Adrenaline Cats | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017

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  • From cats sprinting underneath tables, cats going crazy over laser pointers, to cats climbing up things, these are just a few of the crazy cats with a whole lot of adrenaline you'll find in this adrenaline cats video compilation.

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  • Runtime: 12:53
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Comments: 317

  • Mili Latū
    Mili Latū 1 day ago

    the cat at 4:32, the way its body becomes more and more distorted by looking at itself in the mirror is fucked up lol

  • Anastasia Georgiadou

    wat da fak is wrong with these cats?

  • joebaby1975
    joebaby1975 3 days ago

    This video is why I have two cats.

  • joebaby1975
    joebaby1975 3 days ago

    Poor kitties need a friend. Lol.

  • aku sedö
    aku sedö 4 days ago +1


  • Paul Garrison
    Paul Garrison 4 days ago

    1:30 dog is a goat

  • Pete.M.
    Pete.M. 4 days ago

    Why people have those danderous, diseased creatures indoors, boggles me!

  • Emma Dubois
    Emma Dubois 6 days ago

    pillow i really love this material vlplentqy effectively :

  • Megan Tran
    Megan Tran 6 days ago

    add carmelldansen

  • Maria Taylor
    Maria Taylor 11 days ago

    1:48 The dog growls almost exactly like my shorkie pup. :3

  • screamingmimi90
    screamingmimi90 11 days ago

    Thank you for not showing cats in distress.

  • Elina Järkebro
    Elina Järkebro 13 days ago

    You americans are weird with feeling the need to keep wild/semi wild animals as pets... it's really sad. Non domesticated animals are not pets.

  • Vincintosh
    Vincintosh 13 days ago

    6:32 wtf that thing sparks???

  • FidgetGuy 55
    FidgetGuy 55 17 days ago

    0:07 around the world, around the woorld,

  • Rena Raj
    Rena Raj 20 days ago

    4:02 excuse me sir.... sir..... you seem to have something on your shirt

  • Nightcore Silver Wolf
    Nightcore Silver Wolf 20 days ago

    Poor chihuahua

  • Brezze
    Brezze 24 days ago

    4:09 alguien sabe que raza son los gatos?

    KEITH CROSS 26 days ago

    At nine minutes in,,, Gotta love the gravity defiace.. Cats RULE

  • Seba
    Seba 26 days ago

    part from 1:24 is epic XD

  • Nameless Music
    Nameless Music 28 days ago

    02:40 xDDD

  • bat-girl sixty3
    bat-girl sixty3 28 days ago

    soooooooo funny!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😻😻😻😻😻😻😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Claudia Miller
    Claudia Miller 1 month ago


  • RebeL 64
    RebeL 64 1 month ago

    4:52 dat face

  • ariean rachmat
    ariean rachmat 1 month ago

    @ 1:46 cats are jerks

  • Aefwa Efwe
    Aefwa Efwe 1 month ago

    0:20 :I ..... How long exactly had it been since those cats ate ??

  • Mgudsgåva Perƨonasjžyj

    cats need jesus

  • くたばれクソタレ

    Here's a better title"cats on crack"

  • I Love Quidditch
    I Love Quidditch 1 month ago

    1:37 Is that a sheep?!

  • Mern Iez
    Mern Iez 1 month ago

    the one at 1:00 minute in makes me sad :( that kitty wanted a playmate.

  • Rachel V K
    Rachel V K 1 month ago

    Great video! I'm still laughing! 😸❤

  • Daws 001
    Daws 001 1 month ago

    9:41 omg. What is that cat on? xD

  • jfan4reva
    jfan4reva 1 month ago

    0:01 - Cat wheelie!

  • The Northern Vlogger
    The Northern Vlogger 1 month ago

    Constipated @ 7:22

  • Alla Art
    Alla Art 1 month ago


  • Ann Other
    Ann Other 1 month ago

    09:20 - spider-cat

  • Lola Guillory
    Lola Guillory 1 month ago

    cats are so amazing and funny!😀😀😀😀😍

  • Dylan Truong
    Dylan Truong 1 month ago

    dat first one was like "must find master Frankenstein..."

  • Fuad Naufal
    Fuad Naufal 1 month ago

    0:32 oh sh*t who is he... hey! I'll catch you, hey! don't go!! 😆😆 where are you looser 😆😂

  • Gina Heisenberg
    Gina Heisenberg 1 month ago

    #adoptdontshop people =)

  • Sky Man
    Sky Man 1 month ago

    10:00 what is this music!?

  • Richard Roy
    Richard Roy 1 month ago

    8:30 🤣

  • maria ana
    maria ana 1 month ago

    i love cat😀

  • MrMCKlebeband
    MrMCKlebeband 1 month ago

    7:09 i laughed so hard

  • ScytheyX
    ScytheyX 1 month ago

    i never seen a orange cat with a black tail tip

  • KailaTheCovertOne
    KailaTheCovertOne 1 month ago


  • Tuuhio
    Tuuhio 1 month ago

    Love that another cat at 5:58, "seriously... what the fuck you're doing.."

  • marniewings81
    marniewings81 1 month ago

    LMFAO at 2:29

  • Rudolf Scheiner
    Rudolf Scheiner 1 month ago

    9:35 wtf😂😂😂

  • TheGarywilliams
    TheGarywilliams 1 month ago

    9:33 when you just gotta lick something.!!!!

  • Firefly Fireworks
    Firefly Fireworks 2 months ago

    Those cat wheels are a must have for shtf-preppers as emergency generators...

  • Elena Vanyukova
    Elena Vanyukova 2 months ago +3

    Don't use a laser pointer when playing with a cat. Do not fool him/her! Cats must have an opportunity to catch the thing they are playing with. Imagine YOU are being teased with some food when you are hungry - and not allowed to get it.

    I saw in a video a young cat was made to follow a laser pointer round and round and round until the poor kitty got dizzy - and the two-legged swines laughed. Be a human - not a swine!

    • Justin Bury
      Justin Bury 1 month ago

      Be a human not a pansey.

    • Katy Brennan
      Katy Brennan 1 month ago

      Elena Vanyukova My cats love to chase the red dot. They have plenty of food and water.

  • Drebar Beng
    Drebar Beng 2 months ago

    3.12 like doing some Ip Man training

  • Kylie Roth
    Kylie Roth 2 months ago

    1:46 that cat has some balls.

  • Thirsty 4 Life
    Thirsty 4 Life 2 months ago

    My cat would just take off running for no apparent reason every morning about 6am. Threw the house up and down the stairs. And I would be like what the hell

  • Genuwine6799G
    Genuwine6799G 2 months ago

    9:44 pussy licking

  • Genuwine6799G
    Genuwine6799G 2 months ago

    Dog at 1:30.....get off me lil nigga

  • Explosive BooTs
    Explosive BooTs 2 months ago

    930k subs and doesnt more than 200k views

  • Joy Nicole
    Joy Nicole 2 months ago

    That one cat on the wheel was nearly shot outta the fucking room. I am dead.

  • Nozilan Muhamad
    Nozilan Muhamad 2 months ago

    2.10 does anyone else saw the dog smiled

  • NattKatt2010
    NattKatt2010 2 months ago

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    From this, I am hoping to achieve a better understanding as to what factors may influence the hunting behaviour of different domestic cats. For precise data, I have opted to ask you to complete this questionnaire for each cat you own. This questionnaire should take a total of 5-10 minutes to complete, and the data will be gathered on an anonymous and confidential basis.
    Your contribution to this survey is greatly appreciated.

  • Aurα вírdч
    Aurα вírdч 2 months ago +1


  • Nocturnal
    Nocturnal 2 months ago

    at 10:48, what kind of cat is that? so adorable!

  • Emir Macak
    Emir Macak 2 months ago +1


    MR. BRONZO 2 months ago

    2:28 c'mon TARS

  • Lora Lynn
    Lora Lynn 2 months ago +1

    That kitten was putting up his best fight with the snone faced plastic cat! 😂Lol

  • Pol Espinosa
    Pol Espinosa 2 months ago

    LoL my whippet acts like most of these cats. she's pretty crazy when hyped.

  • galihxtreme
    galihxtreme 2 months ago +3

    2:30 ruined my wound stitches 'cause I laughed too hard

  • Emilia Leburel
    Emilia Leburel 2 months ago +4

    All my cat does is meow

  • LMTR14
    LMTR14 2 months ago +1

    only American cats are stupid enough to fall for mirrors, figurines etc. apparently. bloody hell!

  • Sooner Science Nerd
    Sooner Science Nerd 2 months ago +4

    the cats in the cat wheel could end the energy crisis!

  • - Crayonicles -
    - Crayonicles - 2 months ago +3

    9:46 look at that and tell it to my face that cats aren't awesome 😂

  • Mack Haddock
    Mack Haddock 2 months ago +1

    Ok I admit the wheel treadmill is pretty good.

  • zachary christy
    zachary christy 2 months ago

    cats in confusion

  • Camilla Esmé
    Camilla Esmé 2 months ago +2

    The little kitten who's all sideways and scary and then he goes 'mep' so cute

  • k lover
    k lover 2 months ago


  • Goldenpaw
    Goldenpaw 2 months ago

    Cats are the biggest enigma.

  • Joanne Chong
    Joanne Chong 2 months ago

    cats are always so entertaining :)

  • LaughingSeraphim
    LaughingSeraphim 2 months ago

    I am going to up vote all your stuff. Why? No idiotic barber shop music. Thank you for that.

  • Toon Nufc
    Toon Nufc 2 months ago +2

    Couldnt watch that cat on the building, one wrong move and no cat

  • Meo Cover Home
    Meo Cover Home 2 months ago

    haa so much fun cat :p

  • Spankedchicken
    Spankedchicken 2 months ago

    Cats are world champions in spazzing out

  • Isa Santos
    Isa Santos 2 months ago

    5:58 is just like "what the hell is wrong with this nigga?"

  • Whispering Feline
    Whispering Feline 2 months ago

    Those three cats racing for their food was hilarious!

  • Colm vesiliahupanovich
    Colm vesiliahupanovich 2 months ago

    funny kitty

  • Sinujuso sujoko
    Sinujuso sujoko 2 months ago

    8:10 fells like assassin sta...

  • lateralice X
    lateralice X 2 months ago

    I want a cat wheel!!!

  • Lotus Bee
    Lotus Bee 2 months ago

    Cats are crazy

  • kimmiet39
    kimmiet39 2 months ago

    Funny as heck, I loved it! Thank you!

  • jumpstart55million
    jumpstart55million 2 months ago

    That giant hamster wheel clip with those two cats was legendary..lmao

    • jumpstart55million
      jumpstart55million 2 months ago

      Are they expensive?.. If not I might get my cat one in the future.

    • Dr. Eeky is in
      Dr. Eeky is in 2 months ago

      jumpstart55million You should watch some of the videos from Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, all the rooms have wheels- they all use them!

  • Parallaxus
    Parallaxus 2 months ago

    7:42 PUPPY! That was a pleasant surprise.

  • Angela Camp
    Angela Camp 2 months ago

    4:27 what's the noise in the background???

    • sivalley
      sivalley 2 months ago

      Angela Camp sound like really heavy rain or small hail

  • TheRealBambihooves
    TheRealBambihooves 2 months ago

    This was great - loved the end......I busted out laughing 😂

  • TheRealBambihooves
    TheRealBambihooves 2 months ago +1

    Those exercise wheels are awesome!

  • Justin Rizzo
    Justin Rizzo 2 months ago

    Where do I get one of those wheels?

    • Dr. Eeky is in
      Dr. Eeky is in 2 months ago

      Justin Rizzo Amazon, eBay, let me know if you find any for less than $300...

  • Aeon
    Aeon 2 months ago

    Anyone knows the breed of the cat that is displayed on the thumbnail and also appears at the very beginning of the video please?

  • Johnathan Maturino
    Johnathan Maturino 2 months ago +29

    Cats have two modes: Just lit a joint mode and just snorted a whole line mode.

  • Benjaminw 8809
    Benjaminw 8809 2 months ago

    3:50 so cute

  • Entregan
    Entregan 2 months ago

    5:20 there is a delay in the mirror image?

  • kamylle italiano
    kamylle italiano 2 months ago

    coisinhas foofas

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