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  • Just a couple of guys having a chat...
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    WATCH OUT RINOLDO (lyrics)

    Watch out Rinoldo
    At the fancy feast
    I came for the fro-yo
    And then I look around and there’s
    One deer
    Two deers
    Three deers
    Four deers
    Then my little friend says “So many deers!”
    I don’t belong in this deer pack
    Watch out Rinoldo!
    Watch out Rinoldo
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  • Runtime: 2:22
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  • Ron Lobo
    Ron Lobo 2 hours ago

    #watchoutrinaldo pls release the full song

  • Mider-Span Man
    Mider-Span Man 2 hours ago

    I truly hope that either Floyd Mayweather has seen this, or that he will. I wanna start seeing the celebrities react to these and YTP.

  • vahidmirkhani
    vahidmirkhani 3 hours ago

    Soccer meets MMA?

  • Jesus Juan
    Jesus Juan 3 hours ago

    Funny shit

  • Zack C.
    Zack C. 7 hours ago

    I remember when this channel was good...

  • flag 91
    flag 91 8 hours ago

    This is the most likeable I've every seen either of them. Thanks blr. You bring out the best in people.

  • J. Maddox
    J. Maddox 8 hours ago

    So.... What took so long?

  • John Hornak
    John Hornak 8 hours ago

    You should make the song official, Like if u agree

  • Marcos Lennon
    Marcos Lennon 9 hours ago


  • Unforgiven11
    Unforgiven11 9 hours ago

    The songs are always my favorite things in life

  • Tom Taylor
    Tom Taylor 10 hours ago

    Watch out Rinaldo I'm dying lol 😂

  • Marty Grawe
    Marty Grawe 10 hours ago

    mayweather so overwhelming and loud in this video i just paid attention to him not mcgregor

  • Ash ley
    Ash ley 11 hours ago

    full version of watch out rinaldo please

  • Amber Sherwood
    Amber Sherwood 11 hours ago

    U need to make a full vid of watch out rinoldo pleaseeee

  • Jason Blake
    Jason Blake 13 hours ago

    I hit a snowboarder yesterday.

  • Mark Rantao
    Mark Rantao 15 hours ago

    Watch out Ronaldo

  • Ambrose Cooke
    Ambrose Cooke 15 hours ago

    Pls give us more

  • Ambrose Cooke
    Ambrose Cooke 16 hours ago

    Haaaaaaaah you're a daaaaad

  • so epic
    so epic 16 hours ago

    I actually like this song, and it kind of scared me that I do

  • Nick Li
    Nick Li 16 hours ago

    Watch out rinoldo extended please.

  • EliteSniper
    EliteSniper 16 hours ago +1

    It's funny asf, but it would be great if u could imitate their voices.. 😂😂😂💰

  • Eyeriz96
    Eyeriz96 17 hours ago

    that beat is so good lmao

  • Tarik
    Tarik 17 hours ago

    The song at the end is the best 😂😂😂😂😂

  • watson956
    watson956 18 hours ago

    "You got a *Pickle* head !"

  • ☆ Triple Z ☆
    ☆ Triple Z ☆ 18 hours ago

    DaaaMn you should of kept going with the song!!

    ISMET PLEH 20 hours ago

    Banjo pigeon, banjo pigeon.. 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Jodi Bond
    Jodi Bond 20 hours ago

    You should do a golf bad lip reading!

  • Ezzi BA
    Ezzi BA 23 hours ago

    For those who have no clue what they might be saying, I present:

    A Brief , Yet LongTranscript of What I Heard From 0:06 to 1:24- With The Help of the Closed Captions:

    Mayweather walks in making a manly version of Super Mario's jump sound in the back of his throat. "HA-a-a-a-A-AH! Guten morgen. Yeah, I said-"

    "You think I don't know what you're saying?"

    "-guten. Guten morgen!"

    "You think you got the golden mouth, boy?"

    "Guten morgen!"

    "Well, you don't got the golden mouth."

    "Gloo-ehn morgen! Goo-gen porgen-"

    "You're looking at the one that's got the REAL golden mouth."

    "Dork-geh porgen! Lorgeh-"

    "You're a prop, Dad."

    "-bor. Go sit, beh. Lonely boy."

    "You're a dad!"

    "Only femur!"

    "YOU'RE A DAD."

    "Only phin-"

    "YOU'RE A DAD, and a funny old bugger!"

    "-only feet pocket! Holy-"

    "Your breath has brought me damage!"

    "-feet pocket! Holy feet pocket."


    "Holy foot pocket. Holy feet pocket."

    "Yeah, well, you're just a sloth."

    "Holy feet- yeah, well- A-AH!"

    "You're always like a sloth."

    "Oh yeah? Oh yeah?"

    "Afraid you're gonna squirt?"


    "Afraid you're gonna squirt? You're like-"

    "You got a picklehead! You got-"

    "-my adult big baby and I'm gonna give you a nap!"

    "-a pickle head! You got a pickle head!"

    "You're fun!"

    "You got a pickle head! You-"

    "You're fun."

    "-got a pickle head."

    "You'll never touch it."

    "Yeah, you got a pickle head."

    "You'll never touch it."

    "Who got the pickle head?"

    "You could never touch-"

    "You got it. Glue gun."

    "-my dancing robe either!"

    "Glue gun!"

    "Now, I'm gonna tell you a little story, sweetheart; it starts-"

    "Glue gun!"

    "-in a barn and then-

    "No- yes, I had a heart attack."

    "-there you are."

    "Yes, a heart attack."

    "You did not!"

    "It was a heart attack."

    "It's not right, lad."

    "Yeah, it was a heart attack-!"

    "You did not, and right now it's like it's-"


    "-not even gonna matter."

    "I hit a snowboarder yesterday!"

    "Yes, you did-"

    "Probably, he was on meth!"

    "-you freaky little man! Yeah, you're so-"

    "Pink snowballs!"

    "-smart. You know- I'm gonna cry all night!"

    "Pink snowballs."

    "I'm gonna ground you, funny man!"

    "Pink snowballs!"

    "That's really dark, Dad!"

    "Pretty snowballs!"

    "Let's go out sometime-"

    "Pretty doorbells!"

    "-because I want to buy you a cat."

    "Pretty doorbells!"

    "Now you're talking about doorbells?"

    "Pretty dope-uhls!"

    "You know, it's almost-"

    "Banjo pigeon-"

    "-like you don't know words!"

    "-banjo pigeon!"


    "Banjo... pigeon."

    "You don't know words!"

    "Here's your words!"

    "Yeah, you don't know the-"

    "Here's your words!"

    "-words, I see!"

  • Ronald Llesis
    Ronald Llesis 1 day ago

    What the fuck did i just watch

  • woogy whop
    woogy whop 1 day ago

    That shit was wack....another lip reading please

  • Cody Morgan
    Cody Morgan 1 day ago

    I might be a bias audience but did the video start with Mayweather saying Cody Morgan over and over?

  • knatethegreat08
    knatethegreat08 1 day ago

    At the fancy feast

  • Marco Acosta
    Marco Acosta 1 day ago

    Lmmfao banjo pigeon!!

  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader 1 day ago

    Unbelievable 😂

  • YOLO 9000
    YOLO 9000 1 day ago

    Wtf....did I just watch......I need to watch this more....

  • Keri Ann
    Keri Ann 1 day ago +17

    I'm naming my band 'Mayweather and the Banjo Pigeons'

    • Marlin Millz
      Marlin Millz 4 hours ago

      Keri Ann sit on my face 🙏🏼🌊🏌🏼

    • Randy Xd
      Randy Xd 1 day ago

      Do a cover of watch out rinoldo

  • Morgan Stone
    Morgan Stone 1 day ago

    Alex Jones remix #1 & this #2 love it!

  • RiverRose 26
    RiverRose 26 1 day ago

    "You got a pickle head! You got a pickle head! Yeah, you got a pickle head."

  • LT Vlogs
    LT Vlogs 1 day ago


  • Mike Watkinson
    Mike Watkinson 1 day ago

    Well that's my new song...ugh blr wtf you make good music tho

  • Peter D
    Peter D 1 day ago +1

    Do Twd !!!!

  • S Ballard
    S Ballard 1 day ago

    Holy shit! LOL. "So many deers!"!

  • CaroTheMightyAlaskan

    Can you please, please, PLEASE do a Bad Lip Reading of the Rolling Stones official "Start Me Up" music video?

  • rola minaro
    rola minaro 1 day ago

    heeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Josue Juarez perez
    Josue Juarez perez 1 day ago

    Qué no mame el maricon de Mayweather,asoló es publicidad para tener dinero, porque debe mucho al ARS,y no tiene dinero para pagarle al gobierno,y quiere sacarlo de los pendejos qué pagarán cable juarjuarjuarjuarjuarjuarjuarjuar

  • Emperor
    Emperor 1 day ago


  • Ken Williams
    Ken Williams 1 day ago


  • Tsov yin
    Tsov yin 1 day ago +1

    I was looking for this xD

  • Mozadek Yasher
    Mozadek Yasher 1 day ago

    You got a pickle head!... Glue gun!

  • Jan  Som
    Jan Som 1 day ago


  • Daniel Newman
    Daniel Newman 1 day ago

    2:07 lines up mouth with mic stand epic comment

  • b
    b 1 day ago

    I wonder if he got Clearance from Rinoldo

  • Rash Taji
    Rash Taji 1 day ago +2

    Pink snow balls hahahahahaaa

  • nath hancock
    nath hancock 1 day ago +1

    You got to do a full version of Watch out Renardo that song is great

  • Robert Blatcher
    Robert Blatcher 1 day ago

    I'd like to tell you a story and it starts in a barn..😂😂😂

  • Robert Blatcher
    Robert Blatcher 1 day ago +1

    Make the whole song that was dope

  • SimpleGuyNz
    SimpleGuyNz 1 day ago

    Fight of the century!. Thought this would of been longer??. Was good but needed to be a bit longer.

  • Michael mikeymike06xx
    Michael mikeymike06xx 1 day ago +1

    Can someone please make "Watch Out Ronaldo" a full length song?

  • Scorned Ghost
    Scorned Ghost 1 day ago

    mayweather is gonna lose

  • Cansmusic845_2
    Cansmusic845_2 1 day ago +1

    Watch out Rinaldo

  • Captain Mufasa
    Captain Mufasa 1 day ago

    "Who got the pickle head❓"

  • Benjamin Sanchez
    Benjamin Sanchez 1 day ago +1

    This was not significantly different from the actual event.

  • ThePureArrogance
    ThePureArrogance 1 day ago


  • Kman Aw
    Kman Aw 1 day ago

    Can you do a descendents 2 bad lip reading please

  • Louis Sassy Tomlinson

    Make Louis Tomlinson - Back To You

  • whodeany13
    whodeany13 1 day ago +1

    PLEASE!!! By popular demand, can we get a longer version of "Watch out Rinoldo".

  • manfred rodrigues
    manfred rodrigues 2 days ago

    Hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shania Vs. Harmony
    Shania Vs. Harmony 2 days ago

    Subscribe to my channel and I subscribe to yours

  • taxid3rmy
    taxid3rmy 2 days ago

    I don't care about the fight, i just want the complete version of 'Watch out Rinaldo'... an acoustic or acapella version wouldn't go astray either.

  • captain estivi
    captain estivi 2 days ago

    Is there a full version of watch out rinaldo

  • UltraBomberMan101
    UltraBomberMan101 2 days ago


  • Malaika RSG
    Malaika RSG 2 days ago +1

    Honestly i actual love that song no joke.. the beat is dope and the lyrics are just amazing

  • ashley elizondo
    ashley elizondo 2 days ago

    this shit is funny i wached it 8 times n i still laf

  • BigBoss7777777
    BigBoss7777777 2 days ago


  • K-rex
    K-rex 2 days ago

    insert *now kiss* meme i sware

  • ShinyBusterBaby
    ShinyBusterBaby 2 days ago

    *milli rocks to this*
    *jams to this*
    *gets down to this on the beat*
    *the chorus comes in*

    Mayweather: "WATCH OUT RENALDO!!!"
    Me: AYYYEEE!!!!
    Mayweather:"WATCH OUT RENALDO!!!"
    Me: AYYEEEEE!!!

  • The Shiny Shaymin
    The Shiny Shaymin 2 days ago

    I don't even know who these people are. But I'll watch anything from this channel's content, it's so random. Which makes it amazing!

  • τοΆντρας μπλε

    they are all laughing this thing is so fake

  • V. Paul Janbazian
    V. Paul Janbazian 2 days ago

    "Watch out Ronaldo" Damn that's a great hook...

  • Get To the choppa
    Get To the choppa 2 days ago

    Watch out Ronaldo!

  • paul Jesus FREAK martinez

    I gave it a thumbs up cuz i enjoy the channel is awesome lol but im upset cuz i could barely hear mcgregor in tye beginning lol so yeah

  • Art by Atlas
    Art by Atlas 2 days ago

    You guys are amazing

  • Rob Anschuetz
    Rob Anschuetz 2 days ago

    I came for the fro- yo

  • Lance Cruz
    Lance Cruz 2 days ago

    1.Guten Morgan 2. glue gun. The two things I'll be randomly yelling out for the next couple weeks.

  • Jim Ginge
    Jim Ginge 2 days ago

    Gave myself a do not laugh challenge, I totally fell apart at 'pretty doorbells' 😂😂😂

  • Chad the Lad
    Chad the Lad 2 days ago


  • The Chair
    The Chair 2 days ago

    "your breath has brought me damage" LMFAO!!!

  • MJ xD
    MJ xD 2 days ago

    Mayweather calling him a pickle head lol his back head looks like a mercades bens

  • Big Willy - Clash of Clans


  • Davie Duckett
    Davie Duckett 2 days ago

    That song should be his new entrance music

  • Olebull93
    Olebull93 2 days ago

    Its funny, because they are both dimwits ;)

    • GLPshill
      GLPshill 1 day ago

      dimwits tricking dimwits making money off of bigger dimwits

  • Workingbeto Jose
    Workingbeto Jose 2 days ago

    i just came for thr froyo

  • 10001110101 ghost
    10001110101 ghost 2 days ago

    I can't stop watching this video. It just gets better and better!
    " watch out Renaldo!"
    funny shit man!

  • Jm 76
    Jm 76 2 days ago

    I'm dying...

  • Higgs Gaming
    Higgs Gaming 2 days ago

    The bad lip version of Mayweathers trash talk was way better than what he really said!

  • John Bunning
    John Bunning 2 days ago

    This comment won't get any attention. Why do I bother?

  • OfficialNayeLyrics
    OfficialNayeLyrics 2 days ago

    I thought they were going to kiss xD

  • Lord Eli
    Lord Eli 2 days ago

    I feel McGregor is gonna lose by just laying down for Mayweather to give him a 50, but I would still wish to see Mayweather get knocked out I can't stand that cocky over rated little piss ant. however this was just a pay day for Conor all he wanted was 100m and thats what the turd will get sadly

  • Gee mAle
    Gee mAle 3 days ago

    please do more

  • max deem
    max deem 3 days ago

    With these two this could've been played live and I would've believed it.......

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