121 Years Young: Man born in 19th century oldest on Earth?

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  • Wolfie Wolf
    Wolfie Wolf 23 hours ago

    Bullshit, when this was released there was a woman still who was born in the 18th century

  • Prabin
    Prabin 10 days ago

    Drink milk regularly and consume green fresh vegitables. You will live across 100 years. That's the secret to long life now we know.

  • just sunny
    just sunny 15 days ago

    His son looks around 50.

  • George Carpelan
    George Carpelan 16 days ago

    For all the retards here. He was never that age. He was a liar.

  • jo ao
    jo ao 17 days ago

    you Nevers see à old rich man with 121 y old

  • The Creator
    The Creator 23 days ago

    ill start drinking milk.. lol

  • Mrt
    Mrt 28 days ago

    man he old true fighter

  • shadysheep
    shadysheep 1 month ago +1

    theirs a man who is 146 in indonisia with a verified birth certificate so sorry maybe in your next life

  • John Allan
    John Allan 1 month ago

    I am the youngest person who has ever been born

  • Unbekannt 123
    Unbekannt 123 1 month ago +1

    Does he shit ash? Or fart dust?

  • Михаела Митова

    All the muslims here comment bs like "he lived so long because he prayed and he's muslim!" and don't see the obvious bs... this is why the world hates you, because you are simple minded and easily manipulated by some book written by a pedophile.

  • nGon-
    nGon- 1 month ago

    Wouldn't carbon dating be accurate enough to tell a 114 year old and a 120+ year old apart?

  • the king of anime
    the king of anime 1 month ago

    he is a muslim so proud

    THE TEMPEST 1 month ago

    he doesn't looks like over 120, he looks like 100 or over 90 years old

  • Mr Kibbels
    Mr Kibbels 1 month ago

    (sarcastically)I'm 21000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years old

  • Horst Power
    Horst Power 1 month ago

    If he was born in the 9 century he could only be as old as 117 at most

  • Duff
    Duff 2 months ago

    God guys realize this is in 2011 people now have realized there's older people who have lived

    HAZOX GAMING0525 2 months ago

    he's 121!!! he dosent look like he's in his 100's!!, my grandpa's like 80 or late 80's and looks older

  • Mohamed gouthu Abdul Kareem


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago +1

    boi he looks like 89 1/2 years old

  • Amerix Knight
    Amerix Knight 2 months ago


  • Nevaeh Bradshaw
    Nevaeh Bradshaw 2 months ago

    1. GOD said he will not let any person live over 120 years.
    2. He looks like he is 98.

    This is very very fake

    • SesinKozki
      SesinKozki 2 months ago

      Nevaeh Bradshaw
      1. Your Bible is corrupted.
      2. The old man is a Muslim, the reason he's still alive is because Allah gave him longer life.
      There are prophets who lived much longer than 120...

  • Asterisk A
    Asterisk A 2 months ago

    Allah bless him

  • Josh Stakey
    Josh Stakey 2 months ago

    If he want to be the oldest let him be just that he earned it this dude does more in half a day then kids do all week. Praying 5 times a day just for get out of bed and dressed he deserves a parade

  • samuel byron
    samuel byron 2 months ago

    F uh cf

  • jovita Marquina
    jovita Marquina 2 months ago

    wow god blee to this man have so much history realli is amazing

  • papaGhurka
    papaGhurka 2 months ago

    There needs to be solid proof of age. If Guinness does not recognize his age is legit, I'll go along with them.

  • Jeffrey Gaming
    Jeffrey Gaming 2 months ago

    i wish he made it into the guinness world records

  • CrossFire
    CrossFire 3 months ago

    he is not A 121years old

  • Snick32Gaming
    Snick32Gaming 3 months ago

    Is he still alive?

  • Joie Amper
    Joie Amper 3 months ago

    shit im 20 right now my goal is to live till 110 or 20 till 2100 century lol

  • Speirs Gameing with kev atwoods 23

    0:33 harry Potter lookin ass

  • Takeshi Akiyama
    Takeshi Akiyama 3 months ago

    He kinda looks 80.

  • L laflare
    L laflare 3 months ago

    he's blessed

  • simon khuu
    simon khuu 3 months ago

    he's grows his own food. That's one of his secrets.

  • Vicky Foster
    Vicky Foster 3 months ago

    Wow 😱that's amazing but I believe it he eat what he grows he don't eat ❤at the supermarket I can't wait for that day when I can eat something out of my own garden👏👏👏😘

  • foresterman drforesterman

    the bible lied

  • Ralph Edouard
    Ralph Edouard 3 months ago

    you can live forever if you think like a teen

  • s bleach
    s bleach 3 months ago

    pretty sure he's dead now

  • Joshua Carter
    Joshua Carter 3 months ago

    Wait. It said he was born 1890. That be 10+100+17. That equals 127. He must not have his facts straight

  • COD Boss
    COD Boss 4 months ago +1

    is it a curse or blessing to live over 100 years ?

  • Paolo Inigo
    Paolo Inigo 4 months ago

    His son only looks like 60 year old 2:10

  • Syn Cloud
    Syn Cloud 4 months ago

    0:40 shes a babe :')

  • alan smlth
    alan smlth 4 months ago

    Jesus Christ is The Way The Truth and The Life.

  • Mc Dragon
    Mc Dragon 4 months ago

    he died because of praying

  • sheccid salazar26
    sheccid salazar26 4 months ago

    i was born 1313 what about meeeeeee

  • Tullerion
    Tullerion 4 months ago

    Being Russian to live that long he mustn't have ever driven.. or been in a motor vehicle... or near a street...

  • mef12727
    mef12727 4 months ago

    I am 33 years old and never aged since I was 17

  • holistic79
    holistic79 4 months ago +1

    إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

  • smart wealthy
    smart wealthy 4 months ago

    He got long life because he is muslim. That's the message

  • Akram Ali
    Akram Ali 4 months ago

    one question, why some people disliked this video?

  • Charles Hines
    Charles Hines 4 months ago

    I met a women in a small village in Kenya that claimed to be 130.

  • Lance Vance
    Lance Vance 4 months ago

    i am 1500 years old..bow down to me you bloody peasants :)

  • Crispy Memes
    Crispy Memes 4 months ago

    Sry dude but your not the oldest.

  • Ben Marchand
    Ben Marchand 4 months ago

    my great grandma died @ 90 yrs old she died in January 2015 then my grandfather died a yr later :(

  • nils jansson
    nils jansson 5 months ago

    there is someone in Indonesia that was apparently born in 1870, current age 146.

  • Lady Tee
    Lady Tee 5 months ago

    God promise his people 120 years if you can believe for it.

  • Dean Brandt
    Dean Brandt 5 months ago

    No way is he 121 years old. They are living in a tiny village and want media attention to bring in some bread that's all.

  • Super Cool Shoot
    Super Cool Shoot 5 months ago

    Sweet! Good inspiration!

  • Heather Griffin
    Heather Griffin 5 months ago

    Just a comment. Each Centenarian I find, a Scottish woman, the American who died at 114 somewhat recently. Yes, fresh foods...but the ONE thing they ALL have in common...that I don't see anyone speaking of is....devout FAITH in G-d...whatever the Faith is. Oh and CLEAN eating. Peace ya'll. I'm shooting for 133 :)

    • Scarfo
      Scarfo 5 months ago

      Heather Griffin You can eat clean and pray as much as you want but at the end of the day the only factor is genetics

  • Peter
    Peter 6 months ago +1

    Story covered by Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa

  • haso ramic
    haso ramic 6 months ago

    what about the man that was 256 years old

    • Oblivv
      Oblivv 6 months ago

      haso ramic No. Yoda is not real.

  • Sting Pax
    Sting Pax 6 months ago +1

    He has lived in Russian Empire then Soviet Union and Russian Federation now. What a man, and he looks awesome.

  • 1990s were amazing!
    1990s were amazing! 6 months ago +2

    he looks 90! looking good for 121!

  • The Narwhal Assassin
    The Narwhal Assassin 6 months ago

    he doesn't look 121.

  • CrazyBananas LOL
    CrazyBananas LOL 6 months ago

    So sad this was 5 years ago..

    • Gary Fletcher
      Gary Fletcher 6 months ago

      What is sad about it ? It's not sad to live a long happy life.

  • Rhonda Kelley
    Rhonda Kelley 6 months ago +2

    He died a lier. The bible says NO ONE will live past 120.

    • SesinKozki
      SesinKozki 2 months ago

      Rhonda Kelley
      That's because your Bible is corrupted.
      The old man is a Muslim and he's still alive because Allah gave him this long life. There are prophets who lived much longer than 120...

    • Rob McGrory
      Rob McGrory 6 months ago

      Well don't tell that to Jeanne Calment who lived to be 122. And it was verified. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanne_Calment

    • Gary Fletcher
      Gary Fletcher 6 months ago

      I know what you are saying, but before that was said by the lord, Methuselah lived 969 years according to the bible.

    • The Narwhal Assassin
      The Narwhal Assassin 6 months ago

      HWK Well, made up by the Apostles, and popularized by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

    • HWK
      HWK 6 months ago

      It's just a fucking book made up by an Emperor of Rome😂. Don't be afraid to be a human being. Matter of fact, fuck the bible!

  • jnefitema yep
    jnefitema yep 7 months ago +6

    All praise will always be due to Allah

  • Will Davey
    Will Davey 7 months ago +9

    I wonder if any of us will live to such an age? Imagine looking back at 2016 and thinking "wow that was 100 years ago"

    • RockStarWolf
      RockStarWolf 6 months ago

      Maybe there will be medicine created by then where you can last longer

    • PetMyChicken
      PetMyChicken 7 months ago

      no you'll be dead

  • Son Of Jesus
    Son Of Jesus 8 months ago +11

    This man may not be Christian but that is a blessing to be here so long. I do not want to be on this earth that long. I honestly don't want to live anymore pass 80 and wouldn't mind dying at age 40. It's all up to GOD but I know I would love to leave this earth for HEAVEN. When right with GOD I long for my physical death but I also enjoy this earth. Physical Death is beautiful for the Bride of Christ because it is the gateway to HEAVEN and the pain is not felt like most count it. In the tribulation there will be saints singing and praising GOD while waiting to be martyred. They won't be moved and the confusion in the executors will be extremely high because people will be begging to be executed. Torture wouldn't work because the pain wouldn't be felt. Movies today show Christians crying and screaming but Irl none of that happened for the true believers and the believers to come. We will simply not be move and peace does pass all understanding for the elect saints of GOD :,D

    • Garrett Butler
      Garrett Butler 5 months ago

      Son Of Jesus AMEN

    • Son Of Jesus
      Son Of Jesus 5 months ago

      MrDante1047 And my friend Satan has totally misrepresented GOD and his standards. Man has corrupted the character of GOD so bad people think it's a sin to have a hobby or to have fun. We are suppose to be free. Free from destruction and depression.

    • Garrett Butler
      Garrett Butler 5 months ago

      Son Of Jesus AMEN

    • Son Of Jesus
      Son Of Jesus 5 months ago

      MrDante1047 Yes we have the will to choose GOD/light/happiness or Satan/Darkness/depression and anger

    • MrDante1047
      MrDante1047 5 months ago

      Son Of Jesus if it is dont we have a freedom of choice

  • Rick Le Blanc
    Rick Le Blanc 8 months ago

    His son does not look 100!!
    His son should be much older. If the man is 121, his son would be 100 or so. Without definitive proof, this can not be authenticated.

    • Alex Swaim
      Alex Swaim 7 months ago

      Rick Le Blanc yea my mom was 44 when I was born

    • Rick Le Blanc
      Rick Le Blanc 8 months ago

      He don't look that old.
      Without any definitive proof, I do not believe it.

    • Kappa Mikey
      Kappa Mikey 8 months ago

      His son could be in his 80s or 90s. My mom was 32 and my dad was 39 when I was born.

  • StopFear
    StopFear 8 months ago +1

    Well, first of all if any of you guys have common sense you mustn't watch or believe anything from RT. This is the most dishonest lying bunch of people anywhere in the media. Even in this video they report on some crazy story that is most likely false and most importantly irrelevant to news. But in case you haven't noticed this one nuance the overlay shows this supposedly "happy old guy" living in "republic of Dagestan". It is a part of Russia which had revolts and bloody fighting just like Chechen separatists did in Chechnya. This segment is trying to suggest that everyone is happy in Dagestan and that they even have this very old guy living there. In truth that region still has nationalists who one dream of having their own country Dagestan.

      KISHAN SINGH 7 months ago

      StopFear If it is a Russian TV, it must be a lie right? Idiot!

  • Anthony Gudgeon
    Anthony Gudgeon 9 months ago +1

    It was his dad's documents who had the same name as him, It came out that he died at age 97, It sounded nice though

  • Glamogirl Glam fan
    Glamogirl Glam fan 9 months ago +1


  • 24 40
    24 40 9 months ago

    'Born in the 19'th century' My dad was also born in the 19'th century. so he's 121 years old as well.

    • Alex Swaim
      Alex Swaim 7 months ago

      He'd have to be at least 116 to be born in the nineteenth century I don't believe your dad is that old

    • Pfarrer Assmann
      Pfarrer Assmann 8 months ago

      24 40 I'm pretty sure your dad was born in the 20th century since we are now in the 21th century.

  • Abdul Wahab
    Abdul Wahab 10 months ago +12

    the good thing is he was a muslim now he will enjoying the other life to

  • Ebi Afrahim
    Ebi Afrahim 11 months ago

    I saw so many old people (talking about over 100) but not even one in a city

  • Benjamin Mckenzie
    Benjamin Mckenzie 1 year ago +135

    He died in September 11, 2012 at the age 122.

    • ir10031981
      ir10031981 6 days ago

      Jeanne Calment was apparently the chosen one, as God said no one would live over 120 years. lol, Jeanne so far is the only human to live 120+ years.

    • ir10031981
      ir10031981 6 days ago

      the oldest living person was Jeanne Calment. She died at 122 years 164 days

    • Mike Head
      Mike Head 2 months ago

      +C Croxford He was 127 years old, his age is two years younger than Morgan Maitland.

    • Gary Allen
      Gary Allen 2 months ago

      Nevaeh Bradshaw : If you're this annoying at 9, I'd hate to see what kind of PITA you're going to be in 10 years.

    • C Croxford
      C Croxford 2 months ago

      Shamir Chowdhury so sorry for your loss

  • Xbox Pro Gaming
    Xbox Pro Gaming 1 year ago

    the oldest is 122 lol💀

  • Dolphin Boy
    Dolphin Boy 1 year ago

    he's voice is not like that

  • rsuriyop
    rsuriyop 1 year ago

    Why do they let that supremely old man walk around like that? By now I think he deserves to have a wheelchair.

    • MrLeviNielsen
      MrLeviNielsen 8 months ago

      He's tough as nails.

    • Olga Bakida
      Olga Bakida 11 months ago


    • iam Lee
      iam Lee 1 year ago


  • Ryan Friedman
    Ryan Friedman 1 year ago

    he is probably around 105-111

    • XiroCastGaming
      XiroCastGaming 7 months ago

      U copied that off the first guy or the opposite

    • kiDkiDkiD12
      kiDkiDkiD12 9 months ago

      It was his dad's documents who had the same name as him, It came out that he died at age 97, It sounded nice though

  • Jayson Palmer
    Jayson Palmer 1 year ago +1

    Morgan Freeman is the oldest he's been old all my life lol

  • Jeeves McDoogle
    Jeeves McDoogle 1 year ago

    I wonder how many rubles he paid for that fancy walking stick

  • Khris Guinto
    Khris Guinto 1 year ago +3

    Masha ALLAH

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 1 year ago +47

    But Jackie Chan is the oldest. He was born in 1854

    • ir10031981
      ir10031981 6 days ago

      Bruce Lee might have been the fastest ass kicker alive, yet he only lived 32 1/2 years, go figure.

    • Daniel DX
      Daniel DX 8 months ago


    • TristanTheChampion
      TristanTheChampion 9 months ago

      He died so long ago lmao

    • Comrade Thoth
      Comrade Thoth 10 months ago

      +shahid sulaiman


    • Yusuf Hassan
      Yusuf Hassan 1 year ago

      Lol Jackie Chan is like 60 Or 62 Years Old

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 1 year ago +1

    He's hot. I'm gay I'd fuck him if I met him

    • Meow Meow
      Meow Meow 1 year ago

      +Minecraftjoe2 Please come bang me baby. I'll prepare cookies and milk after fuck

    • Meow Meow
      Meow Meow 1 year ago

      +Minecraftjoe2 I SODOMIZED YOUR DAD DUDE.

    AVLRECORDS 1 year ago +3

    Imagine getting 120 years, imagine what kind of music there is, weird stuff

    • Abraham Palmer
      Abraham Palmer 5 months ago

      AVLRECORDS I know right all artificial sounded production and generic ass lyrics and digital music a damn shame frfr.

  • Joie Ozpun
    Joie Ozpun 1 year ago

    That man might be a charlatan.

  • YManCyberDude
    YManCyberDude 1 year ago +90

    All those years & never once blew himself up in a crowd … Inspirational …

  • Muhammed Ali Çiçek
    Muhammed Ali Çiçek 1 year ago +1

    that man is a super good muslim

  • Jim Fortune
    Jim Fortune 1 year ago +2

    Is this like the rash of Georgians over 100 years old that convinced everybody that eating yogurt and drinking vodka would help you live a long life? As I remember it, they found out that many of the men in the region took their father's documents as their own so they would be too old to get drafted as cannon fodder for the great patriotic war.

  • Pianoman71213
    Pianoman71213 1 year ago +35

    I was born 4400 years ago. Unfortunately, all of my records were destroyed in this big flood. Shoo ! That one was a doosey !

  • Jim Dor
    Jim Dor 1 year ago


  • Bruce Stinchcomb
    Bruce Stinchcomb 1 year ago +1

    Check out Stinchcomb-Schlueter on U-tube. Irene Schlueter, who is in a number of the videos (almost) lived in three centuries. She was born in 1897 lived until the late 1990's. Some interesting family (and technological history here).

  • Naturenerd1000
    Naturenerd1000 1 year ago +4

    Sarurated fat and bone marrow/organs from cattle. Grass fed milk and butter =vitamin k2
    garden vegtables with ashes (trace minerals). No gmo or crappy chemical foods.

  • Husnain Nadeem
    Husnain Nadeem 1 year ago +10

    If he prays 5 times a day and he is so weak then what is our excuse???

    • Cristian Moreno
      Cristian Moreno 1 month ago

      MrDante1047 my excuse is I don't want to do it five times a day

      once a week is fine for me thank you very much

    • MrDante1047
      MrDante1047 5 months ago

      MrSalt do you have any facts to say that

    • Sir Knight
      Sir Knight 10 months ago

      I'm not Muslim.

    • MrSalt
      MrSalt 1 year ago

      God is a manmade bull shit. That's my excuse

    • eventsby Thor
      eventsby Thor 1 year ago

      +Koji God is real lawl. All of you kiddos are just porno meme vines. Can you all just sit down outside? and feel the wind of the nature than staying in your PC,CP,TABLET AND ETC. Go play with nature! Nature is more fun than all this weird stuffs. Like porn.. KIDS ARE FORGETTING THERE SCHOOL DAYS AND LIFE BECAUSE OF THOSE WEIRD SHITTY STUFFS!

  • Mussavir Pasha
    Mussavir Pasha 1 year ago +1

    masha ALLAH

  • joan Jones
    joan Jones 1 year ago

    Not very many wrinkles. He got a secret.

  • Avinash Kapoor
    Avinash Kapoor 1 year ago

    India has a man just 179 years old...
    he's just 51 years older than this guy

    • Daniel Abrahamsson
      Daniel Abrahamsson 1 year ago

      +Avinash Kapoor Sure they have. He is prolly 98 years or something for real

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