"Trumpcare SUCKS!" Mark Cuban On Health Care And Wiretap Claims - With Eric Bolling!

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  • Erfahrungsbericht Heute

    America being a Christian nation still doesnt have universal coverage. Why. Probably because that is so socialistic, right? When will Americans ever give up on their fanatic views and become more pragmatic.( The same thing with gun violence. )

  • Nathan Biller
    Nathan Biller 26 days ago

    I can't believe we're being lectured by the biggest jackass on Shark Tank

  • Bob Gormley
    Bob Gormley 29 days ago

    I wonder if the Fox news guy will hate his Social Security check because it's Socialism.
    So idiotic.

  • Bob Gormley
    Bob Gormley 29 days ago

    I hate Fox news. So, so narrow minded.

  • b017ni3
    b017ni3 Month ago

    why can't the richest country in the history of the world afford healthcare for its citizens when so many other countries can?
    well, i bet those countries don't start unnecessary wars that they're unable to admit were bad ideas...so instead, they just keep throwing good money after bad for decades on end...

  • Richard Castaldo
    Richard Castaldo Month ago

    Single payer

  • Geoffry Allan
    Geoffry Allan Month ago

    Yes I am dual citizen French/american - I lived half my life in France - healthcare is universal, it's NOT factory healthcare - French live longer than Americans and they are not FAT - Americans are not just overweight they extremely extremely overweight. Healthcare costs less in France - plus Americans end up paying more than French, because there is always an extra fee or a tax or a charge for this and that, a lot of out of pocket expenses. I know from experience, I lived half my life in France I am a dual citizen, living there I had no American ties and did not work for an American company. If someone studied abroad or worked for an American company it doesn't count because there are not European citizens. People with chronique illnesses are taken care of by the system everyone contributes and it costs a hell of a lot less than it does in the US - Americans without insurance wait until it's to late and go to the emergency room for things that could have been prevented or treated early. Americans get little to no paid vacation time and they think they have it great - a lie - Europeans have guaranteed paid vacation time 20 days a year on average and healthcare plus they live longer than Americans, are are not fat - wake up Americans and see the reality.

  • Arlene Newson
    Arlene Newson 2 months ago

    healthcare can be paid by some of these millons of dollars from the WEAPONS DEALS HE'S MAKING!!!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 3 months ago

    Mark Cuban proofing himself to be an idiot in 10 seconds? Stop funding mental health care & Medical gaslighting, Funding of curing biofilm, sueing Swiss Pharmaceutical power spheres & moving the World Health Organization to America?

  • Trevor Fallis
    Trevor Fallis 3 months ago

    Eric Bolling looks like he smells like pee

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez 3 months ago

    When you have care you don't give a crap if some some else doesn't have it.

  • Rob England
    Rob England 3 months ago

    it's so funny for a while, before I realized I was watching a *FOX* video (I thought it was from some other normal 'Human' Channel, I kept thinking 'is this is like some sort of *alternate universe*, what is this bizarre *inhuman* seeming reporter saying?!? Simple lesson for anyone who watches FOX (*on purpose...*) and Paul Ryan... ---》*The shared risk pools of common insurance* for everything from; Cars to Houses, (not just Healthcare), *are paid by everyone*, *Not everyone* has a house-fire, or a tree fall on their Car, or *GETS SICK at the same time*. BUT, *Everyone is covered when they DO!*

  • X Girl
    X Girl 3 months ago

    Fox really are the devil's anus

  • Gwendoline Brooker
    Gwendoline Brooker 3 months ago

    I hope Bolling gets cancer, loses his job and is left without funds to get treatment. Wanker. What a bad journalist. I hate wishing him ill but he's totally disregarding Americans who cannot afford decent healthcare. What goes around, duckie, comes around.

  • Carl Fuller
    Carl Fuller 3 months ago

    Sad sad sad and call yourself Christians u should endorse birth control then the unborn can't get be a burden hoppy now!!!!!!

  • James H Carpenter
    James H Carpenter 3 months ago

    why should all of us pay taxes and none of it really comes back

  • Aaron Garrett
    Aaron Garrett 3 months ago +1

    Make Cuban is a faggot

  • Ron Sparkman
    Ron Sparkman 3 months ago

    If Cuban can do everything better than our President, why didn't he run for office. I think he just wants the attention.

  • Andreas Köhler
    Andreas Köhler 3 months ago

    Hearing this Fox news person talking about health care is like looking back to the 19th century. In Germany it was Bismarck who introduced public health care and it was payed 2/3 by the worker/employee and 2/3 by the employer. The casualty insurance was paid 100% by the employer.
    The perspective of Republicans and right-wing media in the US is quite unusual for a democracy.

  • Steve B
    Steve B 3 months ago


  • Bobo Lolo
    Bobo Lolo 3 months ago +1

    HEALTHCARE and EDUCATION is for free in germany france belgium spain italy even those countries are not rich like USA

  • Diogenes Laertius
    Diogenes Laertius 3 months ago

    So Mark do you offer healthcare to all of your employees? ALL? I f@ck!n doubt it. You want the government to provide healthcare so your rich ass can get richer. Why don't you start a better healthcare business model and make yourself useful. blah blah blah

  • Jose Fachada
    Jose Fachada 4 months ago +1

    Dear Marc just wasting time the fox news reader thinks you are a socialist wich for him is same has comunist...and He just loves Trump!

  • Russell Fine Arts
    Russell Fine Arts 4 months ago +4

    Eric Bolling sings the same lame tune of all Republicans: "who's gonna' pay for it?"  Well Eric, who's paying for our Massive military?  Who's paying for our massive foreign aid program?  Who's paying for our police officers, fire depts., public school system, roads, train system, politician salaries, etc?!  We all do, in taxes.  Economists have calculated that it will cost some: $1 Trillion for a universal health care for Americans, this is assuming doc. office deductibles and co-pay for surgeries.  Economists also say we pay some: $500 bill. to health insurance co.'s in profit, each year and another $500 bill. in litigation lawsuits and another $500 bill. in overpriced drugs.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if the Fed. gov't administered a universal health care system, eliminated: profits, litigation and overpriced drugs, which we're already paying for today, we could have a universal health care plan for ALL Americans, and this isn't even touching our precious, extremely overblown military budget.

  • Ed Bear
    Ed Bear 4 months ago +2

    Bombs before people....opinion over facts.....party over principle......

  • Aoran Li
    Aoran Li 4 months ago +1

    How is the government going to pay for healthcare?? Well..simple...take a cut from your military spending. Done.

  • Anon Omus
    Anon Omus 4 months ago

    Let's make America Great Again. Yeah, the Greatest political circus on earth. Trump already makes Bozo the clown look like a more likely competent president. Barnum and Bailey would be envious. Water boarding will pale in comparison to what this country will no doubt suffer sustained by a Chumpanzee presidency over the next four years. Just as you stand up from a massive dump in the toilet take a look back before you flush and you'll be seeing what this ass hat clown Donald Chump is reducing this country too.

  • Lewis Lester
    Lewis Lester 4 months ago +1

    Socialism is part of every successful country. The United States has Socialism in Social Security, Unemployment Programs, Medicare, etc.when we subsidize oil companies or allow tax free Churches and tax free Super Pacs it's all socialism. It's a canard to say health care is even socialistic.

  • R3Ddeuce Fellows
    R3Ddeuce Fellows 4 months ago +1

    mark Cuban is 1 of few billionares who have morals decency left ..

  • Finau Fam
    Finau Fam 4 months ago +3

    you go cuban,a bilionair for the poor and middle class

  • Lolita Lynn
    Lolita Lynn 4 months ago +2

    As a pediatric nurse for 12 years I can tell you that adequate and affordable healthcare is necessary to lead a healthy and long life. If you don't have health coverage, you will wait until you are sick or injured to seek medical care. No preventative measures. Without health care coverage, if you have an accident and can't afford your medical bills you can actually go bankrupt since most Americans are really only one paycheck away from homelessness. How can we be a first world country and not be able to offer this to our citizens?

  • bicknell67
    bicknell67 4 months ago +1

    I wonder if Mark Cuban would run for President in 2020.

  • Cheryl Buckholdt
    Cheryl Buckholdt 4 months ago +1

    I am an American that lives in Spain. Spain ranks number 3 in their healthcare system in the world. America is number 50. They have lots of examples to follow.

  • Mark Snider
    Mark Snider 4 months ago

    Do you know how evil our government is? It has abridged our freedom of speech and has compromised the truth and honesty in the press, and has prohibited the right of the people to peacefully assemble. It has obstructed and impedes the rights of citizens to petition the government for a redress of grievances. It has refused the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures. It issues global warrants without probable cause. It has invaded every home, every personal phone call, email and text. Our personal privacy and security has been eliminated without cause or due process of law. It has imposed cruel and unusual punishment which it inflicts upon citizens and foreigner alike. It endorses torture in black ops sites and overseas prisons. It imposes the death penalty on people who have been accused of crimes who were later found innocent .It has created rules and conditions to prevent fair and honest elections. The political system provides only corporate friendly candidates who take legalized bribes. It has silently sent CIA or economic hit men to corrupt or kill heads of state in other countries. The Federal Government has mismanaged our nation’s wealth so poorly that the General Accounting Office has little idea where or how our tax money is spent. Government initiated waste and graft is rampant and has enriched the Military Industrial Complex, the insurance and health industries with highly inflated contracts which in turn they give large kickbacks to corrupt politicians. It has imposed the world’s largest national debt on its citizens without their consent all the while giving congressional leaders pay increases, generous retirement benefits, armed security and free healthcare, all of which they deny to the citizens they represent and serve. It has militarized local police departments and encouraged the police to use force on those who protest the government’s illegal and unconstitutional actions. It has tortured, killed or imprisoned thousands of people, both domestic and foreign. American citizens are objects of government atrocities including: The Tuskegee Experiments, slavery, the MKULTRA Program, Operation Keelhaul, the treatment of Native Americans, radiation experiments which killed unsuspecting innocent citizens, the 1940 Chicago prisoner infection, Project Paperclip, Agent Orange exposures, Project Thirdchance, Project MKNOMI, the Dachau massacre, the Biscari massacre, the Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation, illegal gag orders on chem-trails, the cover-up of pedophile rings, collaboration with illegal drug organizations, forcing fiat money upon its citizens, Operation Midnight Climax, the prosecution of Edward Snowden and dozens of honest patriotic whistleblowers. It has a well-documented history of insider trading with Wall Street, revolving doors and quid pro quo relationships with large corporations. It has given power and wealth to the large corporations and the wealthy while ignoring and diminishing the income, rights and power of the common man through low wages, unjust laws, high taxes, inflation and neglect of the Constitution, their sworn oath, and the upholding of the principles in the Declaration of Independence. The rich get plenty of representation and do not pay taxes, the rest of us pay taxes and have no representation. Let us stand together as a group of ethical patriots and put an end to this evil by non-compliance and if necessary, revolution.

  • Donald Irvilino
    Donald Irvilino 4 months ago

    Hey Mark you're a billionaire, why don't you give some your money to the health care system you want everyone else to pay for. I think u should write a check today.

  • Drool Alot
    Drool Alot 4 months ago +1

    If you don't want to pay for Healthcare.... I don't want to pay for foreign aid..... Foreigners should pay their own aid..... Btw... I don't want to pay to go to Mars.... Screw Mars... Waste of my tax money.... DISASTER

  • The Guitologist
    The Guitologist 4 months ago

    Go back to running a basketball team.

  • contraryMV
    contraryMV 4 months ago +1

    Yes, the insurance companies are totally unnecessary. Get them the hell out of the equation right now. I often wonder if healthcare costs so much partly because of the exorbitant malpractice insurance doctors and hospitals are required to have. That and greed, of course. Seriously, how is it ethically and morally acceptable that healthcare be profit driven? And are we really a great united nation if we don't think it's a right for all citizens?

  • Alex K.
    Alex K. 4 months ago +1

    Oh noes, gotta pay for other people's lives, like all the fucking servicemen screwing over foreign countries which has cost the US over $14 trillion in the last two decades.

    American conservatives are a joke.

  • Darrell Fulton
    Darrell Fulton 4 months ago +1


  • Geoff Gyro
    Geoff Gyro 4 months ago +1

    These FOX commentators are creepy.

  • Mary Thinker
    Mary Thinker 4 months ago +1

    Mark is totally onto something and I wholeheartedly agree insurance companies don't help, or care. Mark....please consider fighting the fight. You've got it.

  • Geoff Gyro
    Geoff Gyro 4 months ago +1

    "You will have tremendous health care, the very best, and it will cost less. It will be so great for everyone and will happen immediately, believe me."

  • Tammi
    Tammi 4 months ago +1

    Mark Cuban please run for President next election! You are the only person that can turn this country around!

  • Ed Bear
    Ed Bear 4 months ago +1

    Obamaacare is saved!

  • chocks B
    chocks B 4 months ago +1

    mark u should just shut ur beak stick to ripping people off on shark tank thats what u r good at u only care for ur own old butt self centered and stupid and ignorant foolits rich peps like u that wreak the enviroment and spread chems in our food just to make a buck for youself . f_ck _ff u witless fool.

  • Mathias Jakobsson
    Mathias Jakobsson 4 months ago +2

    Mark Cuban are a hypocrite... He KNOWS that it is a terrible business idea if you have to use force in order to get a business going... Government uses force to collect tax money in order to pay for "free" healthcare. The BIG problem with taxes are... they are progressive! The healthcare are gonna be more expensive in head of time and the healthcare are gonna be worse. Cuban KNOWS this, but still advocate for "free" stuff. He is a puppet!

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker 4 months ago +1

    The problem will always be the right wingers holding the country back being too selfish and short sighted.

    • MGB
      MGB 4 months ago

      Yet Chuck Schumer openly brags about their help in defeating it.

  • Richard Adams
    Richard Adams 4 months ago

    And the troll emerges from his mansion.

  • Emily Crawlle
    Emily Crawlle 4 months ago +13

    oh God these Republican preach about God and do not give two cents about their neighbors.

  • Elvin Lategan
    Elvin Lategan 4 months ago +4

    I'm in South-Africa and we get GOOD healthcare for FREE .( for those who earns below a certain income) Hospitalization included

  • secular talk
    secular talk 4 months ago +30

    yes you fucking moron, government has to pay for health care. not go spending billions on bombs

    • Brendan Kenny
      Brendan Kenny 3 months ago

      That's right child, the government also spends money on other things than national security. Good input.

    • Apple Apple
      Apple Apple 3 months ago

      Brendan Kenny you see, you don't need $700 billion dollars to be safe every day.

    • Harambe
      Harambe 3 months ago

      secular talk hey go call him out on this in twitter

    • Brendan Kenny
      Brendan Kenny 4 months ago

      Not like you pay any taxes... Us working people who actually pay your for your lazy asses food stamps are glad to see our president keeping us safe. Finally someone with some balls.

    • Mathias Jakobsson
      Mathias Jakobsson 4 months ago

      Governments will always spend billions on bombs, with or without "free" healthcare.

  • Jeanette Holme
    Jeanette Holme 4 months ago +8

    Mr Cuban a billionaire who doesn't mind paying taxes.

    • MGB
      MGB 4 months ago

      Yeah and up until the 20/20 Shark Tank was all about outsourcing, ain't he great?!?!?!?

  • Marilyn Sainty
    Marilyn Sainty 4 months ago +6

    Pay for it by stop buying arms!

  • Sharla Overton
    Sharla Overton 4 months ago +1

    How is this trump care if they've been working on this for 7 years?

    • blaster 0416
      blaster 0416 4 months ago

      Sharla Overton "How is this Trump care if they've been working on this for 7 years?" The same way that "Obama care" became "Obama care". The ACA was a giant collaborative effort by the Democrats. Remember that the president does not write legislation, Congress does. The president can endorse it and sign it into law. Trump is now President and won election as a Republican. The Republicans have been pushing bills to repeal and replace Obamacare for the past 7 years. Trump endorsed the Republican "repeal and replace" proposal both in his election promises and after he won the election. That's how. Again, pretty much the same way that Obamacare became Obamacare.

    • blaster 0416
      blaster 0416 4 months ago

      They have not been "working" on anything for seven years except bitching. Now that it is their turn to come up with something better, as Trump promised to get elected, we now see that they have nothing.

  • Merveil Meok
    Merveil Meok 4 months ago +5

    What do we get back for the taxes we pay?

    • Sharla Overton
      Sharla Overton 4 months ago

      Merveil Meok too many people are getting child tax credit, and have 3 children that's like 5,000-6,000 and only put in 3,000.00 a year in taxes if at all

  • John Delynn
    John Delynn 4 months ago +4

    He asks who pays for Obama care. I'll tell you who pays for part of it ..... I do.
    The rate of my Blue Cross and Blue shield premium went from $350 to $465 in 42 years and I had a $500 deductible.
    The next week after Obama kicked in it went up to $1018 with a $2500 deductible.
    That's fucking BS.

    • N Tesla
      N Tesla 3 months ago

      John Delynn thank you for your contribution. My healthcare plummeted under Obamacare.

    • deosamriel0
      deosamriel0 4 months ago

      John Delynn
      BTW... I used to have BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHIELD when I used to live in California... but they sucked... so I switched to Kaiser Permanente... (1000x) BETTER...

      I don't know what state you live in... but B Cross/Shield sucked BIGLY to me... that's my personal opinion....

    • deosamriel0
      deosamriel0 4 months ago

      John Delynn
      sucks to hear that...
      I guess I'm one of the fortunate few....
      through HPN (HEALTH PLAN of NEVADA)..
      my premium before Obama Care was 275 with 500 deductible for me and my two daughters...
      but after Obama Care it actually went down to 265 with the same plan and deductible..not a big difference but I ain't complaining...

      I think you need to talk with you state and local representatives why you're getting gouged on insurance prices while others in other states aren't....

    • blaster 0416
      blaster 0416 4 months ago

      Yes you are correct. That is bullshit. This is a perfect example of a single party pushing their own agenda with no input from the opposing party. Both the dems and Repubs are guilty of using you and me as political pawns. What we need is government to do their job, work together and solve rising health care costs.

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan 4 months ago +9

    Mark, PLEASE tell me why nobody will talk about the fact that the insurance companies, big pharma, instrument corporations, supplies corporation, everything healthcare...why must they make enormous profits??????????  That is the problem.  Have to get these profits under control.  Doctors all require mansions for themselves and their adult kids.  They schedule procedures that are not needed.  Example, I had some heart pains.  They had me do a stress test and from that decided to do an angiogram.  Doctors had twenty in there at one time doing all of them.  I woke up and he said, you are great, no problems...and he went on to the next patient.  In other words, I didn't need that...it was a scam.

  • somuchkooleronline.
    somuchkooleronline. 4 months ago

    *Emergency Healthcare Clinics is needed. Tax the Fast Food places to cover the cost & Tyson's chicken & pizza places.

    It is NOT up to Pres Trump to find a Cure for Obamacare....it is up to those who designed it & pushed it through Congress*

    • somuchkooleronline.
      somuchkooleronline. 4 months ago

      Trump said he would NOT VETO if it came to his desk......only Congress can do the legislation & the Pres signs it into law....very sorry to say that it CANNOT be done any other way.

    • blaster 0416
      blaster 0416 4 months ago

      beeeeep Wrong! It became Trump's responsibility when he made it his campaign promise to the American people and he was elected based on that promise.

  • thecathode
    thecathode 4 months ago +1

    I wish the clown who is interviewing Mark Cuban was fired and got cancer for a while... complete idiot... what doesn't he understand about shared risk ?

    • MGB
      MGB 4 months ago

      And yet Cuban doesn't understand anybody who can barely afford to go see the Mavs. Oh you libs who are all on his bandwagon are in for some shit

    • blaster 0416
      blaster 0416 4 months ago

      Correct, and he doesn't understand how the system works NOW!

  • Chris Ashcroft
    Chris Ashcroft 4 months ago +1

    Fox News is fervently turning on Paul Ryan now for the health care failure. After all, their only other option would be to see the Republican party as a whole failing the American people. Of course that is a slice of reality they will NEVER accept.

  • Van Rozay
    Van Rozay 4 months ago +1

    Fox should keep tacking toward the center, because after Trump is run out of office, Trump News, run by Bannon, will take all the diehard right-wingers, leaving Fox in the mainstream.

  • Trena Oelschlager
    Trena Oelschlager 4 months ago


  • Martin Bouvier
    Martin Bouvier 4 months ago +2

    Just another clown talking stupid. Cuban tries to make him understand.

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 4 months ago +2

    Gee I wonder if even stumbling, bumbling Eric Bolling is starting to see how truly crude, ignorant & inept Donald J Trump actually is?

  • videos4mydad
    videos4mydad 4 months ago +3

    Try to take away universal healthcare from people in countries that have it and see their response. What makes us so unique and different that people elsewhere love their universal healthcare, but we see death panels...?

  • dgman smile
    dgman smile 4 months ago +3


    • MGB
      MGB 4 months ago

      Must suck to be constantly searching for a white knight.

  • Sam Tumminaro
    Sam Tumminaro 4 months ago +1

    Eliminate the 'tax evasion' charity offered to religious (mystical and fantastical) non-profits, make people pay taxes on their entire income, eliminate $250 Billion in annual corporate welfare, axe the fraudulently ridiculous defense budget.by 50%......problem solved, healthcare for all!

  • Sam Tumminaro
    Sam Tumminaro 4 months ago +1

    Medicaid is already more efficient then every insurance corp at delivery by a factor of 3X

  • rant404
    rant404 4 months ago +21

    Brits and Canadians have slightly longer life expectancies than Americans and spend a substantially smaller percentage of their GDPs on healthcare.

    • Barbara Green
      Barbara Green 4 months ago

      Contender Evens Also, the last time I looked Darwin was the entry from our north, not the west, that would be Fremantle.

    • Barbara Green
      Barbara Green 4 months ago

      Contender Evens China does not own any part of Darwin harbour. China leases part of it, a far cry from OWNERSHIP.

    • Contender Evens
      Contender Evens 4 months ago

      Although blaster 0416, our government in Australia keeps saying they cannot afford it much longer. "Our insurance is going through the roof. "Over the years the people taking government have just not been trained for the job and have made shocking deals. "China even owns the most strategic harbour Port in our country in "Darwin!
      Yes the Japanese went there in the 2nd world war and killed Darwin right off. Easy target.
      Darwin is the highway into our country from the west and they can sneak in with out detection! It's bush country
      for thousands of miles.
      What on earth, and who are our politicians? We need a business head like Donald Trump to kick start our economy in a big way. "He is a man with a vision that the democrats don't have in the USA. "Neither do the republicans. "Poor man to put up with those nit wits and cant get done what needs to be done..
      If the Democratic party would have had that vision for America during the past 8 years "the country would not be in the bad condition it is in now. "Affluence America for the life of them cant see that most of America needs so much help. "So they just put the boot into anyone who may disrupt there cosy little Existence.
      Sorry but its true.

    • blaster 0416
      blaster 0416 4 months ago

      And Ausralia is even better. They have a two tiered system where basic healthcare is government funded plus private insurance pays for faster service or private rooms. They have better overall health, longer life expectancy at lower overall costs than we do.

  • Tim Bucktooth
    Tim Bucktooth 4 months ago +2

    I refuse to pay for habitual drug addicts to get treatment.

  • Tim Bucktooth
    Tim Bucktooth 4 months ago +2

    I refuse to pay for abortions.

  • Tim Bucktooth
    Tim Bucktooth 4 months ago +1

    I'm not going to pay for premie crack babies.

    • Ace Chadwick
      Ace Chadwick 4 months ago

      Tim Bucktooth you refuse to help anybody you miserable fuck

  • Tim Bucktooth
    Tim Bucktooth 4 months ago +1

    I refuse to pay for someone with terminal cancer who clings to a life with crappy quality to get chemotherapy, surgeries and hospice to only die a miserable death.

    • Michel Beauregard
      Michel Beauregard 4 months ago

      Tim Bucktooth We solved that problem in Canada, by passing a law that gives citizens, in terminal phase, the right to die with dignity by refusing treatments.

    • Sam Tumminaro
      Sam Tumminaro 4 months ago

      I refuse to pay for all the fat fucks and tobacco users......that are the greatest impediment to American progression and prosperity.

  • Jim Gar
    Jim Gar 4 months ago


  • Mac Harper
    Mac Harper 4 months ago +35

    The fucking Republican party better understand that health care is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT and not a REPEALABLE PRIVLEDGE. You guys need to start being better human beings. Stop telling millions of your fellow Americans to go fuck themselves when they get sick, because then when YOU get sick, they might turn around and tell you the same thing. After a lifetime of getting the shit taxed out of me, the government gets the right to tell me to go fuck myself if I get sick? LIKE HELL IT DOES. One of the biggest reasons people can't afford health care is because they get the shit taxed out of them. The government has to provide this the same way it provides for defense, and paves the roads, and provides Sanitation services, and police, and builds bridges. It is the job of government to make sure the country runs smoothly. This is what these fucking politicians get elected to do. TO SOLVE PROBLEMS AND NOT TO WALK AWAY FROM THEM. No more tax cuts for rich people. IT IS BANKRUPTING OUR COUNTRY. Tax cuts should be only for the working man and not rich assholes who spend all day on a golf course.

    • Bob Gormley
      Bob Gormley 29 days ago

      Someday Brendan Kenny you won't be so self-sufficient.
      Will you dare ask someone for help?

    • Brendan Kenny
      Brendan Kenny 2 months ago


    • Mac Harper
      Mac Harper 2 months ago

      Brendan Kenny LMFAO.

    • Brendan Kenny
      Brendan Kenny 2 months ago

      If you are trying to convince people you aren't "triggered" then you should probably stop acting so angry

    • Mac Harper
      Mac Harper 2 months ago

      +Brendan Kenny No I am not "triggered." Come on, say something stupid again.

  • David James Robins
    David James Robins 4 months ago +17

    Is healthcare less important than warmongering and expenditure of billions on suspect military activities.

    • Anthony Benedetto
      Anthony Benedetto 3 months ago

      David James Robins fuck the poor people let them die we need more missiles

    • Contender Evens
      Contender Evens 4 months ago

      Please give us a break. "Your country definately needs your army navy airforce renewed. 'Your boys go to the old war grave yards when there ships planes you name it breaks down to find parts.. YOU SAY WARMONGERING? "l say protection because there are so many wicked people out there now.
      Almighty alway made sure the Israelites had the best of weapons.

  • joseph colling
    joseph colling 4 months ago +10


    • Sharla Overton
      Sharla Overton 4 months ago

      joseph colling true but if he loses, the American people lose

  • Fast Er
    Fast Er 4 months ago +57

    Dear Fox news person, ALL modern democracies offer FREE healthcare to ALL their citizens. And who pays for it? WE ALL DO, and share the cost.

    And it ends up being at least HALF the cost of healthcare in US. Go figure.

    • Lesley Allinson
      Lesley Allinson 3 months ago

      Fast Er that how insurance works if you need help today it's there and someone else will need it tomorrow I would like to think people wouldn't object because you never know what's going to happen today or tomorrow it's getting like Americans only think of themselves what about your children your parents brother or sister f they need help now who's going to pay

    • Brendan Kenny
      Brendan Kenny 3 months ago

      Says the one who used literally none

    • mitch devi
      mitch devi 3 months ago

      Facts facts do your homework

    • Brendan Kenny
      Brendan Kenny 3 months ago

      Like I said, everyone intelligent knows Canadian health care is shit.

    • mitch devi
      mitch devi 3 months ago

      First I don't watch mainstream media only independent media secondly ,do
      your homework we don't have insurance companies running our healthcare
      ..you probabley don't like your affordable care act either( which is only
      a start)

  • John S
    John S 4 months ago +21

    Eric Bolling is a steaming pile of shit.

    • blaster 0416
      blaster 0416 4 months ago

      Wow, you have just demonstrated how the Republicans have warped your brain. The point is that we pay for catastrophic health care NOW! But it is done by shifting costs around below the table. That is why YOUR asprin in the hospital costs $60 and your health insurance is so expensive to cover that cost. Healthcare reform is intended to spread the costs more formally and have more people contribute to the very system that everyone enjoys. The real issue is healthcare costs, which neither party is even addressing.

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