Chef Ramsay's Funniest Moments on Kitchen Nightmares UK | COMPILATION

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  • Taylor Russell
    Taylor Russell Hour ago

    I can tell gordon's probably a very kind calm personbut just gets annoyed by these kinds people

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 2 hours ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay not swearing!? It's not possible x'D

  • paige dease
    paige dease 4 hours ago

    'well I didn't realise they were fucking off... I guess it's my fault yeah'😂😂😂

  • hardwire
    hardwire 9 hours ago

    rofl 1 lbs from gordon for each swear welll that place is about to get rich

  • hardwire
    hardwire 9 hours ago

    llol ramsay is a big kid watch around 3:40 here in the states at least around my part there is a metal bar that goes across the bottom to connect the wheels and you can stand on them to do what gordon did lol.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 12 hours ago

    At 8:25 the captions say "nigga try it try it"

  • Nick Mers
    Nick Mers 16 hours ago

    I would love to see this guy eat fast food

  • Zoe Johnson
    Zoe Johnson 18 hours ago

    "There fucking minging"😂😂

  • Paco
    Paco 18 hours ago

    Gordon fuckin sucked the shit out of that asparagus

  • applesauce
    applesauce Day ago

    'Its f*cking minginnnnn

  • Genji Shimada
    Genji Shimada Day ago

    Why do moms cook better than chiefs?

  • Isabella Anthony

    "Sci-Fi Sperm" ded😂


    Wow factor : Donkey slong in your face

  • Raimondas Azarčenka

    Can someone tell me what is swearing he says at 3:57 ?

  • The Poltergeist
    The Poltergeist 2 days ago

    They say Sandy is still looking for that fillet

  • doot doot
    doot doot 2 days ago

    The fucking tesco scene made me lose my shit

  • Jesse Nealy
    Jesse Nealy 2 days ago

    3:49 when Gordon does that, you know you've gone off the deep end

  • cecilia teo
    cecilia teo 2 days ago

    What a start. Did not expect sci fi sperm

  • Trenton Williams
    Trenton Williams 2 days ago

    Those people are his people you can tell

  • padfoot
    padfoot 2 days ago

    that guy looks like dudley fuckin dursley

  • Russell Chan
    Russell Chan 3 days ago +1

    7:33 geez if he sounds like that without smoking, I wonder what he sounds like after smoking

  • Daniel Wickham
    Daniel Wickham 3 days ago

    gordon ramsay is the best

  • 藤本花子
    藤本花子 3 days ago +1

    This man is such an ass hole!

    *I Love It!*

  • Shieroc Shieroc
    Shieroc Shieroc 3 days ago

    The scallops 😂😂

  • LevelUpLifting
    LevelUpLifting 4 days ago

    "Don't start fucking up now"

    *Gordon realizing he cursed so he has to pay up*

    *whispers* "OH SHIT"

  • TheMoonchinKing
    TheMoonchinKing 4 days ago

    That's not a box. That's a pig.

  • Alex Pearce
    Alex Pearce 4 days ago

    Can I follow Gordon Ramsey around with that swear piggy bank?

  • Megan .S hyena
    Megan .S hyena 4 days ago

    Lol he was a child in the grocery store playing with the cart 😂😂

  • Harry Blackman
    Harry Blackman 4 days ago +1

    2:23 no ur hilarious

  • west garbage
    west garbage 5 days ago

    set the speed to .5

  • erinslps aj
    erinslps aj 5 days ago +1

    The shopping bit xD

  • 1,000 Subscribers Without A Video!?

    *Have you ever watched 6 customers try to eat the swinging donkeys dick* xD

  • Xylo
    Xylo 5 days ago +1

    Is Gordon smoking an asparagus in the thumbnail?

  • BeautifulScented CatRoams

    only the best people slide on the trolley. The very best. 3:42

  • Cursor
    Cursor 6 days ago

    The kebab scene will always be the funniest KN moment.

  • Joey Joe Joe 21
    Joey Joe Joe 21 6 days ago

    why is he so nicer in the UK then he is in the US?

    • neil hamilton
      neil hamilton 5 days ago

      The UK chefs actually take his criticism onboard instead of arguing back like most of the US ones

  • englishwill09
    englishwill09 6 days ago

    3:41 Gordon does what every child with a trolley does

  • Nater K
    Nater K 6 days ago +1

    "Every time I swear, I put a pound in the box."

    This just in, Gordon Ramsey declares bankruptcy.

  • fezzer
    fezzer 7 days ago +1

    5:13 "this is a challenge, you little fucker" had me rolling looooool

  • Michelle Stiles
    Michelle Stiles 7 days ago

    He's so dramatic lmao

  • Kevin Weed
    Kevin Weed 7 days ago

    ramsay is a God around men

  • RyzingTerror
    RyzingTerror 7 days ago

    This video shows that when Gordon visits these restaurants and the chefs aren't self-centred assholes and are willing to learn he is actually willing to have a laugh and joke

  • Ulani Jones
    Ulani Jones 7 days ago

    It's all fun and games until chef Ramsey yells at you....

    THE MINX 7 days ago

    Gorden Ramsey vs Mary Berry

    THE MINX 7 days ago

    He must have been a fussy child
    *mum gives Gorden a pot noodle*

    THE MINX 7 days ago

    Sci-fi sperm - garden Ramsey

  • Stormfullbustxr 2
    Stormfullbustxr 2 7 days ago

    Wait how does Gordon not swear!!!!

  • Nicole Ryan
    Nicole Ryan 7 days ago

    What a lot of people don't realize is that Gordon is a character

  • Triptothedarkside
    Triptothedarkside 8 days ago

    Fkn eat and shut up Gordon xD damn i love you!!!

  • Your Wife's Boyfriend

    "Helping you spending less every day." Ok I explain the joke - if you want to spend less, DON'T FUCKING SHOP!

  • BunBun Rosevella
    BunBun Rosevella 8 days ago

    Where's the intense sound effects????? :OOO

  • Branden William
    Branden William 8 days ago

    "That can kill someone, thats the bottom line".

  • Anthony123
    Anthony123 8 days ago +1

    8:22 from The Evil Within

  • Lalve Engie
    Lalve Engie 8 days ago

    wtf the thumbnail looks like gordon ramsay rollin a joynt

  • Raditz qq
    Raditz qq 9 days ago

    Gordan Sips water.

  • ArcticYoshI RoTMG
    ArcticYoshI RoTMG 9 days ago

    3:18 tf is that face XD

  • Headshot334
    Headshot334 9 days ago

    I love Gordon Ramsey

  • TheHaymeister
    TheHaymeister 9 days ago +1

    lol gordon flying about on the trolley and cuts off the guy im dead

  • Serial Killer
    Serial Killer 9 days ago

    @ 2:05 That could kill someone. Love those words .Thanks Gordon

  • JK Trolling
    JK Trolling 9 days ago

    UK version is PG compared to US, americans make for better tv

  • True Life
    True Life 10 days ago

    Gordon the type of guy to order water then yell "ITS FUCKIN RAWWWW!!!!

  • Super Saiyan 3
    Super Saiyan 3 10 days ago

    donkeys dick

  • SwiftRazer
    SwiftRazer 10 days ago

    Here in Malaysia our school food are delicious but they are not healthy too much oil,fat,

  • Przemyslaw Jaworowski
    Przemyslaw Jaworowski 10 days ago

    He will lose his house by the end of the vid

  • swagmytwang
    swagmytwang 10 days ago

    Why the thumbnail look like Gordon smoking one of the fattest asperges blunts

  • Lara James
    Lara James 10 days ago

    The pure disappointment in 1:27 "fucking shit"😂😂

  • Rah Animation
    Rah Animation 10 days ago

    Where are all the maracas and dramatic piano music?

  • min suga genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong

    I'd shit my pants if I saw Gordon Ramsay in the middle of tesco.

    TOZTOZ 10 days ago +1

    What's up with Ramsay's chin?

    AYMCA 11 days ago

    Lamb sauce location

  • Juan Bonilla
    Juan Bonilla 11 days ago

    Help me!!!! i cant stop watching Gordon's videos!!!! please send help!!! it's been 2 days now!!!!!!

  • Martins S
    Martins S 11 days ago

    I'm gonna try and not swear, Fuck sake, oh shit 😀

  • Renna Eufemia
    Renna Eufemia 11 days ago +1

    The one where he compares food to a donkeys dick swinging is easily the best one LOL

  • xana lyoko
    xana lyoko 11 days ago

    Tbh I ship Gordon and the last chef when they were playing the game 😂 cute

  • adrianna shango
    adrianna shango 11 days ago

    where the hell does gordon go out to eat

  • north shore
    north shore 11 days ago

    He's funny 😁 donkey dick lol....

  • yousif assadi
    yousif assadi 11 days ago

    one sifi-sperm coming right up!

  • tijmen131
    tijmen131 12 days ago

    ''Fucking donkey dicks swinging in their faces''

  • The Boxer
    The Boxer 12 days ago

    what song is that at the end?

  • The Real Queen Elsa
    The Real Queen Elsa 12 days ago

    the guy in the start trying to act relatable so Gordon doesn't get mad at him

  • MisterTbone
    MisterTbone 12 days ago

    she gets her supplies from a SUPERMARKET!? you kidding?

  • CreepinWhileYouSleepin

    gordon not swearing is like oil and water

  • Yasmeen Garcia
    Yasmeen Garcia 12 days ago

    Gordan shopping with the lady is legit me with my mom no joke 😂

  • Yo Bleach
    Yo Bleach 12 days ago

    He's a fucking Savage

  • Tad Patrick
    Tad Patrick 12 days ago

    He gets to be a kid again following mom around a store.

  • Animated Paintbrush
    Animated Paintbrush 12 days ago


  • Pie Kewl
    Pie Kewl 13 days ago

    uk version sounds so dull without the sound affects

  • Jackson Paul
    Jackson Paul 13 days ago +1

    Does anyone else think this version of Kitchen Nightmares is better, given the lack of the annoying ass music they play in the American version?

  • Sabo Beatz
    Sabo Beatz 13 days ago +1

    8:25 nigga try it xF

  • Nawfal Freedom
    Nawfal Freedom 13 days ago +1

    That guy at 8:30 is100% taking some form or hard drugs,very likely taking Cocaine

  • Max Browning
    Max Browning 13 days ago

    no swearing for gordon ramsey he'd be bankrupt at the end if he did this

  • Lauri Elsilä
    Lauri Elsilä 13 days ago

    Please explain who is Nino, I feel left out.

  • Koolavinine X
    Koolavinine X 13 days ago

    G: Shall we talk about the duck?
    Yah, go on...
    G: What the fUQ did you put in that SEWUUUCE?

  • Jaylen Barzola
    Jaylen Barzola 13 days ago +1

    Forget the sci-fi sperm, he really got me with the "donkeys dick" 😂😂😂 2:20

  • Emidio Gaytan
    Emidio Gaytan 13 days ago


  • SondreFossum
    SondreFossum 13 days ago

    super bra video

  • Miku Tsukino
    Miku Tsukino 14 days ago

    the end clip was sweet.. the chef did seem a little happier. you could tell his smile when talking to the customer was very genuine.

  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu 14 days ago

    "*Sees Thumbnail*" Woah-hoaaaa!!

  • Pepe the Meme Lord
    Pepe the Meme Lord 14 days ago

    If I had a dollar every time he was nice I would have 5 cents.

  • Kimberly Campbell
    Kimberly Campbell 14 days ago

    That last one was such a cute story 😚😚

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