10 Most Likely Ways Humans Will Evolve

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  • The standard theory states that humans have evolved from monkeys, but what trajectory will future human evolution take? Will human development affect our ability to survive without oxygen or will we just lose our small toe? Watch to find out the 10 most likely ways humans will evolve!
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    So we want to chat a little bit about evolution. - Humans Will Get Taller
    The average height of man goes up an inch or two every generation. So it’s a pretty safe bet that will keep on going. Your kids will be taller than you; there kids will be taller than them. I mean, it doesn’t work QUITE that fast- but you get the picture. We’ll lose some of our organs - We don’t need a gall bladder. We don’t need an appendix. And, If you look after yourself, you can survive without a spleen. But we’ve still got them; it’s stupid! Our posture will worsen - Have you noticed how almost EVERYONE complains about a bad back these days? Everybody’s got bad posture and there are lots of things contributing to it. One of the biggest problem is office work has taken over from factory labor as the main source of income. We’ll be capable of longer periods without oxygen - So this one is sort of a super power. But not teleportation or anything awesome… Life away from decent oxygen is becoming more and more common. So many people spend hours a day underground on a tube getting to work. Loss of little toe - So here we go. Let me explain what I was going on about in regards to toes. You don’t need little toes. Honestly. How mad is that? Seriously though you don’t need them, they don’t do anything. Sorry but I’m going to read a quote at you!
    So now they just dangle on the end of our feet and there are lots of people out there who think as time goes on, humans being born without pinky toes will be more and more common and, maybe one day, the norm. Mono-Ethnicity - So this one is super interesting. There’s this idea called ‘Mono-Ethnicity’ which predicts that a single ethnic group will dominate a whole region or country. So there’s the theory that eventually, the whole world could be mono-ethnic. More dexterous thumbs - Do you remember that bit in FRIENDS where Ross tries to convince Phoebe evolution is real by talking about thumbs? Thumbs are one of evolution’s greatest achievements. The development of two sub cultures - This one might be a little too “sci-fi” but hear me out. So H.G. Wells’ novel ‘The Time Machine’ depicts a future in which society has evolved into two distinct sub cultures. You’ve got the Eloi and you’ve got the Morlocks. So Eloi are like the pale, sickly but super clever half of society and Morlocks are the tough, physically superior, but quite dumb half. It’s essentially nerds vs. jocks. Weaker immune systems - You always hear people moaning about how if you molly-coddle kids their immune systems won’t develop properly. Well there’s actually a term to describe this, it’s called the ‘Hygiene Hypothesis’. Less sex drive. Seriously. Millenials have less sex than the generations before them, sorry guys… it is fact though! Part of this is that people have to earn more to get by these days. It might also be because people are more into career or creative goals nowadays then just “getting their end away”.
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  • Matt Tennant
    Matt Tennant 8 hours ago

    Clickbate piece of shit

    • Matt Tennant
      Matt Tennant 8 hours ago

      The thumb nail are morlocks from the movie the time machine

  • louis ramos
    louis ramos 19 hours ago

    i can grap things with my feet and my little toe give me balance

  • Smil E Face
    Smil E Face Day ago +1

    Seriously this seems more like De-Volving

  • Lps Mythical Moon

    I'm a weak smart person

  • Yosi Hardie
    Yosi Hardie 4 days ago

    Well I guess immma go cut all my tiny toes off

  • Yosi Hardie
    Yosi Hardie 4 days ago

    "Loss of little toes."

  • Yosi Hardie
    Yosi Hardie 4 days ago

    "Well ur mom was right again."

  • Yosi Hardie
    Yosi Hardie 4 days ago

    But we've still got them. So stupid XD

  • zachary borodkin
    zachary borodkin 4 days ago

    But I wanna be a yetti

  • Brooke Buchanan
    Brooke Buchanan 4 days ago

    I do to use my feet to grab

  • pjfrog10
    pjfrog10 4 days ago

    And the taller people get the shorter their life span.

  • lpspride
    lpspride 5 days ago

    its not evolution, its growing..

  • SDub06
    SDub06 5 days ago

    Can you and everyone stop replying to me

  • Erica Cole
    Erica Cole 6 days ago

    I use my toes to pick up things from the floor all the time. anything ranging from hairbrushes to USB cords to tiny beads. I think its genetic. Very handy.

  • David Nordmeyer
    David Nordmeyer 7 days ago +1

    Less sex drive? So maybe my wife is more highly evolved!

  • Kate The Moo
    Kate The Moo 7 days ago

    If humans get taller girls will be so ugly, ugh.. the only people who are considered arousing/pretty etc when tall are just men, women are proven to be attractive when shorter in order for men to think of us dependant, and protect us.

    • Kate The Moo
      Kate The Moo 7 days ago

      As for the Mono-ethnicity, I would HATE being that. I would never know which culture and ethnicity I would want to consider myself as, all those cultures like Japanese, same etc, would slowly disappear.. it would be so horrible. Life would be kind of pointless for me because I'm just living on for my Jewish relatives who died in WW2.

  • Jon W
    Jon W 8 days ago +1

    My aunt doesn't have a pinky toe. Ironically, she believes in creationism. lol.

  • W S
    W S 8 days ago

    there will definitely be a huge divide.. rich people marry other rich people, go to private schools and will over time become more and more intelligent.. Peasants just fuck around, do drugs, and become more and more stupid...

  • Teddor
    Teddor 9 days ago

    I use my feet to grab things when my hands are full XD

  • Mortis3897
    Mortis3897 9 days ago

    we didnt descend from apes ,we had a common ancestor

  • Pacifica Northwest
    Pacifica Northwest 9 days ago


  • Harper Whitaker
    Harper Whitaker 9 days ago

    Poor little toe 😰 all the others stay while it dies 😭😭😭

  • SteveThrNeigborly Gamer

    Danky McDankface

  • Anthony Humphries
    Anthony Humphries 10 days ago

    Hey that film wasn't bad man! Good video though mate

  • Cursed Memes
    Cursed Memes 10 days ago +1

    Do I have to roast another video that doesn't understand evolution.

    Look ,evolution isn't a thing that just makes your toes fall off or make you taller. Evolution is not just adapting no, evolution is when a offspring has a mutation that makes better. Than if that offspring has its own offspring it can change everything in lots of years. Since height for mammals do have a limit we can not grow taller. Sorry peeps.

    Come on internet ,I'm twelve and people don't know better?

  • Daryl Avenell
    Daryl Avenell 10 days ago

    Were not descended from monkeys

  • Jacob
    Jacob 10 days ago

    hi im a fish

  • SDub06
    SDub06 11 days ago +1

    We didn't come from monkeys

  • SDub06
    SDub06 11 days ago +1

    None of the stuff you said is real because we come from monkeys we came from God and evaluation isn't real.

  • The Legendary Turtle
    The Legendary Turtle 12 days ago

    Yo that warlock thing will the warlock like humans or like those monsters bcuz that creep me out

  • Zihana Shamrin
    Zihana Shamrin 13 days ago

    When you were telling that we might evolve losing our little toe I felt weird and ichy

  • MrReaperofDead
    MrReaperofDead 13 days ago

    Men should evolve their d^cs to be able to grow 900 inches long.
    Then have the ability to detach from their bodies!
    Dat'd be awesome. O_<

  • D Flatt
    D Flatt 13 days ago +1

    I hate to tell you this but working in a factory isn't great for your posture or your back for that matter. :)

  • Josue Ane
    Josue Ane 13 days ago

    Every organ is needed... The gallbladder is a pear-shaped, hollow structure located under the liver and on the right side of the abdomen. Its primary function is to store and concentrate bile, a yellow-brown digestive enzyme produced by the liver. The gallbladder is part of the biliary tract.

  • The Royal Blood Rajput

    the Eloi were super clever? WTF!

  • Brian Roche
    Brian Roche 14 days ago

    Pepl might have more sex

  • Brian Roche
    Brian Roche 14 days ago

    Pepl might have more sec

  • Brian Roche
    Brian Roche 14 days ago


  • Jeremiah Butler
    Jeremiah Butler 14 days ago

    Aww i like meh pinkey toe btw we need toes to walk stupid

  • naitsa escalante
    naitsa escalante 15 days ago


    What am i some pokemon??

  • 10Glock
    10Glock 15 days ago


  • Future Channel
    Future Channel 15 days ago

    Thumbnail Clickbait

  • MrTarri123
    MrTarri123 15 days ago +2

    The last theory is interresting. I have thought of this myself, and it seems like it could be evolution's way of dealing with over-population, however how could this be possible? People who get kids must like to have sex, then their genes would pass on to their children. And the people with no sex-drive will not likely get any children and will not pass on their genes.

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 15 days ago +1

    Be Amazed? Ok, I am--Utterly amazed by the stupidity, and shear volume of incorrect information presented in this video.

  • The Dark
    The Dark 16 days ago +2

    One day we will be monoethnic. Which means we will all be Vin Diesel.

  • Toxic Creeper
    Toxic Creeper 16 days ago +1

    I've been inside playing video games for 9 hours once and I felt normal

  • Corn Starch
    Corn Starch 17 days ago

    I disagree with less sex drive, youngsters are becoming sexual assault bastards theses days only sex and sex and more sex. Reason why virginity is so rare nowadays. And you imagine evolution to decrease that x-x wth bro? They will live only on sex that's it.

  • Nathan Tritchka
    Nathan Tritchka 17 days ago

    Dude, you've got that Eloi-Morlock dynamic all wrong.

  • Master Kostas
    Master Kostas 17 days ago

    Humans cannot evolve we destroyed evolution and we are nerfing ourselves only with genetic engineering

  • Vikk XYZ
    Vikk XYZ 18 days ago +1

    Those arnt ways to evolve, those are things that will happen to our body

  • Will Presley
    Will Presley 18 days ago

    Funny number one isn't true I'm a millennial and I have a huge sex drive not a less one this is bull on number one that is look at every teen in America now a days like don't tell me I'm wrong high schoolers did it in their teen years behind their parents back Im in my 20s and I'm not what they said they were don't believe clickbait like them

  • Alexander Ross
    Alexander Ross 18 days ago

    Ugh.. evolution isn't magic. We don't just lose toes and get bigger brains out of the blue.

    Depending on our environmental pressures, like future jobs and technologies, I would think humans could evolve in this way:
    -Stagnation: Humans aren't really going to "evolve", because food and reproduction is available to us 24/7 whether or not we're "fit" for our natural environent.
    - Human hands are going to become increasingly fast and coordinated, as computer-oriented jobs take up the eventual code-side of the market that automated labor dominates.
    - Nocturnal behavior: with later hours, gaming, computers and artificial lights, some humans will become nocturnal, and may congregate amongst eachother while the rest of the poulation sleeps, leading to MORE SEX between nocturnal peoples whose schedules fit eachother.
    -Humans that eat lard: face it, shitty food will lead to the death of millions of people who can't naturally handle all those fats and sugars, thus giving evolutionary preference to people who can (and will) eat (and thrive) on saturated fats and high fructose corn syrup.
    -If nothing is done to prevent worldwide starvation, humans in those poverty-stricken areas will become really small and less sexually active, so as to adapt to a low-resource environment.

  • James Modica
    James Modica 19 days ago

    *doesn't know that eloi are very stupid in the time machine* maybe you are the beginning of the branch ya dang dimwit

  • El Coyote Loco
    El Coyote Loco 19 days ago

    4:40 you cant walk or run good wothout toes lol

  • Walnutz Gamer
    Walnutz Gamer 19 days ago

    Not true,my dad has his little toe cut off due to infection and now he can't run anymore

  • flobb91
    flobb91 20 days ago

    less sex drive -> more reproduction?
    i must have missed something

  • rabidporcupine0
    rabidporcupine0 20 days ago

    Well, it won't work the same way as evolution in other species has, because nothing is killing us at a rate that the people with these traits will actually need them to survive and reproduce. Because all the people who don't have these traits will survive as well, they'll probably get buried beneath the traits of normal humans again within a couple of generations anyway.

  • CarlRyan Viray
    CarlRyan Viray 21 day ago

    If we evolved from momkeys why monkeys still exist today

  • BliTZarD
    BliTZarD 21 day ago +1

    I'm not Christian but I do know for a fact that evolution is impossible. Darwin would today say his theory has failed, utterly! (that's not made-up)

  • ha wi
    ha wi 21 day ago

    Evolution is not a mystical force that gives us what we needed gets rid of what we don't need, it occurs when one of the species is born with a random mutation, and if it has a benefit whether it helps the lifeform survive or just makes it better, the mutation spreads when the creature reproduces, changing the species, but if the mutation has no benefit, it will just be bread out. Humans are never going to loose useless body parts like hair, spleens, apendixes, gallbladders, wisdom teeth, sinuses, coccyx's, pinky toes, ear muscles, ect, because though we don't need then there is no benefit from loosing them either, and someone without one of those useless body parts doesn't do any better than someone with them, so any one born without then will just have their gene bread out. This is the same reason animals don't tend to grow useless body parts either. Sure, we may have lost appendixes, gall bladders and wisdom teeth if surgery was never invented, but that is because those body parts cause problems. With appendixes, you can get appendicitis, with gall bladders you can get a whole lot of problems like gallbladderitis, gall bladder cancer and gall stones, and wisdom teeth can mess up and irritate the other teeth in the jaw, but now surgery has been invented we can just get them removed if we do get any of those problems. Since you people obviously know nothing about how evolution works, lets go over the evolution of a zebra and compare it to someone being born without a coccyx. It is believed that zebras evolved from either a completely black or white species of horse that looked similar to the classic, European horse. Then one day, a zebra was born with stripes instead of being completely black or white. When the stripy zebra reproduced and made his own pack of zebras, their was an advantage because when one of the zebras got chased by a lion back into the herd, the lion won't be able to tell which zebra it was chasing because it couldn't tell their stripes apart. So those zebras passed their gene and gave zebras stripes. Then let's look at someone being born without a coccyx. So one day due to a random mutation, someone was born without a coccyx, but when benefit could you possibly have by being born without a coccyx? Absolutely nothing, so his gene gets bread out and humanity continues to have them. Hey, since you view evolution as this mystical, magical force that tries to make sure all it's life forms are completely free of anything exept for ones that help it survive and reproduce, is it weird how all male mammals haven't lost nipples, especially since mammals have existed for about 200 million years, even though it will be so easy to make male mammals loose nipples, just make it so when the embryo turns into a male, remove the nipples. Huh? Huh? Well that is because there is no benefit from not having nipples OK!

  • all_about _bunnys
    all_about _bunnys 21 day ago

    you know when you was talking about more fresh air well if we got more fresh air we wouldn't be able to watch your vedio thus we wouldn't subscribe.

  • Mr.Spoon
    Mr.Spoon 22 days ago

    Says appendix, shows large intestine

  • caffeinegod
    caffeinegod 22 days ago

    i can see weakened immune systems and even go as far as saying humans could become extinct due to that as well as allergies even.

    think about it

    schools these days do not let their parents give kids just any old snack to bring to school as so many kids these days have so many peanut and nut as well as other food allergies.

    this sort of thing in kids is becoming more and more common these days.


    "weakened immune systems and more people with allergies is already happening".

  • roberto almeida
    roberto almeida 24 days ago

    0:26 Actually we did not evolved from Monkeys, they're just a common ancestor

  • roberto almeida
    roberto almeida 24 days ago

    Be Amazed vids are the biggest click baits

  • Vince Tyy
    Vince Tyy 24 days ago

    IM so proud... we are all monkeys !

  • Michillion McNuggets
    Michillion McNuggets 24 days ago

    Aside from the weaker immune system, these all sound amazing and I hope they'll happen

  • AJ Kennedy
    AJ Kennedy 24 days ago

    We do use our gull bladder, though...

    • AJ Kennedy
      AJ Kennedy 24 days ago

      And we did not descend from apes. We descended from similar ancestors as apes, but not apes directly.

  • Dabbing Titan
    Dabbing Titan 25 days ago

    Please tell me why we would lose some organs if we can expend the energy for them because we have better access to food after every generation due to farming technological advancements and the fact that countries who get overpopulated make laws to limit how many children a woman can bear. In other words guaranteed food for everyone so why would there be any selective pressure against humans to get rid of it if we have energy to spare. It takes multiple generations of selective pressure to cause an entire organ to be removed from the gene pool. I'm shocked I haven't seen anyone question how autistic some parts of the video is

  • Ardipithecus Ramidus
    Ardipithecus Ramidus 25 days ago

    We won't thats how. The population is too large and the selective pressures are too small, we are in stasis.

  • Theo Muller
    Theo Muller 25 days ago

    package hope climb patch cause cover sure mirror deliver.

  • Milked Well
    Milked Well 26 days ago

    From shrews to blobs, let's go boys.

  • Morgoth from Angband
    Morgoth from Angband 26 days ago +1

    Fucking hell.

  • ThapeloMKT
    ThapeloMKT 26 days ago

    For human descendants to become taller, short people would have to stop reproducing. Also undesirable characteristics don't go away because they are undesirable, they go away if those with those characteristics don't have their genes. So most of these would happen unless you controlled how everyone bred.

    • ThapeloMKT
      ThapeloMKT 26 days ago

      I think one could say that if people who are reckless have an inherent characteristic that made them that way, these people would be the ones most likely to die before they got to reproduce and the reckless human being could die off.

  • Vahe _freestyle
    Vahe _freestyle 27 days ago

    People will get al kindz of gains!! All kindzzzz

  • Shoot1ngStar
    Shoot1ngStar 28 days ago

    All you gotta do is upload a "evolution" video and the experts and religious nuts will swarm in like flies on shit.

  • Sean Kraus
    Sean Kraus 29 days ago

    please everyone stop using theory these are all hypotheses. ty and have a good day

  • Sean Kraus
    Sean Kraus 29 days ago

    monoehic might not be good in the sense one type of person might be better at surviving on a new planet than others or more fit against a global narural disaster or disease. we need both hybrid amd pure breeds but must of all we nust need to get along. lol good luck all who read this

  • Creamy Chris
    Creamy Chris Month ago

    The thing is most of this probably won't happen because even if they put people at a disadvantage our medical technology is so good it won't kill people and won't clean up the gene pool

  • Kahlikai merp art
    Kahlikai merp art Month ago

    im a merp

  • Kahlikai merp art
    Kahlikai merp art Month ago

    if you believe you can become a new species

  • Noah T
    Noah T Month ago

    3 is like futurama when the professor makes the forward time machine

  • Am Fen
    Am Fen Month ago

    I wont be suprised if feminists are still a thing...

  • UY Scuti
    UY Scuti Month ago

    Humans evolved from fish..

  • The Iron noodle
    The Iron noodle Month ago

    Let's devolve belly buttons.

  • Serene Chong
    Serene Chong Month ago

    Human will become an ancestors to a couple of new species. Maybe Meta Human, Giant Human, Athletic Human, Jungle Man all depends on the environment and time taken. further times goes human "homo sapiens" might become "homo XXXX"

  • Piktor
    Piktor Month ago +1

    we need our toes to be able to hold our balance, why do I know this? I have broke my big toe and couldn't hold my balance..

  • G Meißner
    G Meißner Month ago +1

    none of this will happen unless they effect our likelihood to procreate, and since we control our own environments, diet, microbes,... Just because we don't need a feature does not mean that humans will evolve to lose them unless having them stops us from having children

  • ᴀᴡᴇsᴏᴍᴇғᴀᴄᴇ414

    I'll kill myself before that evolving shit happens I ain't gonna look like a troll with a noodle wig on

  • Svolsvian Valan Empire

    USA:Global Imperial Empire with super Advance Tech
    Canada: Makes Animes
    China:Becomes Democratic
    Russia: The Russian TF2 community learns to speak english
    North America:No changes except the American and Mexicans become cool and rich
    South America:Women Become Hot
    Japan:USA and Japan Marry and Have sex and make the AmericaXjapan Anime and make babies
    Oceania:Kangaroo Land
    Europe:Nazis Vs Imperialists
    Central America:Rich and Cool

  • Chris Perasud
    Chris Perasud Month ago


  • Muneeb Kazmi
    Muneeb Kazmi Month ago

    I think our toes will be able to scrunch up so we could wear more shoe sizes

  • Eleven dimensions
    Eleven dimensions Month ago

    Who the fuck are you to say a human tail is useless? Like your gibberish about the little toe and certain organs, leave people the fuck alone unless it's detrimental to have that unique thing THEN you can speak, got it idiot?

  • Dinamak Jr
    Dinamak Jr Month ago

    You need toes for balance if no toes you will love lying on the floor

  • irony
    irony Month ago


  • George Hobson
    George Hobson Month ago

    As this guy said at the beginning it is a theory.

  • Gear Hoarder
    Gear Hoarder Month ago

    I have a ridiculously strong immune system so in the long run ur welcome

  • Simon DeZubiría Restrepo

    We won't evolve anymore we stopped natural selection everyone including stupid and ugly people reproduce

  • bryan wilkins
    bryan wilkins Month ago

    we could grow wings like birds

  • Siopao Espiritu
    Siopao Espiritu Month ago

    I use my feet to grab things

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