SEOUL VLOG // Visiting YG Entertainment Hongdae (YG 사옥에 가보았다) with ENG/KOR subs

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  • 20SVT
    20SVT 2 months ago

    working in that convenient store would be a dream job😱

  • Izaty Zahrina
    Izaty Zahrina 4 months ago

    You are so funny and cute! <3, Where do we have to go after passing the Hapjeong station?? :)

  • Marshy Mallow
    Marshy Mallow 6 months ago

    OMF I WENT TO THE SEAWEED MUSEUM BUT I DIDNT KNOW THERE WAS FRICKIN YG BUILDING BESIDES IT 😭 Btw did they noticed you when you were going to write on the walls?

    • Hanul in Seoul
      Hanul in Seoul 6 months ago

      hahah i didn't know ppl actually visit the seaweed museum >_< we thought someone was yelling at us for writing on the wall but actually it was something else so we didn't get into trouble lol

  • Shaira Soliza
    Shaira Soliza 8 months ago

    I love this vlog! Hahaha. I was laughing and enjoying the whole time 👍🏻😂

  • Saynab Jama
    Saynab Jama 8 months ago

    Really liked this vid! Wondered if you might check out my newest video and sub back, maybe?! Thanks, Saynab

  • Pb31218 lyfe
    Pb31218 lyfe 9 months ago +6

    I think you spotted Nam Taehyun of Winner in 2.39

  • ysomar
    ysomar 9 months ago +4

    I loved your video. Very informative. I would of never know there is a seaweed kimchi museum across from YG or a convenience store.

    • ysomar
      ysomar 8 months ago

      I plan on going to Korea next year and this helps me with my plans. Thanks.

    • Hanul in Seoul
      Hanul in Seoul 8 months ago

      right??? we had no idea either :0

  • Moni Cam
    Moni Cam 9 months ago +18

    "A lady broke into YG building"
    -And she got arrested?
    "Yeah I think so"

    *turns around and walk away*

  • jiminism
    jiminism 9 months ago +1

    You're so cute! You look like Nayeon from twice :)

  • Elaine Mae Gilboy
    Elaine Mae Gilboy 9 months ago +1

    I want to go there with you two hahaha you two are so funny and cute :)

  • BloodSugarBabyShesMagik
    BloodSugarBabyShesMagik 9 months ago +3

    you two are too funny xD

  • Angel Flores
    Angel Flores 9 months ago +2


  • VIP Love Big Bang
    VIP Love Big Bang 9 months ago +1

    Unni so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋😚😚😚

  • Cia Wardhana
    Cia Wardhana 9 months ago +1

    I did this too about 2 weeks ago and I failed too lol! But only saw Yg building make me happy! Watta fan girl!

    • Hanul in Seoul
      Hanul in Seoul 9 months ago

      awwww yesssss!!! still proud of you for making it to the bldg! hehe fangirling forever <3

  • cari cakes
    cari cakes 9 months ago

    I was an intern at YG Entertainment in Seoul :)

    Here's my experience:

    Cool video!

  • Ocean's Channel
    Ocean's Channel 10 months ago +7

    omg! I couldn't help but fan girl/laugh with you! haha! ^-^ You guys are too cute!~

    • Hanul in Seoul
      Hanul in Seoul 9 months ago

      hehehehe thanks for fangirling with us!! :) *muah*

  • Hanul in Seoul
    Hanul in Seoul 10 months ago +11

    Did you spot the hidden Big Bang references in this video? Hint 0:34 and 0:43 hehe :p

  • Hanul in Seoul
    Hanul in Seoul 10 months ago +10

    Hi guys!!! Did you like this video? Let me know where else I should go next!

  • Elly Sarmiento
    Elly Sarmiento 11 months ago +3

    bigbang 😍😍😍

    • Hanul in Seoul
      Hanul in Seoul 10 months ago

      Try to find hidden Big Bang references in this video! let's see if you have a spying eye :)

    • Hanul in Seoul
      Hanul in Seoul 11 months ago


  • TheMarvelsOfMonica
    TheMarvelsOfMonica 11 months ago +2

    OMG you're so cute haha

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