10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Donald Trump's Vehicle

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  • AIman _#
    AIman _# Day ago

    Could this car survive a zombie attack

  • Christian Kidzspeed


  • david abdo
    david abdo 2 days ago

    "shoot is all you want you aint gettin through"--monday offset

  • Vetements
    Vetements 3 days ago

    Imagine if everyone had that security.
    We are just normal people.

  • Shane Palma
    Shane Palma 3 days ago

    Yeah i think you mean the presidents video

  • John
    John 3 days ago

    why would people post this on youtube? people could use it to blow it up or something

  • Logan Andrews
    Logan Andrews 3 days ago

    So we were this close to getting bill Clinton killed? Dang it! They should've kept going and got bill clinton married to the explosives on that bridge

  • Nate Heitritter
    Nate Heitritter 3 days ago

    How do we know that your not making this all up

  • Wednesday M`dude
    Wednesday M`dude 3 days ago

    You just had to show JFK

  • Michael Grey
    Michael Grey 3 days ago

    Calls it Donald Trump's vehicle instead of the president's vehicle

  • jojo bashar
    jojo bashar 3 days ago

    "Size matters" 😉

  • Eiszauberer
    Eiszauberer 3 days ago +1

    There's no toilet :P

  • Joey Green
    Joey Green 3 days ago

    I want to see Putin's Presidents car

  • donald trump
    donald trump 4 days ago

    My fellow Americans I am definitely the real donald trump and not somebody else and all of this is true

  • Sexy Chocolate Robbie

    I saw his motorcade in New York the other day... pretty cool

  • The Dude
    The Dude 4 days ago

    😮 this was the best video ever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • BassEntityFan
    BassEntityFan 4 days ago

    what else could he be fucking hiding

  • simjet22
    simjet22 4 days ago

    1st of all it does not run on gasoline. It's powered by a Diesel engine which of course uses diesel fuel. It's built on a chevy truck frame

  • rcarlos2121
    rcarlos2121 5 days ago

    Cadillac DTS gang 😎

  • Comedyblogger
    Comedyblogger 5 days ago

    Wikileaks and I just thought my volume was muted

  • Ted34
    Ted34 6 days ago

    Why is the volume so quiet?

  • NetLove
    NetLove 6 days ago

    take 1 from the viewercounter.i felt asleep.

  • Hassy Ali
    Hassy Ali 7 days ago

    0-60 in 15 seconds? All that great tech yet no impressive engine. Comon give this beast 1000hp incase it needs it!!! And fuck it a nos bottle for worst case scenarios right!!?!

  • Billie Bob Norton III

    (t)rump sux...impeach the scumbag NOW!!!!

  • Saddle Sore
    Saddle Sore 7 days ago

    It's not Donald Trump's vehicle, it's a government vehicle that the President use's, no matter who that person is.

  • Tomas Av.
    Tomas Av. 7 days ago

    American president is NOT most powerful men. Funny how fucking america thinks so. Usa president is an empty space. Korea's dictator is more important and more powerful.

  • Tomas Av.
    Tomas Av. 7 days ago

    wow audio levels shows how professional this channel is

  • mr morgh
    mr morgh 8 days ago +1


  • Lord omega 18
    Lord omega 18 8 days ago

    it's not Trump car it's for the US president whoever it may be...racist Trump or awesome obama depends

  • Roger Metzger
    Roger Metzger 8 days ago

    It isn't Donald Trump's vehicle. It belongs to us--the citizens of the United States.

  • Cheryl Deegan
    Cheryl Deegan 9 days ago

    The Cadillac shouldn't be invited

  • Benedict Jose
    Benedict Jose 9 days ago

    Thanks a lot you just give criminals hints ughhh

  • cody weigle
    cody weigle 9 days ago

    Wich one of Donald's vehicles is this

  • hudson hornet
    hudson hornet 9 days ago

    trumps a show off

  • hudson hornet
    hudson hornet 9 days ago

    the richest show ofs i have 2.5 million $ lamborghini centario and three million $ mansions

  • hudson hornet
    hudson hornet 9 days ago

    trump is a motherfucker i love obama

  • Crow
    Crow 9 days ago

    Great vehicle for great man!

  • WeAreTwoDoorsDown
    WeAreTwoDoorsDown 10 days ago

    It's a diesel, not a gas engine. I'd guess probably a Banks modified 6.6 Duramax.

  • Jessie Nasr
    Jessie Nasr 10 days ago

    Wow...the car is more important than me

  • Lion Khan
    Lion Khan 11 days ago

    why is the volume soo low.?

  • Pixel Gun 3d Gamer
    Pixel Gun 3d Gamer 11 days ago

    I wanna be in the Trump family

  • Dee Patterson
    Dee Patterson 12 days ago

    0:19 not bullet proof. Its bullet resistant

  • Harambe
    Harambe 13 days ago

    Can stop a .44 Magnum yet show a .22...

  • Santos Martinez
    Santos Martinez 13 days ago


  • Blackyoshi koola
    Blackyoshi koola 13 days ago +2

    My Honda has more armor than that Limo

  • Para Pete
    Para Pete 14 days ago

    Mind. Not. Blown. At. All.

  • Donny Dawsog
    Donny Dawsog 14 days ago

    lets not forget about the dildos on his seat and the 14 year old boys he has in the trunk

  • leo van Ryneveld
    leo van Ryneveld 14 days ago

    Oh nice, another trash top 10 video.

  • kristjan s
    kristjan s 15 days ago

    fuck!!! size matters

  • Balls Big
    Balls Big 15 days ago

    what if the Limo falls into the ocean, its so heavy so it will defenitly sink straight away. How will the president escape? Heavy doors plus water pressure, i wonder how the doors will open

  • No Life
    No Life 15 days ago

    Disliked because I can't hear shit what you're saying

  • The zerastora
    The zerastora 16 days ago

    The best part is the Americans still get the British to do the engineering.

  • Kessler Magat
    Kessler Magat 16 days ago


    Inside:President sleeping queitly

  • John Quintana
    John Quintana 16 days ago

    This video is semi-compromising the capabilities of the presidential wagon......👎

  • View This
    View This 16 days ago

    Where's the hair stylist? Needs an onboard hair stylist. Pick one up at Supercuts on the way to wherever the motorcade is going.

  • Outland
    Outland 16 days ago

    They didn't mention it can be stopped by an Irish Driveway :-P

  • Eli Soria
    Eli Soria 17 days ago

    Pretty bad sound quality

  • SodaKey
    SodaKey 18 days ago

    wow MIND BLOWING. the fucking doors are armored. NO SHIT

  • ナコルル Princess

    So glad I'm not american... I would hate to know I was spending millions on luxury for a public servant.

  • Felix s
    Felix s 19 days ago

    but when it comes to the UK all the SS staff are told to hand over their guns and do as they are told by the Met (that's just the way it is)...and the way it should be.

  • Ben Overfield
    Ben Overfield 19 days ago

    I'm disappointed it doesn't have covfefe cup holders

  • Jason Sherfield
    Jason Sherfield 19 days ago +2

    TRUMP = AMERICA'S FUTURE. I'm a Trump supporter 💯 let's keep him safe

  • yosoy Sandoval
    yosoy Sandoval 19 days ago

    Too much car for this president.

  • Richard Marshall
    Richard Marshall 19 days ago

    Jeremy Clarkson and James may hate it. Not because of any of its features, just because it's a Cadilac

  • gaming center
    gaming center 19 days ago +2

    But hey... did he make the Mexicans pay for it?

    DMTHAPRODUCER 19 days ago

    Can you blow it up with an RPG

  • Gaming boss2007
    Gaming boss2007 19 days ago

    Besides the first one

  • Gaming boss2007
    Gaming boss2007 19 days ago

    Bruh I went to trump tower saw trumps car and none of this is true

  • Tom Vlogs
    Tom Vlogs 20 days ago

    Should've got him a maurader

  • EARTH •
    EARTH • 20 days ago

    10 facts for 10 million views ur welcome
    EDIT:thank me later

  • Eftsenhen 0
    Eftsenhen 0 20 days ago +2

    All of these liberals must hate the guy keeping radical muslims out of America.

  • foysol ahmed
    foysol ahmed 20 days ago

    wow... mind blew

  • Derek X
    Derek X 20 days ago

    If America was a democracy, people would have some sort of say in whether or not their tax dollars should go to all that. If the president doesn't want to get assassinated, the president shouldn't piss everyone off in the entire world.

  • Meo Be
    Meo Be 21 day ago

    1.5 mil ?!
    Thats not even close to a Koenigsegg one:1

    KSAM MCGUIDE&COMICS 22 days ago

    Did it says Philippines I lived there

  • FxF lilFiggz
    FxF lilFiggz 22 days ago

    Hopefully Trump's daughter doesn't run for president in the next election.

  • Bslites
    Bslites 22 days ago

    The president isn't the most powerful person in the world

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 22 days ago +4

    "So hit that subscr-"

  • Julio Agosto
    Julio Agosto 23 days ago

    None of the military vehicles this video showed are tanks. Also, there is no such thing as "military grade armor"
    source - I'm in the military

  • desiguy55
    desiguy55 23 days ago

    yea go ahead give away secrets to the enemies..

  • William Trotter
    William Trotter 23 days ago


  • safro 123
    safro 123 23 days ago


  • Luke Moore
    Luke Moore 23 days ago

    Yeah, wait till you meet our potholes in the UK

  • Alfs Awful
    Alfs Awful 24 days ago

    There is only ONE fact about Donald Trumps vehicle and that's that it contains a cunt!

  • EGgamer1125
    EGgamer1125 24 days ago

    Actually it's not in the middle it's anywhere in the motorcade if it was just in the middle anyone could just attack that car

  • apexxy
    apexxy 24 days ago

    Idiots, this isn't Donald Trump's vehicle, it belongs to all Americans.

  • Sadpants McGee
    Sadpants McGee 24 days ago

    Normalize/compress your damn audio! I can barely hear a goddamn thing you're saying!

    Also, none of this shit is mind-blowing. It's interesting at best.

  • nintendo rules ok!
    nintendo rules ok! 24 days ago

    fuck donald trump

  • Void Theory
    Void Theory 25 days ago

    They forgot the swastika bumper sticker.

  • Tim Berrange
    Tim Berrange 25 days ago

    the sound on this video is very soft, hard to hear..

  • Danny Greene
    Danny Greene 25 days ago

    The new mercedes benz has bullet proof front windows

  • Danny Greene
    Danny Greene 25 days ago


  • Lani Greene
    Lani Greene 25 days ago

    I heard this Vehicle was expecialy made for Obama anyone know?

  • Jarred Mullis
    Jarred Mullis 25 days ago +1

    Stop begging for subs

  • immortalwolf6
    immortalwolf6 25 days ago

    Those leather seats look comfy af.

  • KoWe Kingdom
    KoWe Kingdom 25 days ago

    1:17 A .44 Magnum bullet is a joke at this level, the glass should at least stop a 50BMG AP round. Even those made of tungsten, one of those shots will do more damage from 1 mile away than a .44 magnum from 1meter.

  • survivor 123
    survivor 123 26 days ago +2

    Trump the best president in the whole wide world.

  • Bo Zack
    Bo Zack 26 days ago

    I wish he were my new neighbor!

  • Nattapat Janthaisri
    Nattapat Janthaisri 26 days ago

    This armored car should be used in the warzone instead of protecting only one guy. It wasted money.

  • Commander Bravo2
    Commander Bravo2 26 days ago

    Wus dat? Could you speak up a little please?

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