AP: One dead after car runs into Charlotte protesters

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  • shirley alexander
    shirley alexander 4 hours ago

    We need to be wiped out like damn dinosaurs.

  • Palpatine
    Palpatine 10 hours ago +1


  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell 12 hours ago

    Remember if you support the white nationalist. Who were the first people to own most of the land you have today? Black people. Also known as American Indians. They shared the land and helped you survive in the wilderness. All the people who are against black people screw you race does not matter! It never will. You guys are started segregation all over again.

  • John William
    John William 12 hours ago

    Ever think the guy just needed to get to a rest room really fast ? Maybe if a bunch of idiots were not blocking the street ? Streets/roads are made for vehicles to drive,not ppl to stand/protest....Gtf out of the way !!!!

  • gideondavid30
    gideondavid30 12 hours ago

    This is going to keep happening guys. Nazis are evil and disgusting; and white nationalism is distasteful in 2017 America. However, White supremacists are a secondary problem; it is the LEFT"S full blown assault on white people due to identify politics that is only exacerbating the problem. Racism begets racism.

  • West Coast Experience
    West Coast Experience 12 hours ago

    Ziofascism at work

  • alexjpetit petit
    alexjpetit petit 13 hours ago

    F......kkkkkk information

  • pedberoguerrero
    pedberoguerrero 13 hours ago

    Welp now i know that that guy has a private exclusive parking spot in hell for his charger

  • Chef Lui
    Chef Lui 13 hours ago

    but this wasn't in Charlotte sooo fake news?

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer 13 hours ago


  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 14 hours ago

    The car was attacked with bats immediately before it took off.

  • XperiencE
    XperiencE 15 hours ago

    Does anyone know how to get Minecraft mods?

  • Meguroko Sylveon
    Meguroko Sylveon 15 hours ago

    Not dislikeing becuase of subject, I dislike becuase there was no video showing the car in action, report properly & show what happend

  • theLANofgod
    theLANofgod 16 hours ago

    I like how they're using the photoshopped image of the Challenger braking as the thumbnail to shape their narrative. Nazi was on the gas you propagandists.

  • Xxq8000 XX
    Xxq8000 XX 16 hours ago

    I will be very honest, tell me all your views I don’t care if your far right, right, independent, Left, etc.... speak your mind to me but if it gets to a point of violence it’s different; let me tell you, here in America we have the freedom of speech, this is a democracy not Anarchy.

    Please keep this in mind:

    “There comes Liberty ,but their must come Democracy.”

  • Ruben Ruiz
    Ruben Ruiz 16 hours ago +1

    What all of you guys don't understands is that the end is near that's what you guys should be worried about (go ahead and laugh at this i am just saying the truth )

  • boh7em
    boh7em 16 hours ago +1

    Apart from what he intended to do, Trump has succeeded in one thing. He has stirred up and lay open the vile sewage that lay hidden in the American psyche.

  • Mclovin Junior
    Mclovin Junior 17 hours ago

    Maybe if you guys would watch the video instead of these edited videos from the media then you'd see the truth

  • Deep South
    Deep South 19 hours ago +1

    so a leftist communist trouble maker got hit by a car....so what

  • Robert Sutton
    Robert Sutton 20 hours ago +1

    Republicans freed the slaves which were owned by the Democrats in the South. It took the Civil War to free the slaves. The Democrats put up the statues of Civil War heroes from the South. You now have Democrats that want to remove the statues and Democrats that want the statues to stay in place. This causes the violence taking place. The news outlets like for people to be as dumb as possible.

    • Robert Sutton
      Robert Sutton 6 hours ago

      Go to American History books prior to 1963 for more honest information. The books after that time have been cleaned of information to put people in a more favorable light.

    • Deep South
      Deep South 19 hours ago

      your history "knowledge" needs a lot of work. A) the north had slaves too, even throughout the war. B) the war was NOT about freeing anyone.

  • TotoroRosso
    TotoroRosso 21 hour ago

    The best kind of Nazi is a dead Nazi, and I don't see any dead Nazis.

    • Deep South
      Deep South 19 hours ago

      and the best kind of liberal communist is a dead one.. go fuck yourself

  • Yep
    Yep 23 hours ago


  • anonamous365
    anonamous365 23 hours ago

    Who's streets? Car's Streets!

  • Konner69
    Konner69 Day ago +1

    this is the year 2017 wake the fuck up. You dumb american's look like a 3rd world country

  • CaptainEO420
    CaptainEO420 Day ago


  • Ganja
    Ganja Day ago +1

    Race is just skin deep! Which is not very deep! Inside we're all the same. We're all so insignificant in size compared to the infinite universe... We're a special little planet, and we're all we have. Life is extremely short, live in peace.

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo Day ago

    Wow Civil war is brewing and its gonna be served fast..thanks trump for being the master brewer

    • Deep South
      Deep South 19 hours ago

      wrong, its the stupid liberal faggots using the blacks.....you have no idea what you people are asking for, but you have no chance in hell

  • Saahel is Beast Naruto is boss

    Honestly I don't really get all this violence...

  • Sek101
    Sek101 Day ago

    I heard both movements in this city were organized by one group. Trump supporters weren't even there. Total propaganda theater.

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese Day ago

    Let start a compliment chain!

  • thelastcashew
    thelastcashew Day ago

    Come on, people. This is how they act in other countries. We're better than this.

  • Joshua Evans
    Joshua Evans Day ago

    +Fox News Hey there Faux News, your fucked up the title of this video. This happened in Charlottesville, VA, not Charlotte, NC.

  • Derek A
    Derek A Day ago

    I'm disgusted by pretty much everyone involved.

    First off, I'm disgusted by the white supremacist scum who think they're better than every other race.

    Second, I'm disgusted by the counter-protesters for forcing a confrontation that they had to know would turn violent, rather than protesting on a separate day.

    Third, I'm disgusted by the city and law enforcement that allowed these two groups to come together to begin with.

    Fourth, I'm disgusted by the media coverage that rightly condemns the white supremacists, but acts as though the counter-protesters did no wrong. Or act as though the white supremacists are responsible for the murder of that woman. No, they're deplorable in other ways, but the murderer is the only one responsible for her death.

    Fifth, I'm disgusted by Trump saying there's fine people on both sides. No. There's not a single person marching in that white nationalist rally that is a "fine" person. As for the counter-protesters, I think their hearts were in the right place, but that their actions were wrongheaded.

    Sixth, I'm disgusted by the people who want to set aside something so important to democratic society as freedom of speech, simply because of some outlier crazies. The principle of freedom of speech is so incredibly important, that I'll tolerate any crazy group that wants to rally, so long as they don't go beyond words.

  • NO STD'S_ORiKillU

    Castrate the retarded! Cars will do for now lol wish there guts were all over the road

  • Chronus 101
    Chronus 101 Day ago +1

    no mention of the black panthers - a hate group, no mention of the 'black lives matter' hate group, just constant coverage of this horrible incident, from a white hate group. So, what we see here is that every 'race' has their horrible, hate filled individuals and what those of us FROM ALL RACES that do not hate must come together. Racism will never end as long as the media keeps stirring up stories to perpetuate it, as long as we keep having these hate groups, as long as we have those that promote racism to push their agenda or make a living off of it, as long as we have folks that just talk trash so they can have a couple minutes of fame. How can it end? The way its looking, it will not end until the Second Coming of the Savior!!

    JAMES MOORE Day ago +1

    TRUMP FOR 2020

  • Cameron Spaulding

    Do people realize before this they were shaking his car and attempting to break, so scared of his well being he punched it and I would of done the same

    • Andrew
      Andrew Day ago

      Do you realize that this man also has a history of violence, and of threatening physical violence? And on his own mother no less.

  • blah blehh
    blah blehh Day ago


  • Nuclear Armed Clown

    Racism is ridiculous! Fuck Trump, piece of shit!

  • Unverified
    Unverified Day ago

    Why this got dislikes for no reason at all?

  • Khoa Pham
    Khoa Pham Day ago

    when trump became president certain group of people thinks they have the power but , they are the ones filling up the prison cells really fast.

  • skinsman82000
    skinsman82000 Day ago +1

    Cause and effect. Look what antifa(violent facists) did to the guy before he ran them over. Label more people "nazis" so that word loses power. You people already caused racist, homophobic, etc to lose all meaning. It's a natural fear progression. "Nazi" still scares people, so milk the nonsense labeling while you can. This insult will die too.

  • Jagger Baird
    Jagger Baird Day ago

    Black lives matter people before this were saying f the police then they were screaming call the police we need help now!
    Maybe this can open their eyes a little bit that the police save lives.

  • droug ridmen
    droug ridmen Day ago +1

    Democrats don’t forget you can’t vote from prison.

  • Adolf Oliver Busch

    That thang got a hemi?

  • Lucas Santos
    Lucas Santos Day ago +1


  • Merry Mary
    Merry Mary Day ago

    Start the civil race WAR black shitbag monkey boy....
    And really see what happens..

  • tom jewett
    tom jewett Day ago

    A Dodge is a damn fine car, I Runned over my wife with a Dodge.

  • Rocket J Squirrel

    Trumptards love Faux News. Trump could shoot someone, pardon himself and the Trumptards wouldn't care. What a bunch of sheeple.

  • Merry Mary
    Merry Mary Day ago

    President Trump said the right thing for America and American people.
    Great job Mr President...
    Hey blacks folks start a race WAR
    See what happens.....

    • Merry Mary
      Merry Mary Day ago

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    • Merry Mary
      Merry Mary Day ago

      abram3 black, slow, and stupid is no way to go through life....
      But.... your a shitbag monkey boy.
      So good luck on your issues and being a race WAR black shitbag...
      Your sooo funny....ha!ha!

    • Merry Mary
      Merry Mary Day ago

      abram3 Start a race WAR black shitbag monkey boy...
      See what really happens...
      Eat shit and die.... wait! You are shit!!! Well then shitbag monkey boy... go eat yourself and die...
      HA!HA! comments by WHITE AMERICA.....

    • abram3
      abram3 Day ago


  • Tekniques206
    Tekniques206 Day ago

    This is making america great again? It's only going to get worse with don the con in charge.

  • Scorpions1972to2010


  • trophix
    trophix Day ago +1

    This is Sad... Can WE all just get along and stop the hate and racism...

    Allah(God) says....
    "O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted."

    - Quran Chapter 49 verse 13

  • bambang lesmono
    bambang lesmono Day ago

    i understand now " the meaning of " mr president will make America great again.

  • Oscar Coronado
    Oscar Coronado Day ago

    Knowing that this happen when living in Virginia for a long time is tragic, the future is dark :(

  • scumgod13
    scumgod13 Day ago


  • Khoros Mythos
    Khoros Mythos Day ago


  • Anonymous Lel
    Anonymous Lel 2 days ago

    iT wUs obUmMer

  • Young Chippy
    Young Chippy 2 days ago

    If they brought that shit to LA they all would get they ass beat

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    Altright nutjobs whining about the police doing their job.

    You're nazis. The police are not on your side. We do not negotiate with terrorists.

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    Honestly, still in shock... it hasn't sunk in yet. It's just everyday America-living but, this was a step too far.

    Hope it flips the remaining ~30%.

  • Dr. Gregory Haus
    Dr. Gregory Haus 2 days ago

    They did Nazi that car coming...

  • Pure Mustang
    Pure Mustang 2 days ago

    Wtf is rong with America...we are in 2017 and they still got Nazi...

  • Henre
    Henre 2 days ago

    where's the footage of the car plowing into the protestors? clickbait.

  • Ahegao Intensifies
    Ahegao Intensifies 2 days ago

    You crashed your car in a protest? *_Uh Oh, better get MAACO_*

  • Your Boi Soi Sauce
    Your Boi Soi Sauce 2 days ago

    I've had enough haven't won a pixi cup in 12 years, cant get a friend that isn't retarded, can't even find a girlfriend, why am I still alive *revs engine* Jesus Chris these damn protesters *glances at gas peddle thinking about his failed race career, friendships, sex life... a tear runs down his face* kachow

  • Gaming With Striker
    Gaming With Striker 2 days ago

    Clickbait wow

  • Beth Mccrary
    Beth Mccrary 2 days ago

    Intolerance next to colorful lies are the pathways of death and destruction. They are a signature of dominion; articulate life gives meaning. The idea of cultural African heritage becoming American began during emancipation, the problem still evolves long after civil rights were given to blacks. Publishing two dominated political parties who lost during separate wars to represent the race of a people is a signal of media labels influencing popular opinion as fact, they combine less desirable names next to a already violent group (the kkk). While one group in opposition is obstructed by immoral perceptions from the church, many rights were given to them from the government and evolve to this day; the problem is that the company of many people who are being used as examples for white intolerance are mostly enforcing the American government's duties; the key is to see that their diplomatic ability is hindered if not disabled. Nonsense evidence of their representative presence being is displayed of a group we shouldn't exactly tolerate, both sides are wrong; while the media is pushing a democratic agenda (which is why democracy fails). The problem is that what these white groups represent are many of the soldiers of men who protect this country to give these accusers their freedom; they can hope to remain civil, but that accounts for the time it takes for policy makers to fix these issues. Doubt it's going to be pretty, but don't fuck with Texas.

  • Sitting on Ceilings
    Sitting on Ceilings 2 days ago


  • Matsimus Gaming
    Matsimus Gaming 2 days ago

    What's a white person?

  • Carnageiskid1 #
    Carnageiskid1 # 2 days ago

    666k subs

  • Flash Gordon
    Flash Gordon 2 days ago

    Ppl should not be in the road!

  • Simon Stephens
    Simon Stephens 2 days ago


  • William Higgs
    William Higgs 2 days ago

    if it was a black woman,no body would really give a shit. if it was a black guy driving no body would give a shit.

  • Ggkkn Ffhjk
    Ggkkn Ffhjk 2 days ago

    Fuck nazi lovers and fuck blm
    Their both scums.... same shit, different color

  • NoSkillPlayz
    NoSkillPlayz 2 days ago

    Omg 666k subscribers

  • Kermeet da Frug
    Kermeet da Frug 2 days ago

    Hope the car wasn't badly hurt

  • SteverRob
    SteverRob 2 days ago

    Not everyone on the right condones running people over no more than every member of the left condoned the shooting of Steve Scalise. There is a serious problem with the blame game.

  • Cuda man
    Cuda man 2 days ago

    I just cant believe a car hit someone with antifa around how could that possibly happen.

  • S Up
    S Up 2 days ago

    Why are these people wrecking this car 😤

    JAMES MOORE 2 days ago


  • abram3
    abram3 2 days ago +1


  • Harshveer Barn
    Harshveer Barn 2 days ago

    I was surprised it was a challenger totally had Mustang in mind seeing this

  • ben wa
    ben wa 2 days ago

    I would have done the same! F libiots!

  • BradyBoy03
    BradyBoy03 2 days ago


  • Tosh Biko
    Tosh Biko 2 days ago

    Fox News you are also to blame.

  • I Got Honky's Dying Off Heroin

    WTF ... white on white crime commited in the 🇺🇸U.S.A🇺🇸

  • beatngu
    beatngu 2 days ago

    its only a tragedy cause the fat bitch didnt die choking on a poopdick

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill 2 days ago

    White lives matter people are wild mother fuckers might as well suck my ass and lick my balls, I'll call it freedom served

  • Cave Johnson
    Cave Johnson 2 days ago


  • Kuro Kohi
    Kuro Kohi 2 days ago

    An American Hero. American Muscle > Liberal Pussys

    • OhSoVeryKawaii
      OhSoVeryKawaii Day ago

      Kuro Kohi There is nothing more anti-American than Nazis and the Confedercy you fucking moron😂

  • Mike Gotti
    Mike Gotti 2 days ago +1

    Hahaha guy with the car ran people over this is serious too XD good shit ur a memelord

  • Jonah S
    Jonah S 2 days ago

    They don't even mention what they were protesting.

  • Little Bear
    Little Bear 2 days ago

    Good ol FUX. "a vehicular accident". Oh, that's rich.

  • drokelertalk
    drokelertalk 2 days ago

    Man Manson shoulda waited till now if he wanted to wait out a race war or whatever.

  • Nazi Brown Shirt
    Nazi Brown Shirt 2 days ago

    Hey Heather, how did that bumper taste??!

  • Northern Iggy
    Northern Iggy 2 days ago

    Communists vs Nazi's... both socialists.. both fighting for who controls the massive state to enshrine the new 'Utopia'. This is an old conflict made new by rebranding the players.

  • Brandon Dias
    Brandon Dias 2 days ago


  • khaled ghussein
    khaled ghussein 2 days ago

    Funny lol

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