Another Top 10 Time Waster Video Games

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  • Another Top 10 Time Waster Video Games // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW!

    Come on, we know you don’t have anything better to do… These are another batch of games that are great for filling up free time, whiling the hours away, eating up those long stretches of waiting, or simply just wasting any and all free time you have! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Another Top 10 Time Waster Games!

    00:35 #10. “Fantasy Life” (2014)
    01:23 #9. “2048” (2014)
    01:53 #8. “Clash of Clans” (2012)
    02:43 #7. “Terraria” (2011)
    03:27 #6. “Sid Meier’s Civilization VI” (2016)
    04:19 #5. “Stardew Valley” (2016)
    05:05 #4. “RollerCoaster Tycoon” (1999)
    05:54 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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Comments: 890

  •  3 months ago

    Play these games at your own risk! They could take over your life!
    Sid Meier's Civilization VI - PC
    No Man's Sky

    • Goji _Playz
      Goji _Playz 3 months ago

      Top 10 Bad-ass Jurassic Park and Jurassic World Dinosaurs

  • Giovanni Cervantes
    Giovanni Cervantes 57 minutes ago

    5million years later (old man voise)one more turn

  • epcthunderfist987
    epcthunderfist987 4 days ago


  • JayKaiiGamer123 _YT
    JayKaiiGamer123 _YT 6 days ago

    kys no man's sky sucks. Its full of fuckin lies and just scams our fucking 60 dollars for nothing. SO THEY THINK THAT MANY MONEY WE GIVE TI THEM IS JUST A PAPER IN THE Market??? Those asshole dickhead developers of no man's fucking sky suck

  • Dominic g
    Dominic g 15 days ago

    Why is clash of clans on here it's really lit

  • Dont ask what is my name

    Been playing civ since civ 2

    Still not a single clue what I'm doing

  • Gorlorb
    Gorlorb Month ago

    Terraria has *N O T H I N G* in common with MC, except blocks, and that you can fight and eat. year terraria is not a mc clone XDD

  • SaviorAssassin1996
    SaviorAssassin1996 Month ago

    Dragon Age Origins should had been on the list. It has a goal, but you can spend so much hours into the game. It's old-school as well!

  • Ryan Rulez!!
    Ryan Rulez!! Month ago

    Clash Royale all the Way!

  • Vuki king pro
    Vuki king pro Month ago

    Terraria is my favuret game

  • Shane Doyle
    Shane Doyle Month ago

    I'm thinking roblox should be on this list

  • Monarch Agency
    Monarch Agency Month ago

    lol clash. of clans is a time waster I knew it!

  • Rimal Hardware
    Rimal Hardware Month ago +1

    what the hell are you saying clash of clans is best game ever

  • Lorenzo Balestri
    Lorenzo Balestri Month ago

    ehm... I actually LOVED fantasy life, because I think that it's soooo funny. maybe I'm strange, but...

  • Kluhhuax !
    Kluhhuax ! Month ago +1

    *saws pokemon go*
    really ?
    *saws no man's sky*
    *dislikes and rage quits*

  • Jazzifizzle No1
    Jazzifizzle No1 2 months ago

    What about World of Warcraft??

  • david bradbury
    david bradbury 2 months ago

    you missed clash royale

  • Void The Ninja
    Void The Ninja 2 months ago

    *sees Clash Of Clans*
    *grabs popcorn*

  • Kingdom Wolf
    Kingdom Wolf 2 months ago

    Terraria has a goal kill the Mona lord

  • Rahman Serajur
    Rahman Serajur 2 months ago


  • Hack_ Uchiha
    Hack_ Uchiha 2 months ago

    Fuck you coc is awesome!!!!

  • aditya chib
    aditya chib 2 months ago

    clash of clans is not time wasting game 😠😠😠😠

  • OogieBoogie
    OogieBoogie 2 months ago

    This is what I think of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale: 💩💩💩👎👎🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Chamushgoo
    Chamushgoo 2 months ago +1

    Thumbs up if you still play Pokemon Go!

  • MM
    MM 2 months ago

    Arent all video games 'time wasters' though?

    xXGAMINSANEXx 2 months ago


  • Yankee Delfin
    Yankee Delfin 2 months ago

    terraria is better it isn't waste time

  • Jozef Glinka
    Jozef Glinka 3 months ago

    why did they only show only less than 10 seconds of terraria we have today?

  • Bruh 5981
    Bruh 5981 3 months ago

    I got triggered when he said terraria is 2d minecraft

  • alon inbal
    alon inbal 3 months ago


  • Jaykey
    Jaykey 3 months ago

    This video was a trick to make you waste your time watching the video.
    -You just wasted your time reading this comment.

  • Z Master Sword
    Z Master Sword 3 months ago

    You idot youtuber COC is a super popular moblie game
    Terraria is super populer when minecraft player just care about herobrine but mojang sell minecraft for microsoft so it unpopular now no one carfe about it
    And pokemon go is need to be number 1 it terrible and a fucking danger game

  • WitherOfEnder gaming
    WitherOfEnder gaming 3 months ago

    terraria isn't a time waster

  • yoshiloveinc
    yoshiloveinc 3 months ago

    How about LEGO Worlds, and Roblox?

  • Tzuyu Senpai
    Tzuyu Senpai 3 months ago

    League of legends should be in the spot you waste an hour for just 1 match

  • Sittery120
    Sittery120 3 months ago

    They put Terraria but they didn't minecraft WHAT?!

  • Doomof Horror
    Doomof Horror 3 months ago

    if clash of clans is a waste of time then why did 500,000,000 million people download it

  • legendary goku
    legendary goku 3 months ago


  • pokemoose channel
    pokemoose channel 3 months ago


  • pokemoose channel
    pokemoose channel 3 months ago


  • pokemoose channel
    pokemoose channel 3 months ago


  • Thomas Fortunak (871thofort)

    What about Abyssrium?

  • vermon umali
    vermon umali 3 months ago

    am I the only one who was thinking that Growtopia should be there

  • robert pennigs
    robert pennigs 3 months ago +1

    why isn't super mario maker on here?

  • All time Gamer
    All time Gamer 3 months ago

    Coc really

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 3 months ago

    No man's sky flopped kinda because dumb asses actually threatened them that they would bomb their building if they delayed their game again so it got a bad outlook because they rushed their game so good job people keep being impatient.

  • Laughing Sküll
    Laughing Sküll 3 months ago

    who play pokémon go

  • Riley Roberts
    Riley Roberts 3 months ago

    I sudsibd

  • Recht_voor_zijn_raap
    Recht_voor_zijn_raap 3 months ago

    Stardew valley 😍

  • Emil W
    Emil W 3 months ago

    Clash of Clans is not a wast of time, jävla bög!

  • Jeffery Whitlock
    Jeffery Whitlock 3 months ago

    you added terraria
    how dare you
    im disliking this video
    terraria isnt a time waster
    i hate you so much im unsubscribing
    your a lyer now every game is after you now if you like any of the games on this list join the army
    🐰🐰🐇🐰🐇🐰🐰🐇🐰🐰 🐰 🔫😈😢😢😢😢😢😢 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐡🐡🐡🐳🐋🐟🐠
    joining the army is easy
    if you like this comment your in the army

  • lhalls9116
    lhalls9116 3 months ago

    im surprised destiny/skyrim isnt on here

  • lhalls9116
    lhalls9116 3 months ago

    when i saw the generic harvest moon i was thinking about harvest moon then boom it shows up on the list as #2^_^ perfect!

  • Mikaal Adnan
    Mikaal Adnan 3 months ago

    clash of clans is so good

  • Mikaal Adnan
    Mikaal Adnan 3 months ago

    wtf clash of clans fuck you

  • Potato
    Potato 3 months ago

    **Says Terreria**
    **Is called Terraria**

    **Calls it 2D Minecraft**
    **Has guns, over 100+ more living entities, has 100+ more weapons and armour, has accessory slots, has abilities and more enemy variety, has at least 10+ more bosses and unique features**

    **Majority of footage is pre-1.1**
    **Shows few clips of post 1.3 and only a single event**

    As a Terraria fan, I am *T R I G G E R E D*

  • Apollon Gaming
    Apollon Gaming 3 months ago

    Why isn't on the list but Sid Meier's Civilization is ? Civilization isn't a timewasting game...

  • Savage Unleashed
    Savage Unleashed 3 months ago +1

    what's scary is the fact If you  really think about it right all games are wasting time, wait what if I'm wasting my life!?

  • Almogozi
    Almogozi 3 months ago

    No man's sky is not a time waster, it is a waste of time

  • pravin kaushik
    pravin kaushik 3 months ago

    every poke mon rpgs need to be in the list..

  • Grey Warden and Champion of Kirkwall

    Yeah, most of these games are a waste of time...

  • Rizan Rai
    Rizan Rai 3 months ago

    What do you think video games are they are all for wasting time

  • Amaan Khan
    Amaan Khan 3 months ago

    What the fuck video games are made to waste time

  • Fatima Jane Occeña
    Fatima Jane Occeña 3 months ago

    mobile legends?

  • Nothing Special...
    Nothing Special... 3 months ago +1

    No Mario Kart? Sure the cups end but you can play them over and over again.

  • Nikhil V Kumar
    Nikhil V Kumar 3 months ago

    Another video that wasted my time.

  • PurpleCatAngel 13
    PurpleCatAngel 13 3 months ago

    Criminal Case should've been on here😔

  • lejka005
    lejka005 3 months ago

    No KSP..... Why not?

  • Joseph Robinson
    Joseph Robinson 3 months ago

    age of empire

  • mau
    mau 3 months ago

    whyy did you have to put pokemon go in there

  • Kovym Tiu
    Kovym Tiu 3 months ago

    why no clash royale in this list?

  • Mr Jm
    Mr Jm 3 months ago

    coc is ded

  • jake scott
    jake scott 3 months ago

    i know im going to get hate about this (maybe) but terraria was made and fully released before minecraft and it has something much better than mincraft that we all love or most of us do in a rpg type game...GUNS

  • Andre Perez
    Andre Perez 3 months ago

    You'll always be the top time waster to me, Watchmojo. ; )

  • creeperkiller 160
    creeperkiller 160 3 months ago

    all the minecraft fanboys like OMG TERRARIA IS A RIPOFF OF MINECWAF

  • Darkmatter
    Darkmatter 3 months ago

    I know all the hate for "No Man's Sky" I know their lack upon release, but I LOVED that game. It was so immense I just lost myself for days. Then I started playing Ark and poof.

  • Olivier Gendron
    Olivier Gendron 3 months ago

    Who like more Terraria then Minecraft

  • Richard Haley
    Richard Haley 3 months ago

    all needs to repent.

  • Taylor Quidachay
    Taylor Quidachay 3 months ago

    Who else clicked on the video because it showed clash of clans?

  • Benedict Gorospe
    Benedict Gorospe 3 months ago

    how is playing terraria wasting time?!

  • Zhang Liqun
    Zhang Liqun 3 months ago

    don't talk shit bout COC

  • Nova Bot
    Nova Bot 3 months ago

    Top 10 Feminists rants

  • Jaego24 C
    Jaego24 C 3 months ago

    total war anyone?

  • Sub-Zero
    Sub-Zero 3 months ago +1

    Clash of clans really

  • Panda Gaming
    Panda Gaming 3 months ago

    Pokémon go died after a couple months. How is it on the list

  • Shattering Void
    Shattering Void 3 months ago

    Terraria came out first so its more like minecraft is a 3D terraria...

  • Loptyr
    Loptyr 3 months ago

    Clash Of clans/royale have no strategy at all

  • swainer25
    swainer25 3 months ago

    If number one isn't minecraft then you're wrong

  • Kevin Erives
    Kevin Erives 3 months ago

    1.- Minecraft

  • Darkvoid Player
    Darkvoid Player 3 months ago

    Terraira ain't no minecraft clone also it ain't boring

  •  3 months ago

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  • Oskar W.
    Oskar W. 3 months ago

    Where the f*ck is WoW??

  • Aarnooozz
    Aarnooozz 3 months ago

    Coc, go and no mans sky? What.

  • Krishna maniar
    Krishna maniar 3 months ago

    Supercell is moreover trash

  • Generic Game player
    Generic Game player 3 months ago

    Terria is better

  • NICK Boy
    NICK Boy 3 months ago

    put sup

  • Zach Jones
    Zach Jones 3 months ago

    Dayr Survival is the ultimate time waster

  • Heyman Jazzi
    Heyman Jazzi 3 months ago

    plz make a list of top 10 best games to play in any type of pc!!! plz make a list of it!!!

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