping on acid

  • thatMakeUpLife 88
    thatMakeUpLife 88 5 days ago

    oh my god these two crack me up, they are a perfect duo of humor and sarcasm in one. I can't get enough of the unsolved and supernatural series, can't wait for more!!!

  • Loopin games
    Loopin games 5 days ago

    Let's Go, Rhett And Link. I Mean Shane And Ryan! *DANG IT!*

  • Sweet Sins
    Sweet Sins 5 days ago

    "He said that, I agree with him, but he meant it more" I love ryan so much lmfao

  • kalista nathania
    kalista nathania 5 days ago

    I'm indonesian and i've never heard of the ebu gogo

  • YuniX2
    YuniX2 5 days ago

    Bigfoot is nothing more than the belief that hominids still exist outside the human species. It's HIGHLY unlikely, and impossible in the widespread manner that all these "sightings" occur. I'm more likely to believe in ghosts, with no logical explanation, than in a species that clearly existed thousands of years ago and died out still wandering around today. Besides, australopithecus were tiny. The larger hominids were plant eaters, and lived closer to Asia, if I remember correctly. Still in Africa, just further north east.

  • Cedric Milhouse
    Cedric Milhouse 5 days ago

    tag urself I'm the salamander

  • Sgt. Pepper
    Sgt. Pepper 5 days ago

    10:48 and 12:08 😂

  • Nicole Cruz
    Nicole Cruz 5 days ago

    Shane always was something to say to every ghost 😂😂

  • Jill Bosonetto
    Jill Bosonetto 5 days ago

    i wanna see jack da ripper !!!!

  • Gray Fons
    Gray Fons 5 days ago

    i mean its just a monkey but... big... right?

  • KennaPlays
    KennaPlays 6 days ago

    "Lucky enough, we are staying near 6 rivers forest, arguably the most famous bigfoot forest in the world."
    ME: I've never heard of that forest in my life.

  • Hill Wonderz
    Hill Wonderz 6 days ago

    Yeah but shaq wears a size 20

  • Lupe Dobal
    Lupe Dobal 6 days ago

    Boooo, I liked Shane's ridiculous bigfoot beard.

  • Iz Laws
    Iz Laws 6 days ago

    12:12 that's how people hear it. They think it's big foot but its just a human

  • Iz Laws
    Iz Laws 6 days ago

    The wind cant sway this one! Must be real!

  • sk12
    sk12 6 days ago

    they're king kong's grandchildren.

  • justine pinault
    justine pinault 6 days ago

    Someone probably recorded Shane doing the ape noises and was like "oh my god this is my big break"

  • Evelyn Gonzalez
    Evelyn Gonzalez 6 days ago

    Yay there is gorillas in America

  • Cammie
    Cammie 6 days ago

    Is anyone else compelled by how beautiful is it there though ?

  • Era Cool
    Era Cool 6 days ago

    I think bigfoot is just an off spring of a bear and a gorilla xD

  • Jimmy TwoTimes
    Jimmy TwoTimes 6 days ago

    :) glad to Know John Marston didn’t kill all of them

  • Lionel putra Nathanael

    1:57 its ibu gogo not ebu gogo

  • GhostbusterBear
    GhostbusterBear 6 days ago

    Bigfoot is so real

  • dr. inconsiderate
    dr. inconsiderate 6 days ago

    What if those Bigfoot sounds were just a bunch or wild Shane's mating noises?

  • Della Mae VanNeste
    Della Mae VanNeste 6 days ago

    I am with Ryan with the vest, though the helmet not so much

  • Natasha Lopez
    Natasha Lopez 6 days ago

    does anyone know what kind of book bag shane had on for this video?

  • Oscar Lima
    Oscar Lima 6 days ago


  • piXen
    piXen 6 days ago +1

    This is one of my favorite YouTube series.

  • Shelby
    Shelby 6 days ago

    Shane's face at 7:30 OMG!

  • bouquetofllamas
    bouquetofllamas 6 days ago

    For Australia its the yoai

  • Ash Marie
    Ash Marie 6 days ago

    Shane, in Wisconsin we have the northern woods which are so big that if you get lost your chances of seeing your family again are slim. We might maybe have a samsquanch

  • theflywho
    theflywho 6 days ago

    Good thing Shane was wearing gloves handling the salamander

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